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File: 1672737547669.mp4 (9.16 MB, 944x720, 59:45, Dr Strangelove _ Nuclear ….mp4) ImgOps iqdb


I've been violent for as long as I can remember, hitting, and breaking things every time I got angry. I grew up in a very violent environment, I'm not trying to justify myself, but it's ugly to know that over time one imitates that kind of behavior. Over time I became more authoritarian, and more violent, so I tried to make the arguments not affect me so much, so I went to a psychiatrist, in short, now I am taking an antiepileptic, and two antidepressant drugs.
I don't really feel sad, I don't feel guilty about what I did either, I know my hands are dirty, very dirty, but that's not why I hate myself, I don't feel that apathy characterized by depression either.

So I wanted to ask you, can antidepressants help against violence? I really want to stop taking them because they made me gain a lot of weight, and I feel like I can't cry anymore. If you also have anger problems, it would be good if you shared your experience.
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The citalopran makes me ejaculate less, it sucks, but I hope to stop it in these months. I stopped taking oralzapine a couple of weeks ago and I'm not so hungry anymore, from eating 5 meals a day to eating just one.
I attended 4 shrinks in total, but only this one told me about the antidepressants, so I highly doubt that I have depression, apart from that I don't feel sad.


You might have pyroluria:


I've struggled with violent outbursts all my life (never on others) and have found that taking the supplements recommended for pyroluria helps a lot.


The truth is interesting. I'm going to try a vitamin supplement to see how it goes, I read about people with anger problems that this also worked very well for them. But it's not that I'm angry with people, or with the world, in fact I'm quite calm, but when they insult me and disrespect me I can get violent. Curiously, I have been diagnosed with the only mental illness directly related to violence (IED).

Thanks for your input, it's really appreciated.


if I called you a homo, would you break your screen


You would have to disrespect me continuously, and in a very annoying way, something like yelling at me, and answering badly. But before I get angry I laugh a lot, and I make fun of the situation, sometimes I end up laughing out loud and that makes the person even more angry.
Besides, I can't take the internet seriously, the internet is a playground.

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So, uh, state your best excuses to not suicide here. Seems like no one bothered to make a new thread
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Use your belt.


What's the right way to die by cutting wrists? Should someone who wants to die this way use blood thinners, maybe painkillers? What temperature should water in the tub be?


That is a terrible way to die and can possibly go wrong. Just hang yourself.

If you do it right, the noose will bock the carotid artery and you will go unconscious in less than 20 seconds. Death will occur within 10 minutes.

Hanging is highly reliable and, if you get scared, it lets you give up trying without any consequences. After shotgun to the head, it's the best way to die.


File: 1675185543509-0.jpg (27.97 KB, 484x895, 484:895, 1529183363877.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Do you think picrel is a good enough place to use as an anchor point?


How long until Sanctioned Suicide or Wizchan gets banned?

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I know we're all asking this, but I have to know. What is the best suicide meathod? I cant get a gun where I am. I tried sodium nitrite but I puked it all up. I'm a drug addict who cant get heroin.
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Shit dude, it wasn't to get your comment deleted. I was waiting for your answer, even if it is something negative, because only after chaos comes peace.


>helping normalfags
Hell no, thats disgusting


>good people
My sides.


you must be euphoric


You can help drug addicts, depressed people, lonely people, or poor children who don't have enough to eat. It is good that one helps people with similar problems, if for example if one is a fat person, one could help other fat people by supporting them not to feel bad about their body, and the same with any other problem that one has, because although seems ironic, it is easier to solve the life of others, than one's own life.

What do I know, churches generally help the poor and people in need, if not you can also go to a charity center, or any place where they help people with problems similar to yours. If not, you can also help sick and lonely people who are about to die.
This usually helps people feel better.

