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This is probably not big news, but you have much worse chances of getting anything done in life if you are not social. From jobs, to housing, to money. If you are trying to do everything alone, you will not be as successful. Except you have a godlike family and upbringing. But I suppose nobody here had this.


>Except you have a godlike family and upbringing. But I suppose nobody here had this.
if you had this you'd be social. mental illness is a joke, broken people are made, not born; the same is true for those at the other end of the spectrum.


>getting anything done in life
>from jobs, to housing, to money
Guess I'm lucky then, I don't care about these things, and I don't want to accomplish anything.


there are two classes of people on this board, people that everything about their life is indistinguishable from a normal sex-haver life, and they are pining and missed out on that, which is why they buy faster cars earn more money bigger houses. heaps of these people post here for a time, then go off and normal it up and forget about us. they never belonged.

we are like that friend who is the fallback friend, the one you call and interact with when all your other friends are busy. that's why they are here, we just fill in a spot in their big life, a place to vent, and to feel like a king amongst all the wizards which they're ostensibly a part of the same group, yet every post every thread one of these obnoxious people make, they cannot help themselves but constantly remind how much better than have it that other wizards and apprentices, and that they're heaps normal.

then there are wizards and apprentices. everyone falls into one of those two groups.


True but I can't be social because people don't like me


have you tried pulling yourself up by the bootstraps, buying yourself a snappy new suit and a nice haircut, taking a shower, and giving them a nice strong firm handshake?


Nice normie impression


I really regret being stuck in my cringe rebellious "I'm such a sad loner" phase for so long. I actually didn't get bullied and was able to talk to people but I was so insecure and in my head and always comparing myself to the popular people that I wrote myself off as a loser and retreated into my shell and never left it all my life. Now I have no idea how I can become social after 15+ years of isolation. Spending so much time alone doing nothing is just too weird and unrelatable. I myself can't even properly explain what I was doing all these years. It's crazy how easy you can spend an entire day on imageboards just shitposting and not diving deep into any topic. And you do it day after day until years pass without noticing it.


It just was determined to happen.


You know what I did when I was 16? I got on 4chan and glamorized the idea of being a shut in NEET, I actually thought I was rebellious and cool being online all day. This was back in 2007-2010 when shut in doomscroller losers weren't really a thing, and it was actually the pioneering days of being an internet addicted loser.

It's the most pathetic shit of all.


i sympathize, or is it empathize? Either way i relate to the situation. And I just don't understand any of it. I don't know if my problem is external or internal. I don't know if it's even a problem. I've managed to be social enough to function, but it seems like everyone just does it because they like it. Why don't I like it the way they do? Have I not found the right people? Do I not act the right way? Am I just addicted to the internet and easy sources of pleasure or do I seek them out because socializing doesn't provide it? It seems like every time I have these thoughts the most people can offer is "you're young, you don't need to have it figured out". But I've been young for 15 years now. When do I start figuring it out? People who have intimate relationships at 15 didn't need time to figure it out.

Imageboards probably did way more harm to me than good. They sucker you in by pretending they are enlightened because they just hate everything and shun the mainstream. And then you realize they are all just pathetic idiots. But now you don't trust anything else, cause everyone else are also idiots. And so the isolation continues.


File: 1708807340134.jpg (44.11 KB, 704x396, 16:9, nhkniyoukoso_3.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Holy fuck! Now that I read your post, I just realized that it's been 5+ years that I've been browsing imageboards daily 8+ hours a day and it just feels like fucking yesterday. I've done nothing else besides botposting on 4chan.
I want to try to do something else with my life. I want to at least travel to Japan before I die but I've never made any money cuz I've never had any job.

How do I progressively get out of internet? I've once tried cold turkey in 2021, but the feeling of chronic emptiness only made me last 3 days.
Can you even get off imageboards? I've purposedly got myself banned from 4chan today again after my 7 days ban ended but here I am… well at least wiz is better because it's slower.


