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How do you cope with not being able to get an erection?

It is suffering for me. I have all these desires and urges in my head but can’t get any release through masturbation. The pent up frustration just accumulates over and over in my head without end. It is just terrible for my mood, I am irritable and depressed and frustrated a lot.

One thing that has helped me is becoming more deeply religious. The fact that I have eternal life through Christ gives me strength to try and conquer my sinful thoughts.
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Thinking "info bots" post on an obscure chan like wizchan is a true sign of 80 iq


Dude we have regular CP spam bots and advertising bots. I don’t think the guy is a bot, but it’s really not a stretch.


I expect it to happen to me any day now. All sorts of weird things have been happening to my dick.


Nobody on Earth is going to bother writing a customized "bot" for a website that has like 20 regular users.


>unreasonable rejection of grimoire parts
You people cannot see wood even if lost in a jungle!

File: 1636460867659.jpg (511.11 KB, 800x1047, 800:1047, a75037c6d98a6c3cb96fc09bf2….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


You gain everything you never wanted so you need to give up. You may be an apprentice and sad about not having this or that but none of that shit matters.
Giving up does not mean just saying you gave up and secretly feeling bad for "missing out", it means actually not giving a single fuck about not being a normalfag because you dont want to be a normalfag.

If you do not want to give up I encourage you to follow your meme dreams and try be a normalfag because you are either born a wiz or are not one.
YOU will never not feel lonely
YOU will never not want a GF and friends
if you want them now like a norm.

Find freedom.
Stop trying
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that's no life experience


so what do you call accumulating experience of living?


depression hampers your thinking and ability to experience happiness, you will reflect on your suicide cause you have nothing that drives you


Even if I just had those vain desires in me my life would still be a burden

>You can't switch off the parts of your lizard brain that want friends or companionship no matter how much of a hc-wizard you try to be

I dissent and you sir have a problem.

>This crab and volcel divide is mostly artificial
Let the crabs repeat this to theirselves, if so they wish.

>There's definitely a freedom in letting go of expectations, allowing yourself to fully become your wizard self without being guilt tripped by normgroid society and its standards though.
I couldn't express it better.

It's close to it, its still a reminiscence of that sickness.


True wizards like myself don't feel lonliness. In fact they actively seek solitude.

File: 1640243642672.jpg (244.18 KB, 1254x1000, 627:500, Carl_Spitzweg_-_Der_arme_P….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


All of my dreams are dead. I know I'll never write a great book, create a video game, or make a movie because I'm both lazy and untalented. I know I'll never experience romance because I'm ugly. I know I'll never be rich because I've never had a job and I have no work ethic. I don't even know how old I am anymore, is it 27 or 28? Am I already 30? I don't know, every day just blurs together as I browse imageboards, walk the dog, and do household chores around my parent's house.

How should a person live when they're already dead inside? I ask because I'm unhappy, I know I have no choice but to keep living as I lack the willpower required to commit suicide, so how should I cope with this sort of situation?
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Happiness doesn't justify itself. We as humans put so much value on it because we cling to any decent part of being. No one that wasn't already in this prison would feel attracted to any part of this. It's better to die the second you can instead of "accept it".


Why doesn't it? It's as good a reason as any other. You don't think that those with more happiness than suffering enjoy life?


File: 1640632885530.jpg (86.06 KB, 903x1019, 903:1019, 1s8649.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Can you tell where fantasy ends and reality begins?
Personally, I think it is important to draw lines. If you blur the line of what's real and what's not based on some twisted philosophical argument you are only cheating yourself in the end. I understand your reasoning and I think you will love buddhism and eastern philosophy/religions, because they have similar thoughts about reality being an illusion only, like you said. I recommended buddhism mainly because it is a religion-philosophical system that teaches the practioner how to live like a good person without deluding himself that there is a higher plan for all our sufferings or that a benevolent God watches out for him. Back to what is reality, my personal advice is be careful. I was trapped by word-plays and abstract philosophical arguments a lot too, but it is important to stand on the earth with both of your feet, if you get my meaning.

>Now I'm starting to believe everything is a human fantasy inspired by something divine. Am I duping myself for believing this?

