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60654 hello wiz mods, i got banned on /b/ for saying i had sex before but i was only joking. i wanted to submit a ban appeal to clarify my intentions where in the past it seems several people made similar posts and weren't banned but it seems like appeal ban never works for me. i am not intentionally trying to ban evade. it happens that my router reset itself so im unbanned at the moment. i want to know[View]
60636 are you allowed to socialize if it is because of therapy? To clarify I do not mean a therapist telling you to go to a party or something similar but non-conventional group therapy with other people in a professional setting?[View]
60574Social networking for wizards? I took a rather extended break from imageboards in general around 4 years ago so I'm a bit out of the loop with how things are going around here but I was wondering if contact sharing (Discord or Steam, I know rule 12 is a thing) is against the current moderation policy as it was back then. I can understand the objections to it but people like us are not all satisfied[View]
60550Ban Wageslave General Ban this cucked shit, right fucking now, the normie larp is as obvious af. These people are niggercattle and I hate them so fucking much, all they do is follow orders that negatively affect wizards, most of us can't even get NEETbux from social workers.[View]
60390Quick reply window only gets bigger Has anyone else encountered the bug where you try to resize the quick reply window but it doesn't go where you want and only gets bigger and bigger no matter how you move your mouse?[View]