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Discuss the Nintendo Switch and its games here. Feel free to share friend codes with other wizzies.


I’m buying the new upgraded model Switch in August. Who should I main in Smash Ultimate? Never played but picked it up.


The only reason I have a switch is because the early models are hackable and I can pirate all games,other than that,is not really worth it.


>friend codes
dang nintendo still has that?

god 3d printed stuff always looks like shit. i bet they are charging $20 for that.


A family person got a second one to crack and is letting me use the other. I bought myself Genso Wanderer and he's not permitted to play it. I'm going to steal the switch when I move out




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Anyone want to play Mario Kart or something?


any thoughts on the new model? i've heard the screen is a bit worse, but otherwise looks like a better deal.

the main draw for me is a mobile slay the spire, being able to play that game in bed and such would be amazing. i never understood why they don't put it on android, it seems like it would be a perfect fit.

it would be cool to finally try out breath of the wild too, after hearing so much praise for it the past few years.


>i never understood why they don't put it on android
Controls and it probably wouldn't run well on avrage phones and tablets. Plus most android ports have to be built from the ground up which takes money and time, which due to the difference in market isn't financially worth it for most games.


you think slay the spire isnt suited for android? to me it seems like a perfect fit

the controls would translate perfectly to touch, its not exactly a graphically demanding game. and im not sure but it might be built in java. it has a linux port and people have even got it running on openbsd


Softmodded CFW on my switch. Any singleplayer experiences worth pirating? Already have BOTW


no, all your work for nothing


>all your work
it was just dragging and dropling a folder with a $2 thingy plugged in


more like the nintendo bitch


Just use the fucking emulator.



Is super Mario odyssey any good?


i bought a switch for only four games.
rune factory 4 special, rune factory 5, animal crossing new horizons and monster hunter generations ultimate.

i desperately look around for other games worth playing but everything else looks like shit and piss. it's probably the worst game library i've ever seen, not counting joke consoles like the Tiger Hyperscan.
but, these farming games that you can play for 500000 hours will make it worth it.

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