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geniune question, why I can't enjoy video games anymore? do you have a theory or an answer on why one stop enjoying video games?
(I don't know if it's the good board to talk about it)
I believe it must be linked to my depression
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gen z: 1998-nowdays
millenium: 1985-1997


youre learning japanese?


Because modern video games are pure dog shit. I still enjoy older games though. I recently replayed Fallout 1 and it reminded me that I do actually still enjoy video games. Just not as many of them, I guess.


>Just not as many of them, I guess.
This. I have a tiny amount of games I play once a year or two, always enjoy them. Don't care for pretty much anything else.


sorry I told you bullshit, I only played between 10-20 hours. The level I went so far is the water level

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Why are there female apologists here, on the only website dedicated to wizardly endeavors, the only place on the internet that defends and respects male celibacy of all places?

Females are the origin of all our suffering and all the suffering of the collective human race, proven by the irrefutable fact of their unique role as stinky fuck holes that shit out children for their personal selfish enjoyment, desire, status and primal urge.

To them in their self serving justification, children should be grateful, but in reality females have to carefully conceal their sadistic, uncaring and casual indifference in their role of throwing a baby into this evil society to be logs of worthless shit, helplessly abused, used up and treated like disposable trash to be thrown away once they no longer have value.

Females are the bane of all wizardly existence, the origin of all wizardly suffering, the origin and the beginning of unquenchable wizardly desires, the dawning existence of the humble unsuspecting wizkids with aspirations of deserving their fair share of basic wizlet happiness.

Wizkids are naturally pure, innocent, busy with wizardly endeavors, wand enjoyers who love to conjure magic in their rooms, some evolving into wizardly figures recognized as a lively house ornament with unending loyalty and as a silent background figure always providing company for the house occupants to stave off their feelings of loneliness, some wizzies composting and blossoming into wise loyal hermit oracles, some a cared for sheltered recluse that has invaluable wizardly virtues. Some having to partake in the dog eat dog normalfag world of cliqued up social hierarchies all orbiting around female gynocentric pussy worship. The wizkid is a rare treasure in the modern world and must be protected.

The wizkid serves as a naturally innocent benevolent force of objective moral good, the entire existence of the wizkid stands in complete contrast to the naturally wicked existence of the human female, creatures that are unashamed in their sadistic self serving primitive impulses, unashamed in their vile intentions to scheme, lie, cheat, manipulate and swindle, but are instinctually smart enough to keep it hidden deep within, but eventually the infectious bio-waste that fills their souls leaks out in subtle almost unnoticeable slip ups that stupefies you into disbelief witnessing their casual cruel intentions. Once you finally learn how to notice thPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>offended speech


It's not wizards' fault that you can't notice patterns. Really pity people like you who will forever live in ignorance because you suffer from underdeveloped brains.


lulz pWn3d


Inspiring post, thank you wizard.

File: 1717399816948.jpg (106.67 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 1717200238797838.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Human design disgusts me, there is no beauty left outside of "being attractive" foids replicate this curse, soulless attraction that appeals to primitive desire. And I'm sick of it. I long for a meteorite to wipe out humanity for good. Humanity is ugly and is restricting ethereal divinity.


They put ugliest freckles, armpit hair succubi into YouTube and TV ads. And they lie how everybody is perfect. I know the ideology behind it yet the near-vomit feel is here. Now I know the beginning of that audio in my memory, so I look elsewhere or close my eyes. It's a huge crime and I'm against doing it irl, but the more I see that shit about armpits on the TV, the more I feel the urge to go on the massacre to the company office or whatever. Being weak against evil is like that. *Not a call to arms

File: 1716135455257.jpg (Spoiler Image, 49.06 KB, 617x596, 617:596, 4e131fed1f50a9736d4dba5de5….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


>mom told me to get a hair cut because I'll look better
>Got it anyway to have an I told you so moment
>Hair cut finished
>She sees me
>She resisted the urge to laugh

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w/ome/n are monstrous creatures. they're not human either, which makes them some type of "other" monster that pretends to be a human with a soul. I think they can pick up on the men who realize they are human mimics and it makes them angry. never allow their brutality (which expresses itself in many ways – laughter, mockery, physical violence, cuckolding, deception) to have any influence over your mind. men are generally mentally weak, and because of this fee-mails easily rule them.


i agree that a sensible male would prefer death over "improving" his mental state through relationship with a succubus


So you let a succubus touch you, in regards of looking better?