This is called philosophical idealism. Read Plato if you haven't already, read about eastern religions, read Schopenhauer, you will like them. They are much better alternatives for idealism than christianity, trust me. I'm not an idealist anymore but I find them interesting to study sometimes. My view is that you are reversing things, like all idealists. You give that "something divine" or words/fantasy/concepts too much power. That "divine" thing is a product of your mind, ultimately and not the other way around. In plainer words, I think men created gods and not god/gods men.

>and yet I don't see a flaw in a tradition that accepts suffering and wants to go beyond it, or wants to see something good about it

I find it very dangerous, to be honest. Because of this idealistic culture that accepted suffering as something we were given by God, it was because of this countless people suffered a great deal more than otherwise they should have. If you accept the "will of the Creator" then you are bound to end up with a culture that won't focus on lessening the suffering of the collective, because pain and suffering are seen as natural things in a world like that. Humanity lived horribly during its religious phase when comparedPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


>determine how it can became worse.
>start your strategy
>also an alternative strategy

If you can`t help for what you want, disturb against what you want not. But a thing is, you want all those dreams… because of something. Beware of that something, for your desires not yours but coming from it: renunciate. Go towards what you run away from.


Self-loathing is the enemy of mankind

File: 1639877350889.png (368.99 KB, 418x608, 11:16, 1639240383833.png) ImgOps iqdb


Do tou think anyone had some interlinked thoughts on tou while you and that person are interlinked in a chain of people that think the same and have the same or same interests as you? I have thinking It so much these days that It can't ver out of my head.


Are you ok? This post makes no sense


My head ache and i don't have a line of tought on years.


You mean like in Sense8? No, I don't think so. Everytime I think there are others out there that think exactly like me I can't avoid the thought that they're probably dead or locked up somewhere. I'm just too fucked up to exist, I'm doing extra time here in this planet and I imagine the "others" if there are any, were smarter than me and already off themselves for good.


Yes, also my head is running with coincidences happening about specific thematics when they come to occupy a period in my life. IT IS AN EFFECT OF WARP.
>Keep the warp wanings

File: 1634069092689.gif (1.52 MB, 280x136, 35:17, 1633490225782.gif) ImgOps iqdb


I'm a digusting fat fuck and i hate my body, but this hatred isnt enough to make me lose weight. I eat shit food everyday
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There is an established connection between depression and weight gain. The reason is obvious and you are a fucking fool.


Well I don't know if depression caused his weight gain or vice versa but anyway if he's depressed he's not going to follow a fucking diet and read books about healthy lifestyle. Sometimes people lose weight when they're depressed too. Eating less sugar is easy but maybe eating sugar is his coping strategy who knows.


> if he's depressed he's not going to follow a fucking diet and read books about healthy lifestyle.
It's more than that. When you're depressed you don't want to get out of bed and move. You don't have any desire to cook for yourself so often people just buy cheap garbage food.
>Sometimes people lose weight when they're depressed too
This is largely due to a loss in interest of food and reduced appetite, which can be exacerbated by depression meds.

Whether someone gains or loses weight when depressed is obviously up to person and cicrumstance, but either way telling people to just stop eating is exactly like telling an anorexic to just eat more, or a depressed person to just stop being sad.


Same. It’s exacerbated by having lost and gained 80+lb in a variety of situations and seen the differences in treatment from people. At this point I can’t see most people as anything but retarded and malevolent animals because of it.


Fill up on proteins and limit carbs. Having some toast with your bacon and eggs in the morning, sugar with your coffee, or some rice in a burrito bowl is fine. Eating fast food more than two times a week with frozen processed meals for dinner is when things start getting iffy. Try to get some fruit cups, vegetable juice, and a multivitamin for daily consumption then eat two protein filled meals a day.

File: 1632872358510.jpeg (5.23 KB, 256x197, 256:197, images (9).jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


I remember in my 20s I used to have friends I hung out with and had a decent social circle.Now at 30 years old I really have no one.If I didn't live with family I would be completely alone.Life is tough living like this.
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Thanks for reading anon. Hope you had a good day.



why is there no place for genuine outcasts without normalfags? just go to r/depression like the rest of your kind


what are you even talking about?


see: successful functioning yuppie STEMcoder ubermensch will-to-power /fit/izen philosopher-monk "wizards" with at least four friends IRL

File: 1640794437821.jpg (210.32 KB, 1059x1396, 1059:1396, 1549824903454.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Why is it that despite being friendly and trying to be nice, normies talk shit behind your back or just insult you.
People insult me daily, just today they wish me happy holidays and as i'm walking away they insult me.
Normies are fake, they don't have pure empathy, they have selective empathy and apply virtue signaling.