File: 1670948988653.png (14.27 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png) ImgOps iqdb


I´m planning to kill myself, the best option that i have is jumping of a fourth flat. It will kill me? I don´t want to remain like stephen hawking for my entire life.
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I would rather have low money and low stress than being the king of wagecucks and having a nice paycheck, what's the fucking point of having money if you don't have time and are always stressed trying to "advance" your retarded career.



File: 1672686385303.png (293.18 KB, 725x1260, 145:252, Dp3PcjQWwAEsClR.png) ImgOps iqdb

>there is no social pressure to do overtime at work.

yes, there is. It's the norm to do overtime in LatAm, because low productivity, poor enforcement of labour laws, high labour informality, etc.

Latin America has the longest working hours in the World.


the patriachy doesnt exist, never has, just like the wage gap which has been debunked thousands of times




Just seen the new year in but struggling to see much point in carrying on
for over 20 years now I've made excuses to carry on new films to watch things to see experiences to uh..experience
But lately these last few years things are becoming more and more futile I carried on in the hope that things would get better but the trauma I carry from childhood makes it so so hard
I've got a good job but I couldn't care less about that not when my friends have gotten fewer and fewer and I come to the realisation that my family just couldn't care less
Nobody has even botherd to contact me over this festive period I've known for a while it's always me reaching out to others but this year I just didn't have the energy
I'm so so tired of feeling like this of fighting to keep my head above water trying and trying to get better and improve myself and my situation but just get knocked backwards at almost every step
I can't see any likihood of improvement to my lot not now not after all these years and am quite ready to just give In to this shadow this urge this want I've carried since I was 7

I'm quite ready for this to be the last year I see in……
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>I've got a good job
be grateful you have a good paycheck.
things would be thousand times harder in poverty.


this is only a recent development believe me I know povety I've gone weeks without eating in the past
I would go into more detail but don't want to DOX myself


dox yourself in an outcast obscure imageboard ?


The Depper Protocol…. Soon!


>outcast obscure imageboard
Wizchan As Seen On Pewdiepie and Vice

File: 1671921004818.png (6.86 KB, 225x225, 1:1, descarga.png) ImgOps iqdb


another shitty year, tell me yours problems anon

happy… chris-chris… whatever
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> No matter how hard things are for him, a sad Wizard will eventually adapt and come to enjoy his life. Happiness is inevitable.

What a fucking lie , you’re a dumb moron.


File: 1672078038871.png (179.4 KB, 464x772, 116:193, 1672039825010467.png) ImgOps iqdb

all of my family hates eachother so me and my brother sit in our rooms and our father sits infront of the tv, so we don't talk much
my father is lazy so he doesn't care enough to do anything of importance, for a normalfag he cares little for social norms, so he didn't bother to put up a christmas tree or any lights, and i prefer it this way, he buys more food than usual during holidays though, which is nice because that means i don't have to leave the house


Curb your sagerage. I've seen depressed men overcome and adapt to their situations and find peace many times over the years. I'm sorry you don't believe me.
cute pic



Ever since I stopped being a child, Christmas has not been Christmas.


I keep watching this documentary obsessively. There's something haunting about a abandoned Siberian city plagued by corruption poverty and rampant drug addiction. Everything in this video is so fucking depressing, from the buildings to the weather to the wasted lives and poverty. I guarantee that higher beings exist that cursed Russia as a frozen hell, it just doesn't even seem real that life is so bad.
Everything in this video especially (and by extension Russia) seems to have some hidden evil behind the veil. This is the true nature of reality in most places, day to day objective reality has some sort of overwhelming evil hidden in it similar to a invisible void.
You already died, this is hell.



I've seen some pretty miserable slums in Africa.
And I couldn't stand India with all the noise.

The world is hell and each person is a different layer of that hell.

