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I have been a neet for a few years post college due to jobs falling through and being a undiagnosed sperg at the time I lost it. I am trying to reintegrate into society. The problem lies in people's perception of me being a neet I am looked at like a piece of shit on their shoe discreded for just having had a bad time. Why are we not all allowed some time out ? I am trying to get back into social circles and hobbies but it's laterally fucking impossible if you don't lie. i really don't want to keep talking to people as my main source of friendship it is limited what should I do / thoughts ?
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What? Do you expect having friends during neeting? The most basic thing if you want friends: get a job; I mean, neeting you have worsen problems than being friendless. A fair point, if your parents are riches or your family has some money, it's acceptable being neet, but only because you have money; the another case is being ultra normalfag having skate and weed friends, but both still look down at you. Anyway, the last case is having online friends, but you need pretend to work, like only being online after work hours in working days, sleeping early because you need to work, but being free in off-days and weekends.


I avoid conversations as much as possible because the first thing everyone ask you is "What do you do?" It's so annoying.


This. It's always where do you work, do you have kids, do you have a girlfriend blah blah blah so goddamn banal and mundane


I like to test them by answering their question as quickly as possible, and then moving into "Where do you get your ideas from?"


It's really not possible without lying which might be a hard thing to do if you're autistic or have no social skills in general.

If you want to interact with people you can't be honest about anything related to mental health because it will always tell people to keep you at a distance.

If you are on neetbux or autismbux you're gonna have to lie about that as well because otherwise it will give away too much negative personal information such as your mental health or finances and on top of that most people will think you're a leech, you're just gonna always look bad.

Getting back into society seems only possible if you're able to have your shit together enough in order to work or do some self-employed stuff, you gotta be on your feet an not just be some person who doesn't do anything valuable. People don't really give a shit about anything you do but the whole work and employment topic is a way to gather essential social information.

If you are just an unemployed loner with autism you are never gonna be able to get to know any mentally functioning people who are not bums, criminals or anti-social assholes who try to use you. All of this is even worse if you struggle at social interactions or don't have an interesting personality.

There are negative things that are only acceptable if certain people do them, a succubus could have any mental health issue and still find at least a few men willing to take care of her and people would still want to socially interact with her. A man is only allowed to be "mental" or depressed if he's socially skilled or good looking enough to be perceived as interesting.

People really don't care about your opinions, what you think in your free time or how smart you are or what's going on inside you in general (unless they are really close people which hardly ever exist), they can only go with how they perceive you and even if you were an interesting guy you'd still look weird for being unemployed for that long because its just a mayor indicator that you don't have your shit together.

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Hell exists and we're already living in it. Our universe already permits unlimited suffering through the propagation of life.

As for life after your life in this hell, there is none. Death is the escape from this hell world.

Life itself is the propagator of hell. Without life, there is no hell. Once your destroy the brain and the evolutionary process, hell ceases to exist.

Hell, pain and suffering, are natural phenomenon associated with the process of the evolution of life, as those who experienced pain and suffering were the ones who survived and reproduced, therefore furthering the process of biological evolution and hell.

Destroy life and you destroy hell. All manifestations of hell are all projections of the suffering and pain already found in our own universe, our own hell. Combine all the suffering on Earth and within the universe and you have the equivalent suffering of one person burning in hell for eternity.

Maybe the universe is eternal and all life, suffering and pain is eternal as well. Could this not be defined as hell?
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>except end of all life.No ideology, no religion could end the suffering, evil, cruelty and lies in this world except end of all the life and no one could tell anything otherwise

OK, why don't you guys show us good example and live according to what you preach? I am waiting…

I learned much more from my sufferings and bad times than from pleasures and good times. And excessive pity and compassion is harmful, it creates a society of weak individuals incapable of survival…which is just what you "good" people and "friends" of humanity and every living thing desire. Indeed, there is no more toxic ideology than the ideology to reduce suffering at any cost for every living thing.

