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47918 Why do you mods refuse to actually enforce the rules? This newfag was breaking rule 2 earlier and you didn't ban him. Now he's breaking the rules some more. The first three rules should be automatic permaban, if someone breaks one of those it is airtight proof that they should not ever be posting here. What's worse is that if someone is exceedingly flamboyant in their rule-breaking, like this fagg[View]
47878was deleting my post and moving my thread just, mods? we see here an unequivocal harbinger of stockholm syndrome in the censorship of lamentations on the novel social contract which cauterizes the individual and her vehemence, her jovial jubilation where amidst great multiplicity unity shines forth, and the whole of moral nature exhibits beauty and dignity. [View]
47857 Why was my thread moved? It's still /dep/ related because of asking about depression. [View]
47826Ban blogposting Why does it feel as if people on this site seemingly take blogposting so lightly? It's the very cancer that kills imageboards, and it is the same very cancer that seems to be a core aspect of many of the threads posted here. Blogposting is what induced all of those unfunny greentext stories made by butthurt crabs, and is that really what you want, people abusing the quote function a[View]
47775The Man thread Can someone explain why a totally rule abiding and thriving thread was locked without warning or reason given?[View]
47746 General Mattis Hey I actually want to commend the mods for not letting politics leak out of the politics thread. That is a good policy and I thank you for enforcing it. [View]
47744 make a rule that the cia and fbi are banned from here. I'm tired of them reading my posts and keeping my info on a list of potential criminals. Can you move to a communist country like cuba, north korea, or vietnam, places that the usa has no influence over? [View]
47723 >>>/meta/47715[View]
47717 Why are mods allowed to lock threads in meta just because they felt like it? That faggot still doesn't answer why he allows faggot shit fetish imagee on /b/ when it clearly is repulsive (also funny). [View]
47693 Why is gore banned but disgusting shit faggot images are allowed?[View]
47668"Go to bottom" in the Catalog? Hey, just want to ask is it possible to implement a "Go to bottom" button in the catalogs, or perhaps a reverse bump order sorting?[View]
47658Moderation go fuck yourself. The mod from this place is an absolute try harding waste of time that probably doesn't even like games and is just in this place for power tripping over other wizes.[View]
47559 why mods deleted my posts on boards like louge and dep?[View]
47525The anti-fatlink poster The guy who has some personal vendetta from another website with some guy he has dubbed "fatlink" is starting to piss me off. We're supposed to be anonymous here and this petty vendetta is spilling over onto innocent anons. Please fucking ban this faggot already.[View]
47487Christfag Do something about this stupid fucking christfag. He's everywhere shitting up a ton of threads.[View]
47484Harassment One of the mods (probably one of the mods that posts in the fap thread) keeps stalking and harassing me, usually deleting all my replies that I make.[View]
47479That's so hot Hey you dumb m*d. [View]
47416Deleating threads Why can I no long delete a thread that I have created? [View]
47404rule 13 no sperm sharing If you donate or sell your sperm you are not a wizard. It's the same as having sex if someone will use your mana for whatever they want even if they don't directly touch you. It's also the most normalfag activity you can do on par with going to the bar to seduce succubi. [View]
47320 The crawl is getting so slow that I can recognize all the wizards posting here and being anonymous is becoming useless because of this. We need more wizards posting here. Start advertising wizchan on mmo's like runescape and suicide forums. I found this place from a recommendation on runescape and I like playing mmo's, and I think wizards are most likely to be on mmo's and suicide forums so those [View]
47205Atheist Mods Dear Mods, why was my Christianity thread locked on /wiz/. I said in the OP that the general religion thread was way too vague, multiple philosophical views and religion views were discussed there and therefore I wanted to make a thread dedicated to Christianity only.[View]
46980Wizchan must improve I love wizchan and have been a poster since wizardchan but this chan has a lot to learn from other celibate/virgin communities. This chan is too restrictive on memes, humor and content and such. This is why I am finding myself posting less and less here and more and more there. [View]
46815old drama Anyone been around long enough to remember when that midget ran this board and some swedish succubus showed up to fuck him and all the other wizards? What ever happened after that? I havn't been on here in years..[View]
46561Request Can we have dice rolls implemented on /games/? Is it possible?[View]