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How do I explain to my female psychologist that being a male virgin at the age of 28 is a telltale sign that you are not a normal adult male because there's some deep seated obvious reason that you are still a virgin?

Pic unrelated.
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Why would that be evolutionarily advantageous? Most of human history was spent in small tribes.


It's actually a biproduct of tribal animald living in a non-tribal system. Similar to how in small tribes thievery and murder were only tiny issues because literally everyone knew each other directly or by about 1-2 degrees of separation.



Most men have evolved to have no standards. As a result succubi evolved to be able to quickly reject men. If they didn't evolve this way then they would raise offspring with a man that they didn't want to breed with. In a tribe this means that succubi would reject their offspring, creating anti-social children that will hurt the tribe more than it will help it.


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How many 5imes do they need to be told I don't do this e-link-magic mumbo jumbo. You posted that, I nodded my head, it was very nice, you're observant. Sit down, boy.


It's not really, much of the shit groids do now is dysgenic.

They couldnt reject shit. Historically they could be easily married off, coerced into sex, or raped. They're just picky now because they can be.


Have you ever lost someone near and dear to you? How to cope with the feelings of sadness and gamut of emotions that one feels after that?
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I'm not actually depressed I just come here to watch the mentally diseased.


Found my mum mere seconds after she put two bullets in her head.

Honestly I was glad she did it. She was legit mentally insane and a cunt.

My only regret is that I didn't pick up the gun after her and do the same.



Think of it as one less person who'll be sad when you off yourself, I wish all my loved ones died so I could exit without any guilt of causing sorrow.


Ahh the classic muh fuhmuhlie

File: 1604463729436.jpg (49.18 KB, 456x750, 76:125, 1532592680935.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I heard everyone on wizchan is genuinely unhappy
would have someone to cuddle at night help?
for me it has
I made a tulpa and she loves me tons
you can AMA I don't mind if they're even personal questions
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I have Schizoid personality disorder so cuddling does nothing to help me


He's the one thing keeping me relatively grounded when every real person just wants to back me into a corner and torment me to the point I snap and kill myself


You don't have to be insane I think you just have to give up on reality. When reality had failed to provide anything other than negative experience breaking it down has no downside.

What are other people? You never actually access someone else's mind you emulate them during conversation. The fact people feel love towards someone who is playing them for money shows how one creates things like love as forces connected to a opaque thing, a source.

Tasking that knowledge and creating your own imagination and placing it as the source is only a violation of a shared social reality. So it's not insanity as much as been bending the shared causality of things to your will and no longer caring about a reality that's useless. Also some people do it for the same reason but from a place of freedom and mysticism rather than dismissal of the world.

I tried but my depressed mind finds it hard to sustain the tulpa consistently.


Is it possible to create someone like you, teach him everything you know, give it access to your memories, basically make a copy of yourself without depression?
I would only create a tulpa if I could switch with it and kill myself in wonderland.


It's much easier to just isolate the thoughtform representing the root cause of your depression and destroy that.

File: 1608955076679.jpeg (108.19 KB, 958x540, 479:270, 29E6EF14-9509-4E6C-BD73-5….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


Anyone completely failing at getting a job and worried your parents will kick the bucket before you dig yourself out of the hole? Not only that but I have massive debts that I can’t even pay, it feels like my life is already over at 30. I’ve been NEET for so long that getting any job is almost impossible and I can’t even drive since I don’t know how. I’m completely fucked and have no idea what to do anymore. I’m lucky my parent is wealthy enough to support me, but for how long?
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He's saying it's a good thing. It's like a mobile succubus-deflector. I make sure to keep my enchanted naruto headband for that purpose though, so a beater car isn't much of an upgrade for me.


I've heard succubi coworkers making fun of guys with old or ugly cars, so it probably works.


