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The purpose of this thread is to counter the general tenor of sadness that defines all the other threads. This thread will therefore feature practical advice about reducing suicidal behavior even when we feel most suicidal. Naturally, being that I started the topic, I will be the first to contribute.

(1) Know that I care about you guys deeply and sincerely. Call me a faggot, I don't care.
(2) Examine what you are eating. For example, gluten especially produces depressive/psychotic episodes in sensitive autistic individuals. Sugar also is not healthy for your brain.
(3) Make sure you are getting sufficient sleep. Chronic sleeplessness or even a few days' worth of irregular sleep can seriously interfere with the clarity of our thinking.
(4) Clean up. Taking a warm shower and putting on fresh clean clothes always is refreshing and helps to break up darkened mental habits.
(5) Breathe fresh air. Open the windows to your wiz-cave and allow some wind to come in.
(6) Watch your breathing. When we are panicked, our breathing can become very disordered and we do not recognize the effect this has on our thinking. Take deep, purposeful breaths, and collect your thoughts.
(7) Respect yourself. You have done your best to survive in an awful world, and you should grant yourself forgiveness for any mistakes and the allowance to rest with a composed and balanced mind.

I've done my part. Anyone else?


Lift dammit


the reason why posters here are suicidal is because they're not getting their daily dose of sunlight and rectally administrated vitamin supplements, you really are onto something OP


>(2) Examine what you are eating. For example, gluten especially produces depressive/psychotic episodes in sensitive autistic individuals. Sugar also is not healthy for your brain.

you improovers always loose me with this.

There is literally no person who has done anything of value throught entire history who hasn't eaten carbs.

Like, all the pro athletes all the big scientists (Tesla, Newton, Einstein) all the big tech guys, writers, philosophers, inventors, anyone who has done anything meaningfull has eaten diet rich in carbs and sugars (fruits). And some of them were even vegeterians.

Literally find me one person or athlete besides Joe Rogan who has done anything significant and is on keto diet/low carb diet. There is none.

My question is; if carbs and sugars are so bad for the brain how come all the people I mentioned ate them and strive in every aspect of their lifes? How come Newtons or Einstens or Pitagoras or Teslas or Steve Jobs brain hasn't rotten from eating carbs?


You who would use Wojack comics but can not due to the website's rules deserve no response. You who Redditspaces deserves not to have your post even read. I read it though, and your logic is so juvenile that I can't find a way to call you a dumb idiot in an way you'll understand.


>no argument
I accept your defeat. Take more supplements bro; it obviously isn't working.


>Makes a post so stupid that people only want to call you stupid
>haha I won

Like, LITERALLY go watch some Joe Rogan and BASED black science man bro


>presented with an argument
>lmao u stupid
>if i call him stupid that means i win lmao

go eat some sugar bro; this no sugar diet is obviously making you giga retarded. like, nigger tire retarded. but again, when i say people doing low carb diets they are all retarded so you are good to go.


tier* see* :)


>just a bunch of people fighting
Cool thread.


It's a chicken egg problem. I have no problem taking care of myself when I'm not depressed. The problem is when you're in a bout of depression, and I cannot stress this enough YOU.DON'T.GIVE.A.SHIT. And that's the problem. In my experience this type of advice is only ever useful on the very cusp of depression, when you're already on your way out anyway. Going to the park and have a walk, get back and take a shower does help "settle" your way out but that's about it.

I never had severe depression but there are people on their worse who can't give enough of a shit to get up to take a piss. They just wet themselves. This is how bad it can get. I would like to see you manage to make someone in that state watch out for their diet. Actually I know you couldn't, even doctors just make them wear a diaper.


(9)Short, intense exercise to prevent aging
(10)Fasting often, or at least having a properly trophologic diet
(11)Moving from a job to another until stops feeling like crap.

Read "Grain Brain". Wheat today is not the same than it was and also industrial sugars did not exist. Yet it's kinda loose to assume that a healthy diet is needed to actually serve that purpose, many familiars of mine eat horribly and they do not have issues. The anti-carb thing is mostly for schizos with a sensitive gut, even if it still can profit others.

Let it be, maybe just trolling us.

Remember the warp wanings: https://endchan.org/pdfs/res/326.html

The body should go first for individuals with temper and situations like ours.


The people who can do these things aren't the ones who need help.


