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I'm trying to get good at this. Played as a kid a lot and felt like trying my hand again. Still suck of course but the animation and music is so endearing to me I don't even care.

What about you wiz? What are you playing? Does it suck so bad you'll be posting on the dropped games soon?
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we've lost him


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Apparently I surpassed a summon limit and was able to pick her for summon with a special item


why am I such retarded person so I was playing KOFAS one match online like yesterday because you won't get a partial item needed to summon which are so damn rare for both ultimate attacks and getting new characters and the first one I notice the guy had 3 boss characters so I didn't even try attacking but the guy beat the shit of me as I have had happened before online …so today the enemy was weaker than me all were normal characters you can get without luck needed.. and my boss character Orochi has the regeneration ability so I could stomp easily until last character but… character stopped defending itself and I stopped attacking myself well I actually tried to attack once more but I felt bad about it so I stopped after 1 animation and guy was posting emotes of the game and got time out


Next time I will be as ruthless as the world demands I promise no more nice guy even if I have to punch myself


The Game of Life *LOL*

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I'm so sick of rotting away that I've started learning Python. Is there any place with concrete material on how to make a game?
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good 3d animation will still be based on a 2d animation and thats fine by me but so much of it is shitty motion capture and thats what really grinds my teeth, just shoot a live action cutscene and don`t bother pretending is animation if its gonna be that basic, you just end up with uncanny valley floaty characters that have these high res 4k textures but still feel like ps2 era garbage.


Too bad game has almost no single player content


Mocap works really well for certain games, mainly semi-realistic 3d fighters where they only use mocap for animating the skeletal frame.
Virtual fighter and dead or alive are both good examples.
What doesn't work so well is when they try to use mocap as a short cut for unrealistic 2.5D fighting games that really should be animated manually in every frame to have things feel right.


Here's a big protip: one thing that's good to realize as soon as possible, is that infinite detail will net you frustration and no game. You have to compromise at some point.


Take a game you like and rebalance or reboot it.
Video is for RTS.
Link below is for 1 vs 1 fighting games.

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I've started to feel like playing games are a choir now for the past 2 or 3 years. Downloaded Day of Defeat: Source again to play a little but I know I'll eventually get tired of it. After that, I'll enter another cycle of finding a videogame that fills the void inside of me that reminds me that I'm that my hobbies I've enjoyed as a kid and a young teenager have passed. I think what I'm trying to say is how to do you deal with this situation and is it really possible to find other hobbies if you have the attention span of a gerbil.
Wasnt sure if I should have posted here on this board but if mods want to move it to the other board it's fine.
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On a whim 2 months ago I decided that I would play no video games at all for an entire year. I deleted every single game on my computer and haven't played one since. Sometimes I have an intense temptation to play a game but I am staying strong so far. I probably shouldn't watch gaming videos on youtube or watch twitch streams but I have much less to do right now so I find myself doing that a lot. I think after a year I am going to enjoy video games quite a bit more.


i watch gameplay videos mostly now, it's a lot faster than buying the games myself, and much easier than playing it myself. certain games i've never been good at like RTS and MOBA but i watch aoe2 videos every day, and the dota international tournament is something i watch every year.

so yeah i stopped enjoying playing the games myself but that transitioned into enjoying watching the games being played

i grew up having to watch my older brother play RTS games on the computer. we had to share the computer, so we'd get like an hour each every day, but i'd always give him my hour so he could continue playing. it's weird but i've transitioned back into this behavior of not playing the games but still enjoying watching others play it



I've been like that for about a week now. It's essentially the longest I've gone without playing a video game in what might be my entire life. I could probably keep it up for longer, but I'd imagine I'll end up playing something either today or tomorrow, since I honestly don't have anything else to do and I can only sleep or browse the internet so much. Even a minor break like this has been kinda nice, though. Like yourself, I expect to enjoy them a bit more than usual, even though it'll only last a little while.


I was thinking of playing Narcissu after seeing it in the VN thread and it's apparently very feels heavy. Only other VN I've ever experienced/finished was Saya No Uta, which I enjoyed.


Watching other people play games makes the most sense if your view is that games are just a distraction not worth energy expenditure. As an adult, energy becomes more precious because, compared to childhood, we must spend more of it to sustain ourselves and we have less of it due to physical decomposition. Games and toys function is really to help youngsters expend their excess energy in a safe way that society deems tolerable.
Don't force liking games. If you stop for a while you may find that in a month, year, or more you have the urge to jump back into a game with enthusiasm like a kid again. If not, it will fade to nothing and you may find some better way to make life tolerable.


Play with acquaintances /friends/opponents.

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Does anyone else enjoy playing movie based games? They are usually really short and easy to play, but it feels rewarding beating games so I always liked them. Toy Story 3 is an example of a really good movie game. Most of them are pretty shit though compared to real games. So does anyone have any recommendations for games based on movies?
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Terminator Resistance


Same, first game I remember enjoying was Lego Star Wars.


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>toy story 3
>spongebob squarepants battle for bikini bottom
oh wait movie thread
>spongebob squarepants the movie the game
>shrek 2 the game
god damn there were some fun games. toystory 3 really was a good game, i spent so much time dicking around and no, i dont remember anything about the game other than LOVING it



Apparently LEGO was about to face bankruptcy until it started licensing Star Wars in the late 1990s.

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Any wizzies wanna play this game with me? It went F2P recently and so I just started playing it and got about 20 hours so far since two days ago, it's a nice time waster I guess. We could get a wizguild going again or something if anyone cares.
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Dont forget dungeons and pvp if you're strong enough.


solo DG is so dumb and unfun, some nignog is just gonna boss rush and steal all the loot


I just wanna play games with wizzies :(


That honestly sounds really fun! I suck at human interaction as well, but I'd be willing to give it a go if it meant helping a wiz guild out.


the guild is pretty much dead, and you'd be better off playing literally any other MMO with more pve content

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I'll be playing on EU Zandalar Tribe horde. I'll make a roleplaying/PvE/PvP guild, trying to make it as wizardly and comfy as possible. If anyone wants to play whisper Yaldabaoth
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level 38 btw


nu-WoW is terrible. Just drop it.


this thread is about WoW classico.


For me, WoW marked the beginning of the end of my social life. It's not a period in my life I would like to remember. I finally re-played the game after all these years and came to the realization that I played the game more or less as a single-player game upon its initial release. When you remove social interaction from the equation, the experience consists mostly of performing the same repetitive tasks for hours on end. I failed to make any new friends this time around and did not participate in guild chat. Everyone uses Discord or some other form of voice chat these days which I find deeply frightening.

I'm just too autistic to make friends in any environment be that in real life or online. Guess I'll just play my retro games in solitude.


I'm available if anyone in EU Zandalar Tribe wants to play.

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