I used to have regret but then I realized that my dream of living alone is unachievable. Even if I work all my life I won't be able to afford to buy a house so I have a logical reason to give up,drop out of society and rot while neeting.
The alternative is paying half my paycheck on rent and another 70% on bills, it would leave me with less money per month than just being on neetbucks.


not being able to network with and demonstrate value also starts to hurt you a great deal more as you get older and health problems arise. even if you do everything and look after yourself very well, life isn't fair, you could come down with a serious affliction, or end up in an accident and then lose everything that is left. some have more to lose than others, something ive found to be positively related to how much social networks and 'value' they have in the first place.


yeah I remember feeling some strange sense of pride from being "le blackpilled doomer" (before that term existed). The reason I found this place was because I was so depressing people got tired of me calling anyone with any kind of social experiences a normie and told me to fuck off here.

I mean yeah I was too stubborn. People telling me to stop bitching about normies and to try to be social just made me more determined to isolate myself. It made me rethink if offering people advice is even any effective. I've tried to talk sense into all these "blackpilled" guys on imageboards because I see my young self in them but they won't listen and it's a tragedy because they are probably still in their early 20s and already labeled themselves as hopeless losers and waste time jerking off to how miserable and doomed they are instead of trying to improve things. Even if you truly are hopeless it's at least good to know you tried. You can still spend the rest of your life in isolation if being social doesn't work out. I didn't understand that your youth is for trying things out and failing. I played it "safe" by staying in my room and not doing anything. And trying to do anything now is just so much harder and after 30 you REALLY feel getting older every day.

my problem is the lack of "social thirst". i was perfectly fine being alone and playing video games and browsing imageboards. i was also fine going to college without talking anyone. It's a funny thing but I actually enjoyed ruminating and exploring my own mind but now I am bored of myself and realize that self-reflection has diminishing returns. Past a certain point you walk in circles and need to take real action.

also I think I got unlucky that my classmates were all uncultured plebs so I assumed every normie would be the same which is ridiculous when you realize that all these games, movies, artworks I enjoy were made in a social collaboration and are enjoyed by other normies.

hey 5 years is not that bad. idk what to do about that empty feeling. thats the problem. I am trying to get into hobbies so i have something to talk about but doing it by myself feels lonely.

>Can you even get off imageboards?

for me the problem is the addiction to instant gratification and nonstop bite sized """information""". If you really think about it imageboards offer not much of value. Sometimes you get someone knowledgable sharing insights but it's not frequent enough to justify spending hours reading garbage. Just take a look at the catalog and really read the posts. You should feel a disgust and boredom that should make imageboards unappealing.

I think imageboard use actually reshapes your brain. It becomes routine to wake up and constantly check imageboards throughout the day and you don't realize how messed up that is and how much time you lose.


>I think imageboard use actually reshapes your brain
i thought it was common knowledge that they discovered this a very long time ago. either way my actual real problems stop me from getting bothered over fluff that doesn't matter.

really though this post is ironic in that, he talks about talking to other people in their 20's but i can say the same thing about him in his post, not listening, this guy seems to have it made and doesn't even realise it. went to college even. its wild how people can give advice and not see how it applies to them and they arent following it.


>bluepilled normie being smug: the post


I used to think neckbeards were cool as a kid because they were portrayed in the media I watched as savvy and knowledgeable people until, as a kid, I saw some fat piece of shit slumped back sleeping in a seat at the theater for a kids movie and saw written on his face that he was boorish and dull. I used to think acne and braces were cool for some reason as a kid until I got it and it ruined not only my face but my back as well.


I can't even afford to fucking rent a tiny shoebox apartment on my own despite working full-time. After heavily researching I found the only thing I can afford on my wage is a singular bedroom in a shared house with complete strangers. I wouldn't even get my own bathroom. When the realisation dawned upon me that I, a 30 year old working man, would never get a space to call his own, I just gave up. It's a horrifying glimpse into a future where people will be corralled like cattle into workhouses just like those from 19th century Britain.