Nobody is too sad to start doing little things to enhance their quality of life. Stop promoting this "point of no return" meme that tricks depressed men in thinking they can't get better.


Yes, there are people who are that sad.


how do you know if you can't do these things if you don't try?


No, and anyone who believes so is just another unfortunate victim of your trolling. Fuck off with your attempts at keeping men locked in sadness you filthy demon nigger.


What's very important is to work on how you deal with negative emotions and try to be aware of your thought patterns.

I noticed that I often catastrophize and turn small or non-issues into big problems in my head. For example something as insignificant as not reaching a high rank in a video game made me way too upset. I also always assume the worst possible scenario will happen which leads to unnecessary anxiety. I also avoid dealing with negative emotions which leads to procrastination and then eventually to dealing with even worse emotions.


This forum is for depression and despair. This thread is more appropriate for /wiz/, I've seen threads like those there in the past.


the people on this site deliberately cultivate an atmosphere of self-hating depressive negativity and encourage suicidal behavior for the lulz. It's a sick circlejerk for kiwis and cliquer faggots who'd rather goad randos into killing themselves for the amusement of it than accept not everyone on earth is a normie


File: 1684289483383.jpeg (105.14 KB, 610x535, 122:107, 1668741053206.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

>The problem is when you're in a bout of depression, and I cannot stress this enough YOU.DON'T.GIVE.A.SHIT.
100% correct. I've never pissed myself during depression, but I have neglected my responsibilities and personal health because I didn't care to push for anything. Things like eating healthy (or eating at all) and exercising are about the furthest things from my mind when I'm in a suicidal depression. Lifting weights doesn't undo the psychological damage from my emotionally abusive childhood. Soaking in some sunlight doesn't free me from having to interact with normalfags. Adjusting my diet doesn't undo the decades'-worth of societal and cultural degradation all around me. Breathing fresh air more frequently doesn't fix an economy designed to bleed people try and perpetuate poverty. And most of all, no supplement, workout, diet, or rhetorical platitudes are going to magically fill my life with a desperately needed sense of purpose.

You see, that is precisely what makes these self-help style threads so silly and basically pointless: they utterly fail to address and fix the root issue of most suicidal forms of depression, which is a lack of purpose in life. Without an definable goal of a grandiose nature to strive towards, life itself is little more than wasted time. The true struggle of it all is that most worthwhile pursuits in life have been blocked off or broken down to nothing. Want to serve God(s)? Too bad, most modern religions have been corrupted or proven to be fictional, such to the point where one would struggle to know how to even properly serve their deity. Want to work towards the betterment of humanity? Tough shit, any worthwhile invention, philosophy, governmental system, etc. you attempt to craft will either be stolen or buried by the elites to serve their own agendas. Even if you did get your ideas out to the general public, they would fall on deaf ears as the overwhelming majority of people are cognitively dissonant normalfags who reject anything too far outside of the status quo. The only path I can currently think of that could potentially work for a wizard is the 'innawoods' hermit lifestyle, but seeing as most of us here (myself included) lack the proper skills and experience to survive and live successfully in the wilderness, it's not actually viable for most of us.

With all that being said, I don't want this post to come across as "everything sucks, so we should all kill ourselves." All I really mean to say with this is that if we're going to have a thread dedicated to undoing suicidal depression, it's going to take a much deeper and more substantive discussion than "lift more and eat better." We would actually need to seriously examine this world and determine what place, if any, we may have in it, both on an individual level and in regards wizards as a collective.


You see, that is precisely what makes these self-help style threads so silly and basically pointless: they utterly fail to address and fix the root issue of most suicidal forms of depression, which is…
low neurogenesis and brain inflammation. Probably low dopamine also. I have told you all how to supp your way to happiness many times and yet the clearly biological nature of mood always gets downlplayed. Joe normie doesn't need pUrPoSe in life to be happy and oblivious, neither do you


I strongly believe in biochemistry being the cause of depression but I just find it hard to trust some random dude online with advice on what supplements to take.


nobody who posts in the chan scene would ever believe that kind of statement. How hard is it to google omega-3, st john's wort, and ashwagandha?


>st john's wort

when I researched that I couldn't find any strong evidence that it helps


The question at hand was whether or not it was commonly recommended, which it is. Whether it does anything useful for you or not is something only you'd be able to answer.

