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File: 1620959961217.gif (132.09 KB, 350x350, 1:1, pirate jam.gif) ImgOps iqdb


2013 is the year gaming in the west died. The shitty business practices of lootcrates and paywalls became common place, low effort quirky indie games became popular. And the government/whatever boogieman you fear, finally after nearly 3 decades of constant shitting on and denouncing of video games realized that they can shill propaganda through this medium of entertainment. Every game since has been infected by this, vidya became fully mainstream. You can argue that it became mainstream much earlier but 2013 is when it began to come full circle. Whats even worse is they are pressuring the east to conform to western standards. We have seen the glory days of vidya for sure. Its only more downhill from here.
gif unrelated.



File: 1620981371261.jpg (753.68 KB, 1451x1852, 1451:1852, 314655.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

This guy's right.
Back in November, I was checking the Wikipedia page on upcoming PS5 games and it felt like all playable characers were succubi.
Is succubi their target audience now?
Do succubi even care about games apart from playing them for 5 minutes while taking selfies because it's "hip"?
Well, I do care and now one of the few things I like is (not so) slowly but steadily being contaminated.


I skip every game with forced female protagonist. I just can't play it, I tend to connect with my character too much.


i remember thinking returnal gameplay seemed interesting, then i saw you play as a succubi. not evena fan service sexualized hot succubi, just a boring old succubi

maybe i will try it if someone ever makes a mod to change the mc


Imagine what it must be like to be one of the clowns who were born too late to experience anything other than this permanent state of cancer.


File: 1621664640334.jpg (231.98 KB, 987x768, 329:256, 01mtg.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

It was 2006


Gaming has been consistently shit ever since around 2010 or so for me. That is where small studios began to die and the only thing you could either get was indieshit or some big budget garbage meant for the lowest common denominator.

lol I remember the horse armor disaster. Crazy how quickly they managed to normalize that shit. Mobile gaming did it, really.

The shitty thing is that they are all ugly to average looking succubi. I understand that they want gaming to feel inclusive to young succubi, but who the fuck wants to play as someone who is ugly? Men have always been buff and good looking in video games.


Wasn't the problem with early dlcs were that it was like gamestop exclusive/preorder bonuses?
I remember assassins creed 3 had this outrageous exclusive system where the base game had 7 out of the 10 total outfits. The 8th was a preorder bonus and the 9th and 10th was for gamestop and maybe amaron preorder bonuses. Now a gamer can buy that bonus item from the built in online store


>tfw one of my most beloved games started the trend that killed vidya.



File: 1622237054662.gif (1.31 MB, 498x278, 249:139, 175418946.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>People in this thread complaining about indie games
Then just enjoy your corporate trash without whining. We stay with the indies.


these days games require 70gb of storage or more wtf. doom 3 takes up a fraction of that and the remaining space will go to indies. which games for an offline pc with limited storage?


im ok with high storage costs now that ive got a bajillion terabytes, but what pisses me off is the downloads are inefficient. it seems like they rarely even compress files. so im downloading literally everything uncompressed and it takes god damn ages. that should be illegal how much of a waste of time they are causing



And it is forced indeed for marketing reasons. I am in an indiedev community where all 100% believe that if they add LGBTQ and female protagonists will double sales. Of course this is nonsense, but someone started the meme and it won't end. I for one don't even pirate such games. I don't want them.


Most indie games are all the same thing. They don't innovate; they either ripoff old Japanese titles from the snes era or they're some bloated unity garbage with bean shaped characters. Do you really think shit like Among Us or those 8bit "legend of zelda: but instead of link, it's a trans protag instead" games are worthy of praise?


It started in 2004-2006 with the normalization of the internet, by 2008 you had the first bad signs and blunders, 2011-2012 was when it died, 2016 was the burial. Also don't forget the moviefication, snoozefests like Death Stranding can barely be called vidya.
It's worse when they demand you have newer hardware even though the game is still inferior looking to something from even as far as 15 years ago. Take celeste for example, GBA-tier graphics but you need a recent cpu, a few GB of ram and disk space and gpu no older than 5 years compared to the release date, just because they decided to make an ugly looking 3D mountain in that crap engine instead of being consistent with the rest of the artstyle and having it work in a less demanding engine.


