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Post in this thread when you drop a game

I'm probably gonnna be dropping new doom, it just doesn't click with me. It also doesn't feel like old fps at all.
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Just about to play UnderRail, actually. Looks really good and I hope to spend much time with it. I also saw another wizzie mention Atom in another thread. That looks promising as well. I played/finished Wasteland 2: DC and quite enjoyed that and Atom looks similar, so I'll have to check it out at some point. Pathfinder I've heard of, but don't know much about.


Tried the latest gears of war and unsurprisingly it’s mediocre. I thought even mainstream publishers had moved on from making cinematic cover shooters. It’s still a thing though, apparently.


Forza Horizon 4. Racing games are just boring as fuck, it only amused me for 1 day because it has beautiful graphics. I liked racing games when i was like 7 years old so i thought i would try one for the first time in 20 years, but it doesnt do much for me


File: 1570881381193.png (10.81 MB, 2044x3010, 146:215, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

The characters are annoying and the gameplay and story can't be any further disconnected than it already is. If you want an example of the hypocrisy of Deadsec (the "good guys" you play as in the game) watch this video.



I played this for about ten minutes as I couldn't stand the insufferable dudebro party atmosphere, awful music and conversations. Hate when games try to be cool and flashy to appeal to the chadian demographic. It is an xbox game after all so that's to be expected.

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Least thread >>28403
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Praise the Sun



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I love katawa shoujo and its soundtrack. Honestly my favorite game besides fallout new Vegas


Great thread

I barely ever browse the games board because I don't play video games anymore. Is there an archive of the older versions of these threads?


Okay, so here's a remix of Timesplitters' Chinese theme for TS: Rewind because I guess that's still being worked on and might come about eventually.

Original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UmvkZq-dI3k

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File: 1532827987925-1.jpg (113.5 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Xbox_Dashboard.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


The Sixth Generation was my most nostalgic generation and its the only generation where I owned every major console Playstation,Gamecube,Dreamcast,and Xbox.

The Xbox was my favorite of the four and I was wondering if anyone else here has memories of or still owns this console.
I would also like to know your favorite games on the console.

My list would be:
1. BattleFront 2
2. Halo 2
3. KOTOR 2
5. GTA San Andreas
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Even if they ever do it, the game compatibility will probably be worse than pcsx2's.



Yes, that's true. it could certainly take a while to work out the kinks in it, assuming anyone ever gets started.

For anyone wanting to get stuck into it right now, buying a physical XBOX and then modding it to play ISOs would be the best option, no doubt.

Also, just so you know, but 'Phantom Dust' & 'Metal Wolf' are both available on PC now. Again, just 2 less games that the original XBOX actually has to its own. Even this >>47341 wizzie's list, and others here, are made up of games that can just as easily be played on PC, which are themselves superior versions at that.

Really, if any console deserved good emulation support, it's definitely the PS2, given the copious amount of exclusives it has that it will never see a PC release, ever.


>metal wolf on pc
And ps4 and xbox 3.
Wtf. How is that possible? Did they edit out the presidential seal? Because the law against unauthorized usage of that is the reason they weren't able to sell it in america.

Anyway, so what if they've been ported? I guess that's great to anyone who wants to be pragmatic. Pump 'em and dump em' with the rest of the impulse purchases streamed to your wizbang 5TB 10th gen console or 50 core PC. It totally kills the spirit of the thing, though, and goes against the purpose, I think, of this thread. It's basically an anti-xbox thread at this point.



>It totally kills the spirit of the thing, though, and goes against the purpose, I think, of this thread. It's basically an anti-xbox thread at this point.

Well, fair enough. At this point in my life, I guess I'm just more interested in the games than the console itself. Even so, in my first post I expressed my own fond memories of the XBOX as a console, so perhaps, in some sense, I should've just left it at that. Didn't mean to derail the thread, or whatever.


>tfw sixth gen consoles are now considered vintage

File: 1509423006270.jpg (7.81 KB, 300x178, 150:89, s-l300.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


When I was a kid I always wanted to have a PS2,but my family was too poor to buy videogames.

Now I finally bought a PS2 fat,even when I have a PS3 and PS4 Pro for some circumstances I can't afford to buy games for those right now,so I bought a PS2, the guy on ebay said that it was in good condition and it should arrive in a couple of days.

It includes 2 dualshock controllers and most importantly a FMCB memory card,so I can pirate and create my own DVD's.

What are the best games I can play on it? And homebrews/hacks? The PS2 looks beareable on a HDTV?

