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The best pаge on the Wizchan Wiki was the list of frеe gаmes, ոеarly all of which were low-spec and could be easily downloаdеd without bloаtwarе softwarе mаոagеrs such as Stеam. I'd likе to rеbuild a list of gаmеs that meеt the critеriа of freе, with a suggеsted focus on gаmеs which arе cаpablе of ruոning on that old IBM Thinkcenter in the closеt.


Tibia looks like shit.


I need two of them just to walk though :(


>Wizchan Wiki
Does anyone have a archive of the list?


very nostalgic picture I wish I could still enjoy playing RS2



Ah thanks anon, was hoping for some really obscure games that I didn't know about. Guess I'm too much of a wizard that I recognized all of them


If you have a decent CRT, hopefully you're only using its lifespan on worthy retro games.


You are welcome. Its all free and open source too


that's awesome.


File: 1676228682237.jpg (39.84 KB, 474x266, 237:133, pizza connection.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

There is this old DOS game (also was released for Amiga iirc) called Pizza Connection or in some parts of the world Pizza Tycoon. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pizza_Tycoon

It is an economic simulator that is surprisingly detailed yet still approachable. I've been coming back to it every so often since childhood. There is just something about it.

It is possible to micromanage as hard as buying a single missing tomato. It is also possible to hire a manager and let the manager buy all the ingredients but the manager doesn't do it perfectly.

Later revisions of the game lost the crazy level of detail that was possible with this game and focussed soley on making it easier for noobs.

It is very charming, i highly recommend it. It is not a free game, latest i heard was that it is considered abandonware. I think it can also be bought on steam for ~1$. It can be easily emulated with stuff like dosbox. A fun little rabbit hole i like to dive into every few years.



What are your thoughts on WEGs? Most of them are fairly easy on system resources, most of them basically just being VNs. They are also mostly free if you know where to look.


Doom engine source ports are your friend.
Chocolate/Crispy Doom both keep things functionally close to the original Doom executable. Chocolate even leaves limitations and bugs intact for maximum compatibility, while Crispy fixes them and adds minor enhancements like a higher resolution and mouselook.
GZDoom and Zandronum use OpenGL as the renderer and are more graphically intensive, but allow for a great breadth of modding possibilities.
All of these are intended for modern operating systems, so you may want to check the source port pages on the Doom Wiki for a port for your target OS.

You'll still need a game to play, which is where the free software Freedoom comes in. Phases 1 and 2 come with great levels in their own right and also function as drop-in replacements of Doom 1 and 2, working with most patch WADs, or mods to the base game.



are there any mods to get Doom to work with VR?


payday loan


has anyone played second life?


I used to play it during my late teens but not in a serious way just exploring the world and such. It's quite weird and the people who seriously play it now are mainly pervs who use it for their weird fetishes and roleplayers who are probably psychotic. I was blown away when I visited some neighborhoods and realized that there's actual people roleplaying in the houses they bought and stuff.

The engine always sucked because of how badly optimized it is and nowadays it looks terribly outdated and uncanny. I guess the engine is good for creating stuff but it just runs badly and looks terrible.

It had potential but it seems like the developers didnt know what to do with it and the people who enjoy it are a very secluded niche consisting of mainly boomers and early millennials.

I think if someone would come up with a better version of second life then it seriously would have potential to become an actual metaverse thing. The discontinued Paystation Home thing looked really neat but it was ultimately just a big chatroom with avatars and you couldn't really do anything and that's why they stopped it at some point. Someone needs to come up with an engine that rooms smoothly but still allows the freedom of second life with a working economy etc.


similar to the other guy, i played it as a teen. i mostly built things using the 3d modeling features in the sandbox servers. sandbox servers were spaces where everyone had building rights and it was a chaotic mess but very fun to explore, they were cleaned every 2 weeks or something

i remember my first experience being flirted to online in a 3d game, i was building a tower, and some weird lady came by and tried speaking poetic about lord of the rings and the tower or something ridiculous, and complimenting me, and i felt very uncomfortable


140+ automated spam posts have been removed from this thread so far. As an experiment, I've edited the OP slightly to reduce the thread's exposure on search engines.


You got a very great website, Sword lily I detected it through yahoo.(ROBOT WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


Wizard moment.


lol, the joys of the intertubes


Why the fuck wizchan is even getting indexed by search engines? Why don't you fix robots.txt? I see it is not set to reject all crawlers


Robots, especially the kind designed to advertise viagara and post hardcore child pornography, have long since stopped honoring robots.txt . The Googlebot listed in Wizchan's .txt is probably the only robot left that even pretends to not index us.


That bot you mentioned as second has opened a spam thread just two days ago


Fucking retard logic. "some bots dont respect robots.txt, so lets just outright tell bots that we *want* to be indexed".



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