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Are vengeful? What's the best what to get revenge on somebody (within legal limits)?

I have been personally, emotionally attacked at work this week at I can't even sleep because of it. I will not be at peace until I will have my vengeance.
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I’d just use a drone to fuck with their house, dropping those stink bombs on their car and roof.


>Slash their tires
> Throw bricks through their window
> recommend causing as much damage to their stuff as possible.


Smear cat shit on the door handle of their vehicle.




Itch powder!


How do I cause myself physical pain without leaving visible injuries or causing permanent damage?

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recall one memory during school when you felt betrayed and/or shamed.
For I, It was during last year of college, teacher asked me what I was going to do next year and at which school should I go, I was complete silence too ashamed to speak and the class was silent and everyone was watching me
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Need 5 years experience or equivalent education for entry level these days ;)


my mom made me, I dont lie to people I just tell them how it is and they can take it how they want, dont care what those norps think


Big fan of Good Will Hunting


This comes from being unable to accept smugly or calmly that you do not see useful at all to think about it. Our inner emotions often punish us for not being able to overcome things that our logic already wishes to overcome, but the motives are different. Untrustworthy, toxic motoves


what about all the nofap crybabies saying how porn is so good it ruined their marriage with their 3d wives/ gfs?

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Recently i've been playing a lot of dating sims and it showed me how apathetic i am about human relations, i'm so distant and incompatible with other people worldview (especially succubis), how do others Sub 8 at my age have so many friends and already had engaged in multiple relationships?
everytime i try to talk with another Sapiens, i unironically sound like a low iq fallout avatar, honestly i don't think i can ever fix it, am i just retarded or something? wish i knew the normies secret, people are bizarrely complicated and i probably will never learn how to deal with their complexity.
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What would happen if one goes innawoods and live like a tribal with other people (if possible) for a time, shouldn't this kinda fix us?
since normies are animals, then turning oneself into an animal should somehow work?


I've read that as aromatic


You do you. Everybody reacts differently to that stuff so I've never felt comfortable telling people what they ought to try or whatever.


I don't understand what are you talking about


You probably are an INTP


I'm turning 29 very soon.

After many years of being part of this community, I don't really feel like I can relate to most of you anymore. Reading your posts remind me too much of my younger self, and many past mistakes that took me years to stabilize.

Things have not improved, they tend to get worse and worse, year after year. What has definitely changed for me is the way I deal with these problems, and this is where I can't relate with most of you. Whining won't make problems go away, making whatever problem you have worse is not something wise to be proud of, and there's no shame in trying to better your situation.

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27, I dont relate to anyone anymore. But I also dont see point in trying to set myself apart by tearing others down. Consciously or not, you chose the phrase "whining" because of the negative connotation. The tacit implication is that you've surpassed or ascended the losers posting here. Its okay if you feel you have nothing to gain from a place like this, but why do you feel the need to put others down when you yourself admitted to spending years here. I wouldn't call it whining, I'd say its venting, which is important for people to be able to do. More socially integrated people vent to their friends family and loved ones, and wizanons vent on imageboards. Nothing wrong with that. Also you should realize at 29 that not all problems necessarily have a neat and clean solution. Some people have illnesses that cant be cured, or have lost things that can never be regained. Venting is part of the process to acceptance.

I do agree with the sentiment many others here stated. Online communities seem far less appealing nowadays. Real life feels equally unrewarding for me as I age. I have no answer for what awaits, isolation is fine with me but I hate that even my hobbies and interests have also lost their luster. I always envisioned spending life just working on those things, I was purely convinced that my interests would carry me through life so long as I had the space and means to pursue them. I'm not so sure that's true anymore.

Either way best of luck to you. I hope you find peace of sorts


Zoomers ruined the internet and many hobbies for me.


>But I think that the real reason for that is that I just don't see how my life can possibly be improved.

You need to realize that you constantly change as a person. When I was 23 I had no real interests and thought that as long as I have internet and a cheap laptop to browse imageboards and read manga I will be fine so I didn't have much motivation to study. Now I wish I had money to buy nice things and travel and haven't watched anime or read manga in years. I also get jealous reading about what interesting things people get to experience because of their job. Spending time online only will get boring real soon trust me.

Stop trying to predict how you will feel about something. I think whatever you do it's important to just keep moving. Even if you end up being bored with your job having a degree and job experience is better than nothing.


Forklift license, first aid certificate and a low level trucking license is all you need to put yourself at a leg up above the bottom tier. Forklift certified is a meme, but it does help for that initial push.


File: 1683548918763.jpg (6.54 KB, 299x168, 299:168, riggied.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Life is big mistake itself. stop shaming everyone with your mistakes Mom


Any of the wizkin here ever seriously considered joining a church? I have been thinking about it but do not know how I would go about it…not to mention being unsure if I actually believe in Christianity. At least a church offers some sense of community…it must be better than total isolation.
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That's a business project targeting the vulnerable, but i'm a confident person.


Scientology is actually pretty cool. It's like a religion wrapped around mostly secular principles and psychotherapy. Then they kind of go crazy with the higher level stuff, although who knows whether it's real or not.

