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more boy butts






[b] test






** י >>3739


י >>4863



י >>4865













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I want to fuck****




File: 1563512358346.gif (3.84 MB, 353x201, 353:201, crab rave.gif) ImgOps iqdb




that bitch is a man












I am suffering








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first line


second[/p] post [/o]
green [/g]




ook eek


ass >>>/lounge/226034








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File: 1573548749439.jpg (150.25 KB, 800x800, 1:1, ax-dolls-shirley-big-eye-f….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

testing to see what is going on with images.


File: 1573548826723.jpg (137.06 KB, 750x750, 1:1, BJDBlueRabit.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Ok, fixed it.
Apperently saving certain images directly from google isn't a option anymore.
More reason to make the switch to alternatives and just use google as a spell checker.




Not the anon that made these but I think its because of how 'alien' they are. Most aliens in fiction follow similar conventions but these are truly uniqiue. In each one there is only a small recognisable feature (an eye, a mouth, etc), and the lack of animals they can be compared is really off-putting, giving an uncanny valley effect. It really helps that you can't even work out what some of them are. The one on the right in the 2nd picture has to be my favourite with it's biomechanical look and how threatening it apears - my mind instantly thinks of a dog when I see it, but its twisted form is what gives it that uncomfortable feel to it as I realise that it certainly isn't a dog. When I look at them I see them at minifigure scale as well, making them even more imposing and unnevrving. Imagine being a minifigure and coming across these fuckers.

Maybe I'm reading too much into it, I don't know.


File: 1575073040605.jpg (320.81 KB, 675x900, 3:4, 1534698957629.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


am i banned?





File: 1673651022463.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.9 MB, 1920x1669, 1920:1669, crossedgif.gif) ImgOps iqdb






vcv vdfd fdf d


File: 1681944534272.mp4 (782.67 KB, 500x480, 25:24, Giddy.mp4) ImgOps iqdb


Humanity is intolerable because you're a bunch of useless arrogant cunts. Every last one of you.{@}1432331260{@}30008{@}wiz{@}.{@} HELP{@}1432331551{@}30009{@}wiz{@}.{@}>>30008

Has nothing to do with philosophy, or being intellectually superior you presumptuous shithead.

Get the fuck out of here, you fucking cancerous cunt.{@}1432331849{@}30010{@}wiz{@}.{@}>>30010
YOU'RE A STAR MAN!{@}1432332628{@}30012{@}wiz{@}.{@}, I don't want a relationship and I certainly do not want to put up my picture on some dating site for everyone to laugh at.{@}1432335758{@}37430{@}b{@}.{@} rule 1.
Leave us.{@}1432335867{@}37431{@}b{@}.{@} here tried signing up for dating sites like okcupid?

inb4 wanna be normalfag but i just tried it for a minute and kept noticing every girl profile said "no one night stands or fwb please"

mind you some of these are succubi who have dyed hair/piercings/tattoos i.e. basically you can tell they'd fuck a chad for a bag of weed

I'm not one to care about succubi's acting hypocritical, but it's just hilarious. its like all these redpill/mra dudes were right all long.{@}1432335529{@}37428{@}b{@}1432335528926.jpg{@}>this thread
give me a fucking break{@}1432319777{@}29983{@}wiz{@}1432319777607.jpg{@} of prom images of togetherness and female relationships from normie-fag "friends" (the fuckers betrayed me on multiple occasions)is making me go insane. Made even worse my succubi sort-of ex and her chad boyfriend are all over them and my friends are forcing me to be happy for them.Anyone else have feels like this regarding prom?{@}1432339155{@}35839{@}dep{@}1432339155276.jpg{@} off normie{@}1432339255{@}35840{@}dep{@}1432339155276.jpg{@}>dadaism
>was inspired by Nietzsche

Wanna suck my dick? Yeahh.. *unzips pants*{@}1432349619{@}35864{@}dep{@}.{@} have an older sister who always treated me weird, like I was her little toy or puppet. When we were kids she would occasionally dress me up in her clothes, and while I enjoyed that, there was nothing sexual about it. I'm starting to wonder if that' how certain fetishes of mine started out.

