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last thread >>38161

I'm using this as background noise for the past week.



My favorite from Sonic2


I have to post this one every VGM thread, apologies.













getting strong exorcist vibes from this metroid track







My favorite video game track of all time.


Are song about video games allowed?



>no touhou
I don't even play these games but listen to the music on the rare occasion.




>background noise
Street Fighter V: A Character Design Tutorial Song






Break the Chains










Very good pick. I love putting atmospheric VGM in the background. Here's my pick:




Snake Eater performed by Video Game Orchestra featuring Ingrid Gerdes on vocal. Recorded at Boston Symphony Hall on October 7th, 2012.




this has kind of an earthbound-like quality to it




I mean it, man. Earthbound is filled with tracks that have warped, distorted instruments like Silent Hill.


Come on lad at least embed one of the several dozen identical uploads that doesn't have ads at the beginning.


Use ublock or something man


One Winged Angel (in the style of Doom Eternal)


God Shattering Star









Shun di is a true wizard.


I though the succubus that uses monky kung fu is related to him, like his grand daughter or something.


wish i had a real sc-55



Guess that jRPGs are Olympic themes now…

00:00 Dragon Quest - Roto's Theme
01:40 Final Fantasy - Victory Fanfare
02:27 Tales of Zestiria - Sorey’s Theme The Shepherd
06:10 Monster Hunter - Proof of a Hero
10:24 Kingdom Hearts - Olympus Coliseum
12:33 Chrono Trigger - Frog’s Theme
15:33 Ace Combat - First Flight
18:22 Tales of Graces - Royal Capital Majestic Grandeur (Pomp And Majesty)
21:20 Monster Hunter - Wind of Departure
24:48 Chrono Trigger - Robo’s Theme
26:41 Sonic the Hedgehog - Star Light Zone
28:17 Final Fantasy - Main Theme
30:55 Phantasy Star Universe - Guardians
33:16 Kingdom Hearts - Hero’s Fanfare
36:29 Gradius - 01 Act I-1
41:28 Nier - Song of the Ancients
46:46 SaGa series - The Minstrel’s Refrain: SaGa Series Medley 2016
58:58 SoulCalibur - The Brave New Stage of History


holy based, i need to watch the olympics now

Both EoSD and Pokemon RSE came out around the same time and both used the SC-88 Pro (the former for its MIDI playback and the latter for normal in-game music albeit in a compressed form). The two don't sound as identical as I might have expected.






I've got this on my backlog. Was $3 on Steam.



100 GAMES - The Evolution of Game Music | 1972-2019





Skip ahead a minute in this one.






Hope you enjoy(ed) it, very childish at times but overall harmless fun.







Fly me to the moon






Megaten seriously had some top notch music





was this in the game? I played this game to death and didn't know it was.


It's the first song that plays every time you begin a stage. Did you play with the music off or something?


I did not play campaign so much though. sad that RTS died but thats another thread.






There are tons of tools and documentation on VGM data extraction for Windows, but not so much for Linux.
I've written these guides for myself so I don't forget how it is done.

GameCube and Wii Asset Extraction Guide

PlayStation Asset Extraction Guide

Sega Saturn Asset Extraction Guide

Sega Dreamcast Asset Extraction Guide


Audio Overload SDK


Other Resources

Pre Ripped Music Files


If you will not be turned…you will be DESTROYED!



plebs, all of you


love never 7


Thank you for your efforts, wiz.




Sounds like the Twin Peaks credits music.


This is really relaxing to listen to. It does sound very similar to Twin Peaks


Damn, now I wanna watch Twin Peaks.





you enter the starting area of the game and this suddenly starts playing. you look behind you and there's lv93 Wizardly Eugene










meh, i was typing a lot of stuff. too heavy for a music thread. just feel melancholic listening to old vgm sometimes. maybe i just wish they gave me the same pleasure as the first time around.










underrated game. or it could be nostalgia speaking i dont know









I have also been falling asleep to this the last week.

Top tier anon



Why the fuck "Learn with Pokemon Typing Adventure" has one of the best soundtracks of all goddam time I do not know.


It's very pleasant to listen to this song whilst contemplating the destiny of wizardkind









The legends arceus OST is so good. Honestly, I loved this game. Got me interested in mainline pokemon again.






What we've hard of sonic frontiers OST also kind of reminds me of Sonic R.


























Get edgy.


very cool thread




it's a cover, but still a game song




The accordion in this soundtrack is lovely.



Fun fact: This only plays once during the entire game. And it's during a completely missable cutscene.



The part at 1:00 is so damn good.




Every puzzle has a solution.




And thus comes the end of an era.









"It is impossible to predict what the future has in store for any of us.
This is precisely why people feel the need to judge the past."


















ive never played this but ive heard good things about it, what did you think of it?


File: 1671040827814.png (1.12 MB, 1280x1280, 1:1, 4fa.png) ImgOps iqdb

It's one of my favourite games of all time. I can't guarantee everyone will like it though. The dialogues kind of childish, and the gameplay doesn't appeal to everyone. I happen to like both, though. They have a certain charm - and the soundtrack is excellent. I feel approximately the same towards the other PMD games as well.


I started with pokemon dungeon red or blue, can't remember. I also recommend that. The dialogues weren't very childish, imo and the music is also very good. I never beat and recruited Deoxys though. I still have the game, too. I would just need to recruit him and be done, but I lost interest in the game.



Yeah, great game. Still haven't got around to playing it's remake yet though. Hope they release a new PMD game soon.









I am yiikpilled.


This OST is a masterpiece.























I've never actually played Yiik. But I think once Yiik IV comes out, I will.


This game is an absolute classic. I miss it








The dramatic version of the FE theme at the end is great.




The fuck you think this thread is for?









I was a kid when I first played Sonic Spinball and I think it's the game that introduced to disappointment, at least as far as video games go. I had played Sonic 2 and 3 before and was pretty much expecting the same thing from anything with Sonic on the cover. Then comes Sonic Spinball. First stage it's just pinballing Sonic around, so I think 'hmm, odd, maybe it's just the first stage.' Then second stage is the same. Maybe it's just the first 2 stages, I think. The third stage is exactly the same thing. That's when I realize this damn game is going to be that way all the way to the end. I was very frustrated. Could not believe it! Who thought that was a good idea? Where's Tails? He's in the intro but then vanishes. Sonic looks like crap, gameplay is crap, I hated it. First game I really hated it as far as I can tell. Good times. Never finished, either, maybe I should.





A true gentleman leaves no puzzles unsolved.

I wonder what the Layton 7 main theme will be like…









File: 1679914232045.webm (4 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Persona 2 Opening song.webm) ImgOps iqdb



Do you feel old?


My favourite: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qVqbnGWqf6c&list=PLD173D6A02CD44A50
Aaah, the golden era of "exploration music"
A fellow M&M enjoyer, respect
Beautiful memories from Baldur's Gate






Try out the Misao RPG OST.









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