Please don't suggest emulators like PCSX2,my PC is too slow for that,keep it PS2 only.
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among my childhood collection, these are my favourite PS2 games (in no particular order):

Red Faction 2
Star Wars Battlefront 2
Urban Chaos: Riot Response
SSX Tricky
Ghost Recon Jungle Storm
Killzone (the original)
Conflict: Desert Storm
The Godfather
Lord of the Rings Return of the King
Jak X Combat Racing
Burnout 3 Takedown


Definitely check out the Ace Combat series
Manhunt (second one was pretty bad but the first one is good)
Shellshock 'nam 67
Conflict series
Grand Turismo series
Cabelas dangerous hunts and big game hunter titles were fun imo
Brothers in Arms series
Medal of Honor series
Metal Gear


It reminds me myself. I wanted to buy xbox when I was a kid but things changed when I turned 18. I saved enough money for my dream ps3 and bought it and then after few days I won new ps4 while opening mystery boxes at https://drakemall.com/. That was a real surprise.. After all now I have the same as you but anyway I'm thankful for my luck. Hope to win something special again.
Finally about games: I recommend you to try GTA5 or Resident Evil4. I like both


How do I get paid to shill?


Are you forreal?

File: 1570217770740.jpg (551.2 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, outrun 2006 screenshot.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I don't know if this question isn't too specific but I feel like playing some video games with nice scenery but my potato can't run games after 2006 very well. Also I don't know if this is just coping but I find older graphics kinda cozy anyways. The genre doesn't matter. Racing, FPS, adventure, point and click, simulator whatever…
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why even share if you just want to circlejerk about morrowind.

which is totally bad btw, overblown map with 50 shades of murky or brown. everything is murky or brown. bleh


File: 1570377126913-0.jpg (162.48 KB, 1280x958, 640:479, 4523453245.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1570377126913-1.jpg (228.5 KB, 1280x1120, 8:7, 5345345345345.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1570377126913-2.jpg (115.21 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 8979789.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1570377513401.png (1.09 MB, 1024x768, 4:3, nlthd_screenshot_001.png) ImgOps iqdb

fuuuuck silent hill 2 and 1 looked so gooood

Sillent hill frozen memories was a Wii game and even being so modern the best it could do was making a game with the same atmosphere as this original masterpíece


thats what mods are for, if you dislike the palette


>which is totally bad btw, overblown map with 50 shades of murky or brown. everything is murky or brown. bleh
never played it or even watched gameplay of it, i meant it's just easily recognizable

File: 1508603497200.jpg (341.87 KB, 1600x1163, 1600:1163, craghammer.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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D&D thread.
This a thread about the D&D games that are going on already between a few wizards.
We spawned out of the previous thread with a lot of time and effort, but we're always ready to accept more players.
Writeups of the sessions will likely go here and discussion of the game and system(s) also goes here.
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File: 1566999703965.jpg (645.15 KB, 1280x1795, 256:359, tre_40.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

We use it for easier communication, but I (the other GM) can run you text only, albeit it may have to be 1 on 1 (until other people also join for text only)
Up for it?


Speaking isn't 100% necessary, but it's just so much easier to play while speaking.


File: 1570124842120.png (800.43 KB, 981x527, 981:527, Sem título.png) ImgOps iqdb

rolling intimidation on beasts is very satisfying.



File: 1570381009576.png (53.71 KB, 400x486, 200:243, cyclops.png) ImgOps iqdb

Ran some Deep Abyss! For the first time in a while. And with it comes writeups.

The poison clouds from the demonic creature fade into the ground as fith brings out the druid chants and rituals. The song of his people hums gently in the background as Saren and Trey make their way back to the minotaur village. Fith proceeds with his druidic ritual, to cleanse and revitalise the ground after demonic filth has destroyed it for so long.
Trey and Saren get back to the village. Saren, distrustful as he is forgetful, prompts the two to go slowly and check for dangers. Minotaurs count as one of those dangers. No dangers detected though, and they hide their route back to the village from the inhabitants.
They get back an rather uninterested minotaur points out where they can sleep. Sure. Saren sets a trap before going to sleep, and trey just sleeps. Was a hard day. Demons, screeching, it all comes back during the night. In the morning Trey finds a pillow outside the huts and wonders how it got there. No-one can answer him, as it seems to be some kind of mystery.
In the morning Fith makes his way back. Nature is truly his ally and friend, and it guides him back to the minotaur village. Still, he is exhausted. Not too much to join the council meeting with the remaining members though. The council discuss what to do. During the meeting, Saren drafts a secret letter to tooth, the rogue minotaur. It suggests cooperation with Saren in exchange for freedom. Saren gets his answer later, when a minotaur comes up to him and rips up the letter in front of him. I guess that's a no.
The tree, SleepBark, provides Saren with the reward for killing the demon thing. A dagger. Saren picks it up out of the tree and feels its potency. A magical poison dagger. Clearly this has its uses.
Still, Saren is still up to tricks, so uses his magical suggestion powers on Wilting Flower, to come to Domea in person and make an agreement of peace between the two groups. Fith is pretty tired so tries to have a nap before they leave though, so heads to a hut. This was Saren's hut so he trips into a primitive dagger trap and gets stabbed in the shoulder. He can sleep this off though so he just rolls into bed after just pulling it out. He's woken up to get going to domea. Sure. They make their way out, and as they leave the forest uneventfully, Wilting Flower transforms from a minotaur into a Horse. A very magestic horse, it neighs in a solumn but deep manner that capPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1570381129896-0.png (287.63 KB, 420x573, 140:191, loxadon.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1570381129896-1.png (2.09 MB, 1089x783, 121:87, cylopsfight.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

