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File: 1654975450288.jpg (67.66 KB, 1024x427, 1024:427, what-was-gandalf-smoking-t….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


The archetype of the prototypical wizard has fallen into persistent decline. I believe, owing to the tendrils of technology and globalization having crept into almost every facet of everyday life, the perception of the wizard has degenerated into this weak, fallible shell. Wizards ought to be miserable and self-pitying, they ought to reject and ridicule themselves as society does to them. They take such a dim view of themselves by continuously deprecating their own virtue. I’ll remind everyone here that the wizard archetype, or the magician, is something that existed since ancient times. The wizard is meant to be a guide, an intermediary between that which is unknown and the normie, surface level plane of knowledge. Through isolation and deep self-reflection, the wizard achieves the understanding of the indecipherable through incomprehensible means, but I see all these “dep” threads, and every other post made here, where there is nothing but disdain for oneself and the bearing of this lifestyle. Is the wizard really this self-deplorable creature who detests any form of joy and rejoice? Or should a wizard be one who is content with oneself and is woefully aware of the ignorance of those strangers that abhor the wizardly virtue? Wizards should embody ecstasy and unity, the complete removal of the illusionary principle of individuation. The exemplary wizard should welcome a sort of ubiquitous harmony with the universe and with themselves, instead of casting themselves out of their own virtue and creating a spiritual cocoon between them and the outside world. Does anybody else agree or disagree?

Pic related, the ideal wizard.


a wizard is simply someone who's a virgin at 30. it doesn't necessarily imply being conversant in wizardry, although they aren't mutually exclusive


That's only the original definition, but we've developed a certain culture around it that goes beyond that. Most older virgins are failed normalfags desperate for sex, full of rage and resentment at not getting it, and obsessed with succs. That "wizard" ends up meaning the kind of virgin that the OP speaks of is a good thing and should be allowed to flourish and develop in discussions in places like this.

Don't forget that by posting here we're creating a culture, a kind of collective conscience that emerges from all the posts and comments here.


The ability to abstain from sex for a continuous span (thirty years is an arbitrary metric, in my opinion) acts as a consequence of the wizard archetype. Therefore, abstinence is not indicative of wizardly virtue, but rather the greatest virtue of wizardry (intuition and personal insight) necessitates this abstinence. The modern wizard believes they abstain from sex due to innate repulsiveness, the so and so feature of their physique that they find unattractive, they condemn societal and cultural circumstances. They transform the object of their desire (primarily succubi) into loathing, despising that which they cannot obtain. I don’t think wizards, by your definition, are wizards at all. Also, all of what I said above resonates with the point I was trying to convey in my original post.
For some reason, the modern wizard, instead of looking within and adopting their natural virtue instead attempt to mask their preoccupation with a deceptive both outward and internal appearance of superiority or a simple pathological resentment for that which they want to have but cannot obtain. It’s curious how so many self-proclaimed wizards seem to be solely focused on the ineptitude we display against other archetypes in society who have a much greater dominion over social interplay. That is actually one of the weaknesses of the wizard. The fundamental anxiety that the wizard assuages is the inability to control their surroundings. The wizard is at its root a personality device developed to maintain control during a period in a person’s life when assertiveness was not allowed. It's why so many wizards seem to also have issues with impulsivity and lack of restraint, myself included.
I suspect this anxiety stems partly from this societal imperative. Societal expectations are the antithesis of the archetypal wizard’s natural desires. It could be argued that this division between this the ethical component of the modern wizard’s pathology is providing a moral standard based on society’s expectations of them which dictates their ego, leading to a split between the projections cast upon them vs. their intrapsychic impulses.
Do you think that wizards in general are dying as a breed? It seems that more often than not, archetypes can be repressed due to historicPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1654989251894.jpg (17.6 KB, 231x263, 231:263, wizards.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

i don't necessarily disagree with you, i'd just be wary of drawing too close a parallel between wizardry minor and wizardry major. the term "wizard" is arbitrary, but i guess it can't be denied wizards have some import as a kind of independent peripheral figure. here is my other suspicion: that everything that will be defined as "free from resentment" and "good" will converge on the prevailing social good, when part of a wizard's power is his dubious intentions and moral ambiguity

