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53755 https://wizchan.org/b/res/467817[View]
53702The Mods Don't Care and They Help to Harass Fellow Wizards, We need Transparency Yesterday I reported a couple of posts that were openly breaking rule 4 by condemning neets and ways to be a neet. One of the posters seems to have been banned, but the other posts that were breaking rule 4 are still up. The mod willingly ignored the other posts that are attacking neets, only selectively applying the [View]
53690 I don't get why there aren't more boards for everything rather than this clunky, half-baked and messy arrangement...[View]
53687goblin posting can we post as goblins on /b/[View]
53662Defending Causes of Deppression in /dep/ If I were to make a thread about wanting to commit suicide because of my abusive family or because of bullies, would it be acceptable for someone to come into that thread and defend the abusive family and the abusers?[View]
53643 There needs to be an option to hide every single post by a certain user. I think this would do a lot to better the site.[View]
53615The mods only enforce the rules for themselves and their friends I made a thread about posting anti-capitalist documentaries and it has been derailed with posts that I explicitly classified in the op as derailments. I have been reporting these posts to get them the fuck out of my thread and advised the posters to make their own thread or go to the politics thread, but mods have done nothing. I don'[View]
53061Demographics of /dep/ I've always wondered, how many unique wizards on average are creating threads/posts in /dep/? How many lurk and not post? Are these numbers even quantifiable?[View]
52604Mod double standard I just wanted to point out that >>51578 's picture of two laughing succubi is up but the one I posted is gone >>51991 . And don't give me that bullshit that you only delete what's reported, I know you mod faggots regularly browse /meta/ so seeing the OP image like that is pretty easy.[View]
51553 Why is it okay to have inside jokes about homoeroticism and post gay porn but god forbid someone posts a fucking wojak or Pepe and the mods become vigilant and cast down their punishment.[View]