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The gatekeepers are dead and we're staring down the barrel.

BUT wizards, outcasts, outsiders, those who now merely exist, we've been afforded a unique priviledge; namely front row seats to, I wouldn't call it a collapse, but a continuing and steady acceleration of the degradation of the human. I'm sure a societal collapse is not too far off; I read somewhere it rained for the first time in recorded history somewhere in the arctic circle, barely made a blip on the news radar.
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Over two million shut in neets with half of their young population being virgins and jap normals not wanting anything to do with them. Hmm, I wonder what the appeal could possibly be?


I asked one question. But whatever I'm sure that japanese imageboards haven't been obliterated by the passage of time and mass tech.



They still fantasize being normgroids.


You do realize that wizardchan rules are unique right?

Hikkis/neets/virgins doesn't necessarily mean that they're also volcels.

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The only reason we're depressed is that we lack money

If we had enough money we would be kings
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Hedonism is the savior, though. It certainly offers a better life than any kind of asceticism that ever existed.


Without going into detail about the hedonic activities. I’m actively aware of how meaningless life is; how we’re trapped in decaying flesh prisons until we die, and it only gets worse and worse as you get older.

The happiest I feel is when I’m heavily distracted from the depressing reality of my mortality. When I say that I mean not only it’s finiteness and decaying nature, but also that I didn’t ask to be born and didn’t ask to have to “do” anything to survive.

Working is literally slavery. You are being robbed of your finite time, freedom, and autonomy. The fact that so many people willfully seek it out is crazy to me. I get it though, homelessness probably sucks ass.


The love of money is the root of all evil, is the full saying.
you're right that was a completely brain dead take. There are people far more intelligent that most of use can dream to become and most of them have nowhere near that amount of net worth.
and yet you're the one reddit spacing like a retard
the truth as it is, is very hard to accept. We never should have evolved from being some type of weird fish into becoming animals that can think and reflect upon things. Humanity was a massive mistake.


No,no. I had money from wageslavery, like 2000€ monthly. But it was 8 hours wasted every day, including saturdays


>ITT wizards think they're some kind of Bill Gates tier richfag for making slightly more than the average wage

I thought this kind of stupid delusional thinking was only present on 4chan, but I can see that it spread here now.

File: 1635937843676.jpg (6.55 KB, 474x316, 3:2, OIP.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I'm at college and I currently have no job, nearly everyone in my group is around the same age as me and has a job. I'm not trying hard enough or more like I'm being to lazy to motivate myself to do anything for myself. I fear that I will never be fully independent or responsible for myself.
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about same for me. I was very good at the coursework but it has no relationship to the plebjob industry


Why is the world so fucking gay? Why does a CS degree NOT prepare you for a job. God i hate everything


College degrees are a scam, just learn a trade, get some certificates that say you know what you're doing, college is just an avenue for nepotism which doesn't work if you're socially retarded


I'm 26 y/o and I have a CS degree, it's really nothing more than a piece of paper to decorate my house with, it serves no other purpose.

Since I had no motivation and I'm kinda dumb I ended up cheating and lying in order to advance in school, I cheated in almost every assignment and got lucky, In fact now that I remember I cheated in very creative ways sometimes, it got me far enough to finish school but of course I didn't learn anything, I can barely program something more advanced than a calculator while my classmates that put genuine effort into it started working walmart jobs while attending school and now they have those comfy meme jobs where you do almost nothing all day and get paid.

I'm trying to learn programming for real now, but I'm almost a decade behind everyone else, at this rate I will get older while still trying to catch up and "make it", that's if I even get a job in the first place, I honestly don't know why anyone would hire someone like me, I wouldn't hire someone like me.

If things go bad I would really consider suicide, I don't think I should continue living if I don't want to.


If you want an IT/programming job there are certifications you can do that are much better than degrees. Or just make a portfolio of things you've done. It's actually an advantage if you realise this because so many people are wasting their lives doing degrees. Unfortunately I didnt realise so Im one of the people that got fucked, but hopefully someone here learns from my posts

File: 1641398208546.jpg (160.54 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Phazon_Metroid_Prime.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


>a list of the endured miseries by the peers around, feel free to include if I am missing anything:

-Anxiety about future
-Agoraphobia, fear of social situations.
-Constant inner dialogue, with cringe moments or raging conclusions.
-Prionic thoughts, where trivial decissions take too much importance or obsolete protocols ensue even if the individual has discarded or solved them long ago.
-Social awkwardness.
-Memory failures, (sense of) brain malfunctioning.
-Traumatic perception of life.
-Unexplainable depressions, sadness or simply lack of drive.
-Special sensitivity against efforts.
-Parasitic , thirst-like, desires, mostly about what others have or do.
-Lateness about accurate actings that were not done in the exact moment. Regretfulness or frustration about it.
-Exaggerated embarrasment potential.
-Diverse types of psychosomatosis.
-Maddening boredom.
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- fibromyalgia due to depression, etc.
- regret over seemingly too much or not enough hate for those who abuse(d)
- chest pains
- auditory hallucinations
- eternophobia
- high blood pressure
- weird nostalgia bouts
- betrayal of trust from media franchises
- pain/discomfort from stares

File: 1628194853246.jpg (41.36 KB, 500x392, 125:98, 4818b662b9048eb86487b0b5cb….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I've been living as a shut in neet since I was a preteen. I'm now in my late 30's and I still basically live like a kid. I'm not on disability and live with no income or allowance, no healthcare, I can't drive, I've never had a job before, never had any kind of relationship before real or egirl, kissless virgin, no friends. I can't go anywhere without being driven there by my parent and he doesn't take me anywhere except the grocery store. I've been trying to get him to take me to the library for about 7 years now but he won't do it.
He's also extremely toxic and treats me like a child. I can't leave the house after 5 pm, he constantly calls me a nigger and faggot. He keeps all his storage in my room so I have mountains of boxes all over my room. I made a online friend and they mailed me a toy, he opened my mail and then called me a faggot for weeks over the toy. He refuses to get me any kind of diagnosis so that I can try and get some kind of help.
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it's pretty normal in australia, though i dont know if OP is there


You could earn money and get away from your father if you really wanted to.

Where do you live? Many countries provide free healthcare for people like you. I live in the US and it is what I needed to go to school and finally get away from my parents. Of course I lost all benefits the second I got a job.



The important thing about warp wanings are the core tenets:

>Fasting, training the body to fast

>Colon cleansing
>When eating regularly, do it within a narrow schedule and not thru the day long
>Mucusless diet (read Arnold Ehret for further research is dangerous if suddenly applied at its full, beware
>Colon cleansing is necessary after an entire life of miscarriage.

The adds:

>Some bodies have different symptoms to express they are harmed by wheat,corn,rice and/or industrial sugars, specially when it comes to affect BRAINS.

>Best fats are HDL. Worst ones are LDL. Carbs and starch raise this last one quite a lot.
>Best proteíns are from eggs and white fish,easiest fats.
>Best sport is always short and intense , never marathonian.
>Avoid breakfast until some hours pass since you get up.

Shortening it:

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


>I can't believe a child wouldn't find and apply for a relatively unknown government program that gives you a chance of independent living


retarded if you think a train can mow down a train on its track, simply google derailment
hell the way railroads are maintained im not surprised if a penny causes a derailment, or just rocks

sounds better than needing them but lacking the tools to get them, unless you also suffer anhedonia

File: 1641104744476.jpg (29.12 KB, 480x270, 16:9, IMG_0653.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I’m just a fucking workaholic loser on a general basis and that’s pretty much my personality.

I’m not sure what I should do considering most of my time alive is spent at work and if you I’m ever by myself outside of it I just spend it lying down doing nothing or dicking around on my computer since I don’t know how to masturbate since it’s not like my sexuality is active. Do I just keep mindlessly working and chasing the career or buissness ladder until death? Do I just continue living idk like some drone forever briefly paused by various hunting sessions in the woods, would getting a relationship actually change anything about my life, should I even bother trying to form connections with other people after knowing any friends I did have left me and I’m terrible at social interaction due to a mix of ADHD and a boring personality, should I just become a hedonist and buying consumer goods to have an imaginary purpose to work towards, maybe not I haven’t had any actual material demands since I was fucking 12 since I had everything I ever wanted… idk idk why I wrote this post.

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neets are a minority, most here have a job, and most who held down jobs are relatively well functioning socially. make of that what you will.


This is where I’m at in life at 30. Most of the urgency to make money is a social affair. If you’re an asocial schizoid who doesn’t care about other people then the urgency to do anything beyond what is required to subsist goes out the window


I want enough money to choose where I live and live completely alone, no family, no roommates, no neighbors. Though I guess that’s a social reason.


Normoid getting warmoid


The world is actively hostile towards asocial schizoids. They are an unaccountable void in a system founded on, and sustained by, a cycle of hedonic pleasure.

File: 1631552132082.jpg (53.03 KB, 400x395, 80:79, a39efi.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Anything related to therapy cna go here >///<
Have you found therapy helpful at all and if so why and if not why.