File: 1649658323858.jpg (166.28 KB, 640x781, 640:781, stock-photo-people-street-….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


talked to this homeless dude at a train station today after he said hello. i gave him a cigarette
>got absolutely rekt in combat in the army
>his vehicle got blown 60ft and killed everyone on board
>he described so many injuries (including all his ribs broken) that i forgot most of them
>had 22 years left on a 30 year mortgage and the bank repossessed it
>killed his 2 5 year old daughters in a drunk driving accident that he cause because he was drunk
>makes wooden christmas tree sculptures and gives them out to kids on christmas to honor his daughters' memory
>said he never got to give them christmas presents and started crying a little bit

im down to my last thousand dollars and just got a job and should be able to keep staying at this airbnb but damn this dude got rekt by life.
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Don't believe everything he says. Most of those people can't be trusted 100%. That said, you don't need to be an asshole either, it's good you helped him out a little.

This. I'm suprised there are people here who would talk shit about harmless homeless guys. Considering many people here head towards the homeless life, it is quite absurd.




What's with Europeans pretending like nothing bad ever happens in Europe and that Europe is a complete fantasy-land utopia?


Sounds fake. I always ignore homeless people.


Don't worry I'm from Europe and I got into a car crash because my dad was drunk driving when I was a kid

File: 1653365288179.png (269.13 KB, 506x749, 506:749, F444233F-ACAC-480B-A4CF-4E….png) ImgOps iqdb


screwing up your own life is not that bad. because at least you were in control. i, for the most part, made all the right decisions and put in the effort. but i was sabotaged, and there is really nothing i can do now. the opportunities were only available for a short amount of time and it’ll never be the same again. i have become dumber, uglier and i’m not really good at anything relevant anymore. and it’s not even my fault.
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Man, I already do that, and my testosterone is really high by default, it means shit, actually I need to lower T.
> Make money
I live in a hostile 3rd world hellhole



yet my muscle mass is near zero, I don't carry the body type, metabolism and chemicals to make muscle easily.


Just make money and get muscular bro. How? Just will it into reality bro.

Incredible. Thanks for the advice.


>wanting to be normal
Do you even know where you are?


you are all normal compared to me, I'm truly out of the chart at everything measurable.

File: 1649921707477.png (324.84 KB, 704x1072, 44:67, 1603398832740.png) ImgOps iqdb

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I'm sick and tired of pretending """succesful""" wizards are even a thing. I hate using /r/crab lingo but you're a damn fakecel, mentalcel at the very worst. You know why? Because you just don't go through college mentally unharmed and have enough socialization skills to function at the level required for high paying jobs. You need a bare minimum of proper social skills to get by at that level. I guarantee you're just shy. This is an issue I saw on wizardchan all the time.
>teehee I'm getting my PhD in some shit and it's totally not like I'm social enough to get along with my classmates and not get ostracized to the point I have to dropout
>I'm a wizard too!

And yes I AM gatekeeping loserdom. Fuck you, humblebragger. I bet you've traveled all around the world.
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There are plenty of weirdos in niche fields with PhD or higher education. I would agree that it's harder for them to get into the field. I wish I'd not started working after college because getting references to a masters and beyond is not easy when everyone thinks you're a weirdo. A good plan would be to pursue continuing education immediately after graduating, that way your professors would likely be obligated and feel obligated to give you a reference.


name of op anime pic?
some precure series?


File: 1654709388287.png (959.66 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Screenshot from 2022-06-08….png) ImgOps iqdb

Magic Knight Rayearth


The point is to seperate the normalshits who want to play savior or humblebrag from the actual wizzies who are actual pariahs



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File: 1646516580789.jpeg (17.52 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 5MsTnTUS-811ppxyl0J3R9YVI….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


It's obvious my lifestyle is no longer going to work videogames,anime,porn,food, entertainment no longer satisfy me. I have started to realize I have to do something soon or I could end up homeless. I'm looking to get a job and have my own place. I would rather work then live like a rat on the street.This lifestyle is fun for the first few years,but after awhile it starts to reach diminishing return,you start to feel empty, depressed.
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These are 5’4” fat spics. No one is intimated by them. You don’t need to be intimidating, or physically fit. You just need to have a pulse.