Yeah I was only saving 100-200$ a month being a full time worker while living with 10 other families in a shared house. There was no way I would ever even get enough for a downpayment on a contract. Also constant noise, yelling and screaming and dropping/throwing/stomping or loud music blasting normies at 'home' and evil sociopaths trying to get you fired at work was just living hell.
At least normies can't tell us we gave up before even trying.


>It's a horrifying glimpse into a future where people will be corralled like cattle into workhouses just like those from 19th century Britain.

this is the future they have planned




Yeah i feel pretty much the same way. I keep thinking a decent mobile home is the only potentially realistic option at this point.


the video isn't an exaggeration. yes, that is the future, we're well on track i agree.


File: 1709029885984.jpg (196.78 KB, 1600x1202, 800:601, gandalf-853159757.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I think people here should have stated that becoming a wizard is not something passive but something only few are capable of achieving. You need to be very intelligent to enjoy your own company. I hate myself and being alone with myself because im dumb and boring. Other people have interesting views and experiences.


You need high IQ to enjoy neeting. Typical wagecucks can't stay inside without getting agitated or angry for more than a few days.


>staring at my 'puter in my stained boxers is for high IQ neets ONLY!!1

The mental gymnastics and self-deception among wizzies is at truly epidemic levels.


>staring at my 'puter in my stained boxers is for high IQ neets ONLY!!1

>The mental gymnastics and self-deception among wizzies is at truly epidemic levels.

the guy said you need to be high iq to enjoy it. where did you get that idiotic take from, or are you all the way down on bipolar scale of depression feeling angsty and irritable and have to be disagreeable. damn i can't blame you that must suck. hang in there wizbro.

those people you mention in your little example where you went off on a tangent to attack before bothering to comprehend because the point of your post wasn't the discussion and it wouldn't have mattered who said what, so long as you had something to vent on. well those people, they're not enjoying their neeting. they're attempting to distract and don't last very long, require drug and alcohol etc.

read first then post, check internal state. mindfulness meditation, you are not your thoughts, crazy i know. lets foster some self-awareness.


you're delusional and actually low iq.


youre making a satire of yourself


If you're too dumb to read a few paragraphs stick to lurking. Stop posting.


Make me.


What matters is to follow your strategy and authority. https://www.thesimply.ca/blog/human-design-basics

Thanks to this I finally stopped my exhausting, humilliating job search, and stopped feeling the horrid dread that comes with it. I do NEET and happily! But not everyone could follow my path. Strategy stuff.


Up to himself whoever believes this bait.
glow off normals, you still cucked after the idea of calling this situation all the ways "a loser".

>People telling me to stop bitching about normies and to try to be social just made me more determined to isolate myself
See, failed normals? Learn from this guy.
>really getting older after 30
It's all in the manuals, men: https://wizchan.org/dep/res/291067.html#291423
>and realizing how much time you lose
So, you have things where time is worth? Time long enough to need to stay off the PC? Ooooh… shiny.
Your MBTI type, man. Contact those who share it, those are the ones who see the world through lenses like yours.
Yeah, it's not our fault you get roasted by not fitting what he said. I was like this as a kid, all the time.
Is this another triggered failed normie? What a mess…
We can make of ourselves whatever we want, put whichever names to it as you wish to build your copium.


Actually it's all predetermined by family and environment in which you grow up, so your life pretty much predetermined from the very beginning. Don't bother with it. You'll die anyway, to me it seems it's good enough to at least not die a sociopath. Everything else doesn't matter.


yeah, having connections is everything in life. You can be jobless one day and make a call and the next day you will be working a nice job. In every sphere even academic those who know that someone who will help them get ahead in life.


So they bait you into thinking you could've done like they do. But no, normies have great radars against us. You will only waste your time to get nothing.

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