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I cant post in /meta because
"Please disable your VPN before posting in this board"

Pls help


Tell someone to post for you.
Wizchan wizards are know for how much they help each other.


Posting with VPNs was disabled on /meta/ due to rampant samefagging used to sway site policy. You'll either have to not post with it there, or find a VPN IP that public databses don't have listed as belonging to a VPN.


But I dont have vpn or proxy.

I cant post pics on this board too.


Pls help.

I dont have vpn or proxy.

I cant post in /meta too.

Dont dump me, lads.


File: 1718103702653.jpg (61 KB, 720x693, 80:77, frim.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Media posting is disabled from known and suspected VPN IPs due to the disastrous potential of unrestrained image-based spam. Our system is telling us that your IP is from a VPN or proxy provider. This system compares all IPs that try to post against databases compiled by VPN subscribers who submit the IP addresses they're given.


Your current IP comes back clean on this test. There's a chance your service provider is giving you an IP that at some point was offered as an exit point by a VPN provider. There's nothing we can do about it at this time.


Thank you for attention.

I have no idea whether my internet company provides VPN from same IPs. I dont think their call center can help me either.

At least I can post text.


You can power down your router for a few hours to get a new IP. You might get one that's clean.


since you're here could you give me some insight into how the price of a vpn correlates with amount of possible spam?

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