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I recently started a new job, and I was invited out drinking by my normalfag colleagues. Normally, I'm pretty shy and asocial, but I've been trying to turn over a new leaf, so I accepted their invitation and went to the bar with them after work.

The whole time, they kept asking me why I was so quiet and tried to get me to speak, but I was only able to haltingly make small talk. Eventually, they asked me about my hobbies, and I started awkwardly telling them about the RPG Maker game I'm working on, and its fantasy setting that I've been worldbuilding since 2017.

At first, it seemed to me that they were really interested, but as I was telling them about my main character, Prince Jakob, I noticed them smirking and a few of the succubi laughing in my face. After that, they asked me a series of really condescending, patronizing questions while feigning interest. They thought what I was saying was really funny, even though I was seriously talking about something I really cared about.

One of the guys said I needed to grow up and get my head out of the clouds, which I didn't have a comeback for and my eyes grew teary and I started blinking them and stuttering. This drew a big laugh from the succubi. One of the other guys told the one who made that comment to be nice, but I could tell he was also amused to see me flounder.

Since then, I've acquired a reputation around the workplace as the "weird guy", and I'm often casually bullied, excluded, and made to feel like shit about my hobbies. Sometimes, I'll be minding my own business, and a succubus will point me out to her friend and both will start giggling. When that happens, I just smile at them as best as I can and go somewhere else.

I'm always eating lunch by myself, which makes people think I'm even weirder, but when I sit with other people, I'm only bullied and made fun of.

I wish I could quit my job and become a NEET again. But I'm the sole breadwinner for me and my mom since she lost her job. I need other coping strategies to deal with this bullying. I try to not care, but I confess, the hurtful comments people make stick with me and I lay awake at night thinking about them.

Can meditation or another spiritual practice help me thicken my skin and shrug off bullying? If not, what else can help?


>Can meditation or another spiritual practice help me thicken my skin and shrug off bullying?

Nah, that's just cope. Only works if you completely remove yourself from the situation, but you gotta go that job every week so you will reminded continually of your humiliation.

>If not, what else can help?

You came off like a mega loser. The only thing that will make you feel better is for them to respect you, or at least fear you enough not to talk shit to your face.


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I'm working on an RPG Maker game myself actually. It's a yumenikki clone, kinda. It's just a fetch quest with weird environments. I'm working on and off on it for a over a year now. I wish I could focus.
Do you have a demo or something I could play? Maybe some artwork? I love rpgmaker games.


What a fucktard bunch. I'm sorry of what happened to you OP. You may be a weird guy but it doesn't mean you are less than them. All these normalfaggots like to ostracize weirdos while in the meantime they consume media made by creative werdo producers and actors. Listen to songs made by weirdos, and use phones and enjoying other electronics patented and designed by weirdos. Be proud of being a weirdo. Stand tall brother


Whatever you do - don't agonize over it. Nothing will change what happened, but you can save yourself from the stress if you just ignore them (the hard way). Which is as simple as not thinking about these people and acting distant.
The "easy" way is to find another job and leave this whole ordeal behind you.


Universally all normies are like this. But in America especially. In our culture we are obliged to enjoy and be happy all the time. Wanting to be alone is like an offense. In most other countries people don't care if you are a little weird. But if you are quiet in america people think something is wrong with you.


>can meditation or another spiritual practice help me thicken my skin?
you have to lower your sensitivity. How do you do that? I don't know. There probably a million little ways that can help. What i hate about improovers is that they take a psychological truth for themselves and treat it like it is a phenomena that happens to everyone where they all feel it the same way. You do not belong at your job or in society you are a wizard. So what do you think happens if you are in normgroid territory?


You need to stop caring what normalfags think about you but that is not something you can just consciously switch on so to speak maybe you could use this experience.
I would try confront people about it and say some other things that they may find strange as well such as fapping to hentai or that you collect something as debasing myself tends to work for me if people are thinking lowly of me I make them feel even worse of me.

Why on earth did you decide to be social with normalfags they are nearly always terrible people who are best avoided.


Going to bars with normalfags is strongly against the spirit of wizard culture, you deserved it.

From the sound of it you've already fucked up and ruined your reputation so the only real solution is to find another job. Next time don't voluntarily go socializing with normalfags and don't reveal personal information about yourself. Remain private and formal with your co-workers.


this. you fucked up. never try to be normie. being normie happens as a consequence of you being neurotypical.


