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File: 1595780704660.png (56.81 KB, 300x100, 3:1, 1426200705971.png) ImgOps iqdb


Who was he and what was his problem ?

I think there was a quest related to him which i missed and never knew the mystery why he sat under a tree during night and say "everyone is disgusting"


From what I remember he's stranged from his family and ends up disliking people in general. He also plans to run away from home, which he does eventually, that's why he has all his belongs with him under that tree. On the quest you missed, you have to look for him in Lost Woods and finds out he ended up cursed or something because only Kokiri and Link himself can go in there. I played this game 20 years ago, my memory of the events might not be the best. Of course you could just look all this up online. He was one of my favorite NPCs, he really adds some character to that little village, you feel like there's actually people living in there with their own lives and real life problems.


He basically represents society outcasts . Great game .

Although i liked majora mask better. Breath of the wild is at bottom and worst Zelda game due to completely different feeling than Zelda game


My sisters were big into Zelda 2, but could never beat it. Later I got into it on the Nintendo 64 and enjoyed that and Majora's Mask. I even went back and got and beat the original Zelda 1. Never got to see Link to the Past and I never had a gameboy. And I could never bring my self to try beating Zelda 2 due to how autistically frustrating that game is.

Windwaker was the last Zelda game I played through. People thought the cell shading was great, but after I saw Shadows of the Colossus I felt jilted by the entire Zelda franchise. SotC was like a gigantic parody of the Zelda franchise that took itself serious and looked beautiful doing it. I tried getting into Twlight but it felt too much like Okami. Even the game play of Twlight felt like all the 3d Zelda games I already played and felt like I was going through the motions rather than exploring a unique world.

Playing Morrowind was refreshing and I describe it to my sisters like Zelda on crack, though essentially it is a single player D&D campaign. But its the first game that threw me into a world and didn't tell me in autistic detail what to do. It was "go out into the world and make a living." Though it was a brutal world at first with mixed moral messages, I really felt like a person in that world. Then the main quest took over and I was back in Zelda mode.

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Post your favorite video game teasers/trailers
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I had fun with Nocturne but I'm wondering; does anyone actually care about the occult hodgepodge in these games? It feels very distateful and pretentious to me, in the worst possible ways. At least there's none of that power of friendship bullshit.


It's so superficial that most people who are into that stuff just disregards it, I personally don't care, but I can see why someone might get offended


It helps the atmosphere. Granted, a game about the occult would get much more out of subtlety and not the garish style of SMT when it comes to atmosphere building. But I think it works anyway.



W*man Simulator 2020

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File: 1589207346612.png (69.24 KB, 200x176, 25:22, 1576979687317.png) ImgOps iqdb


Why do developers no longer respect a player's time? When did it become acceptable to bog everything down in immense amounts of grinding to unlock basic content? Rogue likes where you spend 20 hours unlocking different weapons just so you can get lucky and find a good one to finish the game. Long in engine cut scenes where you hold forward while 10 gig of audio files play at you. What happened to just making a decent couple of hours game play?
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This thread is blood curdling garbage ripped straight from /v's/ rotten ass crack and it'd be great if a mod could just delete it already or move it to /b/ (and seriously why don't they? what exactly is stopping them from doing this?), but, having said that, I'll agree that there are ways that certain games waste a player's time and that sometimes get on my nerves.

Games like Half-life with in-game cutscenes where you walk around as they're happening and are unskippable, or cinematic heavy games with non-skippable cutscenes, are one example of this. Not really a problem to deal with for a first playthrough of course, but fucking dreadful beyond words when you want to replay them. Max Payne 3 especially was fucking infamous for this kind of shit. And that game had the fucking nerve to then put in a bunch of unlockable hardcore modes on top of that, such as one where a single death sends you back to the very beginning, thereby forcing you to re-watch all the unskippable crap again. Contrast this with the original Max Payne where you could just skip everything and immediately get into the action. However, even original Max Payne wasn't completely free of time wasting crap, since the Maxs' nightmare levels are pretty tedious once you've already seen them and are, again, almost like a playable cutscene in some sense, but it's not really the same thing, I'll admit.