File: 1622940514832.jpg (93.63 KB, 627x484, 57:44, 1600319049386.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

We can all deliberate on what year it was…it really depends on when it hit your favorite game or genre. For me it was 2011-12 when Fagex started implementing these unpleasant updates like Loyalty Points and the Squeal of Fortune. At the time, we all blamed IVP (name might be wrong, some investment firm in Jew York) for the bullshit, but this was the direction every game was going in. And it's not just the west…gacha games have been a thing in the east for years now. Some of these games aren't even fun, just addictive. They have teams of psychologists telling them how to optimize their games for maximum dopamine hits. Sure, the dopamine has
always been a factor but now they don't even bother making it fun. Some
people will grow up thinking this is normal. Unless the zoomers get really really smart about how they spend their increasingly worthless money, they're all going to end up as poor whales.

And holy fuck, was it that long ago? I still had dialup until 2007…anyone under 27 really did miss the golden age of the internet and the golden age of tech. Now we live in the gilded age. Form over function now. Used to be function over form.

Tech of Tomorrow did a video on the lack of innovation. Who would've thought the gaming industry would run out of ideas so quickly? They ran out of ideas for TV around the same time, but that took 60 years, not 30.


I think gaming is doing fine now, or even back in early 2010s. Mostly because of the advancements, be it unity, kickstarter or places where you can buy and play games like steam. It enabled the small guys to 1-make 2-find capital 3-sell their game. Respectively. Is it ideal? no but I still think we live in not so bad times.

The real dark age happened around 2004-2005 imho. The 90s small studios were already gone, steam was just an annoying software you had to install to play cs source-halflife and there was no kickstarter. If you wanted to make a game you had to be working in a company.
Add to this the console factor. I would say that by 04-05 (so roughly ps3,xboxone era) companies started to develop games for console first and pc second. This created a lot of problems, the games were dumbed down, the controls were dumbed down etc to appeal to the console market. Yes there were other games ported into consoles but I feel 04-05 were the start of the true dark age. Take morrowind for example, was ported to xbox too but it was designed for pc (the menus) oblivion and skyrim are designed with consoles in mind, even though pc mods kept those games afloat. Same with many other games, it was console console console console. And don't get me started on the mmo craze where everyone tried to copy wow and sank.

So while many problems still persist (many games still try to get the console market) I think we live in much better times. Small indie developed games, pc focused games etc can still survive.
I do think however PC gaming will become even more niche in the future. Mobile games will dominate, already zoomers are obessed with phones but I fear gen a will be much worse, so in 2030ish pc gaming will be very niche and hey maybe pc will be saved from the console curse back then.


If the only thing that comes to the mind of someone when indie games are mentioned is ultra mainstream games, the problem is on that person, not on the indies. Because is pretty obvious that these are the only ones he knows.


Art and creativity is always the issue. People who want to program their own game in general are autistic savants with exactly one talent and no money to hire any help.



The pc's main problem will always remain the same: at its core the pc is a gaming device for loners. If you want to play video games with other people you need a big screen you can all look at with multiple controllers, in other words, you need a console. You can game online with a pc but it is still less social than physically being there. (lan parties are an exception I guess but who does those anymore?) There will always be less loners than normalswine so developers will focus on consoles first and pc as an afterthought.


I thought games didnt even let you play split-screen anymore


They really don't unless it's Nintendo or indie games. And I hate to shill for Nintendo, but at least they still have that old school mentality.


Nigger this isn’t /v/, no one is gonna jump down your throat for liking something.


File: 1623236478888-0.gif (735.97 KB, 445x245, 89:49, zPoison3.gif) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1623236478888-1.gif (948.97 KB, 445x245, 89:49, zPoison4.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Gaming never dies!


I find it ironic thay you're saying that while posting the Sinosphere-cash-a-lot-extravaganza version of a beloved franchise gone off the rails and thus, the prime example of what we're talking about. But maybe you're just trolling.


is this a bot?


Go back to 4/x/.


e3 gave me hope because i realized how low the bar has been set for indie developers

there's a real possibility that people might play a game made by me because there's no competition


E3 can't be that bad, right?


