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55907RIP Howard the mage of HURT Daddy Howard is an honorary wizard. There should be a banner to celebrate him and show appreciation for all the butthurt he has given us. Instead of honor him and give him the respect he deserves, he is banished to the abyss and so many outsiders are here that he hardly gets posted anymore. How he has been treated here is an injustice. This is the least we can do for him[View]
55812Is Wizard Chan a joke imageboard? I was looking at the rules and it mentioned you aren't allowed to discuss voluntary social activities. [View]
55754Are tulpas allowed to apply to be mods? My tulpa is a 68 year old wizard and he really wants to be a wizchan mod. He has anxiety though and doesn't know if he'd be accepted. Are tulpas welcomed as mods?[View]
55689 Maybe we should make it so warning and ban messages tell you if your post was reported by a member of the community and the mods are acting on it. Then these rude posters will know it wasn't just a mod they were annoying but an angry burger Wiz like me. Might make them less hostile to our moddybobs diffusing blame.[View]
55650remove discord they are insane failed normans beyond salvation[View]
55634Increasing transparency Since at least some of the mods are openly hostile towards the actual userbase of this site and like to abuse their power, I propose the introduction of some sort of global log. This log would be publicly accessible to all users and would document each and every sitewide change and mod action followed by a written explanation. Each event could be questioned and contested at[View]
55567Unfairly warned I made a thread not even an hour ago about female parasitism and it was deleted while I was warned? For what purpose exactly? The reason given was that it was an r9k themed thread but this is not true nor was it a reason to remove a thread. [View]
55555 Can you mods please do something about the ceaseless gay spam and ERP on /b/? It doesn't belong on this site, regardless of whether the board is hidden or not.[View]
55476timezone setting can this be added to user options? it is weird that there isn't an option to do this already[View]
55460Mod, what's wrong with you? "You can blame yourself for why he came back"[View]
55430 Everyone here is a rich kid spoiled brat youger than 25 with no real problems in their life that hangs out on discord all day. The mods gangstalk us with their kiwifarms buddies. This website is the fucking cancer[View]
55425 Can we please have a third fap thread? I mean we already have one fap thread and mmd one, but what about another fap thread with gay stuff? 🧙‍♂️🧙‍♂️🧙‍♂️(^o^)(^o^)(^o^)🐸^_^[View]
55388Feedback My feedback is that mods are doing an awesome job keeping all the rowdies in check and making wizchan a safe to browse wizard haven[View]
55357 Being a mod must be such a power trip. You can click on any anonymous post that interests you and instantly see a catalogue of every single post that person has ever made, even more posts than people see on the public history page. You can link someone to all of their posts, and then subtly signal to them that you know their post history and they can't do anything about it. Only you, the mod, can [View]
55352proposal: keep everything on wizchan as it is That's right[View]
55288 Hey mods, why are there posts of "wizards" posting themselves talking to succubi on social media? Any particular reason? Just curious if this isn't a violation of rule 2. Thanks. [View]
55281Fap Thread Removal I'm here to propose a removal of the fap thread on /lounge/ for the wizard community. I dislike having to glance over the thread each time I browse /lounge/, and I don't think masturbating to visual stimuli involving succubi is good for the wizard's psyche. [View]
55270 The /meta/ board is the 2nd most toxic board next to /b/. Nearly all the thread replies are shit posting. There is no constructive debate or criticism over the website, moderation, or rules here. It feels like a /cow/kiwifarm playground. Why don't you just relegate this board to /b/?[View]
55160Wizchan Nomenclature? I'm relativly new to Wizchan, can anyone create a list of terms used here, and describe them? Words like "volcel/warlock/etc..." [View]
54416 this site is so shit lately, and I though that it was me who shits it with low quality posts.[View]
53916Ban all positivity These “anti-crab” Wizards are less like us than normalfags who make all the benchmarks in life, 6 figures, kids etc.. and still say “nope, wasn’t worth it and life sucks”. Just because you never had sex doesn’t make you a non-normie. These kinds of Wizards are normie apologists! We shouldn’t hate normies for having sex and other successes in their lives, we should [View]
53523 the nighttime mod is a stupid piece of shit, you know who you are[View]