File: 1667955443922.jpeg (540.29 KB, 1440x1799, 1440:1799, F6BB49F9-42A4-47CA-AA2D-1….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


Almost gotten into car wrecks at least 3 times this past month, twice I was turning right and was positive there was no one coming.
I keep forgetting the last 4 digits of my number, that I have to use to log into work. During work I’ll forget peoples orders and have to reask. They always give me strange looks, like, “dude, I just told you that.” I know, I’m sorry.
I forgot if my grandpa was dead or not. I had a feeling enough to question it, but it took a while to dig back far enough in my mind to recall events that proved his death.
Today, I parked on the side of the street and saw my neighbors truck back up. I looked away for nothing more than second and then their truck was gone. There’s a stop sign at the end of the road, it’d ordinarily be impossible for it to get away so fast.
I forget if I put things in the right place. I always have to double check, did I put my phone in the charger? Did I turn off the tv? I don’t remember doing those things.
I’m slowly, slowly forgetting every piece of knowledge I’ve accumulated. All the history I read, math I did, everything
I’m worried
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File: 1672462319844.jpg (112.82 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 1650913775908.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Ah, guess I'm not the only one who is dopey like this. I don't take drugs, drink alcohol or anything of the sort, and even sleep okay at least. I've gotten into quite a few accidents from blanking out, driving past stop signs without realizing it. Even reading the posts here can be a monumental challenge. I can't watch anything since nothing gets absorbed and I don't know what happened or why - constantly getting fired from minimum wage jobs for not being able to do the tasks they taught me time and time again. It's not that I don't want to focus, it's impossible. I spend my entire life in a hazy fog. I hate making everyone around me mad because I can't pay attention, because they keep having to repeat themselves, because I keep wrecking things through negligence. Maybe I'm being dramatic though


File: 1672495221554.gif (318.22 KB, 380x270, 38:27, HCf0NW4.gif) ImgOps iqdb

sounds like adhd, i probably have it aswell but i never bothered to get a diagnosis because i don't even know how one would go about doing such a thing in my shithole of a country
i started working at my first job ever as a security guard about 2 months ago, it's perfect for people like us who are inattentive and not interested in interacting with normalfags, i just go there to sit alone all day
my attention span and motivation are at an all time low, if my state of mind wasn't so despodent i'd probably be able to do a lot of productive things, such as reading, listening to a lot of music helps pass the time although it's not particularly enjoyable because of anhedonia, i assume


Leave cereals.



Not sure why this issue is sudden but this is a LOT like ADHD. I would at least get diagonoised since Adderal XR or Vyvanse can work wonders. I had chronic fatigue and always felt hazy so I struggled to take in those imputs like a stop sign or a order I just heard. Now, it's great compared to before, It's not full proof but the rest you can handle on your own. Tactics for a memory is getting into a routine. Don't put things anywhere but a spot you know to look. Make notes on stuff so you only need to train yourself on where to FIND what you need. Keep a project table with physical items to remind you. Get better at writing down notes the customer wants as they say it. It's doable but the key is consistency. Train your autopilot so if you forget something, you only have to ask "Would putting X there be something I would've done?"


i am plagued with the same predicament.
what's surprising is that my mind was sharp 3 years ago, but for some reason i lost this mental clarity.

File: 1671492572592.jpg (36.42 KB, 654x480, 109:80, kevin cough.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


And he (may Allaah have mercy on him) also said:

The one who looks repeatedly at a beardless youth and the like, or persists in that, and says “I am not looking with desire” is lying, because if he has no need to look, then he is only looking because of the pleasure that he feels in his heart as a result. As for an accidental glance, it is forgiven, if he averts his gaze.

Majmoo’ al-Fataawa (15/419) and (21/251).

The kind of looking with which these sick people are afflicted includes what they watch on satellite channels and what they see in newspapers and magazines, and on websites, of pictures of children and beardless young men, and this is what provokes them to commit immoral actions.

