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I'm using this as background noise for the past week.
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ive never played this but ive heard good things about it, what did you think of it?


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It's one of my favourite games of all time. I can't guarantee everyone will like it though. The dialogues kind of childish, and the gameplay doesn't appeal to everyone. I happen to like both, though. They have a certain charm - and the soundtrack is excellent. I feel approximately the same towards the other PMD games as well.


I started with pokemon dungeon red or blue, can't remember. I also recommend that. The dialogues weren't very childish, imo and the music is also very good. I never beat and recruited Deoxys though. I still have the game, too. I would just need to recruit him and be done, but I lost interest in the game.



Yeah, great game. Still haven't got around to playing it's remake yet though. Hope they release a new PMD game soon.









I am yiikpilled.


This OST is a masterpiece.























I've never actually played Yiik. But I think once Yiik IV comes out, I will.

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