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How do you do the PS3 hair dryer trick? I have the yellow light of death.


google says just replace the power supply


Some people says that the YLOD is not because of the pwoer supply, but NEC tokins.



Fellow PS3 owner here have my [+] OP


I think you actually want to take the board out and bake it at like 250 °F for an hour or so to reflow the solder. probably will want to reapply thermal paste when you're done, too. good luck


my ps3 turns on but my tv won't recognize it, any suggestions what to do? it's not the hdmi cable.


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you have to turn it off and back on a few times, stand on it. count to 4. get off then stand on it again for 30 seconds. Get off and lay face down next to it, close your eyes and chant "fix, fix, fix" then grab this very specific tool you might find in the endless halls of home depot and attach a blah blah adapter to the then grab your sodering kit and start re-wiring the whole thing. then press the power button and voilà. Thanks for reading:) this worked for me. this worked for my friend. its a real life saver if you just have a drilbit, soldering mat, soldering kit and prior sodering skills and know a little about civil engineering:)




this takes 2 seconds on my pc


That shit made me laugh ngl

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