Other than that life with her was uneventful. Being 9 years older than me, she left early and I lived my teens alone. She was pretty supportive in college, helped me register because she knew about my anxiety, and tried to make me more sociable, but there's always been this sort of contempt and disgust in her eyes when she's out with me in public. I find this a bit strange, though, because despite my wizardry I maintain a facade of normality, and if someone was to just look at me in meatspace they would be none the wiser, but with her it's always constant frowning and disappointment no matter what I do.

A couple of years ago, I when I was 25 or so I hired an escort, one of those good looking ones that won't even fuck, just arm candy, to try and get some reaction out of her, I thought maybe that way she'd change at least a bit, but nothing did. Maybe it was too obvious, I don't know.

She and our mother keep insisting on coming over to my apartment more and more lately, but they'd be disturbed by my living conditions. I have almost no furniture, sleep on a makeshift glorious nihhon mattress without a pillow because my back hurts on anything else, and there's only one room that I actually use for anything other than storage. I have one closet and use thick plastic supermarket boxes for everything else, from chairs to tables. I'm irrationally afraid of making them even more disappointed in me for some reason, despite not caring much for what they think.{@}1432324578{@}29992{@}wiz{@}1432324578576.png{@} this anon:

>I hate how I am some wannabe wizard chad because I enjoy solitude and not having anyone bother me in my life. If I posted about this on /v9k/ I would get bombarded with posts similar to "Everyone wants companionship, you're just bitter!" That might as well had come from a normie. Now these same people are still giving me shit and then painting me as their oppressor when they have multiple communities to discuss their lack of companionship.

This is a misinterpretation. No one is calling you a Wizard Chad because you are pleased with your status in life. On /v9k/ it might get you posts depending on how you word it since it may be perceived as humblebragging. But no, there is no issue with being happy with your life. The issue is that some anons are trying to make unhappiness a rule 1 offense. This is why people are more on the defensive and innocents like you may be caught in that crossfire.{@}1432354238{@}7846{@}meta{@}1432354238447.jpg{@} IS IT OKAY TO CALL ME A FAILED NORMIE AND A NORMALFAG AND A VOL CEL

MODS MODS MODS PLEASE MAKE IT ILLEGAL TO BULLY ON WIZARDCHAN ENFORCE YOUR FUCKING RULE 4{@}1432358412{@}7855{@}meta{@}1432358411879.gif{@}{@}1432358891{@}7858{@}meta{@}1432358891373.png{@} guys, as well as you, I am a very tall VIRGIN guy, this is my waifu btw she is so cute and loves the fact that I am black wizard like most of you!{@}1432361841{@}37513{@}b{@}1432361841695.png{@} he just keeps going and going! Man, so many normiebutts hurt, what a true hero.{@}1432362130{@}37514{@}b{@}1432362130502.png{@} OP, my sexual libido is way too fucking high, will check this out

Feel free to ban me, but leave this post, i just stumbled on here and saw this, i don't lurk, nonvirgin here, I hate this shit, led to nothing but trouble in my life, I hate it, I wish i didn't have this fucking sex drive. All it is is some physical gratification, you guys aren't missing out on anything, keep strong in your wizard ways{@}1432363180{@}30056{@}wiz{@}1432363180223.jpg{@} kill yourself weeb{@}1432335821{@}7814{@}meta{@}.{@}>solid argument
>must be raid DURR


Notch was successful due to "shitty" game. Be less jelly and make your own or shut up

lol @ poor people coping

Where there is no work, there is no luck. "Luck" is pleb way of coping with other's success.{@}1432384311{@}35944{@}dep{@}.{@} a fat hack like notch can make millions off a shitty java game why can't you?
You guys have no excuse and are just pissing and moaning because of his success.{@}1432370862{@}35910{@}dep{@}.{@} elementary school pretty much wanted to skip me up to highscool at a very young age. I remember my parents allowing me to skip kindergarten and first grade but they didn't allow me to skip any other grades because they thought my social development would be fucked (HAHAHAHAHA!).