I had a similar experience at a past job where essentially one of my co-workers told me publicly that they had all been making fun of me and telling stories about me for years. Needless to say I did not go back there


OP you’re doing pretty well in that you haven’t had a breakdown from that shit. Social abuse is painful and some of us are weaker than you are cowering in fear. I say this because I think it should give you hope you can build resilience since you already have some.

On meditation - it probably could help you endure it better. If you can train to focus on your breath and physical sensations of the emotions you’re feeling ( heart racing, muscles tightening ) while being abused it won’t be so overwhelming. You will pass through it with less emotional reaction and not lose focus. You can try to reduce social interaction to the senses of hearing and seeing, focusing on the “sense doors” meditation to deconstruct what others are saying to sensual input. Some vipassana stuff will talk about altering reactions. Handling sitting up all night thinking about it would also be improved. It has helped me but I’m still too weak to social abuse. If you’re lucky it might make you happier and if you can reliably feel peace from meditation dismissing other people’s cruelty becomes easier, but the skills are useful even if you don’t get that.

If you can, working out and getting strong helps people. Knowing you can lift heavy things and could defend yourself helps some people endure social interaction with base confidence. It might also alter how much Normans abuse you because of monkey brain reactions and fear.


>Universally all normies are like this.

thats definitely not true


they are, normies are sheeple who conformed to the norms of society and part of their code is attacking outsiders who are different to them


>Normally, I'm pretty shy and asocial, but I've been trying to turn over a new leaf, so I accepted their invitation and went to the bar with them after work.
So you're a failed normalfag.


What do you call someone who is able to be social but prefers to not talk to anyone? are they a failed normalfag or a chad wizard?




>I accepted their invitation and went to the bar with them after work


Thought so. There is nothing wrong with being ostracized by normalfags and being too autistic to function but there is nothing wrong with people who plain hate everything about society and retreat on their own accord not wishing they could be social because it does not appeal to them.
Surprised mods are letting this go I guess since it is a warning to other wizards


Wrong, a true wizard rejects social norms and collects neetbux from his parent's basement. They don't go out to social events nor do they care about what others think of them.


File: 1620764351906.png (592.07 KB, 1842x1194, 307:199, copypasta.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Can meditation or another spiritual practice help me thicken my skin and shrug off bullying? If not, what else can help?
Yes. Stop looking at porn, stop masturbating and stop ejaculating. The very first step in spirituality is stopping doing unhealthy things. I would bet money that if you take my advice here it'll cure 2/3rds of your social awkwardness. If you can go 90 days with a pure mind and a pure body it'll absolutely change your life

We all have so much more potential than we think, but we cripple ourselves with vices. First cease doing evil, and then you can begin doing good things


That is true. I've done 180 days without jerking off and it felt liberating. I don't feel socially awkward, even if I still behave like an autist most of the time. Relapsed one month ago, but it was my own fault, wanted to check out what is new out there, which was a terrible mistake. Felt like shit after that for three weeks.
If Op wants to stand up to his bullies he ought to stop ejecting his essence out of his peepee, that makes men weak.


I have not masturbated for three years and it does not make a damn difference. Maybe if I had invested time and energy into overthinking it and exagerating the alleged benefits like a fool on imageboards I would feel better, or something. Guess I did it wrong lol.


You need to have some small degree of health or retention is useless. You could have the greatest weightlifting routine in the world, with Arnold Schwarzenegger as your personal trainer, but if all you eat is candy and soda you're gonna look and feel like shit forever. Similarly, semen is made from your physical body (testes and bones to some extent) and if all you give your body to work with is shit, retention won't help

Semen retention has a ton of science behind it, so if you didn't feel any effects from it either you're already a gigachad or you're broken. Antidepressants and other trash pills would probably also screw the process up




You straight up sound like a redditor. Fuck off lying fag


I think that it is important to make the distinction between jerking off to pornography that is 3D and 2D. A lot of men really are extra socially awkward because they watch porn and when they see a succ they think of the porn they watch and get nervous but if you abstain from 3D porn and eventually find it gross you are able to become extremely confident wen near succcubi because you have no sexual interest in them as they are not anime succubi.

I wish you improvbrahs would fuck off what are you doing here? wizards like to fap on occasion to anime succubi and that is totally ok.

