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I fucking hate my country. I hate myself. I am born in a third world country like India, it's an absolute shithole. I am from a poor family too which makes it harder for opportunities. My NEETdom has been killing me and all my interviews went in vain. I fucking can't take it anymore, Covid 19 has made it even worse.
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Sounds like the Philippines, is that where you are from?
Never heard of a Filipino wiz before


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>soy tico

Yo soy panamono mae, cuando nos vamos a San José a coger ticas castizas como buenos CHADchizeros? :^)


What do you predict happening to the future of Latin countries?


How is living in a foreign country humiliating??
Must be from burgerland with a statement like that


2nd worlder here, I'm white so I won't be able to get the /shitskinbucks/. Is being able to know the language and having some skill/degree enough to give you the ability to at least have some chance of emigrating to somewhat liberal countries like norway/sweden? Or do you need to a geniu 4.0 gpa phd faggot

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The last suicide general has hit the bump limit.
Previous thread:
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Does anyone know if reagent grade sodium nitrite would work for the SN method? Based on my research, all that means is that it has high purity, but I just want to make sure because I've read elsewhere that I needed either food grade or lab grade. Pls help


Everyone ITT is a larper since you haven't offed yourself yet.


what kind of ligature i can use instead of a rope to hang ? any belt will do ?


You'll never go through with it if you're overthinking this hard. If you want to die simply die. Going through all the effort and planning of trying to make your death seem like an accident just so the pain will be less on your parents, its ridiculous and is mostly your survival instinct kicking in.


Suicide is cringe

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Does anyone here have mood swings and take medication for that?

I was feeling incredible great the last two weeks after almost dying because of reasons, I'm back to severe depression. I was like "how could this be happening if everything is going alright". Then I just remember doctors have been telling me I have mood swings and that I should take a mood stabilizer for that.

At this point I can't tell if I have something or if it's the life long substance abuse that has fucked me up. Most doctors want me on anti-psychotics that work as mood stabilizers (quetiapine, olanzapine). I've taken them for a month at most but I felt horrible because of side effects. Also doctors tell me I shouldn't even take something like lithium because it's toxic and I'm a fiend that doesn't comply with treatment.

I'm 26 and only recently I've been putting real effort on my health. Like, I will always have depression, but should I really be more depressed than I should? So if I'm depressed I do things that I enjoy, even if I don't want to do them. I eventually feel better. I could be ruminating on all that could had been and all that won't be, but that will only make me feel worse.

File: 1592513808486.jpeg (147.28 KB, 736x550, 368:275, 12745DC6-2DEC-43A9-8EA1-5….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


Going to escape my psych ward then kill myself. It’s really risky and I hope I’m able to outrun security


Alright, tell your story about how you ended up where you are now so you'd have someone who remembers your life


good luck !


Terrible idea. Best course of action if you want to get out is to act as sane as possible. Take your meds or pretend, feign a good mood, talk about all the positive things you're going to do when you get out.

I'm assuming they're keeping you there based on a psychological evaluation which is entirely based on self-report and observable behavior. Those can be easily faked and you can give the doctors exactly what they want.


The easiest way to be labelled as sane is to behave like the normies who work in these places. Assuming that youre not autistic and that it will not come across in a mocking way. They cannot label you insane if you behave exactly like them.

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just end me. signed up for classes next semester at the local uni and didnt wanna room with groidnorms. will waste away my prime years sitting in a hot car to get a piece of paper. well its not much better than wasting away on the boards but still
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why is there no uniwiz general anymore?


A ton of people do this everyday I used to too it's not that bad


Commuting can be hell.

Train/bus: LOL. Lucky if it shows up on time. Criminals and hoodlum scum love these stations to hang out on, also notice the amount of violent videos that are set in subways and trains? Terrible and crowded during the times you are most likely using it. Constant delays and changes, if you can't navigate multiple different routes at the drop of a dime you are fucked. You are often forced to take alternative routes, goodluck if you don't have any idea of your city or if your phone can't open up these apps. Roadworks and constant maintenance are common in my city. There hasn't been an entire week that was un-altered in the last 10 years in my hometown. There is always some deviation, and somehow they often cancel services for entire days forcing you to take the bus which takes 3 times longer and you have to pay constant attention to where you are otherwise you miss your stop. FUCKING hell hole. Now if your studies or work make you stay back then you might miss it alltogether, trains stop at 10pm here, buses stop at 3am but going on a bus after 11pm is dangerous, especially since it's the 20minute walk back home through some bad areas. I hated it so much


Haha, urbanites


they lost their virginity

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If you were to kill yourself within the next few minutes (by any method), which would be the last song you would listen to?
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Finally, a sincere message, god speed wiz, you are a breath of fresh air in this sea of attention posters


OP here,
I think I've found my favourite song too, thanks for directing me to this masterpiece.



File: 1592399232941.jpg (87.83 KB, 651x960, 217:320, doom.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I got scammed by 80 Usd on a video game and I've made 10+ terror threats to paypal, certain ethnic communities and general places. Do I handle stress and loss well?
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How bad were the terror threats?

think about pulling the tard card to get off off 'lightly'
fake schizo,tism whatever
get yourself admitted to a psych ward


My own family scammed hundreds of thousands from me, imagine how that feels. $80 is fucking nothing.


