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Discuss the Nintendo Switch and its games here. Feel free to share friend codes with other wizzies.


I’m buying the new upgraded model Switch in August. Who should I main in Smash Ultimate? Never played but picked it up.


The only reason I have a switch is because the early models are hackable and I can pirate all games,other than that,is not really worth it.


>friend codes
dang nintendo still has that?

god 3d printed stuff always looks like shit. i bet they are charging $20 for that.


A family person got a second one to crack and is letting me use the other. I bought myself Genso Wanderer and he's not permitted to play it. I'm going to steal the switch when I move out




File: 1565940554701.png (310.14 KB, 470x628, 235:314, 8AE0FD16-EDA3-4775-9A7E-1C….png) ImgOps iqdb

Anyone want to play Mario Kart or something?


any thoughts on the new model? i've heard the screen is a bit worse, but otherwise looks like a better deal.

the main draw for me is a mobile slay the spire, being able to play that game in bed and such would be amazing. i never understood why they don't put it on android, it seems like it would be a perfect fit.

it would be cool to finally try out breath of the wild too, after hearing so much praise for it the past few years.


>i never understood why they don't put it on android
Controls and it probably wouldn't run well on avrage phones and tablets. Plus most android ports have to be built from the ground up which takes money and time, which due to the difference in market isn't financially worth it for most games.


you think slay the spire isnt suited for android? to me it seems like a perfect fit

the controls would translate perfectly to touch, its not exactly a graphically demanding game. and im not sure but it might be built in java. it has a linux port and people have even got it running on openbsd


Softmodded CFW on my switch. Any singleplayer experiences worth pirating? Already have BOTW


no, all your work for nothing


>all your work
it was just dragging and dropling a folder with a $2 thingy plugged in


more like the nintendo bitch


Just use the fucking emulator.



Is super Mario odyssey any good?


i bought a switch for only four games.
rune factory 4 special, rune factory 5, animal crossing new horizons and monster hunter generations ultimate.

i desperately look around for other games worth playing but everything else looks like shit and piss. it's probably the worst game library i've ever seen, not counting joke consoles like the Tiger Hyperscan.
but, these farming games that you can play for 500000 hours will make it worth it.


me again. i ended up selling my Switch after how horrible New Horizons turned out to be. i bought a pet hamster with the money.


for me it's stardew valley, puyo puyo, wargrove, baba is you and automachef. waiting for battle brothers


i like new horizons


It's the only reason I bought the switch. Although the experience was kind of ruined because I played the whole game on the stupid tablet; too lazy to connect it to my dusty old TV.
How's your hamster doing wizzie?


It's my primary gaming device, because I'm a casual. Playing Valkyrie Chronicles 4 at the moment


What games are best on the Switch?


I don't have one yet, but want to get one. Thinking of stocking up on Jap games I can get for retail price now from Amazon, before the price for them will probably skyrocket. Anyone here like switch for Jap games like JRPG/visual novels? Is it good experience, I had xbox one and traded it in for xbox series s, but I'm starting to regret it, western games bore the hell out of me now, last time I played JRPGs seriously was good ol ps2 era.

Thinking of doing surveys to earn wizbucks to buy games off Amazon, figure if I do enough to get 10 dollars a day, thats enough to buy a full price game a week easy, as games are 60-70 here in Australia. I just need to find the motivation to do surveys for five hours a day. If I had a job I could just buy them, but I'm not sure I want to waste money on games anymore, I feel better if I just waste my time doing surveys, I have two laptops anyway so I can watch anime on one and do surveys on the other, I'm just lazy.


See if you can get a hackable switch on ebay, it might be a bit more expensive, but you could pirate all the games and save money on the long run, that's what I did.

And most Jarpigs and VN's are already on PC, I don't know why you should play them on switch.


Pick a character that you like. That's how I do it for every fighting games.

It's cool but worse than every other 3D Mario games imo. You're rewarded for the simplest tasks like groundpounding a slope or talking to an npc.