It seems to me that a therapist can help you if you have some things you want to achieve or gain in life but for whatever reason you will not go for them and also therapy can help people learn how to manage and identify their feelings but people who are self aware can do this by reading a book instead.
general therapy seems centered on establishing yourself within the community socially and working so you can buy things you want but what can it do for people who dont want anything? is it so crazy to think that just as some people like X and others Y there are also people who dont enjoy life at all. Do you think there will ever be therapy that helps people let go of life and end it peacefully.
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I was in therapy for a brief time for neetbux reasons. That entire time I never spoke openly about my feelings of never wanting to work or become a norman. It was exhausting lying the entire time, but if I were to admit the truth what could they possibly do to help me?


It is best to admit the truth if you want actual help.


when I tell the truth to therapists they actually say they can’t help me, it’s so funny when they pry and pry and I just finally admit it and they finally understand the reason why I said they can’t help me


File: 1639954020383.jpg (89.09 KB, 960x891, 320:297, Donal_Axe.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Am I surrounded by cowards for real? Is there not any single soul out there who ever bullied normgroids as they bully him? Is there not any single mind in this hive who, living it right now, does not think to hit terror back with terror?

A thing I'm telling to them: no wizards taking the passive choice arrived here being happy with theirselves because of it. Panic necessitates panic. Shame necessitates shame, and the wizard's path is plagued with total misunderstanding and treacherous ambushes.

Is there not a single soul who dared to feed the groids their own manure??
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You're better off attempting to learn what motivates your bully and have an action plan for how to effectively work around it. Calling people names won't help the situation. Striking back is the same as striking yourself.




Here says "OP", but I began this thread and that's not mine. Neither is >>251900


because they are never alone. I got my fair share of trouble but it was always me vs atleast 2 or more. No one backs up a wiz and if by any miracle things slighty turn your way its then when those bystanders intervene with "its enough" or "stop it" and this bull. You're right in principle: Dont just take it, dish it out aswell. The outcome never favours you and the best possible thing to happen was some sort of a "draw".


Avoid mentioning it anymore

File: 1633234545820.jpg (6.72 KB, 192x263, 192:263, Caligula.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Wizard brothers, if I were to kill myself or accidentally overdose.

I love every single one of you like if you were my twins. I've never been close to any family, only son, but I genuinely love every single one of you. When you cry and hurt, I cry for you too. The pain you feel, I feel it the same way. When you threaten suicide and you can't deal with suicidal depression, I wish I was there for you giving you a hug. I love you all, you're my brothers.

The day I fucking day and the treachorous death pulls my last agonizing breath, you'll be right there in all my thoughts.

When my times come (every soon) I wish I was buried right next to you, in the same land, like the fucking brothers we are. The same arcane blood flows through our veins.

Crying, suicidal, I say these words, being happy to have met every single one of you here. And I seriously hope you aren't crying suicidal like I'm struggling with right now. I love you all, thanks for existing. Even if I can't stop crying with my stupid swollen face, I love you and it breaks my heart knowing some of you feel like this or worth. Peace brethen. If I don't fucking overdose, I hope I could go back to sleeping face.

Love you sincerely.
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Thanks ma fren, I'll try

Também sou mineiro, moro perto de BH kek


Love you too wizard


I don't love you. If you knew me, you wouldn't love me. I don't love me, I don't love anybody and therefore I conclude this is just one more normalfaggot thread seeking attention with normalfaggot replies full of advice or affirmation. Go back to your other shitholes and jerk off to how negative and sad :'( suicide is from afar, why don't you?


I have this imaginary scenario where a distressed, suicidal man calls a hotline where he's greeted by the usual platitudes and fake support from the operator on the other end of the line. They talk and talk until it seems like the man is no longer on the precipice of self-annihilation. At the end of their conversation he reveals that he is actually Hitler and the operator immediately changes couse and begins urging him to commit suicide, with twice as much enthusiasm.


what the fuck

File: 1637022905913.jpeg (1.77 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 9D00249E-1EFB-4A55-BA2F-0….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


I am silent and alone this earth. I have no mouth, no teeth, no tongue. Any compulsion I had to speak has faded. It festers in me, slowly being sequestered and dying. I type these words here, anonymously. I am unknown. These words will be lost, but there is no reason to preserve them. My mind and soul disintegrates first. The body is always the last to go. There is nothing to be known.


File: 1637024702854.png (99.49 KB, 500x395, 100:79, Sem título.png) ImgOps iqdb


I don't have anything to contribute right now but I just wanted you to know I enjoyed reading this.


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