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File: 1658591509745.jpg (67.99 KB, 540x553, 540:553, existence vs non-existent.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Picture seems to be funny, but at the same time its real and truth, when you look directly into it.
Antinatalism can make that our potential children wont suffer anymore. I know they also wont feel any pleasure, but its not bad thing, because they wont feel their absence.
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File: 1661811560059.png (310.88 KB, 2518x1024, 1259:512, chadvsvirgin.png) ImgOps iqdb

Another version of the same meme


what else is left for us? we are nothing without external factors.


existence exists therefore nonexistence will never and has never been a reality. It's a nonsense concept to even think about.


> isn't the possibility for suffering pretty low?
No? There's still illness, death, torture, poverty, disability and pain here, just to a lesser extent. Consider yourself very lucky that you haven't experienced any of these enough to realise this


There 100% is a better existence than the human existence. If you believe that you'll always exist, why not make your stay more comfortable and let the beings with the capability to experience serious suffering (humans) die off?

File: 1660819209710.jpg (34.67 KB, 564x564, 1:1, 371170a8f401bc260898d89893….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I know it is not a wizardy thing to vent but you know, Everyone goes through some hardest times and words can't express my feelings right now you know all my life have been eat sleep watch anime, drinking tons of caffeine, play vidya games then repeat , got a useless degree can't work a proper job due to lack of connections mental health conditions, only garbage shitty jobs left which well not make you go anywhere in life, I just go back in time to find out if there is a good memory left but there isn't all cringe and disgrace, don't have money to even get out of fucking country or start new shit, dam it god i need a 2nd chance this life doesn't count it sucks from all aspects probably i am going to hell anyways, the only time i feel good when i am daydreaming being rich or some kind hero in movies or animes i know sounds pathetic. some destined for greatness others the earth spins around the sun and fucks them.
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You dead yet?


> I just don't understand why no one tells you this shit to your face clear as day when you're young, why did no one explained what was up with life and what was it about?
because they want you to be a cog in the machine. it's easier to lie to you and fill you with blue pills than telling you the truth. Imagine a whole generation of failed individuals, that will cost the system money and resources. They need you to be a machine and produce the results they want.
In the end it's all about being used. "You don't like it? it's fine just drop out or KYS, you'll be replaced"


File: 1662084444516.png (211.38 KB, 728x575, 728:575, 162555.png) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1662115003096.png (199.23 KB, 728x575, 728:575, 1662084444516.png) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1662122215436.png (145.06 KB, 613x477, 613:477, 4783432.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1636591196591.jpg (148.08 KB, 2121x1414, 3:2, pills.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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please post your experiences with anti depressants here

i'm starting on them (Citalopram) tomorrow and im scared that ill gain weight from it
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quitting cold turkey prozac 80mg haldol 10mg Wellbutrin 150


I'm not those guys, but I was on on it for about 4 months. Never felt all that different.
I've never really felt much difference on any type of antidepressants. Tried a couple SSRIs, NDRI, and lastly took an SNRI. All the same nothingness.


Pretty bad honestly. I tried Zoloft for a couple years on the second lowest dose and it made me lethargic and just caused me to stop caring about everything. It didn't help me improve my shit life, just made me content with it. After I got off of it was when things got better. I actually had to confront and fix all the things that were making me depressed/anxious. It seems like SSRIs are just a bandaid, and all bandaids eventually lose their adhesive.


>10mg haldol

Are you a schizo?


File: 1662110532047.png (26.55 KB, 1015x353, 1015:353, tin.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

I think I contracted tinnitus from Amitryptiline… FUCK.

Only took 5mg too, so very low dosage essentially.
I was laying in bed and got the sudden TSSSSSSS noise and It has been pretty persistent since last night. It's not bad when I'm standing or sitting but when I lie down it becomes noticeable.

The scary part is some users on reddit have reported it to be persistent.The drug is still in my system so I probably gotta wait it out but idk.

Just watch out for this when dealing with the jewpills bros. Tinnitus is a known suifuel.