I really liked Lugi's Mansion 3. Bayonetta 2/Mario 3D World if you haven't already played them.


I own a switch. not sure about the model but I think it's the standard one (with the blue and red controllers?) I mainly play Pokemon on it atm. is the pro controller worth the money?


I hate myself for having wasted money on one. Bought one to hack it and have never played on it.


The pro controller is expensive but worth it if you play docked a lot.

I think the switch is great, it’s probably the console I use the most. Currently playing a ton of Slay the Spire on it. That game is addictive.


Really? Isn't buying pets pretty much the same as burning money?
I changed my mind, I'm gonna stick with my xbox series s for now, I don't really care much for Japanese games nowdays, besides some like octopath traveler are coming to xbox. I think collecting physical games is kind of a waste of money/space, I plan on selling my physical games collection, I have hundreds of mainly ps2/xbox 360 games I no longer play might as well get some money from them, but I'm lazy and its a pain in the ass to list all the games.


>Isn't buying pets pretty much the same as burning money?
As opposed to buying videogames, a sound investment.


splatoon 2 and fire emblem three houses are good.

One of the most boring games i've ever played. Go play galaxy instead.


I just got one and hacked it. Touhou spell bubble is fun and relaxing. Mario odessy is fun in short bursts


File: 1619236493126.jpg (567.93 KB, 2300x1897, 2300:1897, 20210502.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Is SWITCH comfy?


All 3d marios are collectathons mixed with platforming, but odyssey has the least enjoyable platforming of all of them. The city world was cool tho


I beat Pokemon Sword recently and was pleasantly surprised at how many deeply established Pokemon tropes the game broke. They made a hundred changes from older games and they're universally positive


Currently NEO the world ends with you, fun as fuck game.


Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is getting 48 more tracks over the course of two years starting this March. It'll cost $25 and they're all remakes of past tracks but they'll be playable online so it should breath some life in to the game. This means MK8 will have been the "current" Mario Kart game for 10 years when counting the Deluxe release as just a port of the WiiU version.


Games as a service..

Mario kart 8 is an awful game. All the weird gravity stuff makes tracks confusing to race on. It would be fine to drive up the walls on big curves but many of them are total changes you can't really see coming. All the boat, flying and whatever shit is just a mess too. They should make Diddy kong racing if they want to do all the different vehicles and cut the bullshit.


>Games as a service..
What has that got to do with anything? "Games as a service" refers to games that can be rendered completely unplayable at the whim of the publisher. When you buy MK8, you're paying for a functional singleplayer experience that can be played on any Switch. The global online servers may go down in the future, but local wireless will still work whoch is the same experience. The map packs are just DLC being dished out over time.

>It would be fine to drive up the walls on big curves but many of them are total changes you can't really see coming.

Any racing game requires the player to memorize the track and to know how to read signs. The areas that switch to hover and water mode are marked with different boosters. Also hover mode doesn't handle different, it's just an artistic choice needed to explain why the karts don't fall off the track when going inverse.

>cut the bullshit.

Mario Kart was always about crazy obstacles, weapons, and tracks. "bullshit" is why it's so fun. Get good.


>Nintendo Hacker Gary Bowser Fined 14.5 Million and Sent to Prison for 40 months.

LOL. Some of Gary's Teams' chips were pretty good, letting you use the switch as a desktop PC if you wanted, but he was a crudmuncher.


>Gary Bowser
that's his real name?


No, his real name is K. Koopa


Games as a service doesn't just mean online only. It's the entire model of making a base game and padding out content as a constant update with season passes and drip feeding DLC.

>Mario kart has always been about crazy X

No it hasn't. It didn't become a gimmick fest until the Wii. It doesn't need 15 different vehicle modes, customisable karts which slowly unlock and fucking with the gravity. In every other Mario kart you could see the track ahead of you and how you had to turn. In 8 you don't because it can go any where it wants to. Which makes it more about autism than skill as a racer.


