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File: 1699171962558.jpg (106.6 KB, 680x381, 680:381, sponghhh.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


>build cheap PC to play the same old games i've been playing since i was 13
>PC died
>score a free new one from dad's friend who for some reason wanted to give me his high end PC for free
>rated as UFO on PC benchmark
>download tf2, l4d2, gmod, and a few other unnoteworthy, 10+ year old games
>Realize i can play any modern game at high settings
>wow, MK1.
>but its shit.
>doesn't look fun at all, looks even worse than the last
>in fact. all games look like shit
>load up gmod.
>yep. thats gmod.
>play for 12 mins.

I've even thought of stooping to trying out anime games. Why is gaming so dead, bros? Everything is just chasing the shadow of the original IPs of the 2000s (halo, cod, gears, far cry) minus the soul, community and meta that made them good. Modern gaming is a sterile, soulless, monetized no-funfest.

How much longer can i play the same games? Where is the hope?


Protip: you're retarded.
New video games are better than old ones.


what games? The E-sports garbage like overwatch and valorant (which is just gay tf2 and gay CS:GO) are inferior gameplay wise. Don't tell me you mean those games.


File: 1699173304673.png (150.31 KB, 359x414, 359:414, stupid all.png) ImgOps iqdb

COD 2022
Naraka: Bladepoint
Armored Core 6

All superb.
All new.
And there are more.
In other words stop being retarded.


Maybe the problem is you're over with video games and you only keep playing the old ones because of nostalgia. They're definitely not inherently better than the newer games, it's even unfair to say something like that when today there are so many different titles out there going in all sorts of different directions in terms of gameplay, tone and graphics.

BUT yes, gaming is a pretty hollow pursuit, unless it's really your thing, which I guess it's not for most people. There's simply not much to it in gaming, try picking up an activity with a steeper learning curve and see if you're bored then.


>like overwatch
in what mind?

Either way, video games are a big waste of time. It's more fulfilling to read a book or watch anime.


File: 1699190287290.png (159.63 KB, 343x315, 49:45, russian harry potter.png) ImgOps iqdb

>read a book
Books are garbage.
I've read ludicrous amounts of literature ages 5-24 and it all has been not only a waste of time, but a detriment to my life. Especially the "hard" philosophical books. It only confuses you more as to how the world actually works as these books are written by lunatics.
If you want to read, then read technical manuals.

Now I'm off to read a few pages of someone's political treatise and ponder on it for the next 12 hours, because I'm a retarded addict.


Books are great and the best wizard hobby and you're just some bitter loser.


Where do you think you are?


This is a dumb thread. You just decided that "all games look like shit" and came to whine about it? What were you expecting that we would all commiserate with you, who tried a single game and concluded from that that all other games are bad without even trying them? No, we are just going to call you dumb because you are dumb.


Talk in first person, dude. You are alone.


That's usually how these threads go.
Wizzies are honestly pretty retarded and stick to the common consensus like redditors.



>Why is gaming so dead, bros?
We think it's because companies now try to virtue signal and shove progressive politics in videogames. More and more people involved in videogames tend to be left leaning and also be gays, furries, trans, etc. This people are mentally ill and will never know what makes videogames fun, instead they're all obsessed with their own image and identities, etc. So you get this people working on your favorite franchise and it produces this sterile, soulless, no fun games era of gaming


>wizzies are honestly pretty retarded
Humans? Being retarded? No way.


Yeah man, action figures and "kick the can" ain't so fun anymore either. I don't know what they did, but I just can't capture the same magic when I was a kid. World has changed so much!! I tried the playground slides and swings and after 5 minutes I was done. Can you believe it? Even the playground has changed!!

But seriously, it's time to accept you're just more mature now and have different needs that can't be scratched by digital toys. Maybe there's an experimental indie game about depression that you can enjoy for the story, but just accept that those days of playing are over.


i'm a lot of things. But i've never been a nostalgiafag. I'm too self aware to suck off a game just because i liked it as a kid. Like for example i loved halo 3 and i know i might get attacked for saying this, but i replayed it and the halo formula is shit. if i was a nostalgia fag i'd just be like "WOW THIS IS SO AWESOME MY CHILDHOOD HYUK HYUK".
>They're definitely not inherently better than the newer games
They are and if you don't see why you aren't a real gamer. They are much harder to be good at because they are a lot sharper than modern garbage. especially because you have no ultimates. I mean christ its the same reason people still play smash melee over the modern versions. Melee is the more skilled version. Maybe you play dating sims and visual novels and don't understand what hardcore gaming is.

Like for tf2 as an example. There are many advanced tactics like trimping, rocket jumping, C tapping and countless others that you just wouldn't find in overwatch because its so limited.

you are talking about two different things anon. Video games are much more complex than action figures and playgrounds.
also lol @ hinting that theres some better or finer way to spend time. When it comes to leisurely activities everything is fucking stupid. What else is there? ship in a bottle? watching paint dry? Or how about getting good at tf2?