What compels a person to write such drivel


Why employers have to put so much difficulty into something so simple as getting a minimum age job? I applied for a supermarket some months ago and didnt succeed because I didnt served the army, what the fuck? Why does serving the army or not makes a difference? Also, what the fuck are those questions they ask you on HR? Stupid questions like "why do you want to work on our company?" It is obvious that I want to work because I don't want to starve. Fuck this overcomplicated world.


It's funny how the people hiring already know you're there for the money and survival needs and yet both parties have to put up this facade as everybody is there for some other reason, including themselves. So basically we have both sides lying to each other while been completely aware that both the questions and the answers are complete bullshit.

It's some crazy nonsense indeed.

File: 1604627418360.png (499.49 KB, 596x660, 149:165, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

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Post here when you don't have enough to say for a topic and it's too depressing for the general crawl thread.
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I'm tired of wasting my life, but I know I've already lost so much of it the chance of recovery may as well not exist.
Part of me just wants to die so I don't have to watch myself waste any more of my life, but at the same time I just can't be assed to actually do it. What the fuck is wrong with me?


I think I'm reaching dangerous new levels of cope. Just yesterday I must have spent like 3 hours daydreaming I was a really rich hacker, living in mansions and having super cars, trying to evade the police. My life is so boring that I'm daydreaming a lot more now.


Daydreaming is healthy. If I could I would do it all the time. For those moments you are not so different from the rich hacker. Stop using the word cope and stop thinking in a way that supports the cope narrative. It's useless internet lingo, it's zoomers 'philosophy', it's trash and makes everything that's good into something bad. Eventually the cope narrative is 100 % social shaming which you now apply to yourself meaning the copiers achieved their goal which is to destroy everything not applauded by normalfags. Apply your own standards. The world is rich.


sometime ago I realized that I have 2 choices, either I go through a painful and horrible life until I die of old age/accident or I kill myself, that's it, there are no other choices, I can't be happy, I just can't either because of external problems or because everytime I get somewhat happy my self-destruction mechanism inside my brain ruins everything and I end up worse than before.

I used to favor the choice of existing but some days like today I find myself wondering if killing myself wouldn't be the logical choice, I don't think I'm fit for 50 years of this shit, may as well end it all and save myself the trouble.


File: 1609935189923.png (498.21 KB, 2116x2160, 529:540, 44153207-A575-407D-BD50-C4….png) ImgOps iqdb

In my dream my mom bought me a ps5 as a surprise even though it’s expensive af in my country because of taxes. Dad kinda got angry for it but we all settled after some arguing.
I held the box and told my sister about the time when I got my ps1 back in time and held its box just like this. I teared up. I was so happy back then. Everything was so easy. Now I’m 24 and still rely on my parents to buy me a console.
I opened the box hoping there would be two controllers but there was just one dualsense and extra 5 ps3 controllers. I guess it was a secondhand. Weird.
I actually don’t care about a ps5 but I’m saddened at the fact that I still depend on my parents. and I’m still a gaming addict.

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File: 1608806972982.jpg (1.76 MB, 3104x2328, 4:3, 15865937264950.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


My grandmother is about to die. I will be able to talk to her a few times before she passes but I'm not sure what I want to tell her.

What you would you say if one of your close relatives was about to die?
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Well, it’s not like they need it anymore.


Absolutely no idea, I dread the day when I finally have to do it


i have nothing to say to them, at that point words really are worthless


What? The truth.

That's the only thing both of my grandmothers valued in me.

They literally said on their deathbed: 'you piece of shit, you never done anything and you're travesty to your father. But tell me, what do you make of this, will I make it? Because these doctors and your father try to bullshit me to the next world'.

They both had nasty tongues, but were in reality very nice grandmas and I loved both and giving them the truth was fairly painful.


And oh yeah, my father's mother, last thing she said to me: 'keep on smoking (tobacco), you stupid twat, and end up as fugly as I'am).