>It's the entire model of making a base game and padding out content as a constant update with season passes and drip feeding DLC.
No, that's never had anything to do with "games as a service", like at all. What you're complaining about has its own name, but even that doesn't really apply here because MK8 Deluxe was a fully finished and functional game at release that didn't advertise any future content. This is just an optional expansion pack. Nintendo stated, at least where Virtual Console games are concerned, that they release new content on a in small increments on a set schedule so they have time to fix bugs and focus on a small handful of games instead of dropping dozens of releases and then scrambling to fix things. Most of the 48 promised tracks are probably not even complete yet as they're full-scale remakes so they can't release them all if they wanted.

>In every other Mario kart you could see the track ahead of you and how you had to turn.

I can do this in MK8 as easy as I can in any other, if not easier than all of the 2D games. Plus a good bunch of the tracks in MK8 are from the past games…



MK8 was not released fully finished. The deluxe version wasn't even fully finished if they're adding more content on afterwards.

>Nintendo rehashing more stuff and charging you for it.

>Quality virtual console

Hahahahahahahahahaha. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jSyBMSOfPxg

Literally worse emulation than the gamecube had. They released garbage and spread it as thinly as possible because fanboys will let them shit in their mouth if they put a nintendo seal of approval sticker on their ass cheek.


Please don’t post like you’re on /v/.


I haven't played a lot of virtual console shit, but I remember something about how Mother 2 VC isn't playable on a 2DS and I know that is complete bullshit because I put Mother 2 with an emu skeleton on my hacked 2DS and it played fine. Just one little example of artificial gating by Nintendo. Looking at the mountain of accessories for Game Boy is a bigger case.
I wish they (not Nintendo, emu developers) would figure out how to emulate the HYP mic already. Miss yelling expletives at that little rat and lost all my original N64 shit from my parents divorcing.


So i want to get a switch oled…. can i run custom firmware to run pirated games or am i SOL and too late


last time i checked only the first generation units, and not all of them at that were hackable, which is why many used to recommend to buy a used one


OLED is a gimmick unless you're playing in sunlight. If you're playing on a TV especially there's no point. Like anonabove said only the first generation, and the first few hundred thousand serials, have a direct hardware root to the read-only boot manager which guarantees eternal CFW support with zero-detection if you still want to play online (with purchased games). They can be found used for the same price as a new OLED model.


I can't wait for Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and Splatoon 3. Probably the only games I'm looking forward to this year. XC2 and Splatoon 2 were games I could just play to chill out and get comfy so I hope it's the same here. Something about the aesthetic just really did it for me.


I'm honestly kind of worried Splatoon 3 won't have enough new stuff…


So excited 1 and 2 were amazing.. the ost and story I can’t wait


I feel like playing Xenoblade Chronicles, anyone tried the Remastered switch version on an emulator?


Xenoblade Chronicles 3, anyone getting it this Friday? I can’t wait it’s my favourite series of all time and the only game I am about to buy and play on launch day.


File: 1658981693079-0.png (2.75 MB, 1600x1792, 25:28, 11.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1658981693079-1.jpg (999.08 KB, 2560x1436, 640:359, 12.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1658981693079-2.webm (2.88 MB, 1632x510, 16:5, 10.webm) ImgOps iqdb

I think it just looks worse but DE has more QoL features


Thanks. The faces do look worse but I don't think the second pic is such a big deal? The QoL features are the only thing keeping me from just emulating the wii version on dolphin, I can't really be bothered to keep up with what switch emulator is best and messing around with the settings and what not. I do believe I have the hardware for it but it's too much of a hassle for now.


oh snap is that andrew? xd


retard xd


Can anyone recommend trials
Of mana?


It's a good game, but Switch version is the worst as usual.