I've never tried it and haven't personally heard brilliant anecdotes about it, but then again I'd also say valerian root does about fuckall unless you come to a place where the small amount it does do might enough of a difference to be worthwhile on average, and/or in combination with other things that don't do much more than fuckall.


>Read "Grain Brain". Wheat today is not the same than it was and also industrial sugars did not exist. Yet it's kinda loose to assume that a healthy diet is needed to actually serve that purpose, many familiars of mine eat horribly and they do not have issues. The anti-carb thing is mostly for schizos with a sensitive gut, even if it still can profit others.

Again, speaking from my own experience, all the people that I know in academics eat grains and they are exceptional in their field. Even today most of the succesfull scientist in any field of science eat a bunch of grains/sugars/carbs.

If low carb diet is the most optimal; how come then nobody who is even remotely smart/intelligent/succesfull eats it? How can no athlete eats it?

How is it even possible that any wortwhile thing in entire human history was created by brain rotten grain/sugar eaters?


just don't read
>grain brain
bullshit and be at peace with yourself. whoever the fuck could even think about believing contents of a book called
>grain brain
no good scientist gives his books such bullshit names, ever. also look at the cover. it's fucking ridiculous. i fucking wonder how they restrained from putting a stupid normalfaggot face on it. "new york times bestseller". like i do give a fuck where and how much you sell, stupid idiot, i only care about usefulness of the information contained under that cover.
>the surprising truth about blah blah
fuck how come people be so ridiculously stupid to believe a book when even its cover screams "I AM A LIER!!! DON'T READ THE BULLSHIT WRITTEN INSIDE!!!". just fuck yourself.


just start improoving. You're making excuses bud. Find the meaning yourself. Your-elf. Your health. Once you have achieved feeling a bit better then you can contemplate things again in a different light.


>Sun gazing is a method of meditation that attempts to harness the healing power of the sun. Participants look directly at the sun, most commonly during sunrise and sunset, in an effort to connect with its energy.

jesus christ.


you should refine your trolling skills better, kid


Suicide General: I want to kill myself. Yes, that's a good idea. I agree, definitely.

Anti-Suicide General: Stop telling us to feel better. We can't do anything. You just don't get it!


Well, I wrote it lightheartedly but i'm also deadly - quite- serious. We've had difficult starts - most of us here, presumably, and so we need to do everything we can. You may feel powerless, but u need to start saying 'I can'. Take back the power my friend.


File: 1684380568633.jpg (300.57 KB, 1650x2560, 165:256, grain brain.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Examine what you are eating. For example, gluten especially produces depressive/psychotic episodes in sensitive autistic individuals.
I second this. I used to have severe chronic brain fog, and it went away almost entirely after I went on a gluten-free diet.



Grains, gluten, and many carbs slow synapse rate and slow the delivery of many vital nutrients to the brain
And evidence shows that if SMART PERSON didn't EAT BREAD, he could have finished his thesis or drawing or music piece or whatever a little sooner than he did. It's time for you to stop pretending to be impaired for the sake of trolling.


>The Surprising Truth About Wheat, Carbs, and Sugar — Your Brain’s Silent Killers
>Grain brain
>fancy cover
>piece of bread to attract retards
>Basically, I am calling what is arguably our most beloved dietary staple a terrorist group that bullies our most precious organ, the brain. I will demonstrate how fruit and other carbohydrates could be health hazards with far-reaching consequences that not only will wreak physical havoc on your brain, but also will accelerate your body’s aging process from the inside out. This isn’t science fiction; it’s now documented fact.
>This book goes outside the box of the layman’s accepted dogma—and away from vested corporate interests. It proposes a new way of understanding the root cause of brain disease and offers a promising message of hope: Brain disease can be largely prevented through the choices you make in life. So if you haven’t figured it out by now, I’ll be crystal clear: This is not just another diet book or generic how-to guide to all things preventive health. This is a game-changer
god why am i seething so fucking much


lol butthurt tard


>I drink milk. TRUE/FALSE
>I don’t drink wine. TRUE/FALSE
>A perfect score on this test would be a whopping zero “true” answers. If you answered true to one question, your brain—and your entire nervous system—is at greater risk for disease and disorder than if you scored a zero.
no really that's fucking insane. he suggests me to drop milk and adopt wine.


this book is overloaded with junk and "personal experiences" you must be really retarded to take it seriously. i went through 40 pages and did get zero of what's been promised to me. so yes you should really go touch grass instead of propagating some utter bullshit.


can i eat grass?