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File: 1662043783518.jpg (525.46 KB, 1079x808, 1079:808, SmartSelect_20220831-03011….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


When I was a kid I would purposely puncture my lips with a stapler to get the most attention from my class, to the point that I permanently scared my upper lip. I'd also tap my feet for hours annoying everyone in the room and causing kids to beat me. Pissing people off made me feel happy and I was that desperate to be noticed.

It took me getting sent to a boarding school at 14-17 to stop this behavior and develop social awareness but eventually my manic attention seeking evolved into self-destructive narcissism and social anxiety, and now, as a 24 year old, I can no longer form connections with people due to these issues. I have constant memories in my head reminding me that my developmental years were ruined by not only bad parenting, but my own decision making and horrible behavior.

I can't confidently interact with people knowing that there is something fundamentally wrong with me, and I will never be up to par as those who surround me. I even turned to self-hating racism to cope with my inherent self-hatred, I only stopped when I became self-aware that it was a cope but it was easier to blame my race as to why I'm a dysfunctional mess. I am obsessed with myself because my identity as a loser/outcast is all I have. I have no hobbies or talents, I have no friendships or social skills, I have no sense of purpose or belonging, no goals, no major long-term desires, I can't imagine myself as someone who is moderately functional, I'd feel like a fraud, normies can tell it's a charade if you can't keep the act up 100% of the time, I don't have the mental fortitude for it.

I wake up everyday knowing that I could fix my life with hard work and effort, but I don't have anything worth working for, not even myself. That's the worst part. I can't process trying to fix myself for the sake of fixing myself, I know it'll benefit me in the end, but the my brain sees it as a sisyphean task. I'm a low IQ, sad, miserable, lazy man with nothing worth fighting for.


File: 1662044339397.jpg (106.65 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 73123228.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

At which hour i wast a peat i wouldst purposely punctureth mine own lips with a stapl'r to receiveth the most attention from mine own class, to the pointeth yond i p'rmanently afeard mine own upp'r lip. I'd eke tapeth mine own feet f'r hours annoying ev'ryone in the cubiculo and causing kids to did beat me. Pissing people off madeth me feeleth joyous and i wast yond desp'rate to beest did notice.

t tooketh me getting hath sent to a boarding school at 14-17 to stand ho this behavi'r and developeth social awareness but eventually mine own manic attention seeking evolv'd into self-destructive narcissism and social anxiety, and anon, as a 24 year fusty, i can nay longeth'r f'rm connections with people due to these issues. I has't constant mem'ries in mine own headeth reminding me yond mine own developmental years w're ruin'd by not only lacking valor parenting, but mine own owneth decision making and h'rrible behavi'r.

i can't confidently int'ract with people knowing yond th're is something fundamentally wrong with me, and i shall nev'r beest up to par as those who is't surroundeth me. I coequal did turn to self-hating racism to cope with mine own inh'rent self-hatred, i only ceased at which hour i becameth self-aware yond t wast a cope but t wast easi'r to censure mine own raceth as to wherefore i'm a dysfunctional mess. I am obsess'd with myself because mine own identity as a los'r/outcast is all i has't. I has't nay hobbies 'r talents, i has't nay friendships 'r social arts, i has't nay senseth of purpose 'r proper, nay goals, nay maj'r long-t'rm desires, i can't imagineth myself as someone who is't is mod'rately functional, i'd feeleth liketh a fraud, n'rmies can bid t's a charade if 't be true thee can't keepeth the act up 100% of the timeth, i has't not the mental f'rtitude f'r t.

i waketh up ev'ryday knowing yond i couldst fixeth mine own life with hard w'rk and eff'rt, but i has't not aught w'rth w'rking f'r, not coequal myself. Yond's the w'rst parteth. I can't processeth trying to fixeth myself f'r the sake of fixing myself, i knoweth t'll benefit me in the endeth, but the mine own brain sees t as a sisyphean task. I'm a base iq, depress'd, mis'rable, distemperate sir with nothing w'rth fighting f'r


>but my own decision making and horrible behavior
Make no mistake, these behaviours were caused by your parents, no need to blame yourself. Your parents should support you completely for being so irresponsible, there might not even be a way to fix yourself without help


And yet god still brought you into the world, despite reading all of that i can't diagnose you, what do you want? be specific


you remind of myself with the attention seeking behavior. don't blame yourself much, you were a kid and didn't know better. ironically me trying to fit in made people distant. I humiliated myself further, I wish I embraced my dignity. As a crab/outcast I should've never trusted normies so fast, you'll be thrown under the bus and used.