I wanted to prove them wrong


God reminds me of my mother I hate that cunt so much wish someone would actually kill her and my retarded father but there is nothing that I can do apparently because I am financially dependent upon them.

File: 1714536996909.png (156.11 KB, 343x354, 343:354, imagen_2024-05-01_01163855….png) ImgOps iqdb

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You always make threads of "I will never be pretty enough", "I will never have a job because I am ugly", "I am horrible :(". Everything related to physical appearance, and complexes. The truth is already unpleasant, and pathetic that men , and especially chaste men, give importance to something as trivial as appearance.
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Id rather listen to crabs than your tradtard polfaggot rhetoric.


And this is why men have been gang pressed and conscripted and forced to die all throughout history to the benefit of succubi who aren't, because we actually live in a "patriarchy" that benefits men at succubi's expense? You subhuman clown, fuck you.


So he was meant to fight someone wielding a knife, disarm them like an anime character and break their wrists? Are you people real?

This is why being a wizard means nothing, no empathy or respect, just callous strongman posturing and dismissal of lived experiences, no different to the response of your average pleb on the street.


>So he was meant to fight someone wielding a knife, disarm them like an anime character and break their wrists?
Absolutely. I haven't read the thread yet but I can say that in any fight-or-flight situation, fighting is the only option for a man. Kill kill kill


You have two legs, two hands, and a thinking brain, you can learn and work. You can be fine.

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Wiz was a mute all through school and made no friends because of his face

Wiz was depressed most of his life, never having the opportunity to live like the rest or be accepted by other humans

Wiz was bullied and rejected for his looks and developed depression

Wiz liked videogames because it did not involve other people who judged him and made him feel miserable

Wiz liked videogames so much that he created a youtube channel dedicated to it

Wiz youtube channel dedicated to videogames was a success(1 million subscribers)

but Wiz never showed his face

Wiz have no need to, Wiz was funny and people liked him

then one day

Wiz did a face reveal

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I am glad for him.


He plays a character. The other guy who died was being himself.


How come every goddamn post on this website invariably descends to race kanging, and white nationalism, guys we already have /pol/ for that.


There are people here who only know the world through online political discussion, they’ve spent their entire conscious human life addicted to it. Everything is experienced in its context.


that's a very interesting strawman, mr outsider.


Are wizards my friends, or do I truly have nowhere to stay? Perhaps I'm not meant to be a wizard in a high tower in the lonely and calm mountains, but a hunched goblin in a damp and cold dungeon.


Wizards don't have friend. I mean sure, we're your friends, but for the sake of legality we are not your friends.


Considering how often people, that claim to be wizards, do not even have virginity in common, I'd say yes, there is absolutely nowhere to stay.


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I relate a lot with old inc_els because most of them don't even want relationships anymore, they've accepted that past a certain point there is no coming back, once you've spent your entire life bullied and ostracized and mocked for how you look or being introverted and entered adult age not knowing real friendships or love from parents, there is really no rainbow in the dark or light at the end of the tunnel.

Your personality is shaped, your memories are painful so you want to erase the past or pretend that it didn't happen, you are like an abused and neglected kid who starts to sweat and becoming increasingly anxious as the time to go back from work for his dad approaches.

Lot of pain and trauma. You are better off alone at that point, engaging in hobbies, distracted with work or in some fantasy world.

There is no cure.

You can't even relate or feel an attachment for this world and what it has to offer. You are almost prepared to leave and don't care. How can you care when you carry a broken soul within you.

There is no return because the place you left was doomed to be hell for you, from the very beginning and you know it's best once you accept that it wasn't your fault and stop blaming yourself. What can you do when you are born a wiz.

Society doesn't care. You've been left alone.
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If they don't want relationships hoe you still call them involuntary? >>291603


It's not about what you want but what you potentially can do.

If you are an autistic mentally ill neet, 5'2 tall american in his late 20s with no friends it doesn't matter if you stop wanting relationships, when in actuality nobody wants you.


Whatever else you want to keep repeating to thyself, huh


Yeah, it's like a homeless moneyless schizo saying they choose not to live on the Upper East Side in a 10,000sqft empire mansion.