>you'll have to eat plate of shit before you get the actual dish


>Grains, gluten, and many carbs slow synapse rate and slow the delivery of many vital nutrients to the brain

citation needed

>And evidence shows that if SMART PERSON didn't EAT BREAD, he could have finished his thesis or drawing or music piece or whatever a little sooner than he did

literally zero "evidence" is showing this lmao; you pulled that shit out of your ass like all shizo retards do.

And besides, what the fuck does that even mean?
Lionel Messi is one of the best/if not the best football players in entire History despite eating carbs; he is by definition the most optimal
Same goes for scientist, academics, etc. why change somethings that works so good.

And again, if low carb diet is so le good and le optimal; why are the best among us eating carbs? Wouldn't they have done it already?

>It's time for you to stop pretending to be impaired for the sake of trolling

You are literally brain damaged retard who thinks his ridicolous statements will became facts if you put 'evidence shows' on the begining of every sentence. It won't; it's still just shizo rambling.


¿Why suicide is bad and why avoid it?, if i wanted something is overcome the instincts and delusions of living and finally escape.


This thread had some good discussion. Any other advice to counter the feelings?


wheat and grains and carbs aren't bad for you unless you're literally a nigger that never evolved to eat those things and is still on hunter gatherer stage of evolution. The majority of white people have genes that allow us to efficiently extract energy from grains, you can take a dna test and see if you have that genome as well. I know grain brain shill is a brazil monkey so he probably has too much nigger dna to digest grain, too bad for him, I'm white I eat bread, nigger monkeys keep eating like the carnivorous animals, Ill stick with my white man diet that I can eat because Im not a subsaharan monkey


all of this is a gigantic waste of time and energy. most people are not hypochondriac, they do not hoard and compile data about health, they do not micro manage every tiny mundane thing they do down to the ph of the water they drink or whatever and yet they are fine

the people who have to do that to some degree or another are either actually chronically sick or professional athletes or astronauts or w/e

this is kooky bored housewife shit.


So a year ago i started to exercise (weights,cardio,cal,etc) and in those months i felt like absolute shit. Seriously depressed, fatigued, suicidal. I've stopped exercising for a month and it feels like the fog has lifted. I feel 1000x beter. Fuck exercise, it made me feel like absolute shit. Now i just focus on taking long walks and it's so much beter. So if you feel like shit and you exercise, try stopping.


It makes me feel better when I'm already in a somewhat ok mood. However it's absolute nightmare when I exercise while going through severe bouts of depression and on those days I straight up don't go to the gym anymore.


ChatGPT and AI improving, has been the 1st case for living I've had in decades. Like if its this good now, just imagining what it'll be like in 10 years.


What are you looking forward to with AI in the next decade?


I slept for 12 hours straight and had good dreams therewithal. My depression – at least for the time being – is pretty much gone. I had forgotten what a good night's sleep actually feels like.


started lifting, weeks after got an abdominal hernia.

regards, lifting bros.


You haven't been there. Enhancements are for people that are out of the darkness in an attempt to prevent future trips to the darkness. But for people in the darkness, the only aid is if they gave themselves reassuring memories such as attitude guidance beforehand that may be recalled when it counts. You don't go out and exercise when you have a fever. It's not a point of no return, but you need to rest properly.


This thread should be deleted


I appreciate your contribution OP unfortunately your advice is unactionable as others have said.

However I also reject the "chemical imbalance" approach to depression. The chemical imbalance is just the neural correlate, not the cause. The cause are factors beyond our control such as being born with shit genes that make us weak and ugly.


>(1) Know that I care about you guys deeply and sincerely. Call me a faggot, I don't care.

Impossible. Are you a bodhisattva? Probably not. Those words are too loaded to just be said like that. You don't care about the suicidal deeply and sincerely.


How does lifting weights, going outside or eating better help me?

I was fucking doxxed, you worthless sacks of shits


fuck off NPC and take your buzzword response array with you


>lifting weights
Would make you unrecognizable after 6 months of a disciplined gainsmax routine
>going outside
WOuld get you away from the computer, which is where anybody gives a shit about you and your dox
>eating better
Would give you the brain chemistry to not care that some nerds online are laughing at your name being Malcom S. Cummin


You've been saying this for around a year, I remember you. Has nothing really got any better?