I can tell you are all normalfags because no fap is easy when you are too depressed to even bother jerking off.


2D is better than 3D but you're still frying your brain, losing your power and sexualizing your psychology. Ultimately rather than drinking the weaker poison, it's best to just reject all poison

Also wizardry =/= depression. Celibacy of mind and body is an honorable state. You're depressed because you think celibacy is a bad thing and so you tell yourself to be depressed


>2D is better than 3D but you're still frying your brain
I disagree I think it depends what you are feasting your eyes upon if it is ecchi there is no issue.
I had gone many months not interested in touching myself or looking at any form of erotic stimulus when I was at my worst with depression and I have noticed that it is healthy to fap at some point if you would like to but this is not to be confused wit masturbation addiction.
> You're depressed because you think celibacy is a bad thing and so you tell yourself to be depressed
This is a good way to spot a normalfag or someone blessed with a brain that is not entirely broken. I am not depressed because I think celibacy is a bad thing at all so you have that wrong. If you are a normalfag or a failed normie and you want a GF and you beat yourself up because you do not have one then that is something I could agree upon but that is not depression that is self created upon comparing yourself to others and even desiring a succubus to begin wit.

Not everyone is some normalfag that is able to function and thinks depression is feeling a bit down some wizrds have serious mental problems you are just blessed to be so ignorant.


Having been an dysfunctional outcast who transitioned to someone who can now pass as totally normal/be accepted into social circles, I have a little advice.

1. I would address the catalyst which got you into your current predicament: your interest in making RPG games and your love of fantasy. Though things are changing, there is still a lot of negative stigma around "nerd interests" (chief of which is being viewed as juvenile). If you had framed your interest in this in a more casual hipster way ("oh, I do nerdy shit like make games lol") they would have seen you as more normal. You showed a very serious interest in something most of society still views as somewhat childish. The same stigma is attached to other things (for example, comic books).

Solution: recognize people the negative stigma and calculate how honest you want to be with people. If you just want to fit in so people wont give you shit and you can be treated with proper respect, be careful about how much of yourself you share and how you share it. If you meet a new group of people and don't know if they are decent people, or they are cruel normal filth, discuss more mainstream interests you have they can relate to, and if you do mention your real interests (fantasy, making RPGs, etc) frame it more casually, like you aren't that into it. Once you get to know people better you will know if it is safe to start being more honest about your interests, or if you should keep it to yourself.

2. You have failed their "normie" test and have been deemed an outsider. Worse, in addition to this, you showed weakness, which means not only are you an outsider, but you are an outsider who can easily be exploited and abused. People who are cruel and have some strength will indulge their appetite for cruelty on what they think are safe targets: people who can't fight back, outsiders who don't have community to defend them, outsiders who they can abuse without losing social credit in their own social circle.

Solution: first impressions are hard to break, and negative impressions which have been reinforced over time are even harder to break. Your options are limited for trying to find true social acceptance with this peer group. Though gaining true acceptance may not be possible, you can mitigate the situation and stop people from bullying you and looking down on you. There is only one way to do this, a show of strength. You have to demonstrate you are not a soft target, and that if people bully you, they won't get an easy laugh from abusing you, they will be starting a battle. Bullies don't want a battle, they want to exploit the weak. Even if you are not accepted at your work, if people perceive you to have strength, even just a moderate amount, they will be less likely to target you. Those miserable pieces of filth that abuse you wont respond to any other method you attempt to gain their acceptance or respect.

3. You are not a "tough guy" by nature. If you were, you would have already asserted yourself to make them back off and wouldn't be in this situation. I'm not a "tough guy" by nature either.

Solution: build your confidence. You need to be secure, have self-esteem, and belief in your own strength. You can try to defend yourself as you are now, but making a public show of strength as you are now will feel like a monolithic task, and will pose great challenge. You must reduce the difficulty level to make this goal more achievable. Find things you can start doing NOW that will make you feel strong. For me, building my body by weight lifting gave me the confidence (much more than I thought it would) to assert myself. Because I feel strong (whether I am nor not isn't that important) I feel confident enough to stick up for myself. People don't see me as an easy target any more. Weight lifting worked for me, but there are many things you could do (doesn't have to be physical improvement like this) maybe others could way in on things you could do.


1. Don't get outed as "not normal" by keeping stigmatized interests private until you know its safe to share your real self.