I had a conversation with my Dad the other day about this, and he thinks my later failures in life was due to them letting the school skipping me forward a few grades. I wished I was a 10 year old kid in highschool because my depression started when I hit puberty, if I got into college by the time I hit puberty, I may have just rode the genius confidence wave to get a college degree at least. My parents keeping me behind for me to socialize just made me depressed as fuck and my grades suffered as a result.

Oh well.{@}1432353171{@}35871{@}dep{@}.{@} guess I was naturally smart because I've had best grades in school without effort. I'm still an anxious, depressed NEET.{@}1432380458{@}35928{@}dep{@}.{@}[deliberately getting myself banned so i don't ever have to come to this shithole]

i fucked a bitch last night, really fucking good. you're all pathetic.{@}1432399343{@}30105{@}wiz{@}1432399343534.jpg{@} one is forcing you to come here.{@}1432399956{@}30109{@}wiz{@}1432399343534.jpg{@} i just get le troled??{@}1432400071{@}30110{@}wiz{@}1432399343534.jpg{@} your 35 year old washed up whore, cuck! hope chad's cum tastes nice.{@}1432400090{@}30111{@}wiz{@}1432399343534.jpg{@}>>30111

19 is more likely.{@}1432400274{@}30112{@}wiz{@}1432399343534.jpg{@} you for associating TPB with this post.{@}1432400526{@}30113{@}wiz{@}1432399343534.jpg{@}>>30113{@}1432400687{@}30114{@}wiz{@}1432400687359.jpg{@}>>34322
Normie detected.{@}1431946216{@}34539{@}dep{@}.{@}>politics group
Jeez man, I may not have much experience with friendship but I think hanging around with political people would just be miserable torture. Don't do that.{@}1432407328{@}30133{@}wiz{@}.{@}{@}1432406959{@}30131{@}wiz{@}.{@} many friends is an acceptable number?
im considering moving,but want to have friends where i move to,possibly i can meet them online or join politics group as an excuse to meet people.
anybody here moved anywhere?{@}1432405529{@}30129{@}wiz{@}1432405528901.jpg{@}>>30133
why not? Sharing the same political stance and hating opposite ideologies would create a common ground, how is that different than having the same hobbies?{@}1432409221{@}30143{@}wiz{@}1432405528901.jpg{@}'m waiting mods{@}1432409656{@}30144{@}wiz{@}1432405528901.jpg{@}>>30129
As many as you want.
If you want close friends, they're usually like 3-4 maximum, any more than that then they start becoming aquaintances more than friends.{@}1432410044{@}30146{@}wiz{@}1432405528901.jpg{@}>>30129
0, if you wish to continue posting here.{@}1432408489{@}30139{@}wiz{@}1432405528901.jpg{@} 2, dick breath.{@}1432407706{@}30135{@}wiz{@}1432407706473.jpg{@}{@}1432407903{@}30137{@}wiz{@}1432407706473.jpg{@} many as you want and can make.{@}1432408297{@}30138{@}wiz{@}1432407706473.jpg{@}>>30900
Go to the gym{@}1432416986{@}36042{@}dep{@}.{@} chads drive cars. Please leave.{@}1432418179{@}30165{@}wiz{@}.{@}>smoking cigars{@}1432424711{@}8728{@}hob{@}1432424711687.jpg{@}>>36215

> It hardly seemed like the sort of thing someone's mother would buy them when I looked it up.

you really are an autistic retard, aren't you?{@}1432467403{@}36216{@}dep{@}.{@} fortress is an autism game{@}1432480921{@}4943{@}games{@}.{@} fortress is an autism game{@}1432480747{@}37784{@}b{@}1432480747312.gif{@} mum is an autism game.{@}1432481361{@}37789{@}b{@}1432480747312.gif{@} guys. im a former neet, i was a very shut-in person, socially anxious and what.
after recovering,and having studied various branches of medicine and other topics, i think im in a position to help.