No, so I'm killing myself


cause you can say "yes, i might have raped that dog and recorded it, but…i am a better person now and i've changed".


Hasn't dwelling on it for a fucking year just made things worse? Does anyone around you in real life even care or know anything?


I've become a husk of a human being, not being able to enjoy video games, porn or anything anymore.

I feel full of guilt, shame, fear, disgust and self hatred.


Like I said, does anyone in real life even care? Everyone is fucking deranged in real life if you dig deep enough.


As a wiz pushing into his mid 30s, I can say that life goes a lot faster after your 20s. Its not like K-12 school, where each grade feels like its own chapter of your life. In your 20s and 30s, months, seasons, years just melt away.

So next thing you know your pushing into middle age, and you can just see the horizon of dying of natural causes.

life isnt good, but its fast. and if you keep making excuses to put off suicide, next thing you know you're 50 and might as well just let it play out. And cool new AI toys from scifi are being invented.


File: 1689267518510.gif (2.47 MB, 200x200, 1:1, vince-mc-mahon-done.gif) ImgOps iqdb


>(1) Know that I care about you guys deeply and sincerely. Call me a faggot, I don't care.
How the fuck can you possibly care about me. You don't know me. There is nothing in your mind that can be cared for that is me.




File: 1689287383123.jpg (45.14 KB, 1536x864, 16:9, 1688445301664511.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Depressed people on my depression board? Its more likely than you think!


Probably just your typical virtue-signaling roastie…


I wanted to share a disorganised but possibly useful thought with anyone alighting upon the reading of this thread, which is this: yesterday while walking I realised that I had habituated myself for the last 10 years into existing in a sort of suicidal delirium where I could not really rationally "see" any other option. The sadness being so great that thinking about ending my life had become a normal and chronic feature of my mind. But toward the end of my walk, I asked myself inwardly "what has any of this ever done for me? When I was younger, thinking about suicide made perfect sense because I actually was in that amount of pain (and perhaps I still am, to a degree), but I am older now, and I have the full power of a graduated reasoning brain with which to form new healthier thinking habits."

I understood then that I don't have to think depressively anymore. I'm not a kid/teenager/university student anymore. I'm keeping up the mental patterns of my youth simply "out of practice" because I really haven't ever known anything else save sadness. I can choose to reformat my thinking away from past pain and at least try to create a new way of seeing things. Of course this doesn't change what things were or are, and admittedly, I don't know if or to what extent this will work, but I gained some self-awareness then that my brain has been on repeat for many years and that this is needless.


>I set us up la bomba?

>Ski-bi dibby dib yo da dub dub

>Yo da dub dub
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>Ba-da-ba-da-ba-be bop bop bodda bope
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>Be bop ba bodda bope
>Bop ba bodda bope



before all, remember to not eat whatever your ancestors ate and your spiritual problems will be solved


3 hours of boredom (literal wall staring) might be the solution to some of your problems
i think i understand now why those loony bins exist, just looking up at a white ceiling gives you some kind of hope


This really does help one feel physically and mentally better. However, when one has made the choice or has known that this is simply patching up or making temporary fixes of things, you're not realizing that the problem itself is just being alive. If you patch yourself enough to dull out the thoughts of suicide and gain some sort of joy, I suppose that's good enough for some. Some of us just don't wish to exist and see not much wrong with death.
To the latter, who have already decided for their own better alternative, would you still try to prevent them from dying?


I have a good size of money saved. I had planned to keep it saved for the future (?) but I may die any week.Nothing guarantees I will survive months or even weeks from today. (anyone can die any day). If I live longer than my parents I will inherit the house + monies+ frauded disability bux pension (same monies as my dad earns today).
Now: How can I spend\waste my savings in a non-se*ual fun way? I want to travel far and wide troughout my Republic. My disability pass allows me to use all and any long-distance trains and buses, mid-distance buses, as well as all buses and trains within a province.
I just want clean simple fun and to travel a whole lot. I have a good chunk saved, dunno how I'll even be able to spend it within my own rules.


why would you ever want to leave your room/house?


delirium about being an ascetic wanderer+excessively far-reaching claustrophobia


you guys are fucking liars. thanks to my mom i eat fucking superbly. i sleep fucking 10 hours. i breathe fucking fresh air. i have fucking sunlight. i don't fucking feel good, happy or whatever the fuck you claim i should feel like. what's your counter-statement now? and i didn't start feeling shit yesterday, it lasts fucking years and i fucking have no idea WHAT ELSE SHOULD I DO to finally stop this. i don't give a fuck about social interaction, i always feel very comfy alone and HATE people intruding my personal space to the point i want them overridden by a bulldozer when they do. i don't give a fuck about sexual interaction as well. and summing that all up i just feel like i'm one step from falling into void but my tshort caught at something and doesn't let me finally sink and die. looking forward to your biochemistry doing magic and rescuing me.


