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This isn’t /v/, and there’s already a thread for discussing this crap game.


File: 1592585259339.jpg (251.99 KB, 1702x473, 1702:473, j6jai5Y.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

better question is why the fuck do these idiots censor anime titties and pussy in my jap games?


Thanks for wasting two minutes of my time on fucking nothing you nazi retard.


hail victory


Moved to >>>/b/489273.

File: 1527538017606.jpg (475.05 KB, 2040x1132, 510:283, soul.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


How accurate is this?
have modern games lost their soul?
or is it just nostalgia?
what do you think?
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OP picture is almost prophetic


shut the hell up. modern games are not made by people who enjoy games. it's made by corporations looking for the best way to make money in their given corner of the market. case and point, no franchise can survive a 3+ continuation without being turned into a corpse filled of shit that would never make sense in a game design but perfectly reasonable by the shallow turds in marketing research. if these people liked games they have to be the most perverted maso in existence to release content that only shows neglect for the medium. pretty much every large scale game in existence that was even half good was developed by coping artists accepting a lower station in life. games suck so much major ass today because there's basically no artists involved in the process, and the ones that are are hired for politics.


Lmao, old geezers whining about how everything sucks nowadays
Naive idealists just dont get that there can be no "soul" what a stupid term in anything, everything is just made to manipulate you, amirigt guys?
Games are just so more complex nowadays, you can bond with your horse, you can dodge and roll in witcher and many much more mindblowing stuff, you just dont get it geezers, and so what if immersive sims are dead? Just get with the times geezers
We have many great games, like witcher, deus ex, mass effect, new vegas, wonderful games, classics, everyone loves them, only you geezers whine that something was lost in the process, some mythical "soul", there is no such silly thing, we all rational human beans, were all here to make money, nothing to be ashamed of
this past decade was such a wonderful time for games, just take off your nostalgia goggles, the future looks bright, i cant wait for that cyberpunk-totally-not-deus-ex-ripoff game, already preordered it, no shame in supporting based devs
Oh this is gonna be such a good decade for games..


I can't tell what point you're trying to make one way or the other


File: 1592559054588.mp4 (2.2 MB, 640x360, 16:9, input.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

Indie studios still got it…

File: 1488059744770.jpg (675.87 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, DSIII.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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Can we get sort of a Souls/Bloodborne general thread going? I am mostly a PC gamer, but I do own a PS4, and I just bought Bloodborne. I've been really playing it a lot, and currently I'm fighting the 'Witch of Hemwick.' Anyway, I really like the atmosphere of these games; lonely, foreboding, and depressing. Very much like the life of a wizard in the sea of normal-ness. I think my favorite Souls-like game has to be Dark Souls II. Although I actually never completed it, I had a lot of fun, and I thought that m+k was much more tolerable than it was for Dark souls I.

This thread is a simple thread that can be about Bloodborne, Dark Souls I,II or III, or even Dark Souls. It can be about any element, the lore or enemies, or anything. Also, any action RPG game recommendations are greatly appreciated.
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C mon, 2 out of how many?


i just killed crossbreed priscilla and feel bad about it. i thought killing her was the only way to keep exploring the painted world but now as i progress i wonder if i didn't miss a quest with her. so what did i miss?
feels bad..


You can do as she says and leave the place but that's it, you don't get anything for sparing her, so you didn't really miss anything, no. You can cut her tail off during the fight to get a dagger but that's it.


The first boss new players are most likely to encounter in DS2 are
Last Giant

the first is laughably easy and unmemorable, the second you can take down by strafing around him, no rolling required, and he can also be exploited for a quick win (make him fall off the ledge, although I admit it may be tricky to pull off) I love DS2 but DS3's bosses are much better and harder imo than DS2s, not necessarily for good reasons mind you, iirc the slowest weapons are nearly unviable against some bosses (like the last one, soul of cinder or whatever) in 3 because of how relentless they are, and you while you can afford to trade hits with a random mob or a npc, it's not advisable against bosses.


>i just killed crossbreed priscilla and feel bad about it
This game does a good job at making you feel like a dick for killing some of the bosses, I felt particularly bad after killing Sif

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File: 1591984991893.png (60.39 KB, 1024x600, 128:75, duke0002.png) ImgOps iqdb


I'm messing around with Mapster32 and .ART editing programs for the fuck of it. I'll probably send a GRP with all the shit in it when I'm done.
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replace stripper with children


compare the size of the stripper to the bar stool


I hate it when I do this and I get highrez images mixed up with pixelated images.


