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Does anybody play Dominions 5? It is the most wizardly game in my opinion.

You play as a God, fighting other gods for domination over the world. Single player is really fun, but multiplayer is amazing. You design your own God. Examples of gods:
>Giant obese bbw mommy
>Multiple different dragons
>Sentient black monolith like 2001:space Odyssey
>Giant carp fish that swallows people whole
>Fallen Jew angels
>Fallen Jew demons
>ArchWizards trying to achieve godhood
>Fountain of blood that demands child sacrifice

There are hundreds of them. There are also thousands of spells:
>Rain of Toads
>Cast entire world into darkness
>Awaken Treelord
>Sacrifice virgins(f) to summon imps that invade enemy province
>Freeze the entire ocean trapping underwater players inside
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anyone interested in a game?




This looks really cool but I’m afraid my dumb ADHD brain will be unable to understand the complexity of it


File: 1576863811012.jpg (113.33 KB, 800x528, 50:33, solid snake 2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


hello fellow wizards, i was wondering if you knew some good wizard related audios to listen for long session gaming that doesn't require your full attention like grinding for example.
any recommendation is welcome.
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I listen to Mark Felton in the background.


>but I doubt this is a wizardly preference™
>I find them funny but yet again "not wizardly"
>good though it's not "wizardly"
Don't worry about what's wizardly and what's not. Especially don't try to apply "wizardliness" to your life by looking for "wizardly" things. Just do what you want and post what you want. "Wizardly" things are just a board meme. The only important thing is that you're an 18+ year old male virgin and you follow the rules.


Listening to gaming videos while gaming; gaming inception.


Cis White Male with Extra Privilege reads audio books on bitchute. Sometimes he's kind of goofy and plenty of the material is too radical for the average person, but his reading of White Identity by JT was good

Myth of the twentieth century is one that came on my radar lately. Their collapse of the soviet union roundtable was surprisingly good. Reminds me of a college undergrad seminar


If you don't give trigger warnings then certain users get hyper pissy if stuff with sexual content is involved and will derail the thread due to their outrage.

It is much better to just point out what those types won't like then to deal with the full force of their tism fit.

File: 1595683143061.png (246.65 KB, 900x563, 900:563, eva_moon.png) ImgOps iqdb


I was 4 or 5 when I first played vidya.

PS1, PS2, PS3 then I finally got my own computer and I got into competitive-like FPSs.
After 4 or 5 years my right wrist started to hurt, but I thought in a couple of weeks it would have been over. The pain was so intense I completely stopped using it, fearing I would never be able to play again.

It was probably cause by the way I held the mouse. Docs told me the only thing I could to was give it time to rest.

It's been a year and a half now since I cut ties with the gaming world and every fucking day it hurts even more to see people enjoy the only precious thing I had.

What do I even do now?
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Oops. fingerless arthritis hand gloves can work but I found that they tend to be pretty flimsy.


How is a vertical mouse a gimmick?


Vertical mouse use it


I don't play video games but I spend a lot of time on computers and I've found that using a vertical mouse cuts down on wrist ache dramatically. I even swapped my mouse at work with a vertical one. The cheap ones are fine.


Vertical mouse exists? *Goes & buys one*

File: 1597475366791.jpg (46.36 KB, 614x480, 307:240, 857239-clocktower3ps2_003_….jpg) ImgOps iqdb



this is the first game i ever played where serial killers are the bosses of the game
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File: 1603793356501.jpg (77.55 KB, 260x379, 260:379, Sweet_Home_Japanese_Famico….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I was most impressed by this Famicom / NES game, which is considered to be one of the earliest examples of the genre. It was originally released in 1989 only in Japan, but today a ROM image that has been fully translated into English is available.


Sweet Home is pretty good, not a grind fest like most nes rpgs.


Silent Hill is super spooky to me…


Playing Parasite Eve. The combat is really fun, one of the best combats in horror. Been a very enjoyable game so far. It's quite disgusting, which is fun.


PE is great, the combat system reminds me of Vagrant Story. Don't throw out the junk

File: 1595780704660.png (56.81 KB, 300x100, 3:1, 1426200705971.png) ImgOps iqdb


Who was he and what was his problem ?

I think there was a quest related to him which i missed and never knew the mystery why he sat under a tree during night and say "everyone is disgusting"
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He basically represents society outcasts . Great game .

Although i liked majora mask better. Breath of the wild is at bottom and worst Zelda game due to completely different feeling than Zelda game


My sisters were big into Zelda 2, but could never beat it. Later I got into it on the Nintendo 64 and enjoyed that and Majora's Mask. I even went back and got and beat the original Zelda 1. Never got to see Link to the Past and I never had a gameboy. And I could never bring my self to try beating Zelda 2 due to how autistically frustrating that game is.