I know these are just excuses to keep NEETing, which is all well and good.


these 5'4" spics have twice thicker bones than me, I've lived among them my entire life.


this. I saw some hamplanet sized manlets doing that, its all just for insurance purpose or some shit like that, hell I even know females doing that job.


I've officially outlived enough family that I'm 1%. Just let the investments go on to fill the coffers, and now I don't even have to leave for groceries. Been looking into trucking or vanlife just to fill the time in ways that let me be alone. Otherwise it's just exercise at home, my only 4 video games I play, TV, nightrides, and writing. All hollow pursuits. All monotony. I think I've been losing it. Not scared of that, just don't care.


I have no plans for the future, I live in the moment.
im not suicidal,but death is so horribly common and unexpected i might die any die even if i wish against it with all my strength

File: 1654708896415.png (134.03 KB, 817x300, 817:300, fetishistic execution.png) ImgOps iqdb


Lately ive been obsessed with (organized and ideological,not spontaneous and petty)violence. Im not being edgy when I say this,but i have been watching holocaust footage to black metal tracks, isis videos/crude war footage to the sound of narco-rap/mexican gangsta rap..sometimes I WILL watch "petty" violence, but just vale tudo/k-1, pancrase etc..knock out compilations,on 2X speed,to epic metal music.
am I becoming lost,or becoming enlightened?
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This is the gayest thread I've ever seen on the entire site.
Can we report people if we suspect they're underage or is that considered misuse?


No. They have to very explicitly break the rules. You might shitpost to your heart's content as long as you don't.


huh, I watch gore and horror all the time, been very disappointed with how hard it is to find and how sparse it's become. And I just kinda assumed everyone on imageboards did too so I never made a thread about it.
to me, there's no "lost/enlightened" factor in it. I think it's just meaningless entertainment. just stop if your penis gets hard or something and go get chemically castrated for being a sex weirdo. doesn't make my dick hard. I just think it's fun.


I remember seeing an almost identical post some months ago and it was almost immediately removed.


is it the latam chunibyo again

File: 1647429443427.jpeg (8.07 KB, 268x188, 67:47, images.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


Long story short, i have fas and schizophrenia
My mother denies everything, i hate her. I'm an anomaly, i'm a mistake. Something that shouldn't be
I'm literally a deficient creature, this world has failed me. I wish i could get something in return.
It makes sense to want to destroy things, to exact revenge, to make some sense out of this.
But the universe is indifferent and nihilism is the only truth, if i could erase everything i would.
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>Nihilism is the only truth
Do you realize how fucking stupid you sound saying this. Oh well this was two months ago.


Why is it stupid you mean the implied contradiction?


Bro it's god's plan bro

Fucking hell will you shut the fuck up with your bullshit religion coping?
Not only is it extremely retarded, it's also cruel towards the ones who suffer in life.


>I bet you are one of those people who think God should prove his existence by giving you 20 sport cars, 40 yachts and millions of cash, am I right?
No, him showing up so we can *see* him would be enough.
Kinda helps with the credibility you know.


Yeah, everything is a cope you personally don't happen to agree with, sure sure.
How is it cruel to state the truth? If anything it should make everyone happy.

No, I don't know. Do you see magnetic force? Or gravitation? But they do exist. And what you see is always true? So what about mad people who see fairies and what not?
The senses are limited and imperfect.

File: 1648562019098.jpg (8.69 KB, 241x209, 241:209, download.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Help me get out of this nightmare.

I'm a 26 yo neet that wants to kill himself. The reason is that i suffer from different kind of pathologies but mainly i suffer costant migraines that last the whole day. I basically tried everything and i want to die.

The problem is that as a european i cannot get a shotgun.
So the first two methods of suicide that came to my mind are: partial suspension and cutting the wrist's veins.
Also, throwing myself off a building but my little town does not have public high places (i also cannot drive) and my building is not enough high to grant me sure death.

