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58712 Lost my job because libtards said I was a racist and provided no evidence and been homeless before, not doing it again.[View]
58698links the boardlist above links to wizchan when you are on the faq page just fyi[View]
58629 Hi,[View]
58548Ban all zoomers Say it with me.[View]
58479Should we ban 2d succubi? Should 2d succubi be banned? Community vote[View]
58461current admin and mods what do we know about them so far about the current admin and mods?[View]
58459 Are we breaking rule 3 by posting on wizchan? We are socializing with one another in real time and in real life through the power of the computer and the internet. I feel a strong intimate mental connection when I come here to socialize with my fellow wizbros. We all come here for the same reason: to socialize and fraternize. Have we been breaking rule 3 all this time? Should we stop socializing a[View]
58294wizardry Are you still a wizard if you were molested or raped at all I have seen other imageboards for virgins state that you are still allowed to post but I have read the wiki on here and did not see if it is allowed.[View]
58269serious What are the rules when it comes to sharing other websites or content?[View]
57972 Can we cut down on the "ironic" gay posting that is going on because in my mind it is no different than a sucubus coming here and posting sexually suggestive things or a wizard pretending to be a sucubus with the purpose of arousing wizards as the result is the same.[View]
57898 Getting a bit sick of the anti anime pro cartoon spam I am for freedom of speech but it goes against japanese inspired image boards.[View]
57886Philosophical wiz question If a man who identifies as a wizard can be 18-20 and being a wizard means he has not had sex with a succ what about a man who is 40 and has not had sex for 25 years?[View]
57878 Mods sit on discord all day and gangstalk people. They gangstalk the /b/ retards. I have been followed around online by these neckbeards. They are all under 25 years old too. Nice "wizardly" website you got there LMAO[View]
57868/b/ Since /b/ is a shitpost board why not have it listed? it might make the wizzies that post on listed boards but do not know about >>>/b/ post more also because they will hang around and check for new posts on listed boards.[View]
57859 >>>/lounge/263536[View]
57759Chat box Have you ever thought an instant chat box could be good to have maybe on >>/b/ or something? The idea could work fine I do not see what the problem would be it would be nice to talk to other wizards in realtime on site without having to use some chat app as many of us do not use them anyway.[View]
57507Anime is unwizardly Criticizing anime now against the rules?[View]
56928Demographic Survey Hello, fellow wizzies. Wouldn't it be great if we knew a little bit more about each other? Wizzies come in all shapes and sizes, beliefs, lifestyles, locations...[View]
56521 >https://crystal.cafe/b/res/70865.html[View]
56291Don't insult the mods - Mod appreciation thread You are good mods, ignore the haters and [View]