In your quest to feel for every stray puppy, starving orphan or raped wyman you forgot how to live and how to enjoy life. You forgot, if you permit the joke, how to be yourself. You take no joy from existence and you disguise your bitterness and envy with the mask of compassion and empathy. "If I find life to have no value then nobody is allowed to find value in it!" - reasons the Cosmic Messiah wannabe. And he goes around trying to drag others down into his little dark pond of envy and resentment.


File: 1653341737324.jpg (312.05 KB, 800x711, 800:711, 1653341596209.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>I learned much more from my sufferings and bad times than from pleasures and good times.
that's because you're a birb, but most people in our time suffer pointlessly, and it's not so much pain itself but the emptiness of the pain that drives people mad. what you're proposing can only be sustained by a minority of bright spirits for now. do you think this is too soft?


The "Minority of bright spirits" should extend their influence. If we continue as we are then society will collapse because the majority of people lost all their endurance and faith in life (even if they don't say it out loud). Our culture grew extremely weak thanks to hedonism, pessimism, humanism, pacifism and mainstream religions.

No wonder though, since all of our political and religious leaders in the West are pathetic dumb slaves enslaved to either chasing pleasure after pleasure or living up to some currently cool and trendy ideology. It is all about pleasing the average normal now. By average normal I mean both progressives and conservatives. There are no knights, no warrior-castes, no actual free thinkers and no creative/original artists, no priests who teach like they have power.

But it is all right. The cycle of this period is almost over I think. Something new is about to begin. Maybe something better.


File: 1653425571100.jpg (391.8 KB, 930x1000, 93:100, 1653408715256.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

yes, i'm very optimistic about that

one way of reconciling what you rightfully raise with a new compassion is for the warrior-aristocracy not to act out of pity or piety, but to act from their overflowing generosity like the sun: what's good and bad (noble and ignoble) is whatever their light throws into shade

it's harder to write about priests because they are more mercurial, but there's nothing necessarily wrong with them being nihilists, pacifists, comically austere, or just lazy, because they are peculiarly constituted to synthesize all the infirmities, death, and sickness people experience (hopefully) towards happiness, but priests can often be trouble


I like your style. Who are your favorite authors or writers or where you take your ideas from? I think we are both inspired by Nietzsche but who else do you like? Or is it purely your own philosophy?

What do you think the role of wizards could be in a new, better society? I think "secular monasteries" could be an actual thing where young boys are taken and they are educated by wizards or wizardly types there to adopt a manly mindset towards life. Or just pulling the strings behind the scenes from our ivory tower would be nice.

Damn, I hate our society so much. It could be so much better, manlier and…cooler, I guess? Instead we are going downwards, getting sucked into the spiral of blind humanism.

File: 1649547710433.jpg (116.7 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, chaoshead.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Every single day I wake up and want to die, the only reason im alive is solely to appease my parents. I have 0 reason to be alive, I dont enjoy anything whatsoever, I literally live to distract myself. Whenever I do anything like watch anime I get intrusive thoughts, basically I just live with these fucking thoughts 24/7, these thoughts make me miserable, and I have to reassure myself over and over again to give myself temporary release. Near the height of my depression I developed delusions that my brain was being experimented on my agencys like an idiot. If my parents were dead I think I'd just shoot myself in the head, im tired of waking up. There is barely anything in my life that brings me joy. And to make matters worse I've only just begun my adult life, im 19 and in university and my life is unbearable, each time I walk around I just feel like jumping off the ledge to my death. It was as bad as it was when I was isolated at home browsing r9k and blackpill fourms. I dont even fit in r9k, its mostly just normalfags there. Soon im going to see a psychiatrist to get an ssri, last time I took one it didnt help but I had significant anxiety back then and had stomach aches all the time, while now Im a bit calmer so hopefully they will help me get rid of the thoughts. I cant believe I have to endure another 10 - 20 years of this FUCKING LIFE. I just cant cope anymore.
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Again with pathologizing normal behaviors. The intense fear, shame, or disgust you experience from your brain considering raping or murdering someone is the very thing that keeps you from doing these things. If you intrinsically didn't have intense fear or disgust associated with the thought of acting on raping or murdering someone you would be a psychopath. Sometimes people do drugs and act on these thoughts but that doesn't really count. You actually have to have a crazy mind to organically act on stuff like that.


