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I've been following how–probably solely because of Project '06–The Sonic '06 game has had a comeback recently. Like there are people who are genuinely saying that it's good.

Anyways, what do you think of Sonic?


There is a cool demo called Sonic Utopia as well, but I don't think it's gone anywhere for a couple years now. I really liked their concept for a 3D Sonic game because they enable you to go much faster than the official 3D games.


I played every Sonic game that came out for the Genesis, skipped all the early 3D ones because we got a n64 instead of a Dreamcast. Then it got pretty bad during 7th gen and I mostly forgot about Sonic until playing Sonic Mania when it came out and that is my favorite Sonic game to date. So I probably classify as an early fan but nowadays mostly casual and nostalgia is the main reason I still check out the games getting released with Sonic in it.


I have to say; I realize it's entirely a marketing thing, but I actually appreciate that Sonic has been canonized by Smash Bros. I believe he deserves it despite SEGA's handling and the mediocrity of the franchise as a whole. I have lots of good and bad memories of the Sonic franchise. I believe it gets much more flak than it deserves.


I have never enjoyed any Sonic game, not even the supposedly good 16-bits ones. I suppose it is best to avoid the matter of the fandom, but I can't help thinking about it whenever I hear of the franchise.


The 2D is flawed as well. The whole selling point is that Sonic go faster than the wop, but 2D levels are both considerately and technically incompatible with this design philosophy. Sonic reaches the edge of the playable space and you can't see farther ahead, Sonic hits spikes, etc. Sonic has always had contradictory issues.


sonic games in general make me so upset ;-; rip bro you will be missed, all you wanted was to play sonic but you became a bird in heaven


hope you play sonic all day in heaven with jesus and all that


Yes the inertia is a frequently cited issue with the games, I think everyone complains about it sooner or later, then you either get over it or give up.

Video related.


File: 1653945391005.png (288.75 KB, 815x604, 815:604, sonicchristian.png) ImgOps iqdb

They were on the VERGE of inventing the wallrunner genre a couple decades before it came about.
I've found myself loving the flak. Some of the Sonic games go into "so bad it's good" territory for me. It's weird though, and I get the impression I'm the only person that likes it for that reason.


Utopia is a pretty fun demo to fuck around in. I think the main creator got a little too autistic for his own good or something? I don't know if it killed the project but i remember there being some kind of drama. I hope it gets finished.


I feel bad for Sonic. I really do think it was a franchise that had all the makings necessary to usurp the wop faggot, yet the actual developers went to show that the top geek is the one who wins. Most Mario games are simply better by virtue of having more eyes and hands on them.


File: 1654405043773.png (206.03 KB, 800x600, 4:3, sonicMedia.png) ImgOps iqdb

I've recently gotten into Sonic. I missed out on the whole "Dark Era" of Sonic (Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic '06, etc.) and I got to say…I've actually been loving those games. It's REALLY weird, because in the back of my mind I'm saying, "On every technical level, these games are BAD," but I keep fucking playing them and I'm clearly enjoying myself. The writing I find definitely isn't GOOD, but I wouldn't characterize it as BAD. I'd characterize it as BATSHIT. Because of this, I found myself reading the comics and…these storylines aren't bad, they're definitely not good either, they're just legitimately fucking insane. I've been having fun even though my frontal lobe is screaming "WHY?"

I feel like Mario is VERY consistent, but you have no roll of the dice. Mario is an incredibly safe, corporate, sanitized product. Whereas with Sonic you're like, "Alright, is this going to be THE WORST GAME OF ALL TIME, or THE BEST GAME OF ALL TIME with NO inbetweeen?" There's actual risk, and the storyline and lore is just completely stupid bonkers. I love it.


One of the things I really miss about Sonic and other "kids" games from back then is how seriously they took themselves. They weren't afraid to be a little cringe and had actual stories, characters, and lore. Felt like it was everywhere during the 6th generation and just doesn't exist anymore.


File: 1654441751114.jpeg (7.55 KB, 173x173, 1:1, theFaceOfNoMoreDecentrali….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Blame this guy (and Sega's idiotic lawyers). After the Penders debacle, Sega starting enforcing a bunch of storyline mandates on the franchise.


Have you watched the OVA? It's such a fun little romp and really manages to capture the spirt of the original games. I wish there was more of it.


What/Which OVA are you talking about?


he was one weird guy


I played sonic 06 as a kid and yes, it is a janky mess, but.
apart from Elise, the game is actually quite fun. Silver's storyline is definitely my favourite, after 06 he got kind of forgotten about and his story changed. i might be biased, but i will always have a soft spot for 06.
I hope frontiers will be alright, but judging by the gameplay footage, i don't want to keep my hopes up. Hopefully it will be good.


