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62128 >>>/wiz/190155/ doesn't violate rule 2 or 4? That said, isn't there a whole bunch of stuff in that thread that's going against those rules?[View]
62112 Can someone tell me why I can't delete my posts?[View]
62083 So, are you guys just gonna stand and watch the site crumble into pieces? is there any plan? or the situation is unredeemable?.[View]
62065 What does this watch thread button does?, i press it but it doesn't do anything.[View]
62017What if I don't want to be anonymous? Hello, I was just issued a warning and my thread was removed because I've linked to some of my personal online projects that "doxxed" me. Is it a rule that I can't doxx myself? I don't care about my anonymity, I'd like to share some things I've made.[View]
62007wizzie goes beast mode Make a self improvement board. Why? Because there is a dep board. Dep is mostly about people venting but I also see people there who are interested in improving. It may be that they want to know more about careers or they're interested in medication to treat mental illness.[View]
62000Why is there no technology board? Just discovered this board since I've been banned from 4chan. This place looks amazing except for no tech, /g like board? I imagine most of wizards are tech nerds. How to make it happen?[View]
61995 Why i can't see the password?, i want to see it, how can i keep it?, there must be a way.[View]
61993tshirts? are there or were there tshirts for wizardchan? like with the logo, wizard had, anonymous no image figure, banners, etc.[View]
61972how to be sure... the wizards you're tzlking to are actual wizards or apprenctices? (25-30+)??[View]
61863 Why is it that every post on Wizchan has to be archived? What purpose does it server other than to immortalize everything anyone has ever said on this god forsaken gangstalking website? [View]
61284 I think the mods should know that this >>>/b/714310 is the guy who got banned for 2 months on a vpn for streaming himself masturbating. He posts on Feels a lot and has a very easily recognizable posting style so it should be easy for you to catch him when he's ban evading.[View]
606662D can just be Declared 3d Arbitrarily Why?[View]
60614is hating incels really wizardly? for all the "wizards" who think crabs are stupid because they are hateful, why do you in turn hate them for being hateful? because of this you are no better than them. [View]