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I recently started playing Dark Souls 4 [Elden Ring] The problem is that I haven't played something like this in a while, is there a farming area where I can get enough points?


Just play with a magic build and pummel everything from afar. Rock sling used ridiculously strong, it is in Caelid (red area), in the ruins with lots of shroom headed wizards. I remember humiliated most of the bosses with it. Had trouble with several, but most was a cakewalk as a mage. Melee builds on the other hand were ass blasting, especially pure strength.


There's a place in Caelid where an enemy spawns right next to a bonfire
at the beginning of the game, you can just run past everything and get to it and just keep killing that guy and respawning him
there might be newer techniques now since the game has been out for awhile now though


cheat engine, or bestial sanctum if you don't want to save time but the region itself requires some levels.
honestly in my second playthrough I found darkmoon gs + mimic tear is the best sleeper op mode, blasphemous blade has a similar playstyle but requires blue pots


Faith sucks early game the easiest route is quality build(str/dex) with a bloodhound fang.


that's exactly what I did but I switched to intel build asa I finished ranni's quest


File: 1700888608497.gif (99.51 KB, 100x100, 1:1, arkknight.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Ranged build
I did a horse archer build


>Find the mace that bleeds from the chest carried by the giants in the first area
>Find the 2x runes dropped consumable nearby
>run to Caelid to the giant White dragon
>Start bashing her stomach before her left leg
>you will do no dmg but make him bleed out
>eat 2xrune before she dies

then there's that across the canyon that you shoot once, he runs off and dies, gives 11k rune, then you rest at the grace 5 feet away and repeat. getting to the area can be done through Liurnia if you have a non-pirate copy (quest requires invasions)

then there's the sentient miniature ranni doll, the one described as being realistic to the touch. hard to get but worth it

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