Anyone get any good deals from the recent sales? The eshop had a huge black friday sale


What with the 3DS store closing and all, I think spending the extra cash to have the game "forever" is better.
Unless it's some shovelware shit, I guess.


i am finally gonna play some switch games now that i think the emulation scene has had a chance to beta test everything for years

i dont know a single switch game aside from the zelda one. i like casual and fun games on consoles, because i cant get into hardcore stuff. it seems silly with a controller. any good stuff i should try? ill eventually find a list of things and look for myself but i dont need to look since the zelda game will take a while


What are you interested in?


mostly rpgs or simulation or strategy games. but as long as it isn't sports, shooters, racing, fighting, or puzzle games, i will probably look into it before rejecting it


basically all those things are time sensitive and it feels like you need fast reaction speed. i don't like that requirement for console games, i'm too slow and it's awkward with a controller to do stuff. games where you can sit back and think about what the hell is happening with no rush is ideal


mario odyssey
xenoblade chronicles remastered


What's wrong with abandonware emulators?


Shin Megami Tensei V
Xenoblade Chronicles+2+3
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX
The Mario+Rabbids games sound good, but I haven't tried them yet
Live A Live remake
Golf Story
Fire Emblem: Three Houses (FE Engage is coming soon)


>Golf Story
it got a lot of praise back then, was it deserved or was it because there was nothing else to play on the system?


Not the best thing ever, but I thought it was fun. Sports Story recently came out, but I haven't tried it yet.



crystal.cafe is two blocks down


I don't have a nintendo switch, but I played most of their games. I highly recommend Zelda, Lugui Mansion 3, and Mario Odyssey. They are really good games.

I downloaded them from this page in case anyone is interested. Everything is already configured.


thanks for virus
(inb4 "tis safe i checked with avast")


While FG repacks are slow as fuck and can cause severe torture or mutilation to your pc, they are pretty safe.


It is the best page to download games, apart from the fact that it is torture to configure the emulators. Everything is there ready to download, and it doesn't have a virus, you just need a more or less decent processor, since you have to decompress a lot.

Look, the game can be played even better than on the swhic.


Are switch games easy to sell? Also im
In a large metro city


Not really, you need to get forms printed out at a Gaming Club or verified reseller and fill them out with the game's history. Even though the Switch ships with a dock installed, Switch games are compact and cartridge based so they're considered portables and therefor have the same concealment class as 3DS or PS VITA games. Depending on where you are you might need to run a background check on whoever is buying the game (If they break the online mode's TOS with the game it could come back to you if they turned out to not be old enough to play that game). Also don't ever do the exchange at your house, but instead arrange a meeting in a public space with security cameras, or even you can do it at the Gaming Club if you schedule a Dungeon Master mediate the transaction.



glad to know my pc is not alone in struggling to install those things. i swear i need to upgrade soon.


File: 1683084340312.png (3.52 MB, 1487x968, 1487:968, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

what is this fucking HOMO font

first lines of dialogue ingame and i seriously cannot distinguish between the 't' and 'l' and 'f'

i can't believe this bullshit is the game's font. everyone has to look at this, to talk to anyone, you read this font. god damnit. i am petty enough to not play the game over bullshit like this. fucking japanese nonsense


the dialogue bubbles are also gigantic and the text is tiny. i just can't believe this crap


l know l showldn't be lowghlng, bwl colllng o lonl homo ls hllorlws.


homo fonts are just shit some nerd makes up, they have not been field tested and served a purpose for decades like existing fonts. some faggot really just decided they like how it looks and barely anyone is knowledgable enough about fonts to udnerstand why a particular font is bad. so these fag fonts get added in to EVERYTHING and no one does anything about it

this shit is a readability nightmare

not related to fonts, but this fucking game forces an specific viewpoint during battles, such that you are basically looking at a diagonal grid… but you must select and do stuff. using the left stick doesnt give you precise control and its wobbly. using the dpad… clicking left… move the cursor northeast, right moves southeast… fucking gay

poor fucking console peasants having to tolerate this bullshit. i cant imagine spending money on this and loading it up and having to tolerate this shit

i am proudly deleting this bullshit


Anyways i figured its worth getting games because ill be on general relief/citybuxx anyways


Yuzu waited until the TotK release date to upload an emulator that properly runs it. I don't get it, don't think nintendo would've caused them any trouble and it was obviously already made because they uploaded it immediately, so they had to use the pirated rom to make it work. Kinda weird