File: 1609374132148.png (4.89 KB, 324x224, 81:56, 1609064581884.png) ImgOps iqdb


What is your experience with using stimulants for productivity? I mean proper stims like amphetamine, methylphenidate, other ADHD meds, etc. While I can't get these drugs easily I can order research chemical stimulants that are chemically similar to these drugs, for example the image is a picture of 2-FMA, which reddit says is better than Adderall for productivity. I've never used RCs though, I only used Adderall in high school briefly but my psychiatrist stopped prescribing it after I overdosed on heroin (long story, clean now). Last year I managed to get Vyvanse prescribed for a month, but it didn't help nearly as much as Adderall, I was still unfocused and unproductivive, I even took 5x more than I was prescribed, 20mg to 100mg, and it still didn't motivate me to do anything, it just made me feel more awake. Sometimes I think my brain is literally damaged and I will never do anything meaningful or enjoy living. Anyways, what are your experiences with stimulants for productivity and focus?
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Read this: https://slatestarcodex.com/2016/03/01/2016-nootropics-survey-results/

>A possible objection – since this survey didn’t have placebo control, might all the results be placebo? Yes. But one check on this is that the different nootropics controlled against one another. If we believe that picamilon (rated 3.7) is a placebo, this suggests that PRL-8-53 (rated 5.6) does 19 percentage points points better than placebo.

>But might this be confounded by lack of blinding? Yes. That is, if companies have really hyped PRL-8-53, and it comes in special packaging, and it just generally looks cooler than picamilon, maybe that would give it a stronger placebo effect.

>Against this hypothesis I can only plead big differences between superficially similar drugs. For example, rhodiola and ashwagandha are both about equally popular. They’re both usually sold by the same companies in the same packaging. They’re both classified as “adaptogens” by the people who classify these sorts of things. But ashwagandha outperforms rhodiola by 0.9 points, which in a paired-samples t-test is significant at the p = 0.03 level. While you can always find some kind of difference in advertising or word-of-mouth that could conceivably have caused a placebo effect, there are at least some reasons to think something’s going on here.


Phenibut seems good for anxiety, but it doesn't seem to increase my productivity in my experience.


well In my experience it's been the opposite. This is all of course anecdotal but this supplement had all kinds of effects on me that weren't mentioned when I researched it. Increased athletic performance (climbed a mountain literally, I never would have the stamina to do this without phenibut) Improved concentration, (productivity) and of course the confidence you mentioned. tldr anxiety reduction is an afterthought of this drug in my opinion


Alright but what's the magnitude of the effect? How much better is it than placebo? You can't answer that.


Because of the really shitty aftereffects.

File: 1609456623617.png (413.62 KB, 340x443, 340:443, Capture.PNG) ImgOps iqdb



It's the tenth time i hear this song today.
I thought i'd never feel bad like this again. I can feel shivers down my spine and senseless fear just for being alive. Immense will to cry but seems like i've no tears.
Yet i look in the mirror and see a nice body and have a nice job still another year alone at home. But that's not what concerns me, actually, i don't know what it is.
Just wanted to talk to someone. Already grabbed my pistol with deep breaths a lot of times too.
I used to feel like this like 10 years ago. Thought getting a job i'd get friends, a girlfriend which would change my life, thought getting more and more active on sports would give me enough serotonin to carry on, a car to ride away… The years pass by but nothing seems to change.
Seems like everything i do different it's a way to run away from my ghosts but they always find me back.




I actually appreciate suicidal depressive black metal, but seems like this Alice's sadness is even more true and makes me wanna cry even more.


Layne is definitely the best grunge artist. Also, speaking of german- here's some industrial:

File: 1587269741881.png (274.6 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, bpg ph.png) ImgOps iqdb


I was born with weird mentality. I give you few examples of it.