Another type of thing that I feel needlessly wastes time are just obnoxious grinds in games. For instance, these days, if after already beating the game there's something that costs like 100000000 gold, or whatever, and requires hours upon hours of further grinding to obtain then I'll usually just bust out cheat engine and give myself the required amount, so as to circumvent the obnoxious grind required. I don't mind a grind in certain games where it's paced out and implemented well, but there are some I just don't have the patience for. Rogue-likes are a good example of grinds in this sense. Take Rogue Legacy, for instance. I wasn't gonna do 100 runs, or whatever it'd take, to get the necessary gold required to unlock all the character classes and abilities, so I just gave myself a shit ton of gold and unlocked them all that way, so I could just focus on beating the game and trying out different stuff. Now, of course, unlocking everything wasn't really all that necessary and it was definitely overkill, but the grind still annoyed me and I simply wanted it out of the way. OtPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1595503704361.webm (3.95 MB, 640x480, 4:3, 9996888857637.webm) ImgOps iqdb

Disrespecting the player starts with multi-gigabyte 0-day patches. Ship the game properly coded and compress your patches (7z or zip).

Don't hold the players hostage!


I'd go even further and say disrespecting the player begins with uncopressed textures and shit making the games over 100GB


Let's go further and include games that run less than 60fps on average hardware.


i dont ever wanna download 50+gb games, what a joke

File: 1590198896262.jpg (31.5 KB, 284x350, 142:175, Red_Dead_Redemption_II.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


On ebay you can buy digital games from a russian guy for a discounted price and he will give an account where to download the game

i don't know the legality of this. i bought a digital copy of red dead redemption 2 for 6 dollars(when it's like 60 on the xbox site)
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Stadia would take off if Google only offered it in services with infrastructure that could handle it. Fiberglass optics directly to the servers.


it's to sell hard drives. or in console's case, the more expensive models that have bigger storage space.


It's sophisticated money-laundering. How it works is that russian cyber-criminals steal credit card numbers. Before the cc# are invalid, they buy digital versions of games and get the passkey. As time is of the essence, they sell it cheap and the buyer (like you) give money to a criminal.
This is why I prefer a disc-version and the fact I like having something physical.


Cowboys never grow old


They grow GAY.

File: 1591502318047.gif (2.19 MB, 388x218, 194:109, 1446875532_z8YxiUn.gif) ImgOps iqdb


I feel like I've finally hit an impassable wall when it comes to gaming. My actual time spent playing anything has taken a steep nose dive this year and I'm not sure if it'll ever recover. Days, and even weeks, go by now where I don't play anything at all. I also become fatigued while playing far more easily than usual, which is something I could usually endure/ignore, but now I can't even do that. I feel like I've been fighting a losing battle since the beginning of 2014, which is precisely when I'd say gaming started to really sour for me and ever since it's been more a struggle that I force myself to do, versus something I actually want to do for its own sake.

In my case, this has just as much to do with my autism/OCD as it has to do with simple anhedonia/burnout. There's still a gigantic amount of games out there that, as of this moment, I could very easily torrent/emulate and get to playing if I really wanted to. The sorts of games that I'm still interested in and that I still would like to get to at some point. The problem is that I can't enjoy anything and trying to motivate myself to sit down with a game and actually play it feels like pulling teeth, or having to drag my ass to some job I fucking hate. I honestly could care less what the current state of video games are. You see people whinging about it on here all the time, but, personally, I think it's really overblown and it's clear to see how there are still tons of games that come out that are still good and more than decent enough to play and enjoy. In the end, the problem just comes back to me, which is exactly what I'd argue is the case with anyone else who complains about the "state of gaming today" (that being, that it's ultimately their own problem), and the fact that, for me, I can't motivate myself to play anything I actually want to play.

I've been grappling with gaming burnout and anhedonia for a long time now, but I've kept forcing myself to keep at it because there's just nothing else for me to do, aside from watching random stuff like films/anime/shows, which I should really just focus on as a sort of break, or whatever, from gaming for a little while, or for however long it takes, instead of constantly forcing myself along like I need to meet a fucking work quota for the month of games finished. The thing is though is that, while some might think it ridiculous, I'm actually of the firm belief that society will probably collapse, or at the very least become muchPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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That must really suck. I wish I could offer some sort of advice but it would surely be completely mundane and unhelpful. I do wish you strength in overcoming your struggles however.


