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36433Odd Taxi Has anyone here been watching/reading Odd Taxi? It's already looking like AOTY despite it not even being summer yet, released on the same season as last year's AOTY, Gal to Kyouryuu. "Furry" anime becoming the new moe is wishful thinking, but I hope it happens. Animal worlds ensure more interesting stories in anime. I won't spoil too much since I'm sure not many people on wizardchan have s[View]
36070 I can't take anyone who doesn't like anime seriously anymore. It happens to anybody else here? [View]
35430Character Songs This is a thread to post anime character songs in. [View]
34935The Future of Japan I don't like making /dep/ressing threads, especially on hobbyist boards like /jp/, but this has been bugging me for a long time now. Japan has always been a hot spot for foreigners, but I've noticed a lot, and I mean A LOT of people trying to invade the country recently. And to make things worse, not only will they eventually flood the gene pool, but they're going to pressure Ja[View]
34034 Any anime that anyone thinks is just better off/works better as a manga?[View]
32440guilty pleasure anime thread Post shitty/poorly written anime that you unironically enjoyed[View]
27659Anime Recommendation Thread Tell us your anime likes and dislikes or some sort of information about what you're looking for, or just examples of past shows you've enjoyed, and hopefully someone will recommend you a good show to watch. [View]