2. Bullies are filth, and the only thing they will respond to is a show of strength. This is the only solution to regain your lost "face" in your current peer group.

3. Increase confidence in yourself to make defending yourself against these bullies accessible.

Don't give up, don't think your situation is unchangeable, and fuck those fucking pieces of garbage who treat you this way.


This is the most normalfag post I have seen on here your advice is to play the games the normalfags do by being sheepish and scared of their judgements. You can gain respect with normalfags by being yourself and when questioned showing your confidence by not giving a single fuck about what they think.
For example I always have something cute with me for comfort and out of habit like a doll of an anime character and if someone questions me I tell them that I do like what I like and they leave me alone.

You are encouraging OP to gain acceptance of people who do not deserve it you are as bad as them and the fact you try to hide your power level is pathetic. Normalfag


How so? The nofap morons are more likely to be circle jerking (heh) redditors but believe whatever nonsense you want if it makes you feel better about yourself.

Yes I am on antidepressants, so?
>You need to have some small degree of health or retention is useless
lol of course. And since perfect health doesn't exist, you can always make up some damn reason why your shit doesn't work on someone.

>Semen retention has a ton of science behind it

Oh boy the "science", the holy scientific papers that gullible fools will eat up and regurgitate on social media when it goes their way. When it comes to health you will find a billion of these studies contradicting each other, it's especially true of nutrition for instance.
The "gigachads" don't care about such a dumb meme. They have intercourse, some still masturbate every once in a while. It's always curious to me what hoops the improvement crowd will jump through to attempt to "fix" themselves. Ultra rigorous diets, cold showers, meditation, sleeping outside… At one point you have to wonder whether it's all worth it, but whatever floats your boat I guess.

>I can tell you are all normalfags because no fap is easy when you are too depressed to even bother jerking off.
They will tell you you are not in the right state of mind, or you have consumed caffeine or a drop of alcohol in the last twelve months so it cancelled out the benefits, or you are sleeping too much, or not enough, or God knows what.


>if you want to be strong to stop people treating like shit or if you learn to "play the game" to survive, you are a normie, so fuck off

lol knew I was going to hear this bullshit. OP wants help surviving to support himself and his mother who depends on him. He doesn't have the luxury to be rejected by society. If he was getting by on NEET bucks he could be himself and not give a fuck about what people think. He doesn't have this liberty. I offered a legitimate solution to help out a fellow wiz. If you are just here to shit on people and not try to help OP with legit advice, then fuck off.

This isn't about you and me. Its about helping OP escape the abuse.


No fap is a cult there is no logic as to why Chad can be porn addict nymphomaniac and is unaffected by releasing semen but the loser crab has to refrain from touching himself to become like chad.
Why does he have to be social at work he can do his work without having to demean himself by describing his passion in his game making project as "some nerdy stuff". You people are WORSE than normalfags because not only are you behaving like a normalfag it is not even natural for you to do so. It is obvious you go out and party with normalfaggots because you crave to be like them and likely want to have a GF.The solution is keeping to yourself or going full blast over 9000 with your power level.


I never said he HAS to be social or that he HAS to go out to parties. My suggestion is he should learn a little about "playing the game" and get a little stronger to stop people from abusing him. Whether or not you take that a step further and try to be a normie is something else. I'm advocating he take steps to stop people abusing him and make it less likely he will wind up in this situation in the future. Just because you play the game a little to avoid being mistreated doesn't mean you have to COMPLETELY play the game and go to bars or try to get a GF. Please don't put words in my mouth or misrepresent me.

Agree with you completely on NO FAP though. It has no basis in fact; evidence suggests that masturbation is good for health and well being. However, porn addiction is another story. It WILL harm you. I think a lot of the benefits ascribed to no fap comes from the benefit people get from breaking porn addiction which they mistakenly attributed to not masturbating at all.


Mix approaches. Unabashedly show your power level AND be hyper aggressive. First person snickers at your waifu swing on 'em


My family know not to make jokes about my waifu making jokes about me having a Waifu are fine but I will not tolerate someone showing her disrespect and have had to cut ties with people because they have.
Never disrespect someones waifu


Contrary to what others have said, I think that meditation may help to ease your suffering. When you successfully dissolve your consciousness, you will see that the tortures of this existence begin and end in the conscious mind. In that sense, meditation is like a temporary form of suicide: for as long as the mind is abolished, our suffering cannot subsist. Now, this won't help you make friends with your colleagues or stop the bullying, but it will dull the pain of their cruelty. Good luck to you.