>I can't confidently interact with people knowing that there is something fundamentally wrong with me, and I will never be up to par as those who surround me

Same. I tried to fake my confidence around my coworkers when I got a job, but it gets tiresome after some time, you have to keep it consistent. I wish I never trusted my normie coworkers, I opened up and showed my feelings only to have that used against me and mocked.
>I am obsessed with myself because my identity as a loser/outcast is all I have
same. Just don't do what I did and reveal that to a new group of normies.
>I have no hobbies or talents
judging by the nature images you posted I suggest you get into camping, you get to relax plus a break from society. as for a talent, you should focus more on a skill that can make you money. this might not get you friends or GFs but you'll survive by yourself and have something to be proud of.
>I can't process trying to fix myself for the sake of fixing myself, I know it'll benefit me in the end, but the my brain….
Read "the power of now" book. Reading that book made me realize I'm using my brain in self destructive ways. the brain should be utilized more towards hobbies, work, and when it's necessary. Not 24/7 in repetitive thoughts

File: 1655482742670.jpg (184.8 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, ZEBRA.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


my sister just moved back home and i can't fucking stand her and all the noise she makes
i CANNOT sleep at all before she decides to quiet down around midnight,

example around 23:50 she'll go down and up the stairs like 5-6 times before finally deciding to brush her teeth in the kitchen wearing nothing but a bra and underwear, then she will go back up to her room and she will sit there for 50 minutes until she will go to the bathroom and after she has been to the bathroom she will yell at my mom until she wakes up then she will finally quiet down.

but even if she went up and down the stairs only once i would still wake up, its like noise from her is different and causes me to become more sensitive

(i really fucking hate her)

i think i have some buried trauma inside of me from all the shit she has done to me and my mom in the past, shes also the most useless person i know (shes 28)
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kill yourself, norman


Another victim of reading comprehension or lack of experience


I think mental power is a poor word for what it was that he was getting at, As you might imagine someone who can mediate through a cacophony of noise to be of greater mental power. (This is kind of a silly example because people like this don't really exist)
It is reasonable to think that someone who likes to hear themselves think someone who likes silence would probably be more intelligent than someone who can't stand being alone in thoughts and wants noise to distract themselves from this feeling


this poster is so stupid he actually thinks he is intelligent >>260496


Mega nigger kyked lmao
Literally death by big black cock in the slut hole

File: 1661423918483.png (413.13 KB, 497x728, 71:104, 1657442048013.png) ImgOps iqdb


Title. I'll try to explain without referring to my personal life.
I live in a very crowded household and I have no privacy, not even when I go to the bathroom, my room doesn't even have a door so I can't use the "household" methods. Isolated places are also hard to find where I live as the city is very overpopulated.
I live in Europe and although my country (Italy) does have loose gun laws you still need to go through the kind of bureacracy that would make it known to my household (among other things you need a declaration of the people who live under your roof).
>Cutting/No Hang Strangulation
Cutting is out of the question not only because it would be very lenghty but also because it is objectively hard to pull off.
I experimented a bit with the so called Korean Method (PPH) but I couldn't get it to work efficiently enough.
>Carbon Monoxide
I do have a car but no garage to pull this off
This is almost comical, I almost committed suicide on a bridge in my city that is often renowned for being a suicide bridge, except after the second lockdown there's been an incredible wave of suicides not only from this bridge but from all the decently high ones around the city and now they've all been fenced and since they are often trafficked you can't get over the fence and jump without being blocked by bystanders.
Since a kid committed suicide with SN it has been widely regulated among the country

