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54635 Is there a beard grooming section? I want to talk to other wizards about beard maintenance stuffs[View]
54493 can you wordfilter 'unironically' but dont replace it with anything. just delete it from posts[View]
54483what's the ban for saying that you want to do it What if some wiz(not me) says in a post the following:[View]
54450quest for mods can you check if the 'arranged marriage' thread was made by a wizard, like if they have a post history. it seems like a troll so i want you to check it out[View]
54448 hello my fellow wizards, this subject has maybe been discussed before but being unaware of it i ask it myself.[View]
54432 One of the unofficial tenets of wizardry is "Disregarding Females", which is avoiding any unnecessary contact with succubi when at all possible. Asking a female cashier at a store to hand you the receipt or check something again, or telling a female customer if one is a cashier some information about a promotion or something of the sort is not a violation, as these are "necessary", i.e. you could [View]
54383Change /dep/ to /psych/ or something similarly neutral Suggestion: change the /dep/ board to /psych/. That would make it more neutral and would allow discussion of a broader array of topics. It would still be a containment board but it would be way less of a crab beacon than it is now. It would also help dispel some confusion about the culture here by not being overtly depressive/negative. [View]
54381 Why can't I post when using Tor? 75 characters, how about now, now, is it 75 now[View]
54372I'm sorry, mods I'm sorry if I ever insulted you or called you bad names. I'm sorry if I shitposted and gave you more work than necessary.[View]
54366 If you type out a post and then press the back button instead of submitting it, can the mods see what you typed out? I just found out that doing this is possible and I am concerned since I remembered the tracking cookies conspiracy that was revealed a while back.[View]
54355 In a few more years in the future when America's hegemony has collapsed and China takes over, white privilege will fade and in its place yellow privilege will exist. succubi will flock to the formerly low sexual value Asian males and virgin Asian males will have their wizard status tested for real. There will be a mass of late blooming Asian wizards being revealed as LARPers. Asian wizards can't b[View]
53951Hostility Has anyone else noticed an increase on hostility and normalfag-like behavior around here? it doesn't matter what you post you will probably end up with someone insulting you,making fun at you or calling you names.[View]