If you wanna change your life,feel down or anything,let me know, i will help you out{@}1432483410{@}36255{@}dep{@}1432483410221.jpg{@}, I almost feel sorry for betas. They slave away, work all week to please some whore who just goes and fucks chad. It's hilarious how badly they have it.{@}1432470655{@}36229{@}dep{@}.{@}>>36203

Those companies do plenty of fights with men, just like that one. The men involved, act just like she did. It's the adrenaline. If you've ever seen combat footage where fighters (usually rebels or paramilitaries) are whooping and laughing, and acting crazy, it's the same thing. The adrenaline drives them blood crazy.{@}1432468172{@}36222{@}dep{@}.{@}>>36222

No, shes just a dumb bitch who got bent over and she knows it. And tries to laugh it off and act top shit to save some grace.

I may be a anti social retard with no friends, but there's one thing i was good at. And that was fighting.

Never once was a faggot i belted with punches or knocked out start laughing at the end and all that other bullshit. It was all followed by crying, running off, or walking away with their heads down.{@}1432468718{@}36224{@}dep{@}1432468718180.jpg{@} don't want relationships, get the fuck outta here{@}1432466984{@}36209{@}dep{@}1432468718180.jpg{@}>>36203
>I'm serious, do they have any self-awareness at all? What conscious being could act this way?
A masochist? Are you seriously using this video as some kind of proof of the inferiority of succubi? Plenty of guys enjoy being beaten up and things like that.{@}1432467530{@}36217{@}dep{@}1432468718180.jpg{@}>>36203
Normies are fucking reckless, they engage in all kinds of dangerous behaviour (violence, dangerous sexual behaviour, drug abuse) and they don't give it one single afterthought(if a wizard did one of the things those normies do on a regular basis he would be traumatized for weeks/months) normies can do it and not give it one single afterthought. They are truely "living in the moment"{@}1432467725{@}36218{@}dep{@}1432468718180.jpg{@} cute
ur cute
ur cute
ur cute
ur cute
ur cute
ur cute
ur cute
ur cute
ur cute{@}1432448858{@}36134{@}dep{@}1432468718180.jpg{@}>>36117
>black man masturbating
>black succubi walk buy
>they flash him

Do succubi not have any shame?{@}1432448200{@}36129{@}dep{@}1432448200180.jpg{@} be some sort of animal ritual.{@}1432449347{@}36136{@}dep{@}1432448200180.jpg{@}>>36117
Did you see this video?

Watch this dumb succubus' reaction to getting the shit beaten out of her at the end of the video. Does she have any self-awareness at all? The worst part is, I'm sure 99.8% of other succubi would react almost exactly the same way in that situation.


I'm serious, do they have any self-awareness at all? What conscious being could act this way?{@}1432466349{@}36203{@}dep{@}1432448200180.jpg{@} when I just sit in my car, not even jerking off people look at me like i'm some pedo waiting for kids.

Its funny how strange and different life is for some good looking normie compared to the shit we have to put up with.{@}1432465853{@}36199{@}dep{@}1432448200180.jpg{@}>>36217
She clearly wasn't enjoying it. Did you even watch the video, or did you just skip to the end? Most of the way through, she was desperately flailing around and crying for help.{@}1432467878{@}36219{@}dep{@}1432448200180.jpg{@}


This is what happens when a good looking guy "tries" to be a creep, he ends up getting her number and also has her wanting to be his girlfriend.

I fucking hate this world.{@}1432445656{@}36117{@}dep{@}1432445656222.jpg{@} You just need to Be Yourself™ because There Is Someone For Everyone†.

† If you're attractive.{@}1432455302{@}36167{@}dep{@}1432455302107.jpg{@} can't stop laughing.{@}1432447331{@}36125{@}dep{@}1432455302107.jpg{@}'m surprised she didn't just give him a blow job.{@}1432472035{@}36231{@}dep{@}1432455302107.jpg{@}{@}1432505439{@}36369{@}dep{@}.{@} subhumans{@}1432500647{@}36346{@}dep{@}.{@}'s time to abandon the site.{@}1432510913{@}30322{@}wiz{@}1432510913693.jpg{@} OP)

I suspect myself of having schizophrenia.