The strange party now makes its way to remove these creatures from existence. It is a hard battle - the extreme power of the cyclops nearly cleaves many of them in two. Each of them receives "whoa I can only take this once" blows from the cyclops. The ogre is taken out with teamwork, the blade warmed by the dark blood. Saren's rapier is pulled out of the ogre's back and it collapses, a anticlimactic end to the ogre's intense battle with the Loxadon.
The cyclops has its way, meandering around and being tactically messed with. A single slip, a single error can turn a fight into a grave. The axe, giant, cleaving, covered in the blood of the slain, slams into the ground just enough to spare each party member. Lightning rages above, well until the druid Fith was cleaved enough to lose concentration. Zap, slash, bash, the cyclops is tough. Saren takes his magical dagger, and climbs into a tree. Second time in as many days. The cyclops rampages below him. Activating the magical dagger, he bides his time. The cyclops carves chunks out of his companions, and moves towards the tree, to knock the old man down.
The old man pounces. The dagger sinks into the cyclop's neck, poison being pumped into his bloodstream. It staggers, wounded, about to break. But it stands. It still stands. But the poison fogs its vision, it can't see or move properly. Thankfully as it turns out. One giant swing of the axe, misses the now vulnerable Saren. A second, a perhaps fatal instance of man vs steel; saren's life flashes before his eyes, but thankfully so does the axe and it hits earth.
Trey, the hero of the moment, rushes over risking his life to Cyclops steel, and summons the green flame. It burns over the pike, and burns inside the Cyclops as the pike is inserted with force. A small pop and the cyclops cannot function any more. It falls - Hard. Slowly, but once it hits the ground it shakes. And so the party can nurse their wounds and stop shaking themselves, the adrenaline of near death wearing off.
A little looting later and they pick up the surviving Loxadon. I mean why not. He introduces himself as Galanov. He towers over even Fith, who is a large firbolg. The elephantman looks like a sturdy adventurer, but being carved by an axe is not a fear unique to humankind.
Back at Domea without further incident, Wilting Flower is brought towards the Apothecary, the shadow ruler of the village. A horse is brought before him. The horse shortly transforms into a Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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are any wizzies interested in playing this 2hu fightan?
i wanna play but dunno many wizzies who play it


Me but I can't use pc until later


give email/steamname so i can communicate please


I play 7.5 against bots

File: 1525961436255.png (2.4 MB, 1366x768, 683:384, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


I'm thinking that Wizard101 was a good idea to get into again. Just in case anyone played it or has any other suggestions for me.
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FF14 was always a cluster fuck. I have no idea how they managed to pull it back around. The starting hubs piss me off with how incredibly huge they are. I quit the game twice before leaving the newbie area because I hated how over designed the towns were.

People like playing MMOs to see the world and the monsters. It's a fun thing to do and you can drop the game at any time. As long as you enjoy playing it then who gives a fuck if some whale buys up the cash shop? It does nothing but give you a free game to play.


Looks interesting but requiring co op sounds like a recipe for disaster. Too many time zones and not enough social people to act as a gel for groups.


I will probably drop back into mabinogi for the Halloween event. Hopefully it ain't a bunch of bullshit inventory spam or AFK events like the last fishing event.


Hello. About three years ago, or maybe more, I played this LOTR MMORPG which name I can't remember. It was ASCII, you needed to kill some kind of beast to "win", and I think there was a high score as well. I was a shapeshifter in that game, and I no longer have it since I have a new computer. I got the recommendation from a wiz a long time ago.

Btw, op, if someone says, that RPG is a pretty good RPG from my limited experience. Lovely game.

I don't think it's Moria.



Its name is Tomenet, and I recommend playing it. You can choose like, 12 or more different races, including vampires, as well as a lot of different classes.

I'm currently playing it right now after re-discovering it.

File: 1566572396622.png (16.24 KB, 667x297, 667:297, calc.PNG) ImgOps iqdb


I've spent about 1.2 years between 2009 and today on steam games (counting only approximate waking hours). I suspect most of my fellow wizards have been in game for far longer within that same time span. How much time do you estimate you've sacrificed to this hobby and do you have any regrets about it? Personally, I only regret the time I dedicated to games that I didn't truly enjoy.
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>Far better to just swallow the shittiness of an incomplete game, than resort to other measures and be labeled a cheater forever, thereby having your entire profile be invalidated as a result.
You know, that sort of reminds me of another dumb achievement related story I have.