I've avoided it for a while because I saw all the stuff about the loading times and complete janky mess it is. However, as I've been playing Sonic Heroes recently (I posted about it in another thread >>57599), I'm really starting to wonder whether I should give '06 a shot and say fuck it to all the people who advised me against it. However, I'd have to buy a PS3 just to get…Sonic '06. Which feels weird. It's either that or wait for Project '06 to complete, which might be never.

After I finish Heroes I'm going to try either Unleashed or Shadow. Shadow seems to be particularly infamous, which makes me oddly excited to try it out. The cover art alone made me laugh and exited to play it.


I would definitely recommend playing sonic unleashed, the night stages are a bit too long, but the game itself is really well made.
Chun nan is probably my favourite stage, the ost is also really good


File: 1654951734453.png (1.49 MB, 1182x1935, 394:645, Sonic OVA background.png) ImgOps iqdb

OVA from the 90's. Released in the west as "Sonic The Hedgehog The Movie". The whole thing is on youtube if you can stand the cheesy english dub (I find it kind of charming but the sub is better).


Thanks for the suggestion anon, this was really fun.


I guarantee the ocean would not look like that if Saturn was this close to Earth. Everything would probably be frozen while ironically the sky burned from the planet sized clouds of hydrogen covering the Earth.


No problem.
Good thing it's Planet Freedom and not Earth then. Checkmate smart guy.


It's just an Earth's clone. Look, atmosphere must be the same because the clouds, mountains and the sand form the same way, the biome is exactly the same too, pretty sure those are palm trees. And that must be Saturn or a Saturn's clone since it has the same colors of a giant gas planet filled with ammonia.

Are there any magical properties on Planet Freedom? Any super gem somewhere or something? Cause it's not nature holding that planet together, that much I can tell.

>Checkmate smart guy.

I'm just really, really bored. Help me. Tell me about planet Freedom.


File: 1654970948537.jpg (47.02 KB, 631x960, 631:960, EkkATAOXUAAEvvO.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Ya got me. It's implied that planet freedom probably is earth post some awful apocalyptic event. Possibly caused by Eggman (The city Eggman lives in looks suspiciously like New York).

>Are there any magical properties on Planet Freedom?

Eggman gives a brief rundown on their world at 8.23 >>57639

>Any super gem somewhere or something?

I remember watching a youtube vid where a guy was going through the classic Sonic lore and he had a theory the chaos emeralds are the reason the planet has such wired natural formations and animals with odd abilities, like a headgehog that can run at super speed. Not canon (I think? I'm not up to date with modern Sonic stuff) but you might be on to something. The OVA kind of works like classic Star Wars or Dragon Ball. Theres stuff littered around it that gives you an impression of a bigger world the charters live in without really focusing on it. And it looks cool i guess.


Thanks, I just watched that part you mentioned, guess I might watch the whole thing. I played the old Sonic games that came out for the Genesis and the backgrounds are really gorgeous and they feel like they're telling a story but honestly I never looked into it. If you just play normally without paying any particular attention, the only thing that really stands out (at least to me) is the Nature X Machine theme running through the stages, Sonic being nature and Eggman of course the crazy tech machine evil guy that wants to turn everything into a robot. It's pretty nice and works really well for those games.


>going through the classic Sonic lore
One of my fav things about Sonics is how insane the actual lore is. Embed used to be the official Sonic Bible. This reminds me of how insane Scientologist Doctrine gets at the higher levels.


Is Robotnik truly evil?


Sonic seems the bigger asshole tbh, he probably provoked roboman


File: 1655050634416.jpg (120.57 KB, 1697x510, 1697:510, DMw0T_tW4AAqW-u.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

This insane lol. Is this what attracted the infamous fanbase? I found the video i mentioned if you can be assed sitting through this rundown of classic JP Sonic lore https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ejhtprDYnL4
If you're in for the wild ride i don't know if you'll like it that much. Original JP Sonic lore is pretty straight forward shonen action stuff influenced by Dragon Ball, Miyazaki and a bit of Starwars. I think the one of the reason the franchise as a whole is so all over the place quality-wise is because Sega of America and Japan keep butting heads and can't agree on the direction they want to take it.
Miyazaki clearly had a big influence on the games with the whole Nature X Machine thing. He basically designed Eggman/Robotnick a decade before the games started coming out.
He's just a big kid who need a noogie when he starts taking shit too far.


>Is this what attracted the infamous fanbase?
Man, what IS the deal with the Sonic fandom? There are so many absurdly, really fucked up pieces of work:
-Tails gets Trolled
-Sonic 2 XL
-Sonichu and Chris-chan
-That work with "Tails sitting on a bench"–you know what I'm talking about.
So many of these tell a story to me about how legitimately fucked up the creators are. That last one in particular (never look it up, I warned you). And then you can stroll over to deviantart and type in "Sonic" and find…just SO much more. TOO much.