Nobody listen to


We all know how the norman roaches operate. You dont nip this in the bud you WILL stew on it…


If this post is true and isn't larp then I'm surprised your colleagues haven't devised a plan to get you fired yet. They don't seem to like you at all and things will only get worse unless they get bored of messing with you. Normalfags are truly savages and you should tread with caution whenever you're dealing with them.


You should only be going at normie social gatherings if you are 100% confident about your social skills.

You made this first mistake, but you could have turned it around, when you showed your powerlevel with RPG maker shit and they started teasing you, you should have teased back, I get its difficult for a wiz to know this, and it took me too long to learn it, but normalfags like when you are confident enough to consider yourself above others, if you just asked the guy "lol whats your hobbies then big man" ironically, the situation would be defused.

As for your situation right now, just be hostile and unfriendly, do not call them assholes out of the blue, but ignore it, don't smile back, they already think less of you, its doesnt matter anymore. Good luck.


if you want to hang out with normalfags you gotta mask, not be yourself as you have eccentric interests. i like many other people cant come close to that. either stick around these pests without souls or choose to pursue your retarded rpg maker game


File: 1620898915013.gif (262.82 KB, 518x518, 1:1, chiyoiskill.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Embrace the ayy.
Overpower them with your eccentricity and drown them in it until you are having more fun breaking their minds than you get upset by their words.
Explain to them without words how below you they are in raw intelligence.


File: 1620946081904.png (153.68 KB, 748x792, 17:18, meme smug.png) ImgOps iqdb


>I was invited to drink

-First fail: accepting their ways of degeneracy.

>Why so quiet?

-And why not?

>Muh RPG maker

-Here is when you just got sapped, showing your bits powerlevel.

>smirking and laughing

-I usually let things go that way, when entering this stage within a normie encounter… until no one wants to laugh any more.

>You need to grow up

-Again, why? Or not even "why" I just keep silent when a norman starts to try telling me how to live, despite their miseries. Telling his face to stop being a drunkard… Could be quite hypocrite if you sit with them to drink.

>A big laugh from the succubi

-Thank God I already knew long ago how to intimidate succubi with their own foolishness instead of showing shame about my wizdom.


-What do you want? To have them stuck up your ass every time?

>A succubus starts to point

-You are just the shadow of something they fear. Never try to be accepted. Embrace your pain. Be natural… and this is not to upgrade at all your reputation with them but rather to hit back.

>I'm always eating lunch by myself, which makes people think I'm even weirder, but when I sit with other people, I'm only bullied and made fun of.

-The mere act of seeking them is what truly humilliates you. The words "be yourself" are not intended to offer you a solution about them… but about your own inner frame in front of them.

>I wish I'd quit.

-You wish and they do not. SO here you are eating shit without even answering. have you ever tried being reciprocate. Most time is hard doing so without falling into their childish acting… but I don't repent.

>Can meditation or another spiritual practice help me thicken my skin and shrug off bullying?

-Mental frame. It is those normans who must gain your approval not viceversa… and you have failed showing your stance, whining, aceepting them, desiring them. About bullying, what else would you do but answering back? The first who gets angry is the loser. The first time they laughed, why should you even worry at all?

I wanted to be that type of person that first they laughed at… until they just started feeling like laughing thru the other side of their mouths, solely out of discomfort, envy, hurted feelings, and etc…

I succeded without repentance. Give me the honour of sharing my "battlemage hat" with you.

Being laughed at is NEVER bad. I mean, why can't people be happy? If they cannot keep up being so after some time with me its just up to them.


File: 1620946366311.jpg (190.29 KB, 700x596, 175:149, Creepy outsiders.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


This. THIS.


>power level AND be hyper aggressive. First person snickers at your waifu swing on 'em

Whoever angers you has dominated you


Im sorry OP. One of my coworkers invited me to go with a bunch of our coworkers to some billiards place and I said I'll see what I can do but no way I'm going. Why the fuck would I want to spend time with normalfags? OP I suggest finding a new job, once you have it confirmed then quit your other job on the spot and preferably at a busy time to fuck over your coworkers. Fuck them for treating you like that, that's SUBHUMAN behavior.


you fucked up op. that's what happens when you associate with normalfags and for being a failed normalfag yourself


The way they treated you has nothing to do with your hobby. If you were chad they would find whatever you say interesting and cool. It's because you're shy and normies immediately sense it. They try to impress each other by treating you like a child and asking you about your hobbies. You need to realize you don't belong with that bunch and instead of being nice you need to stop smiling around them and act serious. Don't look at their faces like you don't care and treat them like shit when you get the chance. You'll see how they will be repelled by that and stop bothering you.