1. When they bullied me at school, sometimes I thought in my mind that perhaps they have reason for it and it may be partly my fault.
2. When they insulted me at school I did nothing about it, because I thought that if I want to push somebody in the face then I must have good reason for it and being insulted is not enough a reason. I couldnt in most cases insult back thanks to social phobia.
3. Teachers were mad at me when I were fighting with my bully few times at elementary school, so thanks to that I thought that I must avoid fighting with bullies no matter what, because teachers wont like it. So, after elementary school I practically havent fight with anybody, despite being bullied in every school I went to.
4. If somebody told me that I have to do something, the way he wants I did it (even if when in my mind I knew that I should do what I want instead of listening to some moron). If I did what somebody ordered me to do and I didnt like it, then in my mind I was insulting the guy who gave me order (I was calling him moron or something like that)
5. In the middle school even smaller guys than me bullied me, because of me being brainwashed by the teachers that fighting agaisnt bully is bad.
I m ashamed of that.
6. Lots of people yelled at me, mostly for no reason, just because they were frustrated. In the adulthood - I understood - thats just their mentality, which I dont have.
7. When I graduated from middle school, then I wanted to choose high school, but my mother recommended me other highschool, so I did what she wanted me to do and after years I was mad at her, because I could choose better highschool with better people, instead of listening to her.

Everything went so wrong… What do you think about me?
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It's actually completely true.


Go back to /wiz/ where you can be retarded and the schizoid wannabes won't call you out for it


Yet risky it worked…

in situations like that I use remain passive (no shame, you see) since such a critic is merely feeding me while complaining about things I wouldn't for him at all but rather for myself.

Not much regretting since they do not set strict privations over me. I think you took them too seriously, more than they deserved.


but is not, you can be attacked even when you are actively trying to not associate with those people. Most bullying cases i saw were people who never tried to fit in in the first place and were resented for being asocial.

When someone doesn't even try to take part in the social hierarchy people too invested in it see it as a denial of their rank in that hierarchy so they become offended and act out on it.

If you weren't bullied you probably passed as a normalnigger yourself


>When someone doesn't even try to take part in the social hierarchy people too invested in it see it as a denial of their rank in that hierarchy so they become offended and act out on it.
good point


Sorry for the new thread wizzies I looked for the former one but couldn't find it.
If anyone remembers I made a thread 3 months ago about me going back to highschool and some of you suggested that It'd be better to go back so I did. (It was a very difficult decision to make tbh because in my country you can't even get a GED and join college you must take the normal high school way to get the diploma. And because I'm much older than the average high school student they didn't allow me to go to class and I have to study from home which is better. The problem is though I can't bring myself to memorize stuff and/or concentrate when solving psychics questions and it gets boring very quickly.
Also I get disappointed and demotivated when I think about my age I should've done that 5-6 years ago. My exams are due in 5 months and I have to pass them.
College degree is necessary in my country to even get a wageslave job and my parents are old and sick so it's not even a choice for me anymore to not join college.
This is my last chance to secure a minimal existence for myself in a few years from now or else I'll have to press the exit button in five months.
Do you wizzies have any tips for me ? How can I not get bored and lose "motivation" so fast?
Thanks in advance.
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>5-6 years ago
>much older
That means you are still in your early twenties, you are not "much older" than them.


> I was 21 and I had to attend classes with 15yolds.
did they bully you? I'm pretty sure if I was in that same situation they'd try and bully me, I flare up normies bullying instincts like blood thrown into shark water and kids are especially cruel


How tf do you get bullied by a bunch of children? Get it together man…


File: 1609428593569.jpg (16.32 KB, 209x242, 19:22, gluten_vs_brains.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Your brain is fogged, pretty much like every other pimp here under.

Physically there are some effects that should be applied before it worsens, or even better, to worsen it due to the inner cleansing only to find it better after the process. This what I posted about it: https://wizchan.org/dep/res/230576.html#q234175

The books from Perlmutter, Suvorin and Ehret (in that order, and the last must be read very very carefully) would be the more accurate ones for your case.

Sometimes the root of a problem comes from places we never wondered to be minimally related to the affected part of our lives


depression fucks your concentration and imagination desu, try acquiring some adderall if you can

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