But if the fear you get from these things cripple your functionality in the world, then I could see how that could be called a mental illness. But then again even normalfaggots are really deranged from all of the villain-worship movies they watch so they obsess over their "grindset" or whatever retarded shit mainstream culture feeds them.


It's not pathologizing normal behaviors. It's just accepting the thoughts will come but you need not act on them, ultimately reducing them anyway since you're not repressing fears.
I agree, that's the point of calling it mental illness. People (normals) tend to forget "disorder" usually means "unable to function properly in society" or some similar thing if you aren't going to a quack doctor. For OCD you have to spend at least an hour a day doing compulsions related to the thoughts, or have it otherwise destroy professional/academic/social pursuits. If you're just a little uncomfortable, then it isn't a disorder. It's just normal.


I used to have intrusive thoughts as well, not so persistent and frequent, but helped mentally saying I don't care and distancing myself like it's another person problem, just mind my business and keep walking.


Btw, I have suicide intrusive thoughts too, but theses comforts me, so it's harder to go away, but I know I do can.

File: 1641437887436.jpg (248.21 KB, 771x1200, 257:400, 1641151061839.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I'm just so tired of it all. All the politics, all the insanity, all the soulless people, all the puppeteers moving everyone's string and feeling like I'm the only sane person around me. The worst is how I envy the puppets, they seem so happy and carefree, while I suffer in silence, slowly being consumed. I want to die, yet I'm too weak to do the job myself. I'm a hopeless romantic, and yet I am a ghost, invisible to those around. Even online, where I should be among others like me, I'm alone and cast away from the groups. I'm """good looking""", yet only see my rotten remains. It angers me so much how crab types are usually right, I want them to be mentally ill nutjobs, to not take their outlandish convictions seriously. It feels like I was specifically cursed from birth to have this shadow over me as punishment or simply to entertain whatever or whoever casted it. I'm hardly a religious nor spiritual man but I can't help but *feel* it. I try to improve myself, take my meds and go to my therapy. It only dulls the pain, the sickness is still there. Beside, I find it more and more difficult to keep going when I'm broken beyond repair. Why waste everyone's time when the outcome will be the same? The worst of it all, is how deep down, I know it's all my fault.

you can ask me anything.
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Normalfags are natural born communists, they are collectivistic and literally start chimping out like pavlov dogs if you suggest that not everyone is equal and there people better than fanatical subhumans like them.


>Normalfags are natural born communists

Do kikes pay you to post lies on the internet?


He does have a point, though


In what sense? Most people are selfish cunts who'd let their own flesh and blood starve if it gave them an upper hand.


>Most people are selfish cunts who'd let their own flesh and blood starve if it gave them an upper hand.
>muh flesh and muh blood
shut the fuck up, please go back to /pol/. siblings mean absolutely fucking nothing.

File: 1646530817369.jpg (19.85 KB, 250x290, 25:29, RCO015_1473742556.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Anyone feels like they experience a kind of loneliness different from the kind we are used to think of? It's a type of loneliness that no person can ease; in fact, people deepen the feeling even further. I have felt like this my entire life. I have come to the conclusion that this occurs because of a deeper sense of reality (not that I'm enlightened or anything like that), realizing that every person you meet, including yourself, is just another face of the same thing, the Thing we all are and everything is. I want to meet someone that is not of this reality, not made of this substance we share. I tried religion, but all gods are human, sometimes even more human than I am; I don't really have such strong human emotions as most gods. Perhaps the only way to kill this feeling is by dying; is to abandon our individual face and becoming the Thing. If there is no one else loneliness does not exist.
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Read about pantheism and panentheism. Also Buddhism. They have some of your ideas.

But I think it is just your solitary self craving some kind of connection with everything. That is why you feel the need to connect everything with The Thing or God. One of the reason gods were created is because humans would like to be together with others, but they can't, so they imagine a supernatural being that is present in everyone and ties everyone together. If you will accept a friendly advice, lock yourself into yourself. It is the wizardly answer. This spiritual collectivism is kind of normalfaggot-ish. There is nothing similar between you and normalfags who only think about partying and sex. We are different. Embrace your unique style and behavior and crank it up to 11.


