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63070 What would it take for replies from /all/ to redirect to all and not to the board of the original thread? I prefer to only browse via /all/. [View]
63019 it'd be really nice if you retards would finally add a catalog feature to the /all/ board[View]
62996let us have our hispa thread the tears won't stop flowing because mods deleted the hispanic thread while i was posting my reply.[View]
62978The Loner Honeypot Is wizardchan just a tool for the feds? A honeypot to grab loners ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isolation_to_facilitate_abuse ), and then encourage wizzies to either justify their budget by going Columbine (>>>/dep/267683) or help fight their war (>>/wiz/197827).[View]
62957Jannies adhoc'ing the rules whenever they want now - wizsham 2022 >no politics in the crawl thread![View]
62883 ive complained about this before but i really would like you guys to reconsider this: I do not believe that anime/japan is a wizardly interest.[View]
62875 Good morning. [View]
62858 hello sirs[View]
62852 Wizardchan is a Japanese-inspired imageboard for male virgins to share their thoughts and discuss their interests and lifestyle as a virgin. The name of our website is inspired by the wizard meme, which refers to someone who has maintained his virginity past the age of 30. In contrast to other imageboards, Wizardchan is dedicated exclusively to people who have no sexual experience. Feel free to sh[View]
62831 can you make it so new ips cant post links[View]
62778 Dude has been spamming nigger on b for like the past 4 days. Do you just not care since it’s b? [View]
62685 This board is fucking dying, what happened to half of the user base here? killed themselves???[View]
62668Proposition to relocate one (1) Vocaloid Thread 2 to /jp/ There is a Vocaloid thread†¹ on /music/ and there is not a Vocaloid thread on /jp/. This is a problem. Vocaloid is a software suite aiding in producing multimedia extending beyond just music. There are:[View]
62647What happened to the France thread? There was a good thread where a lot of wizzies were complaining about what it's like to live in France. One guy posted a good Celine quote about how the people who run France want the population to be genetically "part everything." What happened to it? I can't find it on /b/ even. No idea why it would've been deleted.[View]
62637 Why are there so many crabs in this site? How did we get to this? It was not like this more than 5 years ago.[View]
62610About the obvious failed normal invasion This needs to stop, there are constant threads and posts popping out, of people regretting being wizards, wanting to become normalfags, of how bad it is neeting, it is constant failed normal/crab discouse. i report them but i dont know if they are being erased. I believe that going against the wizard lifeatyle shouls be reason to be banned.[View]
62608 Can I add some new features to the site?[View]