I've gotten to the stage where if I find out that the game closes off previous areas to me so I can't 100% them, I just immediately drop the game entirely because I got so sick of going through the same cycle you just described.


File: 1593891346666.png (199.53 KB, 800x600, 4:3, famfrit.png) ImgOps iqdb

I love this game so much. I am a wizard because of these games. Who needs friends when I have Lloyd and Genis? I often pretend they're with me when I play, making jokes and pointing out things I could do better. I tend to play as them more than others and am very used to Lloyd's crazy combos and Genis' spells. I also do the same in FFXII and DQVIII, where in FFXII it's me, Vaan, and Balthier. Balthier tends to make fun of me in my head but is ultimately a nice fellow and Vaan is just always excited about accomplishing stuff. I try to keep them in my party always and most often Basch too since they're all "bros" as normans would say. And in DQVIII, it's definitely Yangus and Angelo for me. I kicked Trode out of my party because he constantly criticized me (often, he was the voice of my obsession and anger) and Yangus is just a good guy and Angelo is funny with jokes and lewd comments about the succubi in the games. I have written lots of crossover fanfiction between the 3 games, like where the Summon Spirits of Sylvarant/Tethe'alla going into a cosmic war with the Espers in Ivalice, etc. I stopped writing years ago though because I have to spend more time finishing the games and less doing bullshit like posting on Wizchan but I really needed to tell someone besides my therapist who just phones it in and doesn't care anymore. Also, thank you for that picture, it made me laugh for the first time in a long while.
>So what's impossible about that exactly? I have no idea.
The problem is mainly how I have to do very specific rituals when I play certain parts. As said before,
>Meltokio to Ozette requires drinking 32oz of black coffee and going to the park at 2:30am
>the section in Welgaia requires me to play Genesis' album "A Trick Of The Tail" at 6:00pm
>grinding for seeds for max stats requires me to listen to Elton John's greatest hits album, no time limits though preferably in the morining
>need to eat a cinnamon roll and turkey sandwich before I fight Abyssion, which isn't a bad thing but it's hard to get on short notice
>have to take a nap about halfway through the Ymir Forest and leave the game running for about 4 hours, have to wake up while it's still dark Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Are you still there OP? It would suck to see one of the few remaining relatable posters on this shithole of a site go.


Excellent thread, op. I really enjoyed reading your conversation with the other wiz and related to a lot of it, especially about limited time. Had a similar experience with throwing out tons of junk a month ago for my mom as well. It felt similar to what you described as a once-a-year or so thing. Have been procrastinating on games all year, but some techniques help. Your feelings about enjoying games no one cares about hit so close to home, if I accidentally see a normgroid enjoy an indie game I love, I just grow to despise it in a way. Because of that decreasing looking up stuff to zero has been helpful. On the other hand, reading negative reviews of a small minority is nice, recent game being Disco Elysium. This past year, i really enjoyed the higurashi sound novels. I got my mother heavily into them, so it motivated me to finish the last 4 after a year break. It gave me a lot of understanding of potential of that media. It's also a dojin product, so it can hardly be ruined by westerners that want to discuss and share things, other than the steam workshop page that shows up in your library by default. As far as nier automata goes, the cavia games are simply way superior art, and drakengard 1 is like rape of nanking of games. Even the bullet witch, being a kusoge that it is is infinitely more enjoyable than witcher 3 or other nonsense story-game. Thanks for writing, wizanons like you make this place worthwhile, despite everything.

File: 1588327405751.jpg (131.16 KB, 900x743, 900:743, 1581646421600.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Any one got any recommendations for games which use a card collecting mechanic but aren't rogue likes? Like Pokemon TCG, Digimon card battler, FF8 (sort of).
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I think Baten Kraitos was card based if I remember right, haven't played in years. Or maybe Kingdom hearts chain of memories?

Not really sure I'd call either 'card' based so much as your moves/skills happen to be on cards. I assume you don't mean games like Hearthstone which are straight up card games.


