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ITT: Post your videogame ideas that will never get made. or just vague things you wished existed or was different in VideoGames.


I've always wanted games to resemble life simulations, or at the very least be hyper-detailed down to a granular level. Playing games in the early 2000's I was actually somewhat optimistic that games were heading down this path. You had Shenmue I & II which had the granular level of detail (like opening drawers) that I wanted, but were ultimately limited in scope (which is fine because Shenmue was the first of it's kind, and I thought it was very promising, and made me excited about the potential of video games).
The Elder Scrolls games; Daggerfall, Morrowind and then Oblivion were all different games with varying levels of detail, but they all had 'simulatory' elements and scratched that itch to a certain extent. I remember watching E3 footage or whatever of Oblivion and getting excited about the Radiant AI shit they were promoting, where NPC's actually had routines and jobs, and went to sleep, etc. Even though it ended up being less elaborate in the actual game than what they showed off at E3, I was still excited because I figured that in the not-so-distant future that level of complexity would actually be achieved and we would go even beyond it.
Even the GTA games went in the right direction I felt, especially when GTA SA came out. Large open world, with varying activities. Your player character having the ability to grow muscles, learn martial arts, improve his skills, etc.

However none of it ever came perfectly together in any game, it was always a bit too simple, never quite detailed enough. But I simply thought this to be a consequence of technological limitations. With all these games that were coming out, surely we were going in the right direction and were almost there. I was sure that my ultimate hyper-detailed life-simulation game was no more than a couple of years away. Unfortunately, it never happened, and open world games went in a different direction. RDR2 is probably the closest thing to what I excepted open world games to be in terms of detail, but it ended up being a one-off genre defining game, not the industry standard which is what I had hoped for.

On another, more simple and less autistic note, I always wanted a game like Oblivion with the combat and mechanics of Dark Messiah. Not only the sword play, but also things like rope arrows and the ability to climb shit, etc. That would have made the ultimate adventure RPG.


Many years ago I came up with the idea of a Spore-like game before Spore was announced. Not many people liked my idea. A few people didn't seem to like the idea for Spore either, saying that it was "too complicated". Spore ended up being a disappointment. The fish stage was removed. Many people complained. Many other people also seemed to have had an idea like Spore before it was announced.


I want a trucking simulator but its for space. So you can fly around in 3 dimensions.


You can play space trucker in Elite Dangerous


Microsoft Flight Simulator has some real nice longhaul capabilities. You can't leave Earth, but you can see some nice stars.


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EVE online, seriously. Mine them asteroids and truck your minerals all over the galaxy.



I want to make a platformer that combines the best attributes of mario and megaman.
Clearly indicated hit boxes. At this point every pixel of the sprite should be part of the hitbox. No weird nebulous hitboxes that extend far outside of the sprite's graphics.
Momentum. I think this was the most attractive thing about mario.
Squating. The playing should always have an opportunity to dodge attacks and never feel like they have to "eat" damage. If a player is having problems bullet speed should be slowed until they can improve.
Can shoot up or at angles. I may not be asking for a fully analogue control, but it was annoying in megaman how enemies could come in at weird angles and I couldn't shoot them by simply pointing up.
Death in any video game should be as entertaining and least repetitive as possible. You shouldn't rub death into the character's plot as much as you should make the player seek out new and spectacular ways to die.
I can understand the need for fall death in a platformer, but sometimes they make it needlessly complicated I prefer if falls are just a minor setback and I don't have to repeat a bunch of difficult acrobatics only to fall for the 10th time at the part I can't practice for.

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