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I hate I can't forgive my parents. I still remember how more than half of my life has been physical, psychological abuse, humilliation, denigration thanks to them.

I still remember being 19 and having inmsonia because I am a fucking wizard and I have to wagecuck. Dad carpools me to work, and one night I couldn't sleep at all and I begged dad to turn down his music I hate, and he just screams me to shut the fuck up, that it was HIS car, that I'll stop being a little bitch when I owned my own car.

My mom brainwashing me into believing everything she said to appease me. I believed fucking Santa was real till fourth grade. That made me an atheist as a young kid. So everyone knew I was an atheist at 10.

That instantly cemented myself as being an outsider, which turned into wizardry.

Crazy shit.
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wizchan 2019 everybody.


at least make an attempt to refute it, maybe you do suffer parental abuse but none of the things in the OP are justifiably bad. one of the reasons for the decline in quality of this imageboard is because of lazy responses like yours.


wizchan 2019. you should get banned for shitting on another wiz the way you do. It's almost as if you were a normalfag.


This isn't a hugbox and your phobia of conflict on an imageboard of all places is highly typical of a succubus.


I hope this is just a troll wizchan 2019 everybody

File: 1573597702566.jpg (256.18 KB, 1663x2560, 1663:2560, whatever.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Any books that are about depression or suicide that aren't normie tier. I.e Not the protagonist gets better or suicide isn't the answer, Its a wonderful life type shit.
Pic related
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it's not on libgen unfortunately.


Yeah i read it in french so idk how to help you there mate


No he wasnt, he was just a wizkid with too much testosterone.


Read the Jordan Peterson's book


Read Whatever before. Very good book, if you enjoy the wageslave threads I highly recommend it.


i have very bad ocd and depression and have heard smoking pot does wonders for you, like one wiz said he tried it once and all his depression and anxiety went away just then. is it a good idea to go smoke some dope so i can get these intrusive thoughts out of my head?


There's no guarantee your experience will match. It could help you, or make you way worse. If you never smoked before, it will be unpredictable-and maybe a foreign setting would not be the best place for that. When it comes to intrusive thoughts I've found weed can make that worse and send you into a state where you are visualizing them more clearly than ever and before you know it an hour has gone by and you've just been in your own head dealing with thoughts the whole time, possibly having paced around mumbling to yourself like a madman while doing so.


Marijuana makes my depression and OCD go away, but this is only works while you're high. Make sure you're getting a sufficient amount of both CBD and THC.

But, there's no guarantee it'll help you. Just because it works for me, it doesn't mean it'll help you.


>heard smoking pot does wonders for you
lol no, if you have anxiety and depression then weed will most likely only make it worse, don’t listen to the hippies that tell you it cures everything

File: 1573359728260.jpg (82.34 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, AP17083778515514_t800.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


i regret smoking meth, i did it for a year and the damage it does is not worth the high. its a high that doesnt feel like a high.
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I would try meth. If it were too pleasurable I would just do it once to not get addicted. Besides there's things you can take like memantine that greatly reduce the potential harm from meth even if you do it regularly. It's a simple matter of risk/reward. If your life is shit and you already want to die, you literally have nothing to risk and maybe it could make your existence better. Even if you end up destroying your life further, that can be a good thing when you have been stuck at the ledge of suicide for many years but been unable to take the plunge. Fuck, maybe I wouldn't stop after one go if it were amazing, perhaps becoming a meth addict is what I've really needed to do all along.


it's a social drug, passing the pipe just like you pass a blunt.


Not as low iq as you though


Yeah i've tried a lot drugs but never had any desire for meth

Maybe they hear very different stories about it and have very different expectations


that's neurotoxicity for you
rather go the heroin route than ever try crack or meth

File: 1569031357512.jpg (246.26 KB, 1024x656, 64:41, 1433304924680.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Do you guys ever wish you were more autistic? Like to the point where you stopped having anxiety and depression and just didn't give a fuck?

I feel like this is a good level of autism:
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There used to be a video on youtube about a Bulgarian home for blind children that I watched years ago. They were horrendously neglected. This video started the erosion of my faith.

Ah, I found a repost


>being encouraged to go the art/music/painting path nowadays?

because its a timesink thats inocuos and demands mental energy they are not spending in becoming even more schizos. Is better they plot a shitty painting rather than a public spergout ending in several dead.


File: 1574044113539.jpg (172.71 KB, 960x960, 1:1, uli stats.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Funny, I look up to him too, specifically his dedication to perfection in JRPGs. I've been playing Final Fantasy XII for over 4000 hours since it came out back in 2006. I'm too different from him to ever reach the "heights" that he did. I'm also not analytical enough. He is genuinely intelligent. I end up restarting over and over, dozens and dozens of times, because of some perceived imperfection and can never fully complete the game, which to me involves max HP/MP and 99 of every item. Thing is, Uli moved on. He's "normal" now, working in Walmart, living on his own, with friends, swimming in blue AND green water. I don't think he was ever really comfortable with his lifestyle and had a deep nagging feeling that he could only cope with using video games and obsessive interests. He isn't autistic at all, he has OCD. He turned his job at Walmart into an RPG of leveling up skills like stocking, cash register, etc. It isn't autism but a deep system of obsessive tracking that he has created since he was a child.


File: 1574053739614.jpg (56.22 KB, 474x662, 237:331, movie poster.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Ever since watching this documentary about a Sushi chef who basically does nothing but make sushi all day I had this desire to dedicate all my time into getting good at one area.

First I have to admit that I like the idea of maybe giving myself some personality this way. To go from a guy to "that guy who is an expert in …"

Also I think that even if I am of average talent just by spending a lot of time I would get good at this thing and it would feel good to be good at something.

