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57113 Can a member of the staff please tell us why a mod falsely claimed that the crystal.cafe crossposter was unbanned when that wasn't actually true?[View]
57066 This is all wrong. I shouldn't be making this thread here. I should be back in /b/ on the other side of Wizchan. Yet you all come to us young apprentices for hope. How dare you! [View]
56955 Close down /b/ every other week[View]
56949 >>>/b/575083[View]
56947 So can the moddess explain why they allow obvious rule breaking avatarfagging on /b/, yet ban gore which isn't even on the rule list? I mean I know the answer, you guys are just pathetic simps who were likely paid off with erotic fingernail pictures. Really I'm just here to pretend like you aren't just biased cuckolds that enforce rules based on "Is this poster a female or homosexual? If so then t[View]
56945 idea: my reports autoban the reported person[View]
56927 I apologize if this is a stupid question but I am a stupid and that is half the reason I am here My question is if we could have >>>/b/ listed with a warning upon entering that it does not represent wizchan etc. Sorry about the thread to ask. [View]
56775 >>>/b/569294[View]
56679 >being so desperate to ban someone you need to make shit up[View]
56658 >>>/b/566919[View]
56618Accountability There needs to be a formal system of accountability for the moderation staff of this website. [View]
56600 Anyone want to explain why the thread needed to be locked when it broke no rules and the posters were totally civil?[View]
56459 The gayposter just posted a picture of his butthole on /b/. [View]
56452 Does rule 3 mean I can't try to make friends with someone from here? I don't know if that's considered a violation of rule 3.[View]
56443gore in b can you just disable webm posting in /b/[View]
56407 I believe we need to be more specific about the first rule.[View]
56393 What is the official method for determining whether or not a poster is a male? This absolutely pertains to the website and is not off-topic for /meta/, so please answer already mods. You can't just say that you "confirmed" that a poster is male and not expect people to be confused at that.[View]
56346 >>258812[View]
55910Revolutionary Council of True Wizards This is the official thread dedicated to discussion of the Revolutionary Council of True Wizards. [View]
55760metawizard Succubi never love men as much as men love them, neither in the same manner. Who ever wants a succubi to love him he finds himself tied to prove his qualities until the succubus, like a master, gives her approval. That's what I simply rejected, being completely passive about any possible relationship with succubi, making clear always that it's them, never me, who must prove their value, [View]
55207Zoomers Should we ban younger users from this site? Seems like younger posters are more likely to be failed norms or generally not fit in with the concept of the site. Also, a good amount of them are never going to become wizards. I think the posting age should be 25+[View]