Windwaker was the last Zelda game I played through. People thought the cell shading was great, but after I saw Shadows of the Colossus I felt jilted by the entire Zelda franchise. SotC was like a gigantic parody of the Zelda franchise that took itself serious and looked beautiful doing it. I tried getting into Twlight but it felt too much like Okami. Even the game play of Twlight felt like all the 3d Zelda games I already played and felt like I was going through the motions rather than exploring a unique world.

Playing Morrowind was refreshing and I describe it to my sisters like Zelda on crack, though essentially it is a single player D&D campaign. But its the first game that threw me into a world and didn't tell me in autistic detail what to do. It was "go out into the world and make a living." Though it was a brutal world at first with mixed moral messages, I really felt like a person in that world. Then the main quest took over and I was back in Zelda mode.


You find him in the forest when you're an adult. If you do a long list of tedious b.s you bring him medicine for a sub quest for the unbreakable Big Goron sword.


I could've sworn that was from Majora's Mask.

Guys is Twilight Princess worth playing? I've been meaning to play some zelda lately and I can't decide between that and Wind Waker.

>Breath of the wild is at bottom and worst Zelda game due to completely different feeling than Zelda game
But wiz, the map is big! You can spend hours upon hours farming for useless shit, what's there not to like?


>Guys is Twilight Princess worth playing?
Definitely. It's got everything TLoZ should have, I'm sure you'd like it if you like TLoZ.
>But wiz, the map is big! You can spend hours upon hours farming for useless shit, what's there not to like?
The reason most people including myself don't like it or even hate it is because it's absolutely not a Legend of Zelda game. The bosses aren't unique, essentially all dungeons are the same color scheme with physics puzzles, the music is just garbage cinematic experience noise(try remembering a single track), the world is boring and "realistic" instead of amazingly handcrafted to the smallest detail and the world is mostly just green grassland or green forest, the story shits all over all the other games while somehow being worse than the series' usual extremely basic stories, etc.
It's NOT a good Zelda game. It's not even a Zelda game. It's just like Hyrule Warriors, a loosely related spinoff. I'm sure it's fine as a game, but because it uses the Legend of Zelda name and vastly underperforms in every aspect that a Legend of Zelda game usually excels at it becomes hated by those looking for a real Legend of Zelda game. I still most of the people that hate it now would like it if it used a different or new IP instead of TLoZ.

File: 1559875299640.jpg (19.36 KB, 500x310, 50:31, dbca21a9321a508c30ebb7fb2e….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I've started to feel like playing games are a choir now for the past 2 or 3 years. Downloaded Day of Defeat: Source again to play a little but I know I'll eventually get tired of it. After that, I'll enter another cycle of finding a videogame that fills the void inside of me that reminds me that I'm that my hobbies I've enjoyed as a kid and a young teenager have passed. I think what I'm trying to say is how to do you deal with this situation and is it really possible to find other hobbies if you have the attention span of a gerbil.
Wasnt sure if I should have posted here on this board but if mods want to move it to the other board it's fine.
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I've been like that for about a week now. It's essentially the longest I've gone without playing a video game in what might be my entire life. I could probably keep it up for longer, but I'd imagine I'll end up playing something either today or tomorrow, since I honestly don't have anything else to do and I can only sleep or browse the internet so much. Even a minor break like this has been kinda nice, though. Like yourself, I expect to enjoy them a bit more than usual, even though it'll only last a little while.


I was thinking of playing Narcissu after seeing it in the VN thread and it's apparently very feels heavy. Only other VN I've ever experienced/finished was Saya No Uta, which I enjoyed.


Watching other people play games makes the most sense if your view is that games are just a distraction not worth energy expenditure. As an adult, energy becomes more precious because, compared to childhood, we must spend more of it to sustain ourselves and we have less of it due to physical decomposition. Games and toys function is really to help youngsters expend their excess energy in a safe way that society deems tolerable.
Don't force liking games. If you stop for a while you may find that in a month, year, or more you have the urge to jump back into a game with enthusiasm like a kid again. If not, it will fade to nothing and you may find some better way to make life tolerable.


Play with acquaintances /friends/opponents.


That can work


File: 1604830048193.jpg (73.3 KB, 900x383, 900:383, sg9.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Just Do it - Nike, Goddess of Victory

File: 1603962067043.jpg (43.2 KB, 510x301, 510:301, t6logo.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


For me it's always been Tekken 6.

