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Which Pokemon game is superior and why, Yellow or Crystal?


I haven't played any generation older than 3, but I'd imagine Crystal is better, on the grounds that Gen 1 just didn't have much content or polishing.


they are all the same tbh.


Crystal is bigger, better, has animations and sound, and the story gets kinda creepy. It's softlockable if you make bad decisions and I found it less grindy than Red/blue. it's easy to find legendaries early on.

Just don't do "that" thing and you'll be fine


in pokemon yellow you get pikachu so its better


I cannot play gen3. There are too many new pokemons for my taste. Gen2 was smart enough to link many of the pokemons with preevolutinos or postevolutions of gen1 pokemons, and new ones were not numerous. I think with gen3 the genie was released from the bottle and I cannot bother myself learning more than 250 pokemon. The things only got worse and nowadays I hear there are 700-800ish. Geez.


crystal. better music, spritework and story. GSC is probably my all-time favorite RPG.


Game-wise Gold/Silver/Crystal are the superior games. Gen 1 was good for it's time but gen 2 surpasses it in every way.
Overall monster design I prefer generation 1 over 2 even though they're fairly similar. Generation 3 were the last real good games, but it's were the monster design started to get worse. Gen 4 was playable but not very good, last okay and first bad generation, every following generation just gets worse. Last game I played was Y, got maybe halfway through and got bored.

I think with the ucoming generation 9 they will pass 1000 monsters. Gen 1-3 were enough, I can't even remember most monsters from gen 4.


yellow you could get the 3 starters i have to go with that. I did enjoy gold and silver for 16 gyms. Fire red and heart gold for remakes but that's where it ends for me


my dad wouldnt buy me vidya, but i remember drooling over pokemon yellow, where u can actually live out the tv series


Yeah i bailed after gen2. Nothing was ever going to recapture the hype of gold/silver/crystal.


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In Gen 2, I always liked how you could go to both regions. I've always wanted them to make a massive game in which you could just go to all of the regions. As others have said, the baseline quality of Crystal was simply superior. The one benefit Yellow has is that you can obtain all of the Gen 1 starters, but that's really just a novelty in terms of the overall game.

Gen 3 was the last one mainline game I finished. I think part of it it was the fact that the GBA is my favorite handheld console, so I played it copiously. But I also really liked RSE's soundtrack, the amount of Pokemon wasn't overwhelming yet, and story with Team Aqua/Magma was crazy enough to be great. Gen 4 also has good music and I think it's the first game with the move-level physical/special split, but it never clicked with me.

I've actually enjoyed the Mystery Dungeon spinoff games much more than the mainline games. Blue Rescue Team is always a great one to go back to, and Explorer's of Sky is the best in the series. I like the remake of Red/Blue Rescue Team on the switch because of how vibrant the artwork is in it, though I didn't play through the end of it when it came out. I'll have to go back and do that.

The core gameplay in the latest Arceus game (I think that counts as spinoff?) is really fun and I like how the focus is shifted towards catching rather than battling. However, it ends up being repetitive and I think they could have added much more variety/character to it. Pokemon have a few different types of behaviors, but for the most part they don't behave in any way unique to that Pokemon. Also, while the NPCs in the game make a huge deal about how dangerous it is out there with wild mons, that sense of danger wears off quickly after you catch a few alphas and figure out how to cheese everything.


I'm kind of jealous you can still throw yourself into this stuff or at least dip your toes in. I remember buying Green version for GBA yeeeears ago because i felt like a moron for selling my yellow and silver versions and i just couldn't recapture the magic. I got about halfway through and just lost interest. Some thing when trying to replay Zelda or Dragon Quest. I think i just don't have the patience for RPGs anymore.


>move-level physical/special split
It's a pretty big deal mechanically and was a straight up improvement in my opinion. In hindsight the way it worked up to gen 4 left a lot to be desired.


I like Gen 1 but I've played it to death so many times with different challenge runs I got burned out. 2's got a lot more stuff: the day/night cycle, new ways to get Pokemon, legendaries who'd run around the region, Crystal's Battle Tower if you didn't have Stadium 2, getting to visit 2 regions, playing it as a kid was great. Nowadays I might play a romhack once in a while.

I hear you. 2 felt like a nice balance between old and new since the newer stuff was often tucked away. If you tried a new mechanic or explored there was a good chance you'd be rewarded with a new Pokemon or evolution. 3 felt like they dumped everything new in your face and was all topsy turvy. If I recall it only had about 65 older Pokemon while everyone else had to be traded.


Original GB didn't have any other jrpg other than Poke Man with Western release, and all the three 'colors' are identical gameplay wise and its very typical FC/MarkIII/PCE/GB -era jrpg, so pretty decent.

Buutt, as far as these monster games go, I'd say that one fairly late 3D PSX game with prerendered backgrounds, that has monster collecting, but is not a Poke or Digi Man game, was and is so much better.

The name escapes me.



has anyone attempted a nuzlocke run of any of the games or romhacks? how did it go? it looks pretty popular among the fans which is getting me curious


I think I did a nuzlocke once of ORAS. All I remember is it being piss easy because no amount of self imposed challenge can make the mainline pokemon games hard


yeah that's why i was planning on giving it a try with a fairly reasonably balanced hack (renegade platinum)


mileage will vary as obviously romhacks have no real design standard shared between authors. i like trying nuzlocke with general difficulty/QoL hacks.


Is there anything like the Battle Frontier in post gen IV games? The rental pokemon mode in Emerald and Platinum is pretty good, and so was the pyramid in the former. It's a pity it's not in Platinum.


>All I remember is it being piss easy because no amount of self imposed challenge can make the mainline pokemon games hard
Turn off exp share and have level caps for each gym + Nuzlocke. It makes runs at least somewhat challenging.


Yellow was fun because Pikachu would follow you around.


i only played blue, i have no idea there is a yellow. later i played sapphire. all the pokemon in between blue and sapphire seem weird to me. apparently yellow is like blue so of course i will say yellow is best


Crystal, gen 2 is the best gen.
Yellow is red/blue with some changes to make it similar to the anime, like forcing you to start with pikachu and not being to release it/evolve it, changes to gym leaders' teams so it matches those of the show, changing cops and nurses to Joys and Jennies and so on. I personally prefer the vanilla versions, Pikachu fucking sucks and I think they were more balanced


Being able to get all three starters form red/blue was pretty tight.


Try Ash Red. PC game where you literally play the entire anime.


I've played Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow for the first generation and Gold, Silver, and Crystal for the second generation. I've come back to the second generation more because I like the aesthetics. I think I may have actually beaten Crystal, but not Yellow. I can't remember. I just remember beating Red after playing it in 2015. I can't remember much of each game though. I will tell you that my favorite romhack is called Crystal Clear. You can get every single Pokemon in the game including the starters in the wild. That game's dope.

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