Now the only few options left would be to either rent a place and hang in there, find a forest (very hard, there are almost no car accessible green areas here) and carbon monoxide/hang there. All these option sound very bad to me especially since I would need to setup all of the stuff I need (noose, car) very fast and I wouldn't be so sure of an effective result. There's also the drowning option but I've seen it is usually disregarded here.
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*When contacting the email, use the TOR browser and either tutanota, riseup mail or elude


Pentobarbital seems interesting and I do have the money, but I'm kinda scared I could get busted


listen wiz, all you need to kill yourself is a rope, saying that everything is crowded is just an excuse you could walk out of the city and find some place in less than an hour why would you care if you want to die anyway? if you really want to, grab a rope and keep walking until you dont see anyone around and you should know the rest from there


Unless you have been visited by the police before, and thus are on some watchlist probably, you won't get busted. No airport has any barbiturate testing mechanism and the guy disguises the pento as make up and other stuff, he usually tells you what he will disguise it as.
So many people on sanctioned-suicide bought pentobarbital from that email, received and killed themselves with it.


>I do have a car but no garage to pull this off
When my uncle was out hunting with his team he found a car that had driven off the road to a small clearing in the woods 100m or so from the highway.
In the car was the long dead remains of the man who had duct taped an air duct with a carbon filter (can easily be bought online discretely) to the exhaust and directed the air duct back into the car through a window.
He had simply read a book and waited to fall asleep.

File: 1658405988709.jpg (101 KB, 1080x615, 72:41, Screenshot_20220720-230504….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I live in a country where firearms aren't easily accessible and I was wondering if building my own would be a reliable method. But I don't know shit about weapon building.
>inb4 use hanging
I don't have a private place to do it
The info I need and I can't find are:
>would this be reliable if shot at the roof of the mouth?
>how do I build one of these with available components
>can I build a shotgun?
>what can I use as bullets if real bullets aren't available
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Not OP, but hanging yourself is hard if you don't have a high enough place. I tried hanging on my knees but I never was able to black out, all I got was a headache and pain in my eyes due to not compressing the carotid arteries (which is what one needs to compress to die)


>Why is /dep/ always coming up with these intricate, shitty plans?
Attention seeking fags that don't actually want to do it


As long as you use the TOR browser and a linux distro, you wont be on a list if you look or download those type of stuff.


Never aim at the roof of ur mouth to kill yourself, that's asking to become a vegetable with a fucked up face loooool


Black powder firearms generally are not controlled legally, so anyone can get them.
Black powder is easy to make.
That being said for legal reasons I must advice you not to make black powder or shoot yourself

File: 1661750120999.png (1 MB, 1242x698, 621:349, 1661171559837.png) ImgOps iqdb


I have always been certain that I am a future suicide statistic. If I reach the life expectancy I will have almost 60 years left, and I think that is way too much. I don't want to keep living in this world of unbearable suffering if I can find peace in death.

I think I will do it some time in the future. After I've burned a bunch of money and destroyed my body with drugs. But at the same time, I am having trouble seeing the meaning in getting to that point if I already have one foot out the door. I think doing this is just chasing the wind. Pleasure is fleeting. If death is eminent, I think I might as well just get it over with.
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why do you want to kill yourself?


Just find a cope. I recommend spirituality or philosophy.


Kind of, I worked through all the money I made from my part time job. I live at home, so most of it just went cigerattes, videogames, and junkfood. I know I'm goning to now graduate from college on time so my dad is going cause a shit storm and make me wish I was never born. To make a long story short by the end of october I'm going to have to at least try or my life will turn to hell quick. I think I'm goning to try SN and see if that works.


What I’m gonna do at age of 40 neet with no degree and no parents? Suicide is the only sane option.


I'll probably kill myself with a shotgun tbh. If that falls through, I'll probably just jump off a building but there aren't many accessible or high enough buildings around me, so yk :/

File: 1661793301506.png (2.52 MB, 1050x1344, 25:32, 45e.png) ImgOps iqdb


The cage we are bound into is causality, time, space and the will. We are subordinates to the will, we may say that the cage is a beautiful thing but in fact this beauty is an illusion that traps us, like the light that draws the simple-minded insect towards it. If I see a beautiful succubi, I know that it is not her as a cousciouss being that entrances me, but her sexual dimorphism and genetics - the will, not me, deems her worthy of copulation; it is not love, but a primitive biological function. All “love” is based on this repugant superficiality, how can something so shallow be a product of rational thought - it can be noting but an incessant blinding impulse.