I have almost all of the common symptoms. I usually have a blank, emotionless face, even when I'm enjoying myself, I get lost in thought easily, I have out-loud conversations with myself, I often can't stop thinking about trivial things like me saying something slightly stupid, I am very forgetful, sometimes I'll unlock my phone to check the weather, then I'll look at the time or something, and then lock my phone without checking the weather. Sometimes I'll get really anxious about various things, my future, my waning social life, etc. and then I'll shift from anxious to apathetic in an instant.

I've become increasingly paranoid. I've started using proxies/vpns alot more for basic web browsing, for basically no reason, I'll start thinking the few friends inb4 >having friends I have left don't like me anymore, but lately I've been getting irritated around said friends for no real reason. I have auditory hallucinacions, especially when I'm tired. My thoughts can shift between two almost completely different topics out of nowhere. I'll hear people having a conversation about a particular topic, and my mind will go somewhere entirely different based on a single word that was used.

That's all I can think of. Should I get myself checked out?{@}1432529692{@}36450{@}dep{@}.{@} much crap music{@}1432491116{@}8762{@}hob{@}.{@}>>8762
What a great contribution this is to this music thread. Most of the music in this thread I don't like but I don't post stuff like that.{@}1432519557{@}8773{@}hob{@}.{@}>>30392
lol bro you just gotta man up and down it, if not then just go drink some chocolate milk you fag{@}1432559844{@}30393{@}wiz{@}.{@}>>36478

Ha, in my countries equivelant of elementary school I actually got asked by two succubi if I wanted to be their boyfriend (rejected both on the basis that succubi are lame). Then another girl I sat next to, we were both around 8 years old, flashedme her pussy and sortof squuezed my dick through my pants when no one was looking. I was ahead of even the jocks in the sex curve, and now I'm now a 23 year old virgin, pale, ugly and skinny as ever. How about that huh, my romantic, sexual life peaked at 8 years old.{@}1432566733{@}36517{@}dep{@}.{@}>>38062
janitors can't ban but they can delete posts and "ban request" which then has to be approved by a mod. But the mods are usually so swamped with requests that they don't always check too thoroughly. So it's safe to say that I got a lot of normies banned.
I didn't even mind normie shitposters though, it was the autistic ones that were really bad. Multiple times I would have a guy just constantly spamming a thread, and my ban request hadn't been accepted yet so I just had to sit there deleting his posts as soon as he made them, sometimes for hours.
As for wizards, it's hard to say. When I met up with the rest of the staff my impression was that they were a lot more normal than I expected. Only 1 or 2 seemed even remotely wizard-like.

/g/, /biz/, and /vr/. I didn't quit, moot fired me personally because I posted about him and kinda/sorta implied that I was a janitor. It was pretty unceremonious, I just posted and didn't think about it again until I checked IRC and I had been banned lol.

I'm actually glad that I got out when I did because shortly after that moot started requiring janitors to share their real identity with him and sign some agreement swearing them to secrecy. I mean, I had to agree to something similar but it was much less formal, certainly not legally binding or anything. I imagine if you leak something now they can take legal action against you. Fuck that noise.

I'm not sure what would constitute proof for you. I have a "Team 4chan" shirt I got at AWA 2013 when I got to hang with moot and the rest of the staff. And I have some Kik chatlogs that we used to coordinate during the event.{@}1432573147{@}38071{@}b{@}.{@} poorhurt{@}1432576334{@}8033{@}meta{@}.{@} am so jealous of your situation{@}1432537416{@}37992{@}b{@}.{@}, supreme gentleman{@}1432571674{@}38065{@}b{@}.{@} still cannot believe that normies can say with a straight face that money doesn't buy happiness.

Imagine if you could just spent your entire life never working and just visiting beautiful exotic countries and go jet skiing there. Imagine living in the palm of luxery your entire life so you can eat at a restaurant every day and play every video game on the best computer.