Anybody who is playing Zelda should absolutely change the audio language to something other than English. The Japanese VAs were all pretty good in BotW and are (so far) also good in TotK.
However, the English VA will make you want to play it muted, if that guy who complained about it in the other thread is any indication.



god i hate these acronyms
how the fuck do i even pronounce that

i wish people would just say Zelda 24 or New Zelda


bio-TV or bioh-TV
teeoh-teekay or tot-kay


>how the fuck do i even pronounce that
I have never said their names out loud but in my inner monologue I just read the acronyms as the entire name


File: 1684120704895.mp4 (2.02 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 9n59D24FT6evbwEm.mp4) ImgOps iqdb




I played for a couple of hours yesterday and they really had a good idea with the merge system, you can just spend hours playing besieged in the overworld, figuring out silly ways to kill moblins, I didn't make anything interesting, just a catapult that broken down on the first throw


How does nintendo manage to scam so many people into paying $70 for a video game?


File: 1684248406943.png (3.24 MB, 1276x1700, 319:425, 81Yiw8Zk0uL._AC_SL1500_.png) ImgOps iqdb

Not only they pay for it, they're happy to do it and get angry at people who pirate or just criticize them, it's like when people defend a sports team or political party.
I like their games, not gonna lie, but never gave them a penny and never will if they keep pulling shit like this, which they've been doing since the 90s, and it works for them, so I doubt they'll stop.


Hey at least for that $70 we get a physical copy of the game. Guys who spend $70 on a game from Steam wake up every midnight pissing and shitting with fear that another game will no longer be launchable after a system update.

I did not enjoy paying $90 Canadians for Animal Crossing though.


you are doing a weird comparison to steam, a digital-only games market, but neither of those are good. just pirate shit


yeah we got it you are very cool


To btfo these third worlders coping even harder, just buy the game when its on sale and then when you want sell used (used and new on sale are same price for physical switch games)


>(used and new on sale are same price for physical switch games)


File: 1684347752555.jpg (210.91 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, luigis-mansion-3-button-fi….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Was anyone else here somewhat disappointed with the artstyle direction of Luigis Mansion 3? I was really bummed out that they didn't go for the more dark/horror-like artstyle and atmosphere of Luigis Mansion 1. Everything from the floor themes to the ghost designs just felt like a more watered down version of the 2nd game but with fancier graphics. Not to say that gameplay sucked, but the artstyle factors just kind of ruined the experience for me.


fuck off back to /v/


Having a laugh at third worlders is universal, not just a /v/ thing.


>your product is too expensive
>but at least my <physical> expensive product cannot be taken away from me!
you had to introduce an arbitrary metric (physical vs digital) to convince people your expensive product is good… despite the fact nintendo offers digital purchases and also removes/delists stuff from their eshop

cope harder


Every opinion that you don't agree with isn't a "cope" you underage rediitor.


you're deluded



File: 1684380076742.jpg (4.86 KB, 336x326, 168:163, ,,.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>I'm deluded


Tears of the Kingdom is based. Haven't been this immersed in a game since Red Dead Redemption 2.


"Based" how? How does it challenge the narrative? What does it do despite pressure to do the opposite? If anything it panders to general consensus.

How young are you that you don't even know what "based" means and just use it as a general "good"? Probably 17, and West-European.


any news about switch emulation?


Emulating Switch? Or emulating ON the Switch?

For the former, there's no news. But for the latter, there's also no news. Nintendo has been DMCAing anyone who even mentions either on YouTube.


Yesterday I found out Yuzu works MUCH better in Linux, so if any of you is having trouble in windows you might want to check that out


Is there little interest in cracking that thing, or are they doing such a good job patching up exploits?


Low serial number Version 1 switches are crackable forever and discretely as there are physical read-only segments of hardware code that insists the "paperclip trick" work.