This site fosters an almost affirming attitude towards sadness and suicide, almost as if even in a cult-like virtual echo room, with the full persuasive force of the group discouraging anything that is spoken against the consensus tone. How remarkable that you guys shout down those who essay to bring others up from bottommost despair. Even now, as adults, we try viciously to dominate each other, or leastwise to keep others locked in a dark state, disallowing improvement.

You have governorship over your own mind. You can choose not to submerge yourself in sadness by rejecting the mental patterns you have followed for so long and creating new ones. You can forgive yourself. We should show kindness to ourselves — for what we have endured, and for what we still endure — instead of putting ourselves down with privately heard insults.

All of you have worth. We’re not w0men — we should be honestly sharing thoughts with one another that tend toward making everyone less sad, not more so. How many of you have self-awareness that this website seems to prey on the sad, instead of helping them?


the best Anti-Suicide thread is the suicide thread. thinking so much about suicide will keep those guys alive forever.


They even think they can survive falls of 7 miles, in a worst case scenario. They will never find a fool proof, instant, certain method to satisfy their conditions.


Sounds like you have a rare serious mental illness that disposes you to depression regardless of your physical health. Given this, you're in no position to dismiss the importance of eating right and getting enough nature exposure.

From now on, open your posts with the fact that your mental illness prevents you from smiling or feeling good, this way nobody will waste time giving you advice that would benefit 98% of other men here. We're not liars for suggesting that good health choices leads to better mood; you're the liar for soliciting advice from humans without mentioning that you're an alien from uranus.


i dont know more from uranus man
the nigga who dont respond to the physical health improvements much
or the nigga who balls fallen without hearing all this advice already


>rare serious mental illness
it sounds like you're the wiz who has one.
>good health choices leads to better mood
that's where you're fucking lying. physical health is irrelevant. it doesn't change anything, unless you're a whining failed normalfaggot who needed to be spoofed how to fuck a succubus. good physical health is a [italic] consequence [/italic] of tolerable life conditions. i even do fucking exercise and look goddamn fit and i look at the mirror and see absolutely no value in those muscles because they really have no value. why do i even bother with exercise? i don't. it's a habit and i know that if i fail to follow this habit at least for a month i won't start exercising again in another 5 years. "eat better" will not positively affect "98%" of men. it will positively affect 98% of normgroids. maybe i'm mentally ill, i don't have an official diagnosis and i don't really care, but the advice you give is terribly useless, because it doesn't change the core of the problem which's not a shitty diet.

you're either terribly delusional or a filthy troll.


gay thread.


Perhaps it's an issue with your soul, anon. You have to ask yourself, "Why do I feel this way?" Why do you feel everything is futile? Why do you feel so angry? Why doesn't your mood change when you go out and see the world? Why are you a wizard? What events in your life played a role in that? Unravel the mysteries behind that, and you'll find a good place to start.


Lmao, not him, but you're the mentally ill one here. Anyone that doesn't confirm your pre-existing notions about reality is lying or not doing it right or THE EXCEPTION. Bro, all you need to do to be happy is eat carrots and have a nice poo! Jesus fucking Christ…


Agreed. I've noticed the same. Even in this thread there are wizzies/impostors?? arguing against bringing others out of sadness.


I know what you're talking about. They're probably kiwi fags. I've noticed how they spam threads with shitty advice, either pro-suicide or normie takes


File: 1695260170421.jpg (70.01 KB, 850x478, 425:239, b12235c72b1f1bf50ed367d607….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

measures to decrease one's suicidality are ultimately pointless if there's no reason for lingering around in the first place. "here, these are some ways you can decrease your desire to walk out of this gay prison (from which you'll still eventually be dragged out against your will no matter you much you resist and struggle)." the best reason not to kill oneself is because it doesn't result in eternal non-existence. but if the goal is to escape specific circumstances, then even that is no reason against suicide.

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