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what is the best FF game for someone who never played a FF game of his life?
To my perspective of an unplayer, I would say the story is meh, the combat are too boring and the worldbuilding is average. the objects/magic are average,etc…yadayada


how can you tell if you've never played one? i mean you're not exactly wrong but still


because I already saw some gameplays




these are my personal favorites, but i think i like tactics ogre more and they just released a new version of it with a lot of balance changes.


My favorites are V and VI. XII probably, if you don't like the turn based combat, or the remake of VII.
Still with these games one of the highlights is always the plot, so if you don't like that I wouldn't recommend you play any of them


V has a job system, right? that would be the one I would be most tempted to play, but I have no intention to endure hours of interruptions and dialogue, and i can't stand that "spam attack button to win" loop where you have lots of systems and options that are mostly useless


I'm a pretty huge Final Fantasy fan, have been my entire life. But I tapped out of the series after X and entries I-III I consider too aged. I'll just talk about IV to X, which to be fair, are basically the only ones anyone talks about.

The games are so old now that all of them will fall flat on the graphical front, and unless you're between the ages of 12-18 (target audience), you won't find it -that- engaging.

In terms of gameplay, I'd go


>X (Custom sphere grid is more fun)
>IX (too fucking slow, loses points for that)
>VIII (Extremely broken)

In terms of the aesthetic, environment, music and story, this one is a bit tougher, but I'd go



What's great about Final Fantasy as compared to something like Dragon Quest or Persona is that there's such wild swings in tone, combat system and quality. VII and VIII are nothing at all alike, they feel like games in completely different series. I'd say Final Fantasy VII is the most accessible, culturally relevant and pretty engaging, but for pure gameplay go with V.


Best combat system in the series, but the story is absolute hot trash. But it's hot trash in an enjoyable way that borders on schlock, it's extremely hammy, it's like a DM going off the rails and throwing everything in, going "fuck it". It's not meant to be deep or taken seriously.

>and i can't stand that "spam attack button to win" loop where you have lots of systems and options that are mostly useless

There's a few useless jobs, like Chemist or Geomancer, but there's no OP job that becomes "spam X to win". At parts of the game certain classes have certain advantages, but nothing too ridiculous. You need to balance your party evenly and develop multiple classes with each, because you have return to the "freelancer" for the endgame and utilize all the jobs you've mastered.

It's not a perfect system, but it works extremely well if it's your first playthrough and don't know all the bells and whistles.


The job system sucked, it was like some sandbox game. I didn't know what to level, what composition to use, when to return to mime/freelancer etc. Often the bosses were trivial by switching to 4 black mages.


I'm playing through the pixel remasters. The first one was a fun old school romp. Currently on II and it's a miserable slog. I'm looking forward to wrapping it up and moving onto III.


15 unironically


The rest are all trash.

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