That was never an option, hell even a single bedroom condo wasn't.


>nations become concentration camps
I guess your point is too high IQ for most anons so I'm going to elaborate and you may correct me if my interpretation is wrong: the feared dystopian big brother system has already been here for a long time because people are raised to police themselves and eachother to conform to norms and values that benefit the powers that be. The 'work-will-set-you free' slogan is analogous to the promise that conforming to societal expectations will lead to a good life (home ownership, partner, leisure, a job that is respected and well rewarded) for all of us. Wizards tend to be those who by either the circumstances of their birth could not or by virtue of their character would not conform to norms that in the eyes of the wizards are clearly not in our favor at all. Such inability or refusal to conform must be punished to reinforce the status quo and it's ironic that the normies who act as judge, jury and executioner don't see that by bullying others they also bully themselves. They're probably very scared that the same thing could happen to them if they don't keep up with the latest expectations.

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Serious question for any wizcels:

Do you ever wonder how you got here…as in, how or why you "woke up" when you did, where you did, to the people (parents) that you did? It's impossible to make sense of. Just on one fucking terrible day, we took up consciousness, literally out of nowhere we are in bodies and tasked with learning the mechanics of entire material world. What caused us to be born when we were, to whom we were? I don't accept that it was random, or mere bare biology..I feel within myself that this life is a targeted punishment and that were I smarter I would have avoided being born entirely. What piece of shit god thinks he/it has the right to do this to us? We are born, thereafter we spend a few years simply making basic sense of things, go off to school, probably suffer a lot, continue to grow up, endure more sadness, and now through all of it we just continue to get older and weaker and sadder. This life is a crime against our souls and whatever caused us to come here HAS TO PAY. Really the only thing I fear is being forced to come back to this shitheap of a world to suffer again…and I do worry about this precisely because I don't know how I got here in the first place. I feel deeply sorry for all the new souls born to this world…there is just so much to learn, but even more there is just so much to suffer through…and I cannot understand what kind of god would force this sort of existence on tender helpless beings? The demiurge must be overcome.
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Zero. There is no escape.


false, ultra false.


i practice tens of times every day to be ready to dodge this fucker when i finally happily die.


It is dependent in how you live. If you are a degenerate normalnigger or a feminist whore or someone obsessed with the material world then you will not escape. If you live like a frugal monkcel who keeps to himself, does not harm others, is morally righteous and avoids suffering then you will escape.


What's wrong with extending sympathy/empathy to people who aren't like you? Would the average wizzies' life not be better off if normalfags extended some empathy? Not everything is a Jewish plot to erode the white race.

File: 1717272776976.png (318.01 KB, 650x313, 650:313, Screenshot_20240521-120054….png) ImgOps iqdb


I don't get why God doesn't punish people who have defective kids or ruin their bloodline by reproducing with someone inferior. I don't mean in terms of money or status, but nobility, spiritual nobility and maybe a bit of beauty. How they ruin an innocent soul that didn't ask to be born, to be limited by subhuman blood and ugliness. How their children are cursed to be defective. I get no one is perfect, but there is a difference between abomination and imperfection. People who actively ruin bloodlines deserve eternal punishment in the worst way possible.


Imagine being a hapa kid like me. A decent looking asian succubus procreated with an ugly short balding western aspie for money.

My life is beyond hell, not only have I been mocked for my ugliness since kindergarten, I'm 5'3 at age 29.


Threads that start with "I don't know why…" or "I don't understand…" make the imageboard user grimace. Why not start a discussion the human way by proposing an idea for why you believe God might not punish people, followed by asking for others' input? Pondering the whys and hows of God is useless too because we all know that we''l never know, and you know you'll never know, so why ask? Better to ask why dogs howl at the moon.
>A decent looking asian succubus
That's no way to talk about your own mother.
>My life is beyond hell
How so? How are people able to use their words to make your life "hell"? It seems as though every ugly person here has to inject their belief that their life is hell because they are ugly in to every semi-relevant thread. Yet they can never explain how exactly their life is "hell".


Eyes too big, like my animu succubi


Karma. He might be doing without us perceiving so, just look at Africa and India


Being bullied on a daily or weekly basis since childhood into your adulthood simply for being particularly ugly isn't hell?

Then what is?

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