>lol @ hinting that theres some better or finer way to spend time

I'm not saying that, your own lack of enjoyment and boredom is telling you that. You outgrew your toys and there's no going back.


or i'm just in a bad mood and will enjoy them another day (today) because no matter what i always come back to the classics.


Supposedly there are good indie games out there. Need to give up on whatever is popular, though. Anything that appeals to the mainstream will be bad

You probably just need to find different books that you actually find interesting. There are so many different topics that you know nothing about and dont know they exist


2023 is not a bad year for gaming the industry is healing, there is something for everyone this year which is what it was like back in the day


No OFFENSE but do you really talk like this
>the gaming the industry is healing
it freaks me out because it's female speak.


yeah females do tend to use healing as an adjective but it makes sense in his context. It's no more female than saying No OFFENSE.


Bot post or an actual retard?
What the fuck are you talking about?


File: 1699331588570.jpg (275.25 KB, 650x650, 1:1, 5274b7d1117b17412a60b65766….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Bot post or an actual retard?
>What the (explitive) are you talking about?

In the first half of our boy's post, he directly addressed OP's dilemma, showing agreement and offering a general solution for avoiding disappointment in the future.

The second half addresses >>60989 's dilemma. Our boy insinuated that the reason 60989 doesn't enjoy reading in the same way OP doesn't enjoy gaming is because he's not making enough of an effort to find books that appeal to him personally, opting rather to read what's regarded as popular or intellectually significant.

Our boy made this completely clear and there really wasn't any room for interpretation. There is certainly no reason to be upset either. Perhaps it is you who is retarded.


>reason 60989 doesn't enjoy reading
Mr. retard,
I enjoy reading, that's the entire point of my post.
It's an addiction that will fuck up your life more than vidya or meth.
By doing meth instead of books at least you would be productive (and less retarded).


>I enjoy reading
Nobody would have come to that conclusion from reading your post given the fact that you've done nothing but complain about books in general, stating that it's all a waste of time. Because of this, it would be CORRECT to conclude that you don't enjoy books or reading.

Another thing about your post worth pointing out is this part:
>It only confuses you more as to how the world actually works as these books are written by lunatics.
>It only confuses you more
Why did you use "you" instead of "me" here? If you get confused by books, then you can say "Books confuse me". To use "you" here is a projection, one of your own shortcomings on to others, as a way of normalizing your own incompetence while simultaneously talking down to whoever you mean by "you".

No wonder reading is so painful and confusing for you… You can't read even basic English! Hahaha!


File: 1699335423226.png (1.33 MB, 974x974, 1:1, critique of pure reason.png) ImgOps iqdb

I'm Eastern European. My reading comprehension, by default, far surpasses yours in languages I don't even speak.

>stating that it's all a waste of time. Because of this, it would be CORRECT to conclude that you don't enjoy books or reading.

>Doing drugs is a waste of time, therefore you don't enjoy drugs
>Playing vidya is a waste of time, therefore you don't enjoy vidya

>Why did you use "you" instead of "me" here?

Because if (you) read Critique Of Pure Reason and don't end up more confused(in a "adding complexity to one's understanding of the world" way Mr. retard, NOT "too hard to comprehend" sense) than when you began, then you were too dumb to understand it or too stupid to fully contemplate on the implications.


You have a complex and conflicting position, so it is difficult to understand. I always find addiction difficult to understand - people that in some sense irrationally regret their actions but continue to do it. In my own experience of life, I am not like that. So I read your post quickly and did not fully comprehend your strange internal conflict. Rationally discussing the irrational is not an easy thing to do.

I'll try again: there is very likely some information out there (something to read) that will provide you satisfaction, so you could perhaps seek completely different types of content than you have experienced before. I say this because the field of content is so so incredibly wide. Otherwise, you must accept and realise that you are rejecting information from third parties altogether, and thus focus on something else that involves turning inward, creating, or experiencing reality directly.

Another idea: consuming information by itself can be unsatisfying, but reading can be done with some sense of further purpose. For example, Ted Kazynski did many years of focussed reading in order to produce his own books, with the further goal of influencing society. Likewise, people read technical books in order to learn how to produce something. I think you hint toward this direction when you mention technical manuals.

(i'm not the other guy)

thank you


>It only confuses you more as to how the world actually works
>"adding complexity to one's understanding of the world"
Whatever sort of simplicity and/or clarity you are searching for here reminds me of some schools of Zen. I found it satisfying to read about, but perhaps what satisfies me most about it is the idea that one can practice it and master it simply by sitting quietly - a field of knowledge that can be explored without reading, and which cultivates a simpler, clearer, more peaceful mental operating system and worldview. In short: try Zen meditation


>Doing drugs is a waste of time, therefore you don't enjoy drugs
>Playing vidya is a waste of time, therefore you don't enjoy vidya
If you enjoyed it, how can it be a waste of time? There is no meaning to life, so how can anything not be a waste of time? I dont understand this. You must believe in some weird 'meaning to life' thing, I guess


People have obsessed over finding meaning for thousands of years and failed. There is no evidence for it, and no coherent argument for it. At best, there is a meaning that we cannot (so far) comprehend and thus cannot take action toward. Even if there is a secret and unknowable meaning, then nobody knows which actions are fruitful toward it and which are not. I dont truly make a claim to knowledge of lack of meaning, but it seems the best working assumption to make


File: 1699340533891.png (138.14 KB, 336x326, 168:163, .png) ImgOps iqdb

>Commie Eupropoor butthurt that he's too stupid, bored, and poor to enjoy vidya
>Exposes himself as a "Life is pointless, everything is a waste" faggot
>Quotes Kant


>commie poor

He's from Europe, not California, retard.