For real, where are the psychological studies about it? Any published papers about it? There needs to be some sociologist somewhere studying this shit, trying to tease out what the fuck is going on here. I want some theories to help explain this.


>-That work with "Tails sitting on a bench"–you know what I'm talking about.
>So many of these tell a story to me about how legitimately fucked up the creators are. That last one in particular (never look it up, I warned you).
Oh shit, I didn't know that one, that's very interesting. Someone just started a thread yesterday with a pic of Tails sitting on a bench and I didn't even think the slightest thing about it.


Another anon said once that maybe it's because it was mostly poor kids that owned Sega consoles and that combined with a poor home life made them more rife for being fucked in the head, also could be due to other environmental/cultural factors. Very LOL post but sounds like it could be true


Are you complaining about physics in Sonic? See the embed at 1:20 if you want to REALLY cringe at some Sonic Physics.
>Tails sitting on a bench
If we're talking about >>>/dep/260250 , then yes. That comic is really, really messed up. It's usually posted on ibs for the same reason that small, innocuous snippets of Emergence are posted on ibs: it occasionally rustles some jimmies.
I could see this being the case.
I was thinking about it a bit more, and there does seem to be a lot of overlap between the Sonic fanbase and wizards: autistic tendencies.
The main exception I can guess is that there seems to not only be a high degree of sexual deviancy amongst Sonic fans (e.g., furries, and being very open about inflation/foot/other fetishes) but just in general they seem to have very little/if any inhibitions (probably as a consequence of this trait).
For example, I get the impression that if me and one of you wizards were stuck in a room where we had to have a conversation with each other to exit the room, we'd be completely silent and awkward and not say anything to each other and have this huge hedgehog dilemma dynamic, but if I were to meet a Sonic fan I get the impression it would be (ironically) something of an anti-hedgehog dilemma and I wouldn't be surprised if their first question to a complete stranger wizard was, "So, what's your favorite way to masturbate?" Just zero inhibition and knowledge of the taboos of social engagement.
I'm trying to construct a profile, I suppose.


>tails on a bench


"Tails gets trolled"


Tails Get Trolled is not that infamous "tails on a bench" doujin. If you must know, the "tails on a bench" doujin is where Tails rapes two (still-in-diapers) succubi(/babies?) he's babysitting. "Tails Gets Trolled" is more like…the "Plan Nine" or "The Room" of sonic fancomics.


He doesn't rape them. They consent multiple times and enjoy it too.


Oh ok i didnt know


Why didn't you answer the question in this thread then?


Which question?



This man >>57668 already answered that question.


Yes, but if you didn't like >>57668 's answer, then you could've replied before him instead of leaving him to answer the question, and then complaining when it was wrong.


I didn't dislike his answer and I wasn't complaining. I just wanted to correct a part of his answer while the topic was hot.


Fair enough.


O.K. so I know you suggested Unleashed, but I saw Shadow for like $5.



That game is such a guilty pleasure of mine. Like yeah it's edgy and cringe, but fuck I miss edgy cringe sometimes.


I like this game a lot too, I feel like it controls the best of the adventure era sonic games and as much as people make fun of them the gun "combat" works so well for a sonic game.

There are a couple levels/missions that are just absolute stinkers, some of the worst in any game I've ever played(the ark ones and the one where there are bombs in the city) but most of the other ones are really fun if a bit too easy.


File: 1655521786947-0.jpg (170.1 KB, 1274x1592, 637:796, dnxj7w-25a4847f-a835-4356-….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1655521786947-1.jpg (264.49 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, sonic_become_gods_messange….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1655521786947-2.jpg (169.2 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, shadow_the_hedgehog_praise….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

O.K., I know the Sonic fandom is known for all their weird, creepy fetish fanart, but could someone explain wtf is up with all of their weird, creepy Christian fanart?


Bible Belt American kids so indoctrinated they inject it into their sonic fantasies


It makes sense to me anyway as a former Nintendo kid ~20 years ago, there was a bunch of Sonic releases and ports on Gamecube - I first played sonic adventure 2 on that, and sonic heroes, I'm 90% certain the first 3 games were on GC too. It was a pretty big deal at the time given the history - the dreamcast was a recent memory then, I would guess it's by now it's just normal. Sega quickly became one of my fav developers after that, not specifically for Sonic but I do enjoy (some of) the games in spite of the problems already stated. Platformer is the last genre where I'd want to be forced to speed through, but when it does work it's fine. I did enjoy Sonic Mania a few years ago, although after looking it up now, I don't think it occurred to me at the time that the levels were different, lol I thought it was a straight port. I'll try it again sometime. I would say the soundtracks from the original Sonic games stand out as very good also.