Nintendo's only attempt at quelling jailbreakers has been to shut down discussion of the act. All systems after can be cracked real easy, but it's a question of if the vanilla software can detect usage of cracks and apply a serial network ban accordingly. If you don't plan on doing any online gaming with the device, you can grab an OLED Switch and put the whole library on it for free.

There is also quite a large (by today's standards) modding scene which swaps and adds custom content to games like Smash and BOTW and its DLC


Don't you have like to physically tinker with the system now for that to work though. Compared to the PSP or the NDS where just about anyone could install a custom firmware or buy a flashcart…


Why would you? Emulation is at a point we were playing the latest Zelda ten days BEFORE console release day, on computers that weren't even powerful (I'm playing the game on a Ryzen 5 with an amd rx570). If you say you want a portable system, there are portable PCs that are way better and also capable of emulating it, on top of thousands of computer games, and the controller is crap, seriously it feels like shit. Honestly the only argument for acquiring a Switch is some ethics bullshit about pirating and supporting Nintendo, and honestly I couldn't care less


>Don't you have like to physically tinker with the system now for that to work though.
Yep! Shouldn't be a problem if you're an adult male.


How do i get refund from eshop gift cards? Redeemed them on e shop already


So i did some research and although switch oled is cheaper id much rather wait for emulation to get better and use a really good tablet to minimize my stuff


I am bored with the game, and frustrating with aspects of it. I still can't stop playing it.

Feels like digital crack, but without the benefit of getting high


I'm also bored, finished the last shrine yesterday, will probably finish it over the the weekend and be done with it, I don't really care about getting all the sages wills or korok seeds.
What part is frustrating to you? The building thing? I'm kinda frustrated with the fact that most vehicles you build rarely work as intended and that wings disappear after like one minute, I had hoped you could make a little plane and fly for a while but no, I guess you can't


I clocked about 120 hours into it over the span of a month or so before completing it, it was pretty fun despite all the asset reuse. My 3 main complaints were

- I wish they would come up with a better rewards system, doing quests or puzzles which usually just reward you with some shitty consumables instead of unique tools sucks.
- Shrines felt way easier than BoTW, ultrahand + recall trivialize so many of them and apparently other stuff like rockets shields make them easier. The combat shrines which strip your equipment are better than the shitty combat shrines in BoTW which are mostly just repeats at least but now there are the blessing shrines which are way too common.
- Still no real dungeons, the lightning temple was the closest to an actual dungeon and even that was short. Water temple was ass, wind temple was eh, and fire temple I just cheesed because I was getting sick of building shit and didn't feel like navigating the rails.

It and BoTW are still my favorite open world games though, the movement and the physics systems are really fun.


File: 1694984556621.jpg (743.77 KB, 2000x1000, 2:1, 2x1_NSwitch_AnotherCodeRec….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I've been wanting to jailbreak my switch because switch games are so expensive and they're just not worth paying for. It feels kind of foolish to pay for software when there's ways around it. But it seems jailbreaking the lite (the one I own) requires hardware and seems pretty technical for someone like myself who is retarded.

Do you think it's worth buying an unpatched switch at this point for modding? They don't seem extremely expensive at least.
By the way, that another code remake looks interesting. It makes me wonder if there's any hope for a Kyle Hyde collection, or even a third Kyle Hyde game?


File: 1695037300414.jpg (202.33 KB, 1600x800, 2:1, H2x1_3DSDS_ChaseColdCaseIn….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I never played another code but the Kyle Hyde games were my favorite DS games, I hope they make something new
There is a "third" Kyle Hyde game, made by the same devs, it's called Chase: Cold Case Investigations, but sadly it's pretty short and doesn't have the wandering around mechanics the others had


I thought about getting a Switch to possibly homebrew for a while. Still haven't decided. Although getting a vulnerable 2017 Switch would work best, I could just as well just buy the newest OLED model since I can afford it and just buy whatever games. But then I can't run my own software in case I feel like doing that.


I don't really understand buying a console then complaining about pirating games being difficult and requiring extra skills and hardwear modification.