I'm not even saying empathy is necessary, they act malicious because they feel like it.
If i was like them i'd be out there killing people, they get mildly annoyed and act all deviant.
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I wouldn't be so quick to discount it. There are some incredibly shallow and petty people out there.


>When you're an adult people don't make petty remarks about others in public,
No legitimately people say mean shit to my face, .Do you honestly think adults are above saying mean shit ?
Psychological abuse or name calling doesn't suddenly stop because you're an "adult".

In all honesty i was never bullied in highschool, i was treated fairly, i've literally been harrased more by adults.
Teenagers square up and beat you in the face, adults don't resort to physical violence because it get's them a ticket to jail


Where the hell are you meeting these people that are saying mean shit to you daily? You are avoiding mentioning any specific place or any specific thing you do and I can't think of any setting that you would interact with a person that is outside of their/your job, and at that point it's highly unlikely they would risk their employment just to call you a retard


No i'm a neet atm and i basically get send to volunteer at places, i've never stayed in one place to work, i've had different jobs here and there.
I used volunteer in the kitchen staff, most people are friendly but there's always the odd bunch that call me names like retard or autistic
Not because i don't do my job well mind you, i've had overseerers comment on my work ethic saying i work fast and do my job well.
Some people just see me and think, hey this kid stands out let's pick on him, i'm always in a disadvantage in those type of situations


Ok, that makes more sense, those people aren't "normies" though, they're just low class retards and probably drug addicts

File: 1640284828633.jpg (91.78 KB, 1152x1498, 576:749, 5f7640ef8b7111e46ee6ea677a….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


This is a thread to vent about the holidays and any related events, like dealing with family.

This is a hard time of year for a lot of us, myself included.

How are your holidays going, wiz? Tell us about it here.
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Yes it is. And good for muh gains


you dont have to. you can have it either way. pretty comfy to have the warm version on a snowy night tho.


I was exposed to covid on christmas. The one time I am not allowed to simply sit in my room. The one fucking time. Figures.


My mom always bought some around Thanksgiving and Christmas time. I believe you're meant to mix it with alcohol, but it tastes pretty good without. I've even seen eggnog ice creams. We weren't the only ones buying it.


i mean i like it, but always seemed divisive when i got together with extended family. lot of them turned their nose up at it.

File: 1640339108911.jpg (180.21 KB, 935x1440, 187:288, aurelius.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Does depression medication actually help or do anything?

Citalopram and mirtazapin certainly don't at least for me.

I quit cold turkey and also stopped eating sugar, I feel much more normal now
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File: 1640521451731.jpg (44.39 KB, 510x481, 510:481, meaninglessness frog.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

This. I can count good people who genuinely cared on the hands of one finger.

99.9% don't care about anyone but themselves


It affects brain chemistry, so yes its definitely doing something. I'm not sure how you would call it, but everyone gets sad when their pet dies or kids laugh and point because you're ugly. You can take benzodiazepines to suppress "feeling". Does this mean you're clinically depressed? No. If you're walking down the cereal aisle and start to cry for no reason, you might benefit from tricyclic anti-depressants or SSRIs. These are sometimes effective for other conditions such as insomnia, OCD, and paranoia because of serotonin or dopamine imbalances. Anticonvulsants are sometimes effective for people with bipolar disorder because they suppress the rapid firing of neurons. If you're having hallucinations, delusions, or paranoia, anti-psychotics are more effective for this type of thing. Once again, these are sometimes prescribed for other conditions. Even though people are similar, not everyone reacts the same way. It might take some trial and error before you find something that really helps.


None of them worked for me except viibryd but it wasn't in the intended function of the medication. It gave me crazy brainzaps and would give me extremely vivid and immersive dreams that would make me wake up refreshed and feeling great. I was excited to go to sleep, it was better than all of the feelgood drugs or whatever in the world. Eventually the brainzaps and dreams stopped and I stopped bothering with them but there must have been some sort of permanent change because I've tried taking them again over the years to see if I could get the dreams back but it never worked, kind of a creepy thought. I think if I could have lived the rest of my life with those dreams I would be content to old age.