I got a bus into the city yesterday and the insanity and absurdity of human existence really hit home. I watched all the cars speeding about and the gridlock and I couldn't believe how ridiculous the situation is. I saw thousands of people, mostly poor, crass and ignorant, seemingly enraptured by the tackiness and the noise and dirtiness that surrounds them. I felt a sense of calm actually. I've reached the point I think where it has sunk in just how insane our civilisation has become and how it is definitely on borrowed time.

I have been thinking obsessively about the scale of space and time. I watched a YouTube video last night about the fundamental particles that make up 'reality'. I'm not smart enough to comprehend any of it but again, it gave a sense of perspective and inner peace. We are smaller than nothing in the grand scheme. Sadly, it doesn't stop the loneliness or the base human desires or sense of inferiority. This is the result of conditioning by the insane world. But at least it is perspective and a little self-awareness. Most humans appear to be completely lacking on both counts so it's no surprise to feel alienated from them.


File: 1653030082575.jpg (65.18 KB, 300x472, 75:118, 300px-Collection.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I completely understand opie. Relationships with other aliens feel futile to pursue, because they are so hard to find. How does this mindset tie in with your morals? You might just need to find other sociopaths if your situation is akin to mine. You can wear social masks and mingle with the unwashed masses, or disregard it all and make a society within yourself. There is bound to be a handful of people you can relate to out there. Keep searching and stay socially satiated somewhat with above tactics.


I feel that. Always have. The idea of 'not' feeling lonely is something I cannot comprehend.

I have some theories about this. I think it might be because there is inherently a gap between people that cannot be bridged by language, since language is symbolic, and although it shares a certain logical structure with what it represents, is not the thing in itself. Sort of like an imitation or a distortion of what was intended to be conveyed. It's like everything that people try to communicate to eachother is run through a filter, and information is invariably distorted, so that nothing can truly be expressed. That may not be why though. It could be something else.


Try some LSD and see what happens, i'm tired of this human experience too

File: 1641012366779.jpg (16.25 KB, 522x429, 174:143, 1640919102737.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Is anyone else growing insane because of total isolation? I don't even feel human anymore.I sleep away the days and stay up at nights. And i keep repeating. I don't even know anymore what to do. I haven't seen sunlight in long time. My mind feels so broken. I am so tired
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This is true, if you actually "find friends" it will just be a temporary dopamine rush that will fade away again. It's not something that will suddenly give you purpose in life or fulfill you and it can't also lead to other problems as well because the people you usually "find" when you're lonely are not even good for you.


Meant to say "it can lead to" but autocorect did some bullshit


My dreams are in internet screens. My life has consisted of scrolling. Endless scrolling. That is all my mind has known. I guess the lack of real world stimulation leaves nothing for my mind to work with.

I took down the curtains leaving my window exposed. This used to be a barren suburbia but since the lockdowns people have been wandering the neighborhood all hours of the day. I preferred it when it was barren. People can see me sitting here every time they walk down this road. The curtains created a padded room effect. Seeing the hustle and bustle outside seems to provide a bit of stimulation.


I immerse myself in daydreams of socialization with peole I once knew to cope with isolation
I make up conversations with many people and imagine their reactions and responses
I worry someday I will not be able to distinguish what I made up in my mind and what actually took place if I ever where to meet anyone that I talk to in my head


I've been doing the same thing for some time now, it's not even something I do on purpose and I daydream about whole conversations. I also started to think loud some years ago and now I have a very hard time not doing it, I literally talk to myself.

I think this is a mechanism of the brain that kicks in when social stimulation has been missing for a long period of time.