It's been downward spiral for a while, other than STALKER 2 I can't say anything caught my eye yet.


The most noteworthy game was probably Far Cry 6, then it's from mediocre from straight up garbage, I liked one of the devolver games last night, the one with samurai, but only because I'm a weeb. Also that devolver presentation, I get wanting to do something different but it dragged for way too long, they showed like 4 game trailers but took like an hour.
It looked alright but I'm scared the game is going to be chock-full of cutscenes. There was way too much dialogue in that trailer. Ultimately it comes down to how mod friendly it is, as you could remove all those if needed.


Meant to reply to >>53789


take two taking two hours to attempt to justify their diversity agenda to their investors is worse than the wholesome direct


Indie games trailer from E3 2021


File: 1623937640934.jpg (40.03 KB, 500x536, 125:134, 1549463027077.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>If the only thing that comes to the mind of someone when indie games are mentioned is ultra mainstream games
I could name a shit ton of miscellaneous indie RPG Maker games and fan games that fit the bill of "obscure means good", but the truth is, they're all pretty lame or fun for about an hour.
>pretty obvious that these are the only ones he knows
These days, self-published "indie" games make up the majority of every major console's game library. What do you consider indie? Do you consider one-man developed DOS games indie? How about flash games? I'm curious as to what you consider indie and how many amazing modern indie titles you can list.


there is a thread where you guys can complain about the queers and succubi, I mean you have 3 decades worth of games. I am sure you can find quite a few :/


>steam is annoying software
ain't that the truth, as preachy as some pc gamers are I have no idea how they put up with drm. it quietly crept in exploit by exploit (also known as "update") and pretend it's not there.

I uninstalled that junk so now i'm just buying from drm free stores. tried downloading a so called "drm free" according to their app ids with steamcmd and it still requires the main client just to install the game (being online for the ceg activation i might add).

that cancer shit is still seen as a pro rather than a con of pc gaming, gets a free pass every time. its almost as if they handed it over willingly


Tons of things in the west went to shit at around 2007 if you ask me. Gen six is when video games peaked and also when cars got chipped and cell phones came out and synthetic drugs were banned and tons of other drama over here including cpu's getting backdoors around that time, 2007ish+ is the day it was no longer "at least though the 1990's were more free they had worse tech" a good excuse and it becomes less a good praise as the years go on and on as it only gets worse over time. In the 1990s and early 2000s zelda sold well, later on on up to 2019ish gta and cod sold well, really it was already dead past 2003ish but hit critical mass by 2007. Without changing the subject from games too much there's tons of laws that went into effect from 1999-2007 that made the usa no fun allowed and stagnant as well. In 03 they basically tried to ban anime/manga with a protection act. Trust me, 2013 is far too late in the game. Really 1909 was too late when they started banning drugs and by the 1980s it was too late again when they started putting cameras all around people but also past the 1960s or so we had only less and less a standard of living and only more breakable items designed for planned obsolesce in mind and all so it was always 'dying' every decade or so.

But yes, games did not get better gameplay wise nor artistically since generation 6, they only got 'slightly more crisp graphics' and an overly wide screen (feature creeping).

They should complain about jewtendo suing people over fan made stuff instead, that's part of the 'society' not being worth it's trade-offs shit I'm talking about.

>>all the same thing. They don't innovate; they either rippoff old x thing
That's everything. Movies, books, games, the whole enchilada.


The problem isn't really female characters inherently, though it's blatant to tell when they're doing the whole female empowerment spiel, which anyone with any self-respect should find gross. Half the problem is they simply aren't cool. The character in your pic isn't appealing, it's lame bordering on repulsive, even if it was a guy it would be boring. Make a gender bent Isaac Clarke and that would at least look cool.
This is what happens when you let feminists infiltrate spaces, them and their male lackies have no interest in simply appealing to the actual players with fun cool things, instead they sit around circlejerking smelling their own farts trying to come up with subversive faggoty garbage designed specifically at best to not appeal to you and at worst to offend you.


A lot of stuff died then, it's up to everyone to fix it. Though, political tribalism will probably stop it from fully realizing it.