I have the opposite problem where I don't play games because I get addicted too easily and I'd play them for 12 hours a day for weeks if I started.


I stay away from MMOs for the same reason.
If that skinner box gets in hooks into me I end of wasting so much time, not even having fun.


it's always cringe hearing the games others look back on as ideal and the point things became bad

it really is mostly when you are a teenager becoming an adult

thos is why so many people get into retro gaming to replay games from those years


It isnt just timing or nostalgia. It it was the age before games were made for online normie trash-eaters, with lootboxes, no longer designed by nerds but instead massive "design by committee" corporate structures


zoomers will be saying the exact shit expressing nostalgia for smartphone games and lootbox shooters in a decade


Likely, but that doesnt conflict with my point


there are still games not designed by massive companies, arguably now more than ever

it doesn't matter what reasoning you give for it, you're just older, and zoomers will become older and have the same feelings for dogshit games


People keep saying there are good indie games but i cant find them. Theyre almost always some 2D / isometric shit, or algorithmic "roguelike" shit, or incredibly derivative and shallow

There is a creative stagnation in the world in all sorts of arenas. Many people have identified this. It's the same with anime, for example. Even painting. Architecture. You going to claim I have nostalgia for architecture built generations before i was born, and paintings painted generations before I was born?


I still don't even know what a lootbox is. I assume it has something to do with online gaming which I don't do. I think people over-exaggerate their impact. You can just play single player games.


the visual style of paintings and architecture is not the original complaint you're making against videogames


no idea what youre talking about


you are not complaining about the visual style of videogames changing over the years


Buy a good computer and get a quality internet connection and you'll enjoy multiplayer games as well.


true, so? did you miss the part where I referred to generalised "creative stagnation"?


that's fair but if you apply creative stagnation also to civilization, painting, architecture, culture, art… over thousands of years, how is there a period of no stagnation where videogames were good? if your generalization is true and goes back that far, videogames should never have been good, or even created at all. i would be willing to say there is perhaps some stagnation but not universally or continually, but particular to certain things and periodically

i just don't want to embrace such negative thinking where everything is bad and getting worse. and realistically i know more creative output in all forms is being done nowadays than ever in the past, more than we can ever consume. i feel like we turn to big popular things instead of the little things. but those little things were more akin to things of the past. the modern equivalent of old good things is just drowned in a sea of incompetent game devs and greedy corporations and low quality indie garbage (easy to use game engines are a double edged sword), but there are still probably more good things now than ever


> you're just older, and zoomers will become older and have the same feelings for dogshit games

1000% wrong. Fortnite, valorant and even overwatch aren't going anywhere. Do you think nobody will be playing these games in 10 years? They are enormously popular, hell fortnite is already 6 years old and overwatch is 7. Think about how people still play tf2 16 years later. If people aren't playing games like fortnite 16 years from now you can bet they will just be playing fortnite 2 which is the same exact game.

triple A titles have very few new IPs that people actually like. They are just re-releasing shit that they made in the 2000s. Gears of war, endless cods, red dead, Mortal Kombat, ect. People are just playing heavily monetized, sterile versions of those.


So why not play older games? There's a lot of games from the past that you can play, you don't have to play newer games if you don't like it. Honestly I had this sort-of angst about newer video games too but it's just useless to care about when older games aren't gonna go anywhere. Even old online games have communities, some are still thriving even.

And I wouldn't chalk this feeling that you have up to nostalgia, trying to do is too reductive and completely ignores a lot of the change that has come to define modern day games. Change is not the same as progress. In this day and age I think there's so much excess in computational power that I feel goes to complete waste, which is why I have a sense of unease seeing newer games with "ultra-realistic game-changing" graphics that end up just feeling like an incredibly expensive novelty.


OP here. I tried naraka: bladepoint. Its alright i guess. Don't know if i'm gonna stick with it.

i've been wanting to play squad for like 4 years now. ill try it when i can buy it.


>i dont know if i'm gonna stick with it
i'm not. It's just pubg for chinese mythologists. It's combat is not my style either. I like chivalry and mordhau for melee combat.


Gaming has been getting worse for a decade at the very least. Mainly because of heavy, heavy monetisation. People are literally paying a 1/4 of the price of a full game for a fucking skin.

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