It was the last game I've ever felt any hype for, the last one I was truly excited for.
Back in college 2008, back when I still had friends, we used to meet up after school at the nearest arcades, then we started meeting up at the arcades early every weekend, when the game came out for consoles 2009 I was the one of the first of us to have a copy.
We started skipping class and going back and forth to my place mid-day to play.
I've had a lot of memories tied to this game so to speak, but after this I've never been as engaged and excited for a game since, the last game I was excited over was Kingdom Hearts 2 with my cousins and classmate.

Sure I can still sit down and enjoy newer games, I can still spend hours on end on older games, but this game marks the end of an era for me in games, it reminds me that I'm no longer part of the demographic that developers make games for; that I'm no longer a part of the target audience.


And what exactly is the problem, if you can play the old games?

SHOC and Arsenal of Democracy (so, ie. HoI2) are latest games I play.

For console games, 3D is what made games uninteresting for me, especially 3D platformers. SMB3 is one of my favorite games, but I can't stand Mario 64 for example.

3D fighters with sidestep I dislike too, so Tekken 3 was shit, when 2 was pretty nice VF clone.

3D SHMUPS don't exist. Say whatever, they don't for me.

>it reminds me that I'm no longer part of the demographic that developers make games for; that I'm no longer a part of the target audience.

Which happens all the time in regards with popular entertainment: the change from primary hard arcade games to easier 3D shooters and such was not the first such happening; 50's 60's rock'n'roll gave way for prog and prog gave way for whatever crap came in 80's.

If you want one thing that will change very little during single generation, listen to European art - that is classical music.


And by the way, I never had any friends to play games with, arcades ceased to exist here in the early 90's, but I don't complain or feel 'left behind' as a demographic group.


PS5… has it been that long since PS2?


I never felt "hype" for anything because I'm not a huge retard.

File: 1572497495555.gif (789.75 KB, 378x287, 54:41, o.gif) ImgOps iqdb


Post your ten most favorite NeoGeo games.
Feel free to list multiple in the same series or trash because of nostalgia reasons.

Garou: Mark of the Wolves
The King of Fighters '98: The Slugfest
Samurai Shodown 2
Metal Slug X
Magician Lord
Shock Troopers
Top Hunter
Blazing Star
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Are those sprites hand drawn or just pre-rendered 3d models? Looks beautiful nonetheless


Those are KOF13 sprites; it's basically rotoscoped 3d models.


Is it just me or is there a huge difficulty bump between 99 Dream Match and Evo?

If Dreamcast ports are accepted that is…


File: 1603491288365.gif (900.24 KB, 255x144, 85:48, z12.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Tried adjusting the difficulty level of the CPU opponents?


Yup, of course. The lowest difficulty level in Evo is harder than the middle one in Dream Match.

In the Evo I just constantly, even in the second or third fight, get caught in combos and be done with it.

File: 1595297990511.jpeg (30.35 KB, 450x507, 150:169, images.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


A game release 2 decade ago predicted so much about future.

Mass surveillance and spying on citizen. Google and facebook having info of citizens like icarus , morpheus AI. Self employment on decline and wealthy controlling the world.

Restriction on speech and criticism. Everything feels so compartmentalized.
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why did the deus ex redpill video get taken down?


Did Deus Ex foreshadow WW3?



considering WW3 has yet to happen, no.


Deus ex just threw all the 80's cyber punk tropes in together. It's only "predicting" in the sense that it includes every possible thing so some of it will be right. People who don't read books or watch old sci fi movies find it fresh and innovative when it's not even close.


The original renderers were unoptimized, not the game in general.

Dohnal's opengl renderer will make the game run much better even with contemporary hardware.

>Mass surveillance and spying on citizen

Happened since Ivan the Terrible's oprichnikis. Reached climax with the three European totalitarian ideologies last century.

File: 1592543876639.jpeg (11.6 KB, 400x400, 1:1, SEGA-Dreamcast.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


i want to buy an old console but i don't want to buy games for it
i am a poor neet who can't afford to buy games
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Not that wiz, but some of my favorites are: Monster Hunter, Katamari Damacy (although the controls are kinda weird due to having only one stick), Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles, Persona 1,2 and 3, Patapon, GTA: Chinatown Wars.


Can you give us an overdrive link of them?


I'm not sure what you mean, if you wanna download them I usually use cdromance


I was just looking for a collection of your favourite games i could download


The best Dreamcast titles are dirtcheap.

But it's the obvious choice, because 99% of ever manufactured Dreamcast's play backups without modification.

CD-r will make the laser work harder compared to pressed disc and thus it will die faster.

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