Playing MGS5 and I find that this game has the opposite problem with Quiet: a character made almost exclusively for the purpose of pandering and as an obvious marketing tool. Nier Automata has done the same to great success, and so did capcom with the latest Resident Evil and that vampire (?) lady.
This is not as annoying as woke trash but it's just as phony and distasteful.


you have no idea what you're talking about


For Resident Evil? true. I haven't played the game and know nearly nothing of it, but I have seen that succubus posted over and over again on various websites. Her design looks good actually compared to Quiet and 2b.


wrong again, just stop replying


speak your mind, I don't understand


I agree but I wouldn't say it's phony, it's leagues better than any backhanded feminist trash because generally they're just made by some guys for other guys to enjoy, with minimal bullshit. I think Quiet has a shit design but I appreciate the honesty in that she is literally just eye candy tits: the character, even if they included some dumb backstory to justify her design, it was still made to appeal to you as the target demographic even if it's crude and lowest common denominator tier. 2b is likewise another character that I think has a really shit design, very generic weebbait look, but the same thing can be said as above. I kind of group all this alongside gachashit or harem anime, it's trash, but at least it's not malicious trash.


File: 1633287549113.jpg (44.41 KB, 354x500, 177:250, KingKing_Box-112005_X360.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Beat this back in the day to get the easy achievements


Gaming died because Microsoft got in it. Americans should have never been making consoles. Also Steam blows and all the western gaming trends were a cancer that ruined gaming . For example, open world sandbox a.ka. skyrim and gta clones


history will remember the golden age of gaming as 2005-2015


>PC gaming will become niche
good. get these plebs out.


2013 is the year everything went to shit well it was shitty before but i was young and ignorant to ignore those things. now i can’t tolerate it anymore


File: 1665349856534.jpg (180.38 KB, 1000x1014, 500:507, SLPS-02020-F-ALL.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I think there hasn't been a single good game made after 2020. Period of 2010-2019 still had some nice titles. Minecraft, Terraria, Kerbal Space Program, Alien Isolation etc. But after 2020 I can't think of a single good game. And you know I am kind of glad. I have such a huge backlog of games I don't really need new stuff. I am happy I can focus more on already released games.


It had been moving there in force since the Call of Duty 4 map pack from 2008. 2013 isn't a bad guess, certainly no later though. I would say 2010-2012 was the death. Even FPS became awful then. You saw Bethesda dumbing itself down, Bioware making an ass of itself with the ME3 ending that they retconned in dlc. Obsidian got screwed out of money because of Metacritic and Bethesda, and then basically died. They had to flee to archaic isometric book-games to survive. DLC exploded into crates and microtransactions. Small studies got gobbled up. RTS as a genre died. The specter of "always online" appeared. Basically everything became shit all of a sudden.
Trump and then COVID killed culture. Everything is woke cunt shit now.
fuck /v/ and anyone from there.


I wouldn't really say that. Flight sim titles continue to get new releases. I have played the hitman games, they are good. Gunner HEAT PC!, ready or not, etc.

I think actually "sim-ish" games are undergoing a renaissance right now. I think maybe it's just a matter of taste. Perhaps post what you like and I can recommend something?


OP here. We are getting close to this thread's one year anniversary. What should we do to celebrate it? I know. You could preorder the anniversary edition of this thread and send me more money.


Elden Ring was pretty good.
I think that was the newest game I played.
Though most games I play then to be a few years old because I prefer to buy games on sale and when in their final complete edition.

Like I am only just now considering buying Cyberpunk because it finally looks finished and it's regularly on sale.


How about letting the thread die? Seems the most fitting for some shitty thread complaining about video games.


While also posting a character who is a troon


>Like I am only just now considering buying Cyberpunk because it finally looks finished
don't bother, it's still garbage


just pirate it. https://fitgirl-repacks.site/cyberpunk-2077/

it's an okay game if you dont pay anything for it


Agreed. Tried getting into it again the other day. I couldn't. It's cringe. Wannabe RPG with zero roleplay.


nothing wrong with poison, she was clearly designed to be a sexy bitch first and foremost, not comparable to westoid eyesore troon characters

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