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61534 >>281333 is probably better suited for /b/, not /lounge/.[View]
61519 anyone else notice how any thread that is about something of importance quickly fills up with infighting and derailing of discussion.[View]
61515 if I can't berate a newfag OP for making such a shit thread and trying to gate keep what can I do? do I just report the thread? the thread still stays up unless it is a /b/ tier shit post. [View]
61504 Did you purposefully try to kill this site, Admin? Or are you just incompetent? [View]
61470We need to archive the good threads Sometimes we have some great threads filled with interesting ideas and I think it would be very cool if as a community we had some compilation of the better threads. This goes beyond an archive and is a bit like what the wiz wiki was like.[View]
61438Ban anime (unironically) There is literally nothing "wizardly" about these perverted Japanese cartoons. After viewing a few of them myself the target audience for these shows seems to be pedophiles who enjoy watching pre-teen succubi constantly ending up in sexual situations that force them to show their underwear or talk about something perverted. These brain-rotting cartoons are oversexualized be[View]
61433plox halpy does the music board only have 5 pages? I have noticed threads vanish sadly.[View]
61374 The minimum age for posting should be 30[View]
61278 Making sexual advances on another wizard should be considered violation of rule two.[View]