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47752Dropped games 2 Post in this thread when you drop a game.[View]
46712World of Warcraft Classic I'll be playing on EU Zandalar Tribe horde. I'll make a roleplaying/PvE/PvP guild, trying to make it as wizardly and comfy as possible. If anyone wants to play whisper Yaldabaoth[View]
46300 Im planning to purchase a brand new prebuilt pc soon as I suck at tinkering with stuff and don’t want to bother learning to build one. Is now a good time to buy? Im not even sure how much money I am ready to sink into new hardware, but Id like it to last as long as possible ideally... Are there brands to avoid, standards soon to become obsolete, any basic trap for retards like me to be aware of?[View]
46178Post in this thread when you finished a game. (Continued....) Other one's basically full, so might as well create a new one. [View]
45495albion online Any wizzies wanna play this game with me? It went F2P recently and so I just started playing it and got about 20 hours so far since two days ago, it's a nice time waster I guess. We could get a wizguild going again or something if anyone cares. [View]
44878General Game Thread IV The last thread has reached 300 replies. Discuss games here that don't deserve their own thread.[View]
43540General Game thread III The last thread has reached 300 replies. Discuss games here that don't deserve their own thread. [View]
42933Thread for when complete a game [continued...] make a post when you finish you latest game.[View]
42878 what's the most addicting video game you ever played?[View]
42751 Should I buy one of these? there are even games worth playing besides zelda?[View]
42571Games you're currently playing I'm trying to get good at this. Played as a kid a lot and felt like trying my hand again. Still suck of course but the animation and music is so endearing to me I don't even care.[View]
42380Minecraft Singleplayer I know there's a thread for minecraft already, but it's focused on servers. I want to know what you wizzies do when you play alone. [View]
41973Addictive games I tried overwatch, league and dfo but i dropped each of 'em after 500~hrs[View]
41948 It's that time again.[View]
41445E3 2018 So what do wizards think of this years E3 so far? Nothing remotely interesting so far.[View]
40932 Is anyone interested in how a Wizard with severe anhedonia and feeling of being burnt out on video games feels about VR and VR games? I'm ordering a Vive this week, already got a couple of titles and other things. I haven't touched multiplayer games in years, mostly drop everything I play unless it's very very short and sweet like Hotline Miami.[View]
40254General Game thread II The last thread has reached 300 replies. Discuss games here that don't deserve their own thread.[View]
40014upcoming games Post in this thread upcoming games you are looking forward to[View]
39618Can't enjoy video games anymore... I really want to enjoy them again, but no matter how hard I try I can never get any enjoyment out of them. It's the same with any other kind of media really... Does anyone else suffer from this curse? Is there a way to undo it?[View]
39573Twitch thread #7 And so the wizard streams thread returns after a long absence. Feel free to plug your own stream here, discuss active streamers and so on. As far as I can tell I'm the only active one currently, https://www.twitch.tv/stream_wizz (yes I just added another z to the old name, I'm not very creative), if I'm missing anyone just let me know and I'll delete and remake the thread.[View]
39565Dropped games Post in this thread when you drop a game[View]
39480Games you are playing now Post thoughts on games you are playing[View]
38693Playstation General I got myself a 1st gen PS3 with full Backwards compatibility with PS2, and Good enough compatibility with PS1 games,installed a CFW and a 2tb HDD and I'm ready for a good time.[View]
38530 What is the best and most wiz RPG for PC?[View]
37846 any wizzies on EU playing overwatch ranked? im a low master mercy main who is looking for someone to play with. mainly for exp but we can try to climb to grandmaster as well. my battletag is ХочетсяЖить#2903 please mention yours here after adding so i know that it is you![View]
37474 Just got a computer capable of playing modern games and a steam account with $20 bucks on it. [View]
37386I'm Bored This is Yume Nikki.[View]
37326 Is this the bleak future of visual novels? It sold pretty damn well on Steam. So this is it. Put a bunch of epic spicy memes for the kiddies and sell it to the "ironic" 16-year-old crowd.[View]
37289 do video games actually stop being fun when you get old, or is it just some normie "grow up u manchild lol xd" nonsense?[View]
36871Making Games I'm so sick of rotting away that I've started learning **Python**. Is there any place with concrete material on how to make a game? [View]
36767Roleplaying Would any of you want to roleplay in WoW with fellow wizards? I mean real serious roleplaying.[View]
36664Post in this thread when you finished a game. (Continued....) Say something about it.[View]
36508 Fucc this shit. Just got kicked out of a game on an online FPS because of apparent 'lack of skill '. Fuccing normalshits not allowing you to even get the grasp of the game. I hate them all. How can I become good with FPS ? I am really pissed off .[View]
36318Is gaming dead? I've noticed a trend in gaming that's pretty much infected everything now. It started with normies getting into them in the ps2 era, then the 360 era really took it mainstream.[View]
36147ITT:Post your favorite game of all time and wizards give their honest thoughts about it Be honest as fuck.[View]
35932Minecraft Last thread hit 300.[View]
35608 This is the third time im selling and considering buying a gamer pc after being burned out from games and depressed.[View]
35435Games your playing now Just bought oblivion and hit man blood money a couple days ago stuck on the theater level in hit man now trying to make the assassination look like a accident but im already too late once i reach halfway out of the basement and into the changing room [View]
35383Survival Horror Let's have a survival horror thread, and none of this first person trash like Outlast or Resident Evil VII, let's stick to classic RE (which means no 4 or anything after), Silent Hill, Forbidden Siren, Fatal Frame, Dino Crisis, Overblood, Deep Fear and so on. [View]
34906Low spec games Can i get help from other wizards to find indie/low spec games? i has played hotline miami and stardew valley so far.[View]
34461General Game Thread Can we have a general thread to talk about gaming topics that are not deserving of their own thread?[View]
34083Post in this thread when you drop a game. And why did you drop it?[View]
32147Post in this thread when you finished a game. (Continued....) And how'd you feel about it?[View]
32140Time killing browser games Can someone recommend some flash, java, browser games to kill time with?[View]
31277Livestream Thread #6 Howdy folks, just getting the good ol' new stream thread out of the way now rather than when I'm prepping for the stream. I'll make a new post when I go live. This OP will serve as a directory to all streamers.[View]
29912 Is there any Minecraft players? I'd like to play with you.[View]
28986 I want to play old school DnD but of course I have no friends.[View]
28403Video Game Music I was surprised no one made another thread[View]
26465Wizard steam thread post your id and games you play and maybe hope another wizard adds you[View]
25370ITT: things about the hobby that depress us Because this place is way too damned upbeat.[View]
21642 Any time sink MMORPG free to play out there wizzies?[View]