I think this is what it is really but a lot of people in this era are going to be miserable no matter what because this is a pretty shit time to be alive.


Figure out what works for you. No need to tell others that their way is wrong. For some, medication works wonders. For others, a healthier diet is enough. Different strokes for different folks.


I was born with bad genetics and come from an abusive background. It's predisposed me to mental illness. I'm on the autism spectrum; have bipolar; and ADHD. I take a small pharmacy of meds like mood stabilizer, beta blockers, anti-depressants, and so on. The meds honestly do work. Just focus on the science and if you really believe you've been misdiagnosed - get a second opinion.

If you have a mental illness there is no reason not to try medication. Unfortunately, if you have schizophrenia or bipolar - being off meds has a lot more risk for you. The people who end up in mental hospitals are usually the ones who go off their meds (for whatever reason.) It's not easy sometimes wizzie, but I think its manageable with the right tools.

Just some advice though: stay away from benzos. It's not worth the rebound symptoms and withdrawals when they stop working…

File: 1634575541596.jpeg (80.9 KB, 465x305, 93:61, 52EADB93-2F53-4D96-8056-F….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


Say you have:
>sufficient for comfort but not domination money, perhaps ~$10M
>the ability to have a biological child via surrogate that would get dropped off with you after birth
>guaranteed no genetic defect in the child, e.g. if you’re autistic and consider it a defect, the child wouldn’t be
>the ability to raise the child in an “ideal” environment, whatever that means to you — if it would require a mother you could hire one a la Truman show and it would go off without a hitch
Would having a kid be “worth it” to you? In theory you could basically give them a charmed life ramping up into joining the societal elite, but I would think that that wouldn’t even be a source of pride — Musk’s/Bezos’/[insert whoever you see as the elite here]’s parents seem more vaguely jealous and resentful than proud, and I’ve seen the same even with mildly successful acquaintances’ lower class parents. It seems like once the kid is an adult they’re no longer yours, and you don’t get much out of their accomplishments.
One could in theory do that stereotype of giving the next generation a nice setup to somehow “undo” or compensate for one’s own shit life, but in practice it doesn’t seem to work and is as fruitless a waste of a life as any other.
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What the fuck OP? I'll take the 10 mil and finally live my life thanks. People are playing a needless lottery having kids. Most of the time they'll turn out to be fucked up in the head. They'll probably blame you for every parenting mistake too. Kids who turned out (read: genetically determined) to be ultra-normies with nice lives just-got-lucky. They're just as likely to have gotten fucked with a genetic mental illness.

Ego is the only real reason people have kids. Ego literally births new suffering into the world. I didn't mean to go the enlightened route, but unironically yes.


>Would having a kid be “worth it” to you?

Having kids is selfish, immoral and irresponsible. Whether it being worth it doesn't matter as much as it matters to the child, which can never be quantified. Bringing a child into this world is a lottery. You never know if they'll suffer more than they are happy and whether the suffering they do face turns out for their betterment. Not only that, but during their development they could traumatized by me running out of money, other people, world disasters, climate change, or myself. I won't burden them with this pain by not bringing them to life. They will never know hardship, suffering, pain, or pleasure and it will be okay because they don't exist.


Isn't it sort of presumptuous of antinatalists to suggest that subjective consciousness could be voluntarily eradicated by human beings, given that they didn't bring it into existence to begin with? In endless time throughout infinite space, when the next moldy rock has its ape-like species reach the brain development threshold for reflective human intelligence, where do "you" think you'll be, even if all life on earth has long gone extinct?

I recommend giving this a read.



-They could always suffer injures or irreversible issues after birth.
-Vaccines are forced in manu states: you never know when the poison lottery can hit you.
-Educational system is a trap, and it requires money.
-You may find some other inconvenients in your life that may prevent you from giving him your values and he also may be abused in school.
-You will pobly have more difficulty getting out of wagecucking and other issues that make you lose time. He will be one of them.
-Even if you run away from mandatory schooling, you'd still need to find how to get away from the rat race.
-If married, she could take them with ease. Or the state.
-They may grow different as you planned, mindsets, desires that may find inconvenient.
-You never ever know what could happen.

Seize your fate


Yes. Life is made for the rich and famous. It's worth living even for the slimmer than average chance they'll end up a druggie or a whore.

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