Etherlords 2


I wanted to play the Yugioh PS1 game until I realized it's nothing like the actual game.
Not what anyone is looking for, but some of the DBZ games for the Famicom and Super Famicom had a battle system focused on cards. I like to think that had no clear idea in how to adapt the story into a game until Street Fighter 2 made fighting games big.
Also, what roguelikes have card based elements?


File: 1595509836238-0.jpg (286.43 KB, 750x1158, 125:193, 20200802.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1595509836238-1.jpg (208.26 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, 20200809.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Wanna try Hearthstone?


They made a separate game out of it too. I never played it though, I shit on CD Projews.

File: 1551098873336.jpg (144.68 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Does anyone else enjoy playing movie based games? They are usually really short and easy to play, but it feels rewarding beating games so I always liked them. Toy Story 3 is an example of a really good movie game. Most of them are pretty shit though compared to real games. So does anyone have any recommendations for games based on movies?
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Same, first game I remember enjoying was Lego Star Wars.


File: 1576456905910.png (195.46 KB, 350x382, 175:191, ef09fcecacb30feed93f2007fd….png) ImgOps iqdb

>toy story 3
>spongebob squarepants battle for bikini bottom
oh wait movie thread
>spongebob squarepants the movie the game
>shrek 2 the game
god damn there were some fun games. toystory 3 really was a good game, i spent so much time dicking around and no, i dont remember anything about the game other than LOVING it



Apparently LEGO was about to face bankruptcy until it started licensing Star Wars in the late 1990s.


Even successful movies have crappy tie-in games…

File: 1595297990511.jpeg (30.35 KB, 450x507, 150:169, images.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


A game release 2 decade ago predicted so much about future.

Mass surveillance and spying on citizen. Google and facebook having info of citizens like icarus , morpheus AI. Self employment on decline and wealthy controlling the world.

Restriction on speech and criticism. Everything feels so compartmentalized.
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I find interesting, how you are worried about media being taken over by automatons that are gonna remove most menial jobs, like the one in your picture but more importantly for non wageslaves at least, is the push they should make to make UBI a reality, like corona chan has forced many bosses to let their wagies work at home.


Yes. Deus Ex has solidly predicted many things. However Ill add this: We already have been heading to live in cyberpunk dystopia, just without all the cool stuff.


We've got cool stuff. No flying cars, but still.


File: 1595439597291.jpg (386.76 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, entertainment lost.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

For example inbetweeners in animation industry can be replaced by software CACANi, as computing becomes more advanced machine learning can replace most menial tasks and some animation studios have started to use such software in their production pipeline.You might make the argument that this is a good thing and now more resources & time can be allocated to keyframe animation storyboards etc and it will free up most inbetweener staff that are engaged low pay menial tasks and then they will be used for better things but this is not how the industry works.Inbetweening & other low pay menial tasks in the industry are used as training grounds for new animators that want to get into the industry and automation will get rid of this opportunity for new people wanting getting into the industry.Outsourcing & other horrible corporate practices have already made life hell for industry newcomers & automation will further destroy the talent pool.

You might make another argument that the industry can use its freed up resources from automation for training of new animators but is is not how corporations usually operate they would rather shit out low quality trash & use freed up resources in marketing, for example marvel comics used to do in house training but the assholes that were managing the company realized its more profitable to shit out terrible comics with cover gimmicks for collectors instead of making better story & art.

My point is automation & other technologies can be great tools for the production of entertainment but the people who produce entertainment and media will use it to cut production costs & use the money saved in marketing,remove many entry level jobs from the market causing the talent pool to shrink,lower the quality of products & use terrible schemes to monetize those low quality products.In conclusion automation will create media monopolies(I know they already exist but things will be much worse),it will literally create a market in which any type of production that is not automated will not be profitable & will not be able to compete with any type of automated production.The informed consumer might not approve of the quality of product being produced through automation but unfortunately there only a few of them left today, "We live in a society" full of normalfags who have very lowPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


You think they'll just give us bux?
Corona proved 70% of us aren't doing anything critical or even remotely useful. 2/3 of humanity could stay the fuck home forever and outside of fake-ass stocks changing values the world wouldn't notice a thing.
So will they abolish wasteful busywork and rationalize the concepts and division of labour so we don't have to waste our lives slaving in garbage factories, burning resources for no practical reason?
No, they'll invent new retarded ways for the "useless" individuals to "earn" our right to breathe. Or they'll just leave us to die.

