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51703Age limit Why the FUCK is it only 18? Are you fucking retarded? Any normie can post here under this 'rule'. It's completely normal for someone to be a virgin at 18 nowadays. It should be at least 25. Change it, you dumb faggot.[View]
51696Grand Wizard's Cathedral, A Wizchan Confessional. Let us for the first time take an active approach in volcelpilling the community, and not through gay exposure on /b/. It must be done by confessing your crab fantasies or experiences.[View]
51685 Hey mod fuck you![View]
51599 Why is it allowed to have a "dog hate thread" but when someone made a succubus hate thread it was moved to /b/?[View]
51591 there needs to be a rule against being heterosexual. 99.9% of the time its heterosexuals that break the rules of the site by breaking rule 2 or whining about females. i think we've put up with these crabs long enough and their toxic, insecure behaviour. all of this kind of crap traces back directly to the crab hierarchy of wanting to impress females which here is irrelevant. its like when normies [View]
51563Evolution of Wizardry I've been pondering this question for some time but we as wizards are supposedly genetic mutations. We choose not to reproduce and go against our genetic programming. We are the next step in human evolution just like in those sci-fi novels of dystopian futures. [View]
51507 >>>/b/408974[View]
51482Rules Are jokes/sarcasm under a thread that might mock the thread a rule break?[View]
51466 These newfag tranny trolls aren't even being subtle anymore. Sometimes i wonder why i still even bother posting here.[View]
51427 this site needs a harsher rule against images of gore and gruesomeness, I don't come here to see teen shitlords posting jewtubes with the most shocking imaginable thumbnails they can find for shits & giggles, it's profoundly disturbing to see that, it's even worse than when the same little faggots post jewtubes of rap songs or whatever with homoerotic cover art on purpose to skirt the rules[View]
51422Dark is the best CSS Is there any hope for the /text/ board?[View]
51394 I just want to appreciate Dadmin and the Wizmods for all the hardwork they do around here for us crabs. Thanks.[View]
51387Pedophiles Why was my comment on a dep thread deleted about this child picture and how he shouldn't post pictures of children because pedophiles are around. Lots of them. [View]
51366rename /dep/ "PSYCHOLOGY" i say keep it /dep/, but label it "Psychology", instead of "Depression".[View]
51326Wordfilter for volcel If in-cel has a wordfilter shouldn't volcel? It's just as much cancer. Smug monk-wannabes are taking over this site and we must put a stop to it.[View]
51307Proof mods should ban they gay Do you need more proof?[View]
51257 Daily reminder [View]
51095wordfilter for cringe make a word filter for cringe please[/][/][/][/][/][/][/][/][/][/][/][/][/][/][/][/][/][/][/][/][/][/][/][/][/][/][/][/][/][/][/][/][/][/][/][/][/][/][/][/][/][/][/][/][/][/][/][View]
50969The future of Wizchan Where do we think the chan is going? It seems to be to be in a downward spiral with no way of recovery at this point. At some point it just all coalesced together and it's like everyone left is a zoomer newbie and we have no wizards left anymore.[View]
49984 Is the 'normshield' still up? ie. the thing that redirects to Reddit or wherever when someone is linked here from another site.[View]
49939Wizchan 2019 What would you say is the current percentage of legit/real apprentices and wizards on Wizchan?[View]
48959make 'go get a gf' line available as an insult pls I wanna be able to say 'go get a gf' without fear of being banned. It'd be the same as saying 'go away' or 'gtfo' and similar. Thanks.[View]