Around the time it was released, I was trying to get all of the achievements in Call of Duty 4. There were collectibles in every level, and naturally, an achievement to get all of them. You could also unlock cheats in that game, although most of which weren't even cheats, but just goofy visual filters that didn't give you any advantage whatsoever. One of the visual filters was a "ragtime' mode that sped up the game (enemies included), and added a brown filter + silly ragtime music. I used this "cheat" because it sped up the process of getting all of the collectibles…without realizing that they wouldn't count towards the achievement if you collected them with cheats activated. And, there was no way to get the collectibles back, your profile would be permanently ruined–except, there was some weird glitch you could perform involving two controllers that would reset your in-game progress. I ended up having to jury rig the glitch with a Guitar Hero controller I had on hand, it was goofy as hell.

>Are the other Halo games coming to PC, by the way? That's the first I've heard of it.

Yeah, surprisingly: https://store.steampowered.com/app/976730/Halo_The_Master_Chief_Collection/

Some guys released a modified version of a leaked build of Halo Online (which was a PC, F2P, multiplayer-only Halo that was, very strangely, released only in Russia and shut down after a year or two), and it lit a fire under Microsoft's ass to release the Halo games on PC, I guess. From what I understand, they're going to be releasing the games & additional features (like modding and map editors) in a very piecemeal fashion, starting with Reach.

If you're interested, you can still download and play the aforementioned mod here: https://eldewrito.com/ , but development is paused and I don't knPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


spent 3 years of my life just playing WoW, since the closed beta back in 2004, literally all day. Before that I was wasting my life playing other multiplayer games such as StarCraft, Tribes 2, Battlefield Vietnam and Quake 3 Arena CPMA. My whole childhood was spent on my dad's Amiga500 and later a Genesis (Mega Drive), then N64, PSX, Dreamcast and my last console was the Xbox. I literally played videogames my whole life and I regret nothing.
Now I don't play anymore, I became a yoga and kitesurf instructor for a tourist resort which pay me well. Godlike genetics I guess


>Now I don't play anymore, I became a yoga and kitesurf instructor for a tourist resort which pay me well. Godlike genetics I guess

wizchan 2019, this site is officially a joke now



>I ended up having to jury rig the glitch with a Guitar Hero controller I had on hand, it was goofy as hell.

Well, again, it's nice to know I wasn't the only one who got up to such shenanigans. As far as MW is concerned, trophies were never retroactively patched into it, so, aside from beating the whole thing on veteran difficulty and grinding out prestige levels, I never had any hassle with it. I'd say the rather infamous bonus level it has, 'Mile High Club', being one of its biggest headaches I had to grapple with. I actually played/finished the remastered version of MW on PC last year and I have to say that 'MHC', even with the advantage of M&K, was still damn brutal to complete. You know what I forgot was even worse, though? That god damned fucking ferris wheel. Holy shit, that was a nightmare on veteran. Total fucking crap shoot as to whether or not you'd get blown to smithereens while lying prone in that damn booth, having to toss grenade after grenade back out, like it were a Monty Python skit or something. Actually getting to Macmillan and then surviving long enough to get to the chopper being basically all left up to RNG, at least in regards to enemy placement. Makes me wonder if IW even bothered to playtest it at all. Totally ridiculous. As an aside, I didn't even realize the game had all those weird cheats to it, which I had only discovered upon replaying it. The one that turned enemies heads into watermelons was pretty darn weird, I must say.

>Yeah, surprisingly.

Wow, neat. About damn time, I say. Hopefully, Microsoft will do the same for Gears 2, 3 & Judgement.

Me & my brother used to play the original Halo's online MP all the time back as kids/teens on PC. It was quite literally our version of Counter Strike which, in my case, I never actually played. Blood Gulch, in particular, is simply seared into both of our memories. Can remember tons of fun matches I had against others, just bunny hopping around with rocket launchers, or running people over in the tank.

>If you're interested, you can still download and play it

I'm not, but thanks for the link, anyway.

>Holy shit. Props, man. Some of the achievements in that game are brutal, and there's a fuckt
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


I remember my brother doing that exact trick in Mafia 2


Post your favorite video game teasers/trailers
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Not only is she an old hag but she is also a lesbian.


It's sad when games look like propaganda.


i find the engagement levels on this new trailer suspicious, compare the like/view ratio and the comment/view ratio to the previous trailer or just random other videos, it seems a bit excessive

unrelated, here is a promotional shantae video by studio trigger


A Plague Tale: Innocence



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