Even if you received the items you were still getting scammed because you're paying 80 bucks for pixels.


what game


Very vague and after going through it again it looks like the paypal office will be laughing at my messages.

You should probably get some revenge for that

File: 1586722485294.jpg (79.5 KB, 791x492, 791:492, klopped.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Have you ever stopped for a second and considered that you are mentally ill? Maybe not schizophrenic-tier, but still ill.

What if you treated your illness as an illness, took your meds, took the reins of your own health within your capabilities. Maybe you need a little help from family, maybe you don't, that's irrelevant.

Wouldn't you become a more stable wizard? Wouldn't you be free to pursue whatever you want, minimizing the effects that mentall illness has on you? Am I wrong for thinking this way? I'm not implying "self improvement", I'm asking you, wouldn't your life be more fulfilling if you recognize you're ill and take care of your own illness?

Feel free to replace "you" with "I".
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This happened in middle school, I no longer remember their names or faces. All I remember is their skin color. I think that blacks have become incredibly privileged in the recent years due to their media influence. Black fragility is a thing now. They can commit crimes and get away scot free because of the legal system



I don't really know. Compared to a "well-adjusted" person i probably take things too much to heart. On the other hand, the self-loathing seem deeply ingrained in reality for me, and i just see it as me being honest with myself. I sometimes see myself as a half-crazy person, still functionnal but clearly mentally affected and others seem to notice it according to the perplexed looks or attitudes others have towards me. I even got commentaries about my eyes, so i must have a creeper vibe which doesn't surprise me in the slightest because i kinda feel dead inside, like that spark of life was long gone. I always distrusted meds, i'm afraid of damaging an already fragile brain, becoming addicted and altering my real state of mind, but that might be a stupid romantic reason. The only alternative i found is exercising, the dopamine hit makes life just enough bearable at this point. I don't know at what extent the other factors like stepping outside of the house, being surrounded by pretty things (i run in the woods) or taking some fresh air are helping me but it probably helps to alleviate depression too. It somewhat saddens me that my life now revolve so much around trying to feel good enough and nurturing myself. I can't be as careless as before, more than ten years of a NEET state of mind seems surreal now and i don't know how i pulled this off. The exterior world damaged me good whithin 3 short years, even awakened some bad memories i didn't care too much before that, so i try to recover.


Mummy dropped me on the head at 2.
Pretty much split open have a nice scar on the forehead.
I'm utterly nuts, theres no way to fix actual physical damage with pills.


I don't say they will, but you certainly never will find out if you don't try them.

File: 1592093602589.gif (113.56 KB, 244x248, 61:62, 158584976119.gif) ImgOps iqdb


I've been clean for a week. Haven't been sober and clear for a week in years. Before this attempt I've had multiple attempts that only lasted 4-5 days at most. I'm way past seizures, fever, WDs and all that shit. Stopped taking my benzo and have had no seizures.

I'm feeling pleased. I feel contented with what I have, I don't want more. I could lose everything I had and I wouldn't care. I'll die some day, I'm likely to get skin cancer from existing skin disease but I don't care. I am set on living the moment. I don't even care about sorrow or happiness, I'm past that. Peace is desired, and peace is within me. There's no reason right now to not be at peace with myself and the external world.

There are still many languages to learn, many poems to be written, many songs to hear and compose, many instruments to learn how to play, many books and comics and mango to be read, many stars to enjoy while stargazing.

Just wanted to share that, might help a fellow wizard.


I’m proud of you. I’ve worked with people going thru detox and I know how rough it can be. I just want you to know I’m rooting for you. Keep going.


This is some unwizardly gif, but whatever



File: 1592408202240.jpg (2.44 MB, 3840x3071, 3840:3071, Crossed - Crossed Issue #1….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I am a sick man.I am a spiteful,unattractive man.I tried frens,heaven knows i fucking tried;struggled to escape this suffocating void,this zoo,this so called reality.I can't.
I'm fairly young and even i cant stand this hell,cage of the species.Cant even wait for one day.I've waited for so long.
I was meant to be beautiful,epitome of the elegance.Meant to copulate endlessly with Lilith and swim across the Eden in Harmonia.Meant to lose myself in the brave new world.
But for reasons long-forgotten everything was taken away from me.My peace,my freedom,my sleep,my sin,my innocence.I fell into the world,so called existence.Again i tell you,consciousnees maimed everything that was good created by our primordial mater.Byproduct of a self-replicating molecule,a pestilence cast upon Israel.Feelgood-machines pillaged,raped,maimed,tortured,vilified,annihilated and turned the haven for broken souls into this wasteland.Wanting got them in the end.But that they didnt stop them to replicate.After three billion years of endless war,countless tragedies Son of Man found himself in the state of cosmic horror.He laughed,he taughted us to laugh.He was spitting upon roman wardogs,he was hopelessly waiting for the end.He prayed for the destruction of the babel and cleansing of this Earth.He hoped for evanescence of all the atrocities committed under the sun.In the end,that leper perished similar to the fate of yours and I.Golgotha was our climax of our sadomasochism.And he was forgotten,never to seen again.
Now,here i am stained by this wretched existence,purifying myself with pure hatred and promise of holy vengeance.Here i am,escaping this chamber of mediocrity by opening my world.
Unspook thyself,enjoy yourself in this world with no future.Best time for misanthropes,indeed.



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