>im not muslim…just illustrating a point

How do I overcome this shit? Even tho I "technically" do nofap:Noporn,nofap, I DO indulge in poisonous kinds of forbidden gazing and sexual inmortality of thought and gaze. I regularly watch\look at kpop boybands, pinterest boyd,femboys,thinspos,grunge boys,etc…All beardless,hairless of course. But I suffer guilt and beat myself up mentally and spiritually becuase of it
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Gay as hell


File: 1671606042254.jpg (62.47 KB, 500x349, 500:349, Boys.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Noporn, nofap cultist, desert-jew cultist

>regularly watch\look at kpop boybands, pinterest boyd,femboys,thinspos,grunge boys,etc…All beardless,hairless of course

>suffer guilt and beat myself up mentally and spiritually becuase of it

1: ur a normalfag. gb2 /pol/eddit
B: Allah clearly wants you to go to grindr and get TOPPED by hot young twinks, NO CONDOMS


If you do not get a boner, there's no desire. Beware of ahadith for you never how much the satans hath innovated in them in order to make muslims deviant, unhappy and making forbidden what is allowed.

Ask God for His guidance beyond any scholar or text, for we were not there to know how lie or truth lies in narrations, not even in Quran itself.

If you suffer guilt due to something that offends any upper entity while knowing there's nothing directly wrong about it, that's what you can call a sickness.

I reject this hadith, for it diffamates my gazing! It diffamates me! Sexual desire is sexual desire, and what's not desire is not so and no one is to badmouth me in such a manner with me accepting so if God prevents it. Even if the Prophet himself were to say so he'd be to receive accusations due to his accusations on us!
>no fear of God if one's not lying

The satan wants religion to be twisted, hard and unoriginal, one of his better weapons against us is our own fear of God.

>no need to look

No need to eat meat, either. No need to scratch your back if it itches, no need for so many things. Beware of puritan hypocrites.


shotaconers get the ocen


Kevin Spencer

File: 1671785434368.png (530.82 KB, 500x533, 500:533, 3e9.png) ImgOps iqdb


I used to beg my classmates in school for food because my parents wouldn't buy me food, they didn't care, they already ate out by themselves 3 times a day and that's all that mattered to them. My parents used to come home from work and just hit me for about an hour which was about how long it took them to get tired every single daye, for absolutely no reason. They would literally take turns hitting me for no reason. And then they would lock the door to my room and tell me to sleep and if they heard any noise, they would come in and hit me more, usually this noise was me crying. One of my earliest memories is my mother undressing me when I was a little child while simultaneously beating me because I didn't want her to pull my foreskin, I told her in tears "you're not my mother" and she said "how dare you" and then she hit me harder, then she went to the bathroom, and my father took over hitting me, then she came back later and hit me even harder again. BTW, the reason she wanted to pull my foreskin was because they didn't wash me when I was a baby, so filth accumulated in my foreskin and it shut tight, and eventually a pediatrician saw this and prescribed a cream that had to be applied to my foreskin to clean it, and the procedure involved trying to force the foreskin to come down every day which was very painful. I literally jam furniture behind my bedroom's door every single night to prevent them from coming in to wake me up in the evening. I already called the police on my father twice.

My parents ruined my life, at least they minimally atone for it by having me live off of them. But if one day they come into my room and say they won't pay for my living anymore while simultaneously still not letting me sleep or get anything done because they spend the entire day screaming, nagging, and making noise, then their usefulness has ended, and I will kill them.
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>90 years
little optimistic don't you think?


No. I am very physically healthy.


i used to think like this then i realised i was projecting my unhappiness onto everyone else, most people strangely actually dont mind being alive, if youre a happy go lucky attractive normalfag you might as well have kids because chances are that kid would follow suite - it should definitely not be a human right though as some (most) people should never have kids, you should have to pass a test to shit out cumspawn, kind of like a softcore eugenics programme.


You're giving normies too much credit, 90% of them don't plan on having children, they just fuck like rats and get surprised when they figure out they're expecting a baby. As if the whole point of sex isn't reproduction.


so? you might get cancer or some organ failure or catch a deadly infectious disease or what have you and die before you get there, and that's not taking into account more sudden and violent causes of death. what an odd thing to be so confident about

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