Extremely detailed feet rendering, if you can


File: 1592370960221.webm (3.26 MB, 340x200, 17:10, choo choo.webm) ImgOps iqdb

update on the map:

File: 1592270578569.jpeg (47.54 KB, 616x353, 616:353, b97f3ac93ee3a50326525f920….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


Anyone else find this game really relaxing? I feel dumb for enjoying it, but its the best to listen to podcast or audiobooks

I also wanted to ask if anyone knows wheel/pedals that are decently priced and decent quality? I have absolutely no experience buying that sort of thing


I would find it relaxing if every time I tried to play it I wouldn't get stuck on a pole or something and had to start the mission all over again.

File: 1575282767812.jpg (38.57 KB, 429x429, 1:1, boba.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


are there any games you used to like, and you replayed them and realized they were bad?

shin megami tensei strange journey was in my top 5 games of all time list back in 2012 to 2018.
i replayed it this year and it's so much easier and braindead than i remembered, i think i became more skilled at turn-based games and at exploring maps and conserving MP, and this game just offers no difficulty whatsoever for me now and i steamrolled through all fights. i remember when i first played the game, horkos was so difficult that i died to him 8 times in a row. when replaying i killed him in like 5 turns. it is a simplistic game for babies. play wizardry 8 if you want a hard turn based experience.

or how about dead rising? this is another game that i considered infallible art, i bought an xbox just to play this game back in the day. when replaying its HD rerelease on PS4, all of the psychopaths are way less interesting than i remember them being, the dialogue isn't even cheezy or fun, it's just melodramatic. dead rising 2 is superior in just about every single way with much more effort put into balance and content quality and quantity. and the funny thing is, i didn't even like dead rising 2 at launch. it makes me feel like i've evolved as a person.

maybe i will add more later as i think more on this subject.

let me know if this has happened to you.
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They've been playing at this for a while now with all their cyber-tranny stuff.


File: 1591224147847.png (39.64 KB, 659x268, 659:268, oDldUQQ.png) ImgOps iqdb

lost interest long ago


I don't even play video games but I definitely know that feeling.


i really used to like platformers and mario games, back when i only had consoles to play games

platforming is one of my least favorite game mechanics now, i cant stand that bullshit and cant enjoy all the old games i played


A lot of Nintendo games. Nintendo cannot do completion well at all it seems. Super Mario Sunshine had those stupid blue coins, Luigi's Mansion has golden mice and special ghosts you need to meticulously look for (plus bosses you need to get on the first suck), LOZ: Wind Waker has a new game plus that is the one you get 100% for the photos, all LOZ games have heart containers that I've had to look up to get, etc.

Just horrible. I really don't like the Legend of Zelda because 100%ing it is so tedious. It's so tedious to 100% a lot of the Nintendo games. I remember 100%ing Mario Galaxy and it was FUN. I loved that game! There wasn't any tedious stuff or obscure stuff. I didn't have to plan my entire game and research how to fully complete the game. Holy crap. It's so sad.

For LOZ: WW, I consider 100%ing it getting all the heart containers and such, as usual, then going to the new game + and actually getting the color photos. Man, that's so sad. I haven't played that game in like a year since it's so daunting. Maybe I'll beat it this year.

File: 1591346991588.jpg (79.69 KB, 1024x742, 512:371, 1590667885247m.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Goddamn guys my tastes are really messed up right now. It happened before, I played vidya all my life at some points I was fed up with games, I couldn't bring myself to play anything, I saw them as boring and repetitive. Then after some time (my dopamine receptors recovered) I started playing them again. I have been catching up on games, I have a bunch of them that I can still run on my pc, the newer ones I just stack on an external hard drive. I like the stories, I'm finishing the mass effect trilogy rn, it's really nice. Now I think you all know of the TLOU2 sjw bullshit, I was looking forward to that game and now it's ruined by progressive agenda. After I moved on from this game, I saw on a ps4 sale the Order 1886 and Watch Dogs 2. Then I watched some reviews, showing how the order is short, 7 hours (1/3 cutscenes, 1/3 walking and talking) and shotgunners are op. But I wanted to play a game in that setting with those graphics and killing enemies and creatures with cool weapons. Then I saw how cringe the characters of Watch Dogs 2 are, how shitty the story is and I saw the feminazi antagonist and the masked gamer. But I love the setting, I would have explored SF just like I did with Los Angeles in GTA. I wanted to be creative with hacking and using non lethal approaches. But both games have been ruined for me. I refunded them, I paid 14$ for the Order and 20$ for Watch Dogs. Now I feel empty, sad that I'm missing out on these three games. Oh, and Borderlands 3 is also cringe with its characters but that one wasn't something I was really excited about. So I'm not saying I have no other games, it's just that watching opinions on YouTube over games that I want to play is ruining my enjoyment for vidya in general. Take Dragon Age for example, I like how Inquisition looks (again after watching reviews) but I couldn't finish the second one, because it was so repetitive and the dungeons were recycled over and over again. The first one had such low graphics, clunky movements and poor gameplay I couldn't play more than one hour. Now I know Bioware, I know I have to experience all three games to understand the lore and my choices, but I don't think I can play these two games again. I don't know what to do, I feel so empty. I feel like I'm missing out, but I have a lot of games to play, I have to be somewhat picky. I don't have a lot of time, I'm a wage slave so I can't just "play all of them brah". I bought WD2 on ps4 because I don't think my pc will run it that gPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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for me videogames died when smartphones and mobile games started to become a thing


