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This might sound strange -or probably not- but has anyone acquired lucrative knowledge from video games? If so, please kindly share it, whatever it is.
I'll start.

I was playing a rpgm game which was tackling a narrative of an existence shimmering between awareness and non-awareness, where the overall antagonist together with a surprising other character –an ally, at that– were in a plot to reduce the world of awareness into a barren 'non-awareness' and what consequences would occur thereafter.
The game's journey towards the inevitable clash against the non-aware perpetrators alongside its thwart-evil conclusion were typical and yet I couldn't relent from thinking about the dualism it was tackling until it hit me what a perfect descriptor it is for a lot of problems, common and difficult alike.

In my understanding, a problem is always interpretable in two facets: problems brought by problematization which are caused without being any the wiser or 'aware' of causes to infelicity and problems that are unavoidable through one thing or another. Now, I'd like to think that the dividing line between these two is easy to draw but I'm sure argumentation is anticipatable so I won't elaborate on that further.
What interests me here are problems as a result of problematization.

I'll take something like social media addiction as an example.
It often is the case that a person addicted to social media has an obvious realization of this and yet cannot help but continue to tolerate it. Occasionally, he or she will take breaks propelled into action by external circumstances, not least of which are other people inclining them to do so, but will desist shortly after even if said external measures are still present. They simply cannot help but come back to it, no matter what.

Why is this? well, it's an addiction for a reason right? If just 'stop doing it' was enough, the label 'addiction' wouldn't be warranted. Similarly, culling the ignorance of the harmful 'consequences' and emphasizing them again and again are equally ineffective if not entirely meaningless as they do nothing to sway the person in question from avoiding social media.
Ignorance is not the issue, it never is and never was just like a guy who cranks it 5-10 times a day knows he's going overboard, so too does someone who spends 20 hours on 4chan, to give an example.

What's going on then? The game's narration construct has an answer to this: These people with problematized resultant problems are outside of 'awareness' and will therefore never understand the crux of their issue in the true sense, no matter what happens, and are left to suffer with them forever.

It tells us that when we're told something or taught something, we're usually allegorically moved positively along the X-axis in a Cartesian plane and are, therefore, progressing with contents that are technically already intuitively familiar to us in the most subtle of ways; Our precept as a species puts us in a domain of an existent 'awareness' such that everything derived from within it is as transferable as the ease of putting 1 and 1 together. That the transferability may sometimes take weeks, months or even years does not detract the ease with which it happens or that it happens at all–Yes, that last point is important, that 'awareness' can at all enable an assured progression in whatever is within its realm.

Consider the case of something like the 'easy peasy method' for people suffering from porn addiction. Why was it [and in most cases, still] lauded as being worthwhile? It's because it dangles this idea of awareness and non-awareness perfectly, suggesting that we simply initially lack the sight, the awareness, as needed to realize we aren't dealing with anything major; something that is so easily dismissible but not recognized as so.
Going on and on and on about why porn is uncontrollable and why it's too 'overpowering' instantly was shattered at the onset of this notion.

This game truly made me realize the permanent parallelization between being aware and non-aware and how ignorance should never once be used as a synonym for the former. It really shouldn't.

Anyway, that's my story. What about you wizzies? Anything like how Touhou taught you about sacred geometry?


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How to get this fire started!!!


As the wiz above mentioned, I learnt English from games, don't know if I could say I learnt something else


I taught myself quaternions in an attempt to 3d-ify the math behind torpedo fire control computers so I could ambush players who were flying their space ships in a straight line from max render distance, but it turned out the game's in-game goto language didn't natively support imaginary numbers and I realized that by the time I worked all that out the game would be dead.


What game, sounds cool.


What RPGM game is it?


You're very articulate, thank you for the insight. I mean that sincerely.


I probably developed my driving skills over time from playing open world games that had vehicles like Grand Theft Auto, Watchdogs, Sleeping Dogs, Just Cause 2 and 3 etc. I spent a lot of time in games like that just driving around for hours and attempting to drive normally not focusing on missions. When I was old enough to start taking driving lessons I picked up on it easily and my instructor said I was a natural.


In Stronghold I learned how wheat was made and the pros of growing it but the cons of establishing the infrastructure. Morrowind taught me about racism, in that some people will hate you for no reason other than for just being who you are, and nothing you say or do can change their mind (my fault for playing Argonian).

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