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59546Quwstion for the staff What motivates you to continue upkeep on the site which takes away your personal time when so many actively abuse you and there does not seem much community cohesion among the users?[View]
59533Wizard revolution, the revolt of the 2020's "succubi, eunuchs, transsexuals, homosexuals, and cross dressers cannot become monks, nor can they free themselves from the cycle of birth and rebirth in this birth."[View]
59526 If pepe and wojak are not to be posted why the hell are people allowed to spam andy sixx log "memes"[View]
59514 >>>/lounge/267896[View]
59473 Can we ban the reddit tranny spammer? He keeps posting the same few disgusting images and is clearly doing it to avatarfag and ruin people's enjoyment of /b/. Like, we get it, you hate this one specific guy, but you're shitting up the board completely for the rest of us. I can't even [-] fast enough before I see this guy posting his fap material in every thread.[View]
59369 [i]"No! How Could this be happening?"[/i] Shouted the moderator as he saw images of Pepe and Wojak on the board. [i]"This is a [b]wizardly[/b] space meant for avatarfagging with homoerotic 2D images."[/i][View]
59275 strange how you cannot say you want to fuck a succubus but you can go into elaborate detail about how much you want another wizard to fuck you as a faggot.[View]
59255Than you mods + meta post Thank you for unbanning me when it was entirely in error <3 Check the images next time bakka![View]
59250Burger King Official Wizchan sponsor? i just got a free big king xl for saying I'm from wizchan, how long has this deal been going on? im about to get FAT [View]
59225Posting delays Can someone please explain what the hell is going on with the delays in post appearing between diffrent parts of the site?[View]
59159how are inncels "crabs" when wizards are crabs in a bucket? This thread wizchan.org/lounge/res/264563.html and others show that wizchan is comprised of nasty people who are insensitive and heartless failed normalfags with a crabs in a bucket mentality. These posts are a direct product of a crab mentality and those "wizards" are the real crabs. It's funny to see the animosity towards wizards that sa[View]
59136 My post in this thread I made yesterday is gone was it deleted I did not break any rules I was reply as well as I could this is a shame ws it an error with the board or mod deletion? https://wizchan.org/dep/res/237098.html[View]
59121 Why are there no "(you)'s) on the board except for >>>/b/? I do not want literal (you) but a way to see who replied to the posts.[View]
59111 https://wizardchan.net/search.php?search=%F0%9F%92%A9&board=b[View]
59099Duality of Soul in a Wizard Can a vocel and inncel exist in the same body? I was thinking lately that I never considered myself fully crab or fully volcel but rather the keeper of homeostasis of these two forces. When one overpowers the other is when I know to supress the other side to keep them in balance, otherwise my whole system goes out of wack.[View]
59078AtsuiNabe Rest in peace, AtsuiNabe. I miss you every day. For those who know, you know. But for the rest of you, he was a former admin who killed himself.[View]
58911red flags for wizards what are some red flags that you notice here that gives away that people aren't virgins?[View]
58760/meta/ is ignored by the mods Pic related, you can see 4 different IDs.[View]
58516Unfair and absurd ban from low IQ normalfag mod A wizardly GIFs thread is now considered /r9k/ subject matter according to a mod and will ban you for it. It was a thread for wizardly GIFS, from any media, movies, anime, cartoons, etc. but the mod say that’s /r9k/ subject matter. How?[View]
58446 If we do not allow wojaks and frogs why the hell do we allow spongebob reaction images and the like when they are as bad if not worse and scream reddit and facesnap or whatever the children use.[View]
58018where the wizzies gone Where have all the losers gone online I know that not all of us have killed ourselves also not all are on discord so where the hell is everyone it makes no sense to me how there is no loser community online that is active like there used to be.[View]