Imagine not having to worry about work, bills, the future or any other kind of responsibility.

The only struggle that is exempt from money is having friends and relationships. But this is just as hard, maybe even slightly harder when you're poor. If you had such vast amounts of time and resources at your disposal surely you could accomplish even that{@}1432539210{@}37995{@}b{@}.{@}>>38010
>Mods will defend this shit{@}1432546385{@}38013{@}b{@}.{@}>>38010
Rule 3. Anyway I'm leaving this site. Just weening myself off it this week.{@}1432546906{@}38016{@}b{@}.{@}>>38010
The only butthurt person here is you, chaddo :^){@}1432546305{@}38012{@}b{@}1432546304894.jpg{@}>>38006
>It has its place
No it doesn't.{@}1432544699{@}38009{@}b{@}1432546304894.jpg{@}>>38009

Too sad I cleared out my butthurt folder just yesterday. Enjoy your welfare housing and instant noodles :){@}1432546138{@}38010{@}b{@}1432546304894.jpg{@}>>38010
>Too sad I cleared out my butthurt folder just yesterday
I can help you fill it up my friend{@}1432546187{@}38011{@}b{@}1432546186978.jpg{@} a shitty thread you have here Chad. Here to make fun of NEETs? You can do all of that over at 4chad, a special place just for you!{@}1432572522{@}38069{@}b{@}1432546186978.jpg{@}>>38006
>durr, be mad because I have a lot of money and you don't, look how superior I am to you all

Yeah, that's cool and all, but why don't you fuck off to 4chad or something with this shit if you enjoy chad-like oneupmanship so much?{@}1432544628{@}38008{@}b{@}1432546186978.jpg{@}>>38006
>s-stop doing that, why aren't you paying attention to me poorfags. You should be upset!{@}1432544355{@}38007{@}b{@}1432544354779.jpg{@}>>37998
i know exactly how you feel ,my family is going through the same thing except we have till maybe the 15th of june. fuckin' a{@}1432541955{@}38001{@}b{@}1432544354779.jpg{@}>>37991

I read that as "are wizards round?"

Ayy{@}1432539884{@}37999{@}b{@}1432544354779.jpg{@} family is getting evicted from the house we've been renting. We have to be gone in 2 months and still haven't found anywhere else to move to yet.

It's beginning to look like we'll be lucky if we get to live in a council house with no enough bedrooms in some shitty area of town, the way things are going. I say we have to be gone in 2 months, but that realistically gives us about another month to find somewhere since there's all the bullshit paperwork that needs to be done and processed before you can move into somewhere.{@}1432539879{@}37998{@}b{@}1432544354779.jpg{@} mone pls{@}1432537439{@}37993{@}b{@}1432537438855.png{@}


old testers vs new testers


><a onclick="highlightReply('25303');" href="/lounge/res/25282.html#25303">&gt;&gt;25303</a><br/>Scratch that, he's alive<br/><br/>watch live yo<br/><a href="http://www.wdbj7.com/news/local/law-enforcement-investigating-incident-at-bridgewater-plaza/34923086" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">http://www.wdbj7.com/news/local/law-enforcement-investigating-incident-at-bridgewater-plaza/34923086</a>{@}1440607751{@}25305{@}lounge{@}1440608163091.jpg{@}

This was when that groid shot up the reporter and cameraman live on cam. I specifically remember this thread. I shared the MP4 from his view that I downloaded from The Daily Stormer


>Maybe he was mad because the reporter was getting paid 6 figures just for being a succubi with blonde hair? Poor camera man though.<br/><br/>WEBM for all you white folk{@}1440606112{@}25286{@}lounge{@}1440606112229.webm{@}

This file is nuts. Used to joke about [feels] ladmin printing every feel off as it was made, but this text document proves that it's feasible to keep a realtime physical backup of all site activity.


1d2023[ 1d2023 = 19 ]








File: 1697658882939.png (13.28 KB, 180x255, 12:17, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

test image from clipboard


ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh im testing







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