The happiness of having children is nothing more than irrational predisposition towards reproduction, why else would succubi go through the painful process of birth if not for the chemical induced high of propagating the species. If humans really thought logically, why would anyone bring a consciouss being from blissful nonexistence? The world is defined by its suffering, the negation of our default state is pleasure, and it is momentary and leads only to more desires. Our entire life is just the meaningless chase of pleasure to temporalily neutralise the suffering that makes up the vast majority of our lives. Our lives are but the cylcial chase of momentary pleasure, something so tragic cannot be called good by any metrics. Only a madman blinded by impulse can call such a thing good, preharps spurred on by the horror of such a realisation entails. It is no wonder that the truth of pessimism brings about such contempt, for the realisation of the tragedy that is human existence brings forth either suicide or resignation.
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>we are bound

Talk for yourself crablet. I am bound only to myself.


A dopamine slave and and entropy slave walk into a bar. The dopamine slave says "I'll have a beer because I like them the most and it will give me the most dopamine". The entropy slave strips naked and starts throwing feces saying "this was always going to happen!"


>guy makes a messy word salad depression thread (ya know, its /dep/)
>crab crab crab stfu touch grass crab
why are these normalfag tier hostile virgin/neet shaming (touch grass is a wiz antagonist slur) cretins and their responses allowed to stay up?


Mofuckers liars too, touched grass and got a darn tick.


It's pretty obvious why it's allowed to stay up. Some people just love knocking over their own sandcastle.

File: 1658595418938.jpeg (458.32 KB, 796x896, 199:224, 35672D5B-1E6A-4D8B-9A5F-2….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


i am so fucking tired of seeing people around me succeed. like i am jealous but also annoyed by everyone having a job - doing some charity/ volunteer - having their own house - money to pay all that shit like. all the life is seeming to go past me.
I know I don’t have to be successful when it’s just uni time. I know I don’t have to be the best at everything but the knowledge of the constant losing is just craving my depression and/or anxiety even more.
the feeling of not being REAL and not LIVING THE FUCKING LIFE are getting all from me
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I'm surprised that you're actually tired at not having some of these things yourself as many aspects of norman life would be excruciating for a wiz. I can detach myself from a lot of that stuff and understand if I did have that kind of life, e.g. almost no independence or time for myself, having to do the fake laugh thing every day in work, listening to the mundane mind numbing ego stories most people engage with as 70-90% of their conversation, having to partake in someones shoddy and mostly false self-characterisations, I would find that life extremely tiresome and whenever I got close to that kind of life I'd find myself gradually becoming more zombie-like and being alive was more difficult moment to moment compared to just being alone.
The problem I find, and I'm sure this is a big part of why you feel this way, is that the pressure heaped on you is so great that it starts to paint you as faulty for not having that kind of life. Any family gatherings and stuff are a nightmare and people extend almost no sympathy or empathy for your own perspective if you do share it, worst is when some people start trying to 'help' you and your only recourse is to be rude to them in order for them to stop, and suddenly everyone takes an even more negative tone with you. Even though I am reasonably happy internally I do find the constant outside pressures annoying and pretty scary at times, you should be excited to meet your uncle again after a while but I absolutely dread stuff like that now.
Beware of what you wish for though, if you capitulate to their standards then the pressure will be taken away but you may find yourself in a situation which starts to become unbearable, in the end life is mostly just shit for people who don't fit into the standard mould


i got fired from my volunteer job. it's good to be back home.


most of what you see my dear is purely for show


This. You have absolutely nothing to lose. Find a way to make more money that those you hate in order to spite them. Even better, try to move up the ladder somewhere and gain control over the lives of the normalfags that you hate so much.


Please tell us what happened, wizzie.

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