Cool stuff such as?

File: 1595395709089.jpg (266.18 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Ghostly-Moon-1920-x-1080.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Each and every spot I see normies flooding my most loved subreddits and penetrating into my preferred side interest ever. I give myself in any event 10 hours out of each day to gaming and gaming just; gaming is the most centrical perspective to my vocation.

Possibly all you see is trap or an endeavor at humor, however I value my gaming capacities. Zoomers these days simply expend games cool as a cucumber as though it isnt a refined type of craftsmanship. It is humourous the way that these youngsters see the demonstration of playing games so easygoing; something you don't attach you personality to. I generally pour my substance and everything into this side interest.

>everybody plays games now

Pratically no one is a gamer. There are such huge numbers of motivation behind why individuals like you and every other person aren't considered gamers regardless of whether you play vidya, yet its not worth plunging profound into.

All I ask of you is to quit considering yourself a gamer. No heartbroken, you don't consider one. What's more, no one I know other than myself takes their fixation on vidya to the extent I do. Not every person who rides a bike is a cyclist; not every person who has squeezed keys is a piano player; not every person who has played vidya, built a PC, or has utilized a controller, is a gamer.

Always remember that. A genuine gamer qualities nothing other than gaming. What's more, nothing, regardless of what will change that.


File: 1595395918595.jpg (12.47 KB, 360x344, 45:43, 1595207607497.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

we live in a society of gamers


>normies flooding my most loved subreddits
Well of course Normies are going to flood the Normie watering hole that they dug for themselves.


Society has fucked you up. You shouldn't define yourself with a label like that, and it doesn't make sense to care about being considered an authentic gamer. This is like some cult trick to make you associate with a group on a deep level. Read about people's need to belong to groups and how this is a tool of manipulation.

The definition of some abstract group like 'gamer' is mostly for the convenience of advertising scams and cultural engineers. The only way to be authentic is to separate yourself from any stupid label like that. You don't define what it means. You're just a person that likes playing games. You're no better than anyone else just because you are more obsessed.

Reddit has been pure cancer since its inception; if you spend a lot of time there, it damaged you with sort of illusion. It is damaging to be trained by upvotes into becoming aligned with the group-think.


first of all it is your fault that you found reddit nice and comfy. It was always a shit site with an even shittier userbase. I understand how you feel though, seeing a hobby or activity that you actually have passion for get completely raped by normalfags. That has been happening to a lot of things in the past 10 years or so. For instance just look at the net in 2000 vs in 2010 vs in 2020. Completely soiled by normans. The only thing to do is to take back what was lost by making your own community of sorts, your own game or something of the like. Because though there be "posers" and your hobby/passion has been mainstream by big corporates, there will always be that small faction of people like you who do actually hold it dear.

In other words fuck reddit its full of faggot bugmen.


Moved to >>>/b/498492.


Does anybody play Dominions 5? It is the most wizardly game in my opinion.

You play as a God, fighting other gods for domination over the world. Single player is really fun, but multiplayer is amazing. You design your own God. Examples of gods:
>Giant obese bbw mommy
>Multiple different dragons
>Sentient black monolith like 2001:space Odyssey
>Giant carp fish that swallows people whole
>Fallen Jew angels
>Fallen Jew demons
>ArchWizards trying to achieve godhood
>Fountain of blood that demands child sacrifice

There are hundreds of them. There are also thousands of spells:
>Rain of Toads
>Cast entire world into darkness
>Awaken Treelord
>Sacrifice virgins(f) to summon imps that invade enemy province
>Freeze the entire ocean trapping underwater players inside
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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simultaneous rounds in battle makes 5 infinitely better


oh well
so wanna play or not?


well asshole i finally got dom5 cuz discount, you still here or not?


so is anyone interested in playing?


File: 1595421763105.jpg (285.31 KB, 455x1610, 13:46, 1595074298287.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

would anyone join a game if i created one?

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