File: 1647912044122.gif (1.35 MB, 320x240, 4:3, ruetujwt.gif) ImgOps iqdb

 No.256413[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

getting older and tired edition

previous >>251348
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No, if we raise the minimum wage that doesn't mean companies will hire less people. Companies and employers don't give people jobs because they pity them or because of such retarded things. I seriously ask, are you like 10? Employers always employs the least amount of people necessary to do work for them. If we raise wages that doesn't mean employers will hire less people, it doesn't work like that. If it takes 3 people to do a job then the boss will get himself 3 people to work for him. No matter if the minimum wage is 1, 2 or 10 dollars a day. Because with less than 3 persons he can't get the work done in time. You like the moron you are, think employers use more than necessary people to work for them because they are kind or what the fuck. No, these people usually care about money to ridiculous extents and so want to save money whenever they can. Raising the min.wage. won't cause unemployment.
It's cute how you go on about me not paying africans when I don't even have companies or own a significant amount of wealth to begin with. Their bosses should give them decent wages, maybe. You know, those people who actually possess money and use africans to produce stuff cheaply? It is amazing to what lengths you are ready to go to in order to defend your masters and overlords. And I won't even comment on the whole deal about these asshole employers and CEOs doing africans a service by hiring them for shit and piss, o how generous they are!

It's not stealing to demand decent wages for people. What your capitalist masters do is more like stealing than anything. They don't pay their workers what they deserve.

>just work bro

Yeah fuck off, maybe you are content sucking the dick of your boss daily, I'm not. I don't like it when people try to take me for a fool and I don't like being exploited. So I will pass. Funny you'd praise work so much but most of the big guys in capitalism never had to work a single day during their lives either because of inheritance or because they could deceive others and exploit them. So you mean poor people should wageslave I take it, while rich people should just enjoy life, eh?

Also, if you are so much against high wages then why don't refuse your employer? "No boss that's too much, here I give it back" - bet you never said anything like that in your life. Raising wages Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


A job wants me to do a skills evaluation of about 40 questions in something I am not particularly good at, but know a bit about. This is scary. I need this job to escape the almost minimum wage job I have now and I'm basically entry level at this point. I guess I'll just embrace the challenge, probably fail the test, and use this to motivate myself to become better with these skills. Every time something challenges my skills, I get nervous on how little I think I know. I feel like I'm never going to be good enough.


I've been a meet, worked shitty menial labour, retail etc and now finally have a cushy tech job - it still feels shit. I don't want to work at all but have been thrown into this life where we have to work or live an intolerably poor and shitty life. it's not fulfilling, doesn't give me any pride, takes up all my time and mental energy, just to consoom and live with the remaining time left over. fuck it all, whether it's shitty retail or cushy tech. there's no winning.


There is a schizo former coworker that is threatening to kill me, his brother died and now he thinks that I have something to do with that.


By your fucking logic it would be alright if I tortured you 6 days a week and would leave you alone on sundays, so you could appreciate not-being-tortured, the more and didn't "take it for granted".

Next time think your normalshit sayings through before you spout that bullshit, fucking hell man

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File: 1652171366243.png (213.57 KB, 500x375, 4:3, image_2022-05-10_082916339.png) ImgOps iqdb


This is not a real depression thread
This is rather a question I have, and given the person I am, and the environment I live in, I find no other place to ask such questions. Not even in 4chan which is raided now by plebbit refugees and IQ faggots. Anyway, I would like to ask you if it happens for anyone to know a place where things out of this world can be learnt, but kept as dark secrets. When I talk about place, I don't mean online ressources. But actual mages/teachers/hermits/anchorites etc that could have some knowledge hidden from the world.
I know it feels like an NPC question who watched some films about tibetan monks or some western glorification of Inca mages. But it really is not.
I am not the superstitious kind at all, I am actually a math graduate student, not to brag, but to sincerely say that I am not really into esoteric, non-existent magical stuff. It's just the excessive realism of the world that cripples me and makes me genuinely depressed every moment I touch something whose physical properties are nothing out of the ordinary.
Thank you for all your suggestions. You can help an old man like me who's about to die to discover a new meaning about his life.


>This is not a real depression thread
Then why are you posting this in /dep/? There are other boards as well.
>4chan is raided now by IQ faggots.
Then you brag out about being a math graduate which has nothing to do with the whole thread.
>I don't mean online ressources. But actual mages/teachers/hermits/anchorites
Everything you need is on the internet. There's no secret knowledge hidden by homeless people or shaman in Africa. Why do you think they know better?
>It's just the excessive realism of the world that cripples me and makes me genuinely depressed.
That's a really good starting point. Have you tried get into philosophy?


