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49426filter fucks links The filter currently applies to text in links causing links to 404. Could this be fixed please? It's not a big issue because you can just edit the link manually but if it could be coded to leave the links intact automatically it would be nice. [View]
49405 How do you unhide a thread if you accidentally hidden it? This is the first time i've ever had this problem.[View]
49385when to spoiler images https://wizchan.org/rules.html does not mention check to check the "Spoiler Image" box. To save mods the work of spoiling images I post, I would like there to be some guidelines of when we should do it so I can proactively do so to save them the work. It's unclear to me when I should do it though.[View]
49338Please keep orange and pinkposting [o] [​o​] is how you can orangepost[View]
49335 Can moderation please explain to me why I was banned yesterday? All I did was make a post criticizing the website and when it got deleted in the crawl thread I made one on the appropriate board which resulted in my post and an entire thread getting nuked as well. When I checked the reasons for both of my bans it was because of "ban evasion" and I've been banned permanently. I find it strange how t[View]
49328Sage v Noko Sorry if this is a stupid question... I know what 'sage' in Email does (comment does not bump thread) but I'm not sure what "noko" does. Can someone explain?[View]
49304 With basically every post i've made being deleted I see I am not welcome here. Whatever, a community for people that hate communities is like the Citadel of Ricks anyway. Good day.[View]
49261Cartoons should be banned Come to your senses.[View]
49164 the mods keep mentioning my location when replying to me, they've done this like 30 times now, it's quite gratuitous[View]
49135 why was my veganism thread locked on lounge? it had active discussion in it, a lot of people want to voice their opinion on the subject, it acted as a containment board for this topic[View]
49115 hello mods. i think its really cute you have wiz crushes on me :3 thanks for running this site, bye [View]
49111Auto-hide replies to hidden posts It'd be very useful if responses to already hidden posts were hidden as well. It's counter-productive when something like a dumb argument happens and you want to ignore it but have to see the posts before you hide them.[View]
49103fuck the mods Why were me posts in wage slave general removed? I never posted anything off topic or broke any rules. What rule is about avoiding anything political when it was about the workplace, which was on topic and in my post that was removed. [View]
49095pls spoiler the horrifying webms and pictures in the vegan thread Those pictures and webms are absolutely disgusting and terrifying, just like gore. Please spoiler these pictures. None of the mods did it last thread, and I'm baffled as to why. It's negligence to not do so, and I'm not appreciating the fact it takes me to say it for it to be done. [View]
49092Issues with the RPGnight theme These are only true for my machine as far as I can tell.[View]
49087Shorter Posts can you make it so we can specify the point at which a post is cut off and displays "Post too long. Click here to view the full text."[View]
49084Wizchan mods There was this drama on Discord which said a lot about the wizchan administation. Here is copy paste:[View]
49044Let's have a thread on dep for the virgins who don't wanna become or be wizards I want one thread for these people BECAUSE I think it'd be good for wizchan to have one thread exclusively for the use of these individuals who wish they could post their real thoughts without the trouble of being banned SINCE that'd show us that there are people who suffer and are unhappy due to the fact that they're a[View]
49039fauux theme ? Fauux theme when ? [View]
49034 Does this site remove EXIF / identifying metadata from uploaded images?[View]
49033 Hello mod-summas ^_^ It's been a while since I last thanked you but I wanted to say it here first. Thanks for putting up with all the negativity here to keep the site going! Love wizzie -Runs off- [View]
49018names on /b/ names on /b/[View]
48993Fap thread The fap thread has no business being on any board besides /b/. I have to hide it every time they make a new one but never before seeing some super disgusting porn. Please just move it to /b/. People who want to find it will be able to go down to the abyss and access it.[View]
48918friendshit and conflicting guidelines for a long time this clause of the rules section has irked me:[View]
48899 Am I the only one feeling somewhat troubled by the lack of professionalism exhibited by the mods today?[View]
48730Female Wizards? Why this community doesn't recognise virgin females capable of having magical powers?[View]
48672Charade Be honest, wizchan is just a larping site at this point. If we did a roll call it'd just be a bunch of teen and 20-something wizkids and a handful of actual wizards.[View]