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Any horror games recommendations for playing while i rot on the morning before going to wageslave in my shitty job


I dunno, FEAR is pretty good. It is spooky and kind of luls you into trance. It's very trippy, at least it was for me.
Aside from that, the gameplay is top notch. With debris flying evewhere, clones chatting on the radio and trying to flank you. And then afterwards you see the aftermath, the smoke settling in from the chunks of plaster that were shot off the walls, etc
Then you proceed to the next area while also seeing some trippy hallucinations while listening to ambient.
It's very well made and no one has done anything similar to this ever since.


Amnesia series


Signalis was breety good. Highly reccomend it.
Tormented souls ain't all that bad
Silent hill 1,2,3
some love 4 some hate it. 3 is my fav. Havent played sh 4 though

Evil within was also love or hate it. It is gritty, it gets to be quite good torwards the end

Evil within 2 is less gritty and grimy and slightly more cheerfull/ but it had its moments like the first proper bossfight cinematic.


Clive Barker's undying


I really enjoyed Condemned Bloodshot.
Had a really good first person hand to hand combat system and a lot of crazy and cool moments that you probably won't get out of any other horror game.
You will never look at homeless people quite the same way again, lol.

That said, I will warn that it ends on a cliffhanger that has and will never be resolved.

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