Just stay away from western bullshit and play Japanese games. playing Xenoblade chronicles definitive right now and plan to play Sakura wars and Utawarerumono after. Also keep playing ff14 and having a ball but its content drought season until july for that game. I also have Phantasy Star online 2 downloaded but had issues running it. Likely won't really get into it until I get through some of these single player games.

I knew the last of us 2 was going to be garbage. The company was already towing the social justice warrior line when the first game came out and they have only been getting more and more drunk on the cool aid since then. I will still play it but only when its fucking $20 or less and used. I never really bought the first one either it came free with my ps4.

Only western game I am really still playing right now is Insurgency Sandstorm on occasion. not saying all western games are bad I know there is a diamond in the rough still be produced with minimal bullshit. But most the shit churned out by big companies is just awful.


What a shit taste


Not going back to the 90s gameplay thanks though


yeah your right its better to play western shit.
Just chop your dick off and become a tranny goy the game. All of them


are any wizzies interested in playing this 2hu fightan?
i wanna play but dunno many wizzies who play it
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give email/steamname so i can communicate please


I play 7.5 against bots


File: 1582980064841-0.gif (86.74 KB, 250x250, 1:1, zbox.gif) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1582980064841-1.gif (224.68 KB, 468x250, 234:125, zeRope.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Does it play like SF/KOF/MK?


dunno much about any of those games, but i think its simpler than them


I completely forgot about this thread, funny since I started to think about the Touhou fighting games recently. Anyone know the difference between them and which ones are better to start out with?
I know they mainly started as somewhat traditional fighting games, with later games starting to introduce more projectiles, spellcards, and flying like you'd see in normal Touhou games.

File: 1581690218500.jpg (255.27 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, wp2126849.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Hellow dear fellow wizzards.

Im currently looking for someone to play this gem with.
it holds great sentimental value for me as i used to play this game a lot on the SNES with one of my friends i used to have when i was still young (34 of age now)
I reside in the CET time zone (EUROPA) but i dont think time difference should be too much of an issue.
Also if you have anything cool to say about this game please be my guest and share your fond memories


File: 1581699808631.png (543.26 KB, 580x387, 580:387, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

i remember not being able to complete the first dungeon because i couldnt figure it out lol. i also remember the radial menu looked neat as shit, pic for example. back then i was too dumb to complete most rpgs and didnt have a way to look up guides


Great, boyposter has escaped /b/ and is now doing his daily begging for people to play with him on the surface boards too.


I played that game a bit with someone else when I was young (age 30). I got bored of it because the guy was being too competitive if I recall. Like I was stressed into leveling up or something. So I quit. It's on my to-do list for PSX game collecting though. I'm such a bum I have not the space to back up my backups if I get a bunch of PSX ROM's everywhere.

No wait, that was LEGEND OF MANA.

I have Secret of Mana but got stuck after beating that bird thing near the mushroom kingdom. There was a second boss somewhere but I didn't see it.

Also, The Secret of Evermore or whatever I have. It's like the same game dynamics. Then again i found it lame and probably deleted Evermore. Not the right theme though, it's cyber and not magic if I recall the beginning.

There is a sequel also, to this game. It was translated to English but never given to us. It is the third game, the Gameboy game final fantasy adventure was the first, though not very similar.

You should play all three. I got stuck in a wall once in the Gameboy one that is misnamed for the English.

Anyway, was that even two player? The Legend one was, but not the normal RPG one you're talking about, was it? It's single player, yeah?



add me wiz , let's do this.

discord: Yılmaz#0240


Shit, I just discovered this thread, is anyone still up for this?

File: 1570821116655.jpg (109.41 KB, 974x457, 974:457, EGnpCB7XYAEJ8jn.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I guess there's LGBTQ+ game sales on steam now…                                                                                                                       
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But those are not PC terms. The PC terms are always ethnically descriptive, like "African-American", "Native American", "Hispanic" etc.


>those are not PC terms
Yes they are.


they may not be on paper but it sure sounds like they are when they are used by american liberals


File: 1591162619655.mp4 (243.21 KB, 346x616, 173:308, A.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

There's ALWAYS some sort of Steam sale. Just wait for it.


PC terms change over time. In a few years time saying they're american will be non-pc

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