Yeah, but why _Sonic_? Like you can say Bible Belt Americans b crazy n sheeeit, but why Sonic of all things? Maybe because many overly religious Christians are poor, and >>57653 's theory then takes precedence?


Think it's a common theme in bad fan art, and sonic has a ton of fanart. I know I've seen similar images with at least spongebob, simpsons, and pokemon characters.


> I would say the soundtracks from the original Sonic games stand out as very good also.
Are the soundtracks from newer games good? The older games seemed to have consistently good soundtracks. Even Knuckles Chaotix had some great tracks in it.


Makes sense.
I think the main thing that people agree with is that the soundtrack in Sonic games are usually good. Embedrel is probably the best Sonic track–actually, vg track in general that I've heard. I think it beats out the older games as well.
When I was first listening to this, I remember having that feeling that I had when I was younger of a videogame actually being good. Seriously, the Wisp Planet level was just…great.

Maybe I'll change my mind later, but so far I've even been having a good time on the night stages (I don't think I have a fav level yet). Why was I able to pick this game up for so cheap? Did people really hate this game? So far, the main issue I've been able to see are the level loading times.


>Maybe I'll change my mind later
Welp, it's later, I'm on the last stages and I got to say. Holy balls the loading times. If you have a one minute 30 second level that requires multiple tries, but it takes 20 seconds to restart the level, the frustration REALLY builds up.

Also, maybe it's my controller, but some of the ways that the game teaches you to control beast mode is just completely absent or just wrong. It wasn't until the 6th boss that I learned that you could block/somersault out of the way. When I'm climbing up a pole, I don't wave the nunchuck and then the wiimote, I have to wave them simultaneously. The SECOND midair jump has fixed momentum that can't be canceled. The _slightest_ upward input cancels a pummeling chain. It goes on and on. I didn't mind Chip's tutorializing because I've grown enough of a skin to ignore it in games, but my god at least make the tutorials CORRECT in what they teach you!

I want to return to that loading times point. I feel like I'd leave this game with a positive opinion without that. It's too late now because I've almost completed the game, but that really was the nail in the coffin for me.


Probably sonic they had very strict religious parents and sonic was the only thing that they are allowed to play


File: 1659312143299-0.jpg (229.63 KB, 1200x867, 400:289, b6pn2boyaaq81.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1659312143299-1.jpg (613.4 KB, 2106x1522, 1053:761, media_EpoiBYTXYAMqqMO.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1659312143299-2.jpg (67.63 KB, 1018x221, 1018:221, media_Epon2XQXMAAFTdM.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Some of Sonic Adventure 2's Marketing had stuff like this, so this might have played a role for some people making christian fan art.


File: 1659366800099.jpg (788.7 KB, 2440x1564, 610:391, FJKmrw2XMAI1D7N.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Always liked the art style of this game. Maybe i should find my GBA and play it agin.


was sonic ever popular in japan? always seemed like it was tailored for the american market


>was sonic ever popular in japan
No. The first Sonic game sold like a 150k copies in Japan (compared to millions in the US and Europe) and it's been further downhill ever since.
>always seemed like it was tailored for the american market
Sonic was literally designed from the ground up to specifically cater to Western sensibilities (which probably explains why he never got popular in Japan).


that is pretty cool. is there a reverse of this where an american game series does horribly in the west but is successful in japan?


theres fucked up art of all sorts of different things


never played Sonic, tempted to pick up the Origins collection but not sure if I'll regret it



recently picked it up and I'm loving it. Currently finishing up 3&knuckles. I'd recommend. Also:

1>2>CD>3 in terms of quality.


File: 1692985684900.gif (983.62 KB, 540x540, 1:1, 1691789426307815.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>Anyways, what do you think of Sonic?
I'm fond of this franchise, and have been ever since I was a kid.
I just got done finishing Sonic 3D: Flickies' Island on SEGA Genesis, or Sonic 3D Blast, if you prefer, I wanted to give the SEGA Saturn version a shot too, but it's probably the toughest console that I've ever tried to emulate, it just doesn't run very well, so I went for the version I'm more familiar with yet again for this replay… and loved it yet again. I definitely recommend it for those that are fond of Sonic already, and those that avoid his 3D stuff too, since this feels quite a lot like a classic Sonic title, but in a 3D environment, with the exception that your objective isn't to just get to the goal, this is a collectathon, a lite one of course, but still counts. I think in a collectathon, the most important thing is level design that's fun to explore, and Travellers Tales nailed it here to me, going up and down and all around looking for the Badniks, Sonic icons to get continues, Tails & Knuckles for Special Stages and Chaos Emeralds… it's just a fun time, I'm glad I've decided to replay this one yet again.


I finished Sonic Origins it was fun, my ranking is 2 > CD > 1 > 3

I think I will play Generations next

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