>not real depression
I mean, it is kind of related to my existential crisis and how I feel so tourmented by the absence of quintessential power or any metaphysical presence in this world. It feels like it is nothing but a mute stone than only replicates more grey souless stones
>I brag
I said I had no intention to brag, I thought it might be a useful information to say I am not into metaphysical things, or at least I were not. I tried my best though not to make my readers feel so.
>no shamans
that's exactly what i was searching for, I just needed to say it differently so that no one laughs at me
>am I into philosphy
yes, I read a lot of epistemology.


For anyone reading the OP wondering what the question was:
>I would like to ask you if it happens for anyone to know a place where things out of this world can be learnt, but kept as dark secrets.
OP, are you sure you don't just want to participate in the occult thread? >>>/hob/50683 . It is about to get pushed off of the board and needs a bump. I would suggest to simply post there.


>to evade reality
You don't get into this stuff to "evade reality", esoteric, occult and spiritualist stuff helps us to expand our horizons and perceptions of Reality exactly. It isn't some escapist little game we play.

Like the other guy said, everything is on the internet. Most gurus, priests or personal guides just exploit people for their money and obedience. You don't need that.

Read philosophy, read about myths and religions on your own. Train your mind and soul, gain knowledge and wisdom. Reach Enlightenment on your own, by your own merit. You don't need any shepherds.
If you are absolutely clueless then start with Plato. He is a good start for beginners of mysticism generally.


File: 1652559933531.pdf (3.17 MB, way of the projectionist.pdf)

If you put in the work and get good at this stuff it will be more real than what you currently see as reality.

File: 1647387686715.png (1.45 MB, 1198x676, 599:338, 3546345.PNG) ImgOps iqdb


So many people on Wizardchan had a happy childhood, and often compose posts wishing to go back to the "simpler times" when they weren't waging n slaving. Anywiz here that's never had a happy moment in their life? Cuz this thread's for you.
53 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Same. At least when you were a child you had hope for the future, but now that you're an adult you realize that there is no escape.



holy crap u are a annoying cunt


Not really, when I was 10 I could never imagine living to 30-40 let alone 70 like normals.I always wanted to kill myself yet I’m 29 years old misareble NEET who never worked in his life but I’m really sure I won’t see my forties I have to kill myself.


For your big sexual cock


making up believable stores makes me feel even more terrible

File: 1648855547155.jpg (44.44 KB, 720x489, 240:163, willKillMyselfIfSpongeIsNo….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


21y old here. Missing being able to be alone and playing minecraft capture the flag all day without craving any social interaction. Now feeling like Ill turn into an attention whore. Why is this happening to me? Is it the demonic meds or is this normal with age? Atleast I dont crave succubi but Im feeling very lonely right now. I want friends who can understand me but Im a schizophrenic quiet weirdo with no social skills.
Throw me all your black pills fellow wizs. What will happen to me in 9 more years of virginity?
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File: 1652304051296.jpeg (5.31 KB, 300x168, 25:14, 3742902-8342035-425235.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

YOU! YOU, are the SCUM of this fucking site. The crying baby. The faggot that comes out of the wood-works once two wizards in a thread start arguing over gate keeping limits. Then, in a completely hedonistic act of stroking your tiny ego, you pull the "I've always been correct about x (an assumption based off drama and lies), this website has always been shit but i'm still going to post on it; whilst never giving you a clear personal answer to a gate keeping limit (like your FUCKING AGE)." card.
Honestly, I bet you're 20, or maybe a 16 year old /pol/ tourist that's a failed normalfag. I really can't tell with you sub-humans.


Shut the fuck up seriously you dumb zoomer.
If you were born in the 21st century your opinion does not matter whatsoever.


Disregard Facts, Acquire crabdom!


You're great at sex


>blah blah blah

>Honestly, I bet you're 20, or maybe a 16 year old /pol/ tourist that's a failed normalfag.

lol, being called a wizkid really triggered you didn't it?

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