The problem is that regarding the previous two methods i don't think i am enough kwoledgeble to assure me that i will do it correctly ( if you have any tips or guides please share), but most importantly i live in a home with a lot of people that is never empty. My mother especially is paranoid, and always checks on me even at thee slightest sound (i'm not kidding). Basically, i think i am incled to cut my veins but firstly i'm not sure that i'm capable of doing it correctly and also i'm not sure i will be able to do it silently (i read that if done correctly will cause death in a minute and half, is that true?). I' also veery scared at the fact that anyone that tried says that is eetremely painful and i think it also doesn't have a high success rate. partial suspension should be better, but i kno for sure that it causes muscular spasms and that would allert my family. Also, i'm not sure i have a point where to secure the rope.

If any of you have any tips, guides or even better an alternative way of suicide, please share, i cannot take in anymore. Thank you.

Btw, i also thought to enter some random building i'm pretty sure i cannot get to the roof, and i am also very scared if someone would ask me what i was doing there (i obviousl have very bad social anxiety):
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even if it worked, which is problably not going to, my life sucks so much and i have nothing valuable with it, that it still wouldn't matter.

i live with my family, there's no way i can order all that stuff without them noticing.


so why the fuck did you make it out like your main problem was migraine and then switch the goalposts when a legitimate remedy was suggested?

fuck off


Fist of all try a radical life change (been stuck in a life that you don't like does that to you) start with something like dropping all and going on a very long trip for example and/or try drugs, both legal and illegal like all types of psicodelics.

If all that fails, the classical south Korean method of asphyxia by carbon dioxide is simple enough, the bag over the head with a gas tank and regulator connected to it is also popular and you can get it on the internet and substances like a Barbiturate like Nembutal ( what they give to your dog in the vet to kill him) or any fentanyl variation will do the job relatively painless. This is what they are doing in countries were euthanasia is legal. Research that.


Because its my main problem, not my only one. Again, it has caused me so many other problems than resolving it wouldnt fix my Life completely. Its not a difficult concept to grasp.


Spend more time at the gym.

File: 1654451849746.jpg (43.38 KB, 540x633, 180:211, 0ovtunueoxs31.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I seriously don't like my life or who i am as a person, i'd like to be someone else
My life is all fucked up, someone said the worst thing in your life is you, i figure they're right.
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i'm bound by the rules of society, mainly work and such, i'm trying to get social housing and stuff so i can stay neet
My main problem is other people and me, i'm fine being with myself but when i mix with others bad shit happens, i wish i could isolate myself from everyone else


I could never hate myself fully or my life. I can't relate at all. As far as life goes, I'd always choose my life over others'. Because if you even change one tiny thing then it's not my life anymore. That would mean I'd be a different person. I don't need that, I like myself as I am.


same, never liked myself always had tons of anxiety and could never put a thought together or ever relax.


I used to like myself until i turned to late puberty, developed shizophrenia the rest is history


I see you're using that retarded image format that zoomers use. Please kill yourself.

File: 1654468744278.jpg (349.45 KB, 1920x1263, 640:421, Thomas_Cole,_The_Voyage_of….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Hello there, as the title implies I'm thinking of killing myself. I've been going back and forth on how to do it, either by a gunshot to the head or the helium exit bag strategy. I was wondering what caliber of a bullet would do the job. I was reading to stay away from ammo that doesn't mushroom, like FMJ. For the gun I'm going to go with a pistol of some kind, would a glock do the trick? My second question is about the helium exit bag method. I'm 6'5 208lbs, how much gas would I need to have a successful outcome?
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>someone caught you and wants to "save" you
Fuck, I hate normies so much…it would be fucked up to fail at a suicide attempt because of an idiot. Imagine having to live the rest of your life worse than before, my biggest fear is to become braindead and the worst part is that I already am (forced to take antipsychotics eversince 2 years ago because my retarded narcissistic parents thought I needed them after I made the msitake of telling them I smoked weed, the psychiatrist took the opportunity and told them I have schizophrenia (Even thought I dont present any symptoms))


Fuck..after a fight with my family tonight I was ready to go out and go starve nyself at a mountain. But as always..too pussy to do it. So I decided to metaphorically kill myself by smoking pot.
I really have high respect for people who were indoctrinated with the idea of hell and still kill themselves.


>starve nyself at a mountain

You'd go there to die, but end up a real man.


what do you mean by kill yourself with pot…?


He just means to sedate himself with pot until death arrives.

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