I don't know why you can openly call scientology a cult and a scam, but Christianity, Islam, Judaism, basically every religion out there, has the same cult-like characteristics and buying your way towards salvation has always been a thing. How many churches were built by rich people and how much money is donated to cults like Catholicism each year. I mean the pope literally lives in his own palace in his own country that's exempt from taxes and certain laws. Yeah, I'd say that's a business project targeting the vulnerable for multiple millennia.


Predestination and reprobation is what finally discredited Catholicism and theism for me once and for all. Those silly memes with distorting contradictions turn out to be actual doctrine. I'm still impressed so many people fall for it and that I fell for it too. Those who know the doctrine and accept it must be unironically mentally insane. Here's a cath explaining it: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=olUVLj10iDY


look up all that gurdjieffan crap that self help gurus delve into then


I'm genuinely interested in converting but the utter incompatibility of OT events and mainline science it a leap I can't make


I think my oldest dog can be ill. She's 11, a mutt. I had told my mother multiple times that she had a protrusion in her chest. Turns out my mother just ignored my words, never got her checked. Now the protrusion is bigger and she got a new protrusion.

Am I exaggerating by feeling angry about this? My parents neglected and abused me, I see they apply the same behavior with our 2 female dogs. My mother threatens to call police on me if I take any of these dogs outside by myself. I hate my parents, they're crazy and I'm crazy and everything I say is invalid. I'm considering not taking care of my parents at all (or just taking care of their health with no emotional or physical investment).

Our family pet dogs are the only thing I love, and my parents even manage to harm that, I hate my parents.


I'm sorry you have shit parents anon
I also have a pet that my family hates, he's kept me alive trough my teenage years. DOnt give up on her.
The police wont anything
I know it's a bit scary but your parents are just people, they cant withold you from leaving the house, talk about it to an authoritive figure or find a number of a vet and explain your situation and ask if they know what to do. you can even call the police yourself for help, they are there to help you not just to fight criminals. It's all a bit scary and a shit situation to be in but nothing eats at you more than being passive

good luck anon
your future is in your hands

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I've skipped about two weeks worth of classes and went from a A to C-. When I go back to my next class next week I'm gonna get noticed and people are gonna talk to me like I'm supposed to be their friend. I also 2 weeks worth of assignments due and an exam for another class that I bothered to attend. The other class has no normies so nobody talks to each other. Starting to feel like I need to be on medication. Also I'm having the government pay for my education, so if I have to retake these classes it is highly likely I will be paying out of pocket which means I won't be buying a car this summer.

I actually prefer employment to this but my job is dealing with assholes all day, and it stresses me out, which causes me to not do my assignments. I literally just sit at the cenegage calendar for 5-6 hours and not do any of the assignments as they slowly become unavailable. I lied to my professor before about how I just get busy at work but the truth is I'm not that busy and I just stare at a blank screen like someone would stare at a piece of paper.
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Pity. Every suicider getting a personal thread seems a bit extravagant. If one is about to off oneself one should also discard such excessive self importance, one should become humble as earth and not bother the living by making repetitive, boring threads.


>Every suicider getting a personal thread seems a bit extravagant
But they don't, because despite having the freedom to make new threads, the users here decided as a community to convene their thoughts.
>not bother the living by making repetitive, boring threads.
Depressed men on /dep/ don't exist to entertain you with fresh things to laugh at, psychubus.

Sage because I don't enjoy what you typed.


My advice to you is to be honest with them (and yourself) and say you had a mental health issue. See a psychiatrist or something. Frame it as a medical issue and they will likely be lenient. Go back and get back on track ASAP. Resist the urge to let this spiral out of control. You can do what you need to, but a mental block is holding you back. You need to acknowledge that mental block and overcome it. If you realize you are succumbing to it, resist with all your strength, just go do what you need to do.


Fair points, perhaps some sort of unwritten compromise can be arranged, lets say we could have six or so suicidies per thread and when a vacancy opens another one can join, that way at least they wouldn't be so alone in their own threads.


I missed a week of classes as well in college
If you're still in highschool don't worry about it child and be honest with the teachers that you you're just feeling a bit empty and it is hard to motivate yourself to doing tasks but you're working on it and trying to pick yourself up
some will understand and some wont but it's important to communicate

if you're in college then you can still pick yourself up
don't give up

go to the library and leave when closing time, do the assignements bit by bit just to do stuff

good luck anon
your future is in your hands

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you can not even imagine


That which commanded the stars…

Giving life its fullest brilliance…


shattered… by someone… or something…

Don’t tell me you don’t see it.

Look up at the sky!



This thread is scaring me.


I'm gonna go to Heaven

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Post here when you don't have enough to say for a topic and it's too depressing for the general crawl thread.
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I am relieved to have something that I enjoy, considering I've been teetering on the brink of full-fledged anhedonia for some time now. My only real problem with it is that it's consuming all of my free time to the point where I'm neither working on improving my life, nor advancing my plans for suicide. I'm stuck neither living nor dying as the clock ticks away. It could certainly be worse, but I'm just tired of this long-term rut of escapism and failure that has engulfed my entire adult life.


Is seeing the world as "ugly" a common symptom of depression?



I need a reason to live tonight, I have 3 bottles of meds and I want to die. Why should I stay alive?


Stay alive because things could get better. Stay alive because you are a warrior, because all is not over and you still have things to do. And things will get better. When you're where you are (I have been there) things can get better.

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