Rule 3, bro


You must seriously lack self-awareness to unironically talk about that aspergered down syndrome shit in front of normalfags and not expect to be ridiculed, ostracised and abused. I don't even feel sorry for you since you got yourself into this situation, how debilitatingly low-functioning autistic do you have to be to voluntarily attend a gathering of normalfags who obviously despise you and to try and confide in them about your special needs hobbies? You're the type of charity case I would've avoided back in high school since association with you only invites unwanted negative attention from normalfags.


I can only think how weak you are for trying to conform to normalfags to the point you bellittle a wizard for mentioning his hobby. Do you know where you are? You are the normalfag yourself


as someone who makes games as a hobby in my spare time, this is cringe.
why are you are fucking normalfags and telling them about shit you keep to yourself or only say to people who are nerdy? i did this when i was a kid because of my autism and copped on after years of bullying and being forced to drop out of high school. get your fucking shit together just reading this pisses me off because you are so fucking naive to think these pricks wont bully you.


also, how did you even get in that position? people literally fucking run away from me and scream because im that horrifying, deformed and have that bad posture combined with no social skills whatso fucking ever


>why are you are fucking normalfags
i meant around them sorry. im a fucking spastic


t. gaslighting normalfaggot


Adaptation isn't weakness retard. Either get bugged by normalfags for years or socialize out of a script so they shut up. I rather do the ladder simply because its less of a headache


A wizard never cast his pearls before normalswine

This will ruin the hobby for yourself and you may often think of the trauma when engaging in your otherwise precious hobbies.
The invitation to the bar was a challenge they invited you to an arena to test if you were like them.


That's right. Your other post was harsh but there is no excuse for not having a filter/mask, which you keep engaged depending on who you're interacting with.

Personally, I never find a time when its appropriate to let my unchecked thoughts become known to others. Even with family, there's plenty of things you want to think twice about blurting out.


If you don't let their smirks and laughs affect you they will stop. I would have laughed it off and said something along the lines of "Yeah I know, it's an extremely nerdy hobby, but I think it's cool". If you desire friends then stop eating on your own, try connecting with them again and this time try not to get easily offended.


File: 1622115025892.jpeg (39.87 KB, 695x441, 695:441, images (1).jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Maybe try buying crypto?


I agree with this. They want to include OP but they also want to interview him to make sure he's okay to hang out with. That he isnt a sick or deformed animal that should be killed so as not to taint the pack. Since that's illegal they'll just mock and exclude you instead. OP I may find your hobbies to be "cringe" but I have hobbies that are equally "cringe" so we are just different people. Normies don't have hobbies they just watch sports all and drink and consoom so they will mock anything outside that bubble. I would suggest making excuses to get out of future social activities but honestly at this point your reputation there is tainted and if there are potential promotions involved it could be messed up by this. I would suggest looking for other work if it's not too inconvenient and you're not too attached to your job.


>Tips about how to become confident around succubi
Just another day on "wizardchan"


those pics are hilarious, hard to believe people actually believe them and buy things like xvg



Or rather stay shut and don't let anyone fitting its nose in your life.


File: 1622795445017.gif (183.81 KB, 500x281, 500:281, yup.gif) ImgOps iqdb

OP, how are things going for you? We haven't heard back from you. I (and many others) offered some advice for you; you tried any of it?

Hope things are going better for you man.


File: 1623877006439.jpg (123.85 KB, 547x495, 547:495, 77302eb.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Youre making your pwn life too difficult son just try and get a job somewhere else and learn from this experience NEVER AND I MEAN NEVER TELL a normie or a succubus about your passion its just a weakness for them to exploit when they think youre weird or dont like you.

Normies dont like these sorts of things but will consume media made by those who succeeded in creating these worlds so dont let it bother you that much tbh

Normies like lotr, dwarf fortress, game of thrones and the witcher YOU ARENT THAT STRANGE YOU IUST GOT TO KEEP IT TO YOURSELF NEXT TIME

Maybe find some more creative types they still exist in modern day.