This is the path you chose.
Ether deal with piracy on hard mode or deal with emulators on a decent PC.


I guess because a switch is 300USD and a decent pc is easily over 1000
Also switch emulation is far from perfect


pcs are not that expensive


Build a PC to compete with a PS4 and it gets around the $1,000 mark. Switch emulation is still handled mostly by the CPU so you're looking at an i7 at least.


u can get it for under that on Black Friday. Dont even have to build it.

Plus you need a decent PC for a few hundred bux anyway just for daily life.


why are comparing the price of a switch… to the price of a pc built to emulate a different console


A PC capable of emulation needs to be way above the specs of the console it seeks to emulate. I used PS4 as it's a good starting point for the kind of power you would need in order to play Switch Games with similar speed to how they would play on Switch hardware.


emulation performance has improved a lot, you can use an old ass i5 for most games on switch. $1000 is so beyond overkill


but even so if you want to go overkill and build a pc that can emulate everything… you must compare that super pc to the cost of all consoles it can emulate, the cost of those games, etc. at the very least if you just want to play switch and ps4 for example:

ebay shows
$250 minimum for used ps4
$200 minimum for used switch
$10 for each used ps4 game
$15-20 for each used switch game

that's already like $500. you also need a monitor, the controllers for each system. and if you want to play another console… yeah that is another few hundred. and you have barely bought any games. it does get cheaper for older consoles and hardware, to some extent when they aren't collectible. but the emulation also becomes easier and more affordable the older the system you are playing

dont want to sidetrack nintendo switch discussion too much so i will leave it at that


No it isn't.
I payed ~800 for mine and it still consistently blows current gen consoles out of the water and will continue to do so for many years to come.
A $500 dollar gaming PC could play Switch games with ease.
For fuck sake there are cell phones that can play PS3 games.
Your information is outdated.


List specs or lying.


Meanwhile dude plays switch games easier then xbox 360 games on a mini PC that cost less then $400




I don't think you even know how to compare specs


answer the question (not him)


so the nintendo switch renders 720p at 30 or 60fps, depending on the game

if your cpu is sufficient, you get 30/60 fps
if your cpu is super powerful, you still get 720p at 30/60fps
if your cpu is not powerful enough, you get lower fps

any games that are NOT playable or have really bad fps are a result of the emulator, basically all cpus will suck at these games

rendering the game at a higher resolution primarily uses your gpu, and you don't need much. if you want a card that will let you play modern games as well, try a 3060 for $220 on ebay, or the 2060 super is basically the same thing for $170. youc an go down all the way to 1660 super for like $100

here are some cpus that should work fine. people often upgrade from these to way more powerful cpus, and find they aren't getting any better performance. if the game runs like ass you'll need to do performance mods or try a different emulator. some games run much better in cemu vs yuzu for example

r5 5600x or r7 3700x or 3600
any of these are fine. the amd cpus are like $90-120 but you can look at passmark and find similar scoring cpus for less and pick them up used on ebay

you need a minimum 16gb ram which is chump change nowadays

a good ssd to run the game from

a mobo compatible with whatever cpu socket you want. amd seems to be more value so probably am4 for what i listed

$170 - 2060 super
$120 - r5 5600x
$50 - am4 motherboard
$20 - 16gb ddr4 ram
$20 - 1TB hdd
$40 - 1TB ssd
$60 - atx tower case

that's under $500

swapping to 1660 super and r7 3700x would bring it down to $400. if you already have hard drives or ssd or an old pc case, you could have this for well under $300

i'm sure there are guides out there to build cheaper stuff for emulating switch. people make youtube videos on systems costing less than $100 playign stuff like starfield and cyberpunk at console quality framerate and graphics settings.


File: 1696511934560.jpg (189.2 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

True, Cold Case was created by CING employees, but the main writer from Hotel Dusk and Last Window – Rika Suzuki – Was uninvolved.
She is involved, however, with writing a new adventure game coming next year called 'Dark Auction: Hitler's Estate'.

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