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Hey mods whats up, you guys ever find out what happened to anachronos back before in the old site? I used to be a mod, handle was itchy, but I've been generally curious as to what happened to the guy, he seemed really nice, last I spoke with him he had some problems in his life, I was worried about him for a while, it would be a shame if something happened.


he died of penis cancer


It's a mystery


I am attracted to mice succubi.


deja vu


anachronos was a succubus




Mouse succubus fetish. I got one.


>recruited too late to discuss depression and rip on hotwheels with anachronos
>recruited too early to sort the norms from the wizzars when infinity gets fed'd
>recruited just in time to invalidate every complaint being posted on /meta/


Agree, also do you have any stories as a former mod?


reminder: mouse succubi are a cute


[ 1d3 = ]


I miss anachronos.


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roll 1d6




1d10[ 1d10 = 7 ]














Post is not simping and even if it was, simping is not against the rules. 2d content is 2d content regardless of secondary arguments about the business model, marketing or differences of production when the content is still 2d



this is a test





I'm KriemhildGretchen, another former mod. Only thing I have to report is that removing CP sucked. Other than that, it was just rule breaking posts.

Well, why not tell another secret. I was 16 when I modded the site. I'm 24 now.

I did have a fellow mod kill himself. RIP AtsuiNabe.


any proof? also why did you get quit / fired?


File: 1639868030923.png (64.2 KB, 250x182, 125:91, 1223.png) ImgOps iqdb


>this is a test


He is who he says he is. Probably. At least what he said checks out.




he became a gay porn star


on average i ban 47 unique IPs per month


anachronis? you mean Chadmin?


Anachronos was the one maintaining Wizardchan 1.0 after cripplekike sold his virginity. He was said to be a good admin and good guy, but around deptember 2014 he vanished without any trace at all. the mods then made preparations for a bunker. A few days before Christmas 2014 Wizardchan 404'd. The Wizchan domain was registered by a Wizardchan staff member on December 23 and the site went public in the night of Christmas Eve.

Who was "Chadmin" is unofficial. Some say it's Cripplekike for getting laid, some say it's Anachronos for being a good guy, and some say it's the first Wizchan 2.0 admin.

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