But I also don't know how to ignore all these daily distractions and the fear of missing out. Thanks to imageboards where the boards for different topics are all close by I developed a superficial interest in many areas. Regularely there is something new to catch my attention. Something that everyone is talking about and I feel like missing out on. A new tv show, a new anime, a new video game, a new book… how do you ignore all this stuff and focus on that one thing?


i don't think you can, because you sound a lot like me. it seems as though an obsession with honing one thing is a personality trait, not something you could reinforce on yourself. either you have the inherent drive for one thing or you don't.


You know what's something ironic about being a wiz with an alcohol and drug problem, and attemtping at "recovery/sobriety therapy"? 99% you meet are failed or attempted normies that got hooked through their normie friends and failed lovers and I get to savoe the suffering of these normies and feel good about it.

Shit socially sucks though. Imagine being so autistic even former/active drug users realize you're a loner weirdo and people just ignore you or tall to you inba condescending tone.

File: 1556484061029.gif (94.46 KB, 367x506, 367:506, Plainsimplegarak.gif) ImgOps iqdb


How did you or your parents ruined your life? What did cause your transformation to wizard?
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My parents also were very old when i was born, both around 40. I got some variant of Neurofibromatosis plus Hydrocephalus, which really is shit.

But their high age also caused that they never really did things with me that parents should do.


I was actually the second child, the first one for some reason didn't make it so something probably get screwed up with me even though I did make it out and who knows what they had her on that contributed. Otherwise she was also an abusive psycho and dad was always over working himself. I knew the future the second I was in school with others and it wasn't gonna be good.


Just googled those my man. I'm sorry. My mother had toxoplasmosis so her first baby was stillborn. I then popped out with scoliosis and variant of Thalassemia. I spent most of my childhood in hospitals. Blood sample after blood sample with extreme abdominal pain. Then when they finally found it they just told me there's no cure and I just had to live with it. I also have prostate cancer and diabetes to look forward to as it runs in my family. People should have their genes and baby checked before they bring life into this world. Because it's nothing short of cruel how they shit us out and expect us to become something with all the defects we have.


>I still wonder how does that works exactly…


PewDiePie is a tall blonde Chad with a charismatic personality, don't delute yourself

File: 1570920554466.png (780.89 KB, 911x585, 911:585, 1530929778482.png) ImgOps iqdb


This is kind of a follow up to the previous thread "The end of the wizards?", I thought about making a direct continuation but there's not much left to be said is there? (Plus teen LARP'ers plague these type of threads).

So a better question to be asked is "Where will you go when everything is gone?" It's a hyperbolic question but the internet, which I'd argue is the home of many current wizards, is almost completely turfed out at this point.

For now I'm hanging on to the few threads remaining across a few sites, but now I have to start thinking of something to replace it.
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I sort of doubt that it will just disappear out of nowhere like it did last time. But even if it does, I would give it maybe a month for another version of it to become available. Most people will slowly make their way back by hearing about it on other chans, or by using search engines. That is how it went last time and I don't see any reason why it would be different now.


8chan was garbage, 4chan is much more tolerable than that bizarrely faggot version of 4chan. I think their trap board and gay boards were like 5th or 6th highest below /pol/ and /b/.

Literal nazi gays.


File: 1573728259138.jpg (551.1 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, cover.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>It boggles my mind how some people think that they're safe from ridicule behind a pseudonym

I think part of it is that they're essentially talking at a machine. You generally don't see/hear the people you're talking to online, unless you're using Skype or whatever. It can affect how people deal with ridicule - some don't care, others are naive about it, etc.

This is part of the reason I don't indulge my personal information online. I'd rather crabs, or others, not harass me for being me.


i would hope a commonality experienced by wizards is always scraping by on a lack or resources and outlets. i'm pretty used to isolation/bottling everything up/having no one to interact with, i imagine if this place goes away i'd deal with it much like how i deal with every other loss in life. if you're a wizard, you should be used to terminal disappointment.


>if you're a wizard, you should be used to terminal disappointment.
Not this time dude. The mods might silence me but this is not the greatest time to be an outcast.

File: 1573921774024.png (559.83 KB, 707x1000, 707:1000, 1567967163979.png) ImgOps iqdb


tell me what you've been doing lately
three lines or less i don't have the attention span to completely read anything longer even 3 might be a stretch
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if you join now roll on a pve server. on pvp servers you will basically be camped nonstop until battlegrounds come out. If you don't have a guild of people you can tolerate i wouldn't recommend wow classic to anyone let alone a wizard. The good part of classic is there is less succubi, but the bad part is there are a lot of twitch and reddit users which somehow manage to be worse.


reading philosophy and thinking/writing a lot over the past weeks but it gave me a headache thinking of how fucked things are

now i'm playing dragon quest 3 and watching anime in the background while trying to turn my brain off


Worrying about the future mostly.


My arm!


Reloading the same couple of tabs in hopes of something new popping up.
Playing video games and listening to music.
Dreading the future and daydreaming about it.

File: 1532493793277.jpg (89.7 KB, 600x800, 3:4, megafail.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

 No.182063[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Well fuck… it appears that I did not win the Mega Millions jackpot, or anything.
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I play the lottery regularly, and managed to secure decent sums a few times. Nothing life changing, but twice I was able to NEET it up for a few years.


Wish I was your. The Power ball and Mega millions jackpots rarely reach 400 million now. I think way more people are playing .


Lottery tickets are a stupid person tax.

I remember my mom always buying them.


post pics of it


Stupid ass lottery app requires you make an account with all your personal data. Fuck that have to the webpage now. Goddamn it.

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