>he spilt the beans that he's a wizard to his normie co-workers.
Ya dun goofed, it's a tough pill to swallow, but now you know better.


>What is projection


OP, you are a lamb: Innocent, bashful, kind, approachable, naive.
The normies are a wolf pack: they roam together, they're strong, they can sense when something is wrong, they can be merciless, they operate together.

You learned a valuable lesson in life: Always keep your guard up, never let people get the best of you, and remember this one, in life, you don't always have to tell everyone your deepest fears or biggest joys in your first meeting, you gotta make them earn it first. You gave them the whole pie, when you should have given them a slice, not everyone needs to know or wants to know your business or desires.


I refuse to talk about myself, my personal life, or any of my interests at work. People try, they hit a brick wall, and they eventually give up. Generally I'm left alone, which is what I want.


Good post.


I too am sensitive and friendless with indie gamedev aspirations. People have laughed (not in person) at my ideas or have cut the conversation short when I mention projects I am working on. I think they made an anime about people like us.


Talk to the HR department and say you're facing discrimination for being autistic. Say you're going to consult with a lawyer if the bullying continues. They will shut it down immediately.

But you are a weirdo freak thinking any one cares about your little fantasy game. No one does, no one ever will. Hide your power level in the future.


same, its none of those normal boring idiots business what i do. i always keep the conversation short theyre weak compared to me anywaay.


this. normies don't bully me because i'm not a weak target. I stand my ground and don't share much info with them, plus their opinion means nothing to me.


normalnigger tier post


ok wizchad


> Got out with and trusted them with personal info.
There is your problem. Change job, it will not go away..


Realize that this is a good thing mate, you've found out that those people are not good. You've avoided them.


You're wrong. Period. I used to not be able to look people in the eye because I was a frequent masturbator. Fuck off.


I made that post and I repeat: it does not make a damn difference to me.
Suggestion is what this self-improvement business is all about, if you do not persuade yourself that it will turn you into an ubermensch, it won't. When I read shit like "Semen retention has a ton of science behind it" it makes me cringe hard, first of all because of the nonsensical and discredited science©®™ label, and second because on an anecdotal level it is such obvious bullshit, as if every man on earth ever had suffered for that reason, just ask the normals around you. It is yet another imaginary hurdle that the monks and improvefaggots have made up in their mind that no one else outside their circles overthink and overestimate to such a ridiculous extent. When I read the inept shit that gets taken seriously here I always wonder how far it will go, you could claim something ridiculous like the colour of your clothes affect your psyche (scientists© claim) and your physiology to a deep level and some gullible morons would take your word for it and pretend that bright/dark clothing or going naked or whatever lifted their brainfog and made them more vigorous. This is succubus-tier level of credulity.

…That is unless you were addicted, but one could say the same about alcohol consumption or anything else.


Best way to handle these situations is to turn the questions around to the inquirer. Normalfags love talking about themselves. You should say something like, I don't have the time for hobbies when I'm working full time, what do you do? I'm looking for new hobbies, what do you suggest? Although you fucked up when you accepted their invitation to the bar. Next time (at your new job) just refuse and give an excuse about alcohol problems or say both your grandpas died of liver failure and you don't wanna go anywhere near that road.


>One of the guys said I needed to grow up and get my head out of the clouds, which I didn't have a comeback for and my eyes grew teary and I started blinking them and stuttering.
never get caught slacking when these things happen. then when someone starts talking shit to you, aggressively posture yourself against him, to the point it might start a fight. but never hit first. then if he doesnt respond, he looks like a bitch. but if he does, then you cut him up and he gets maimed.


I'm being fully serious here when I say this: have you tried not being a bitch and being more confrontational?



By experience I tell you: You end up regretting bitterly if you don't react. Do as you are done. Expect them.


That's what I mean: react. Crying and pissing your pants shouldn't be a reaction. Knowing when and how to be confrontational is a skill.


I'm sorry to hear that, hope things get better

nice advice, I'll make sure to use it, thanks.


crying is better than being aggressive and confrontational, if you cry enough people will end up leaving you alone because they’ll actually start to feel bad about it, just let it all out and cry, people never expect this comeback and they will feel like crap unless they are a sociopath and despite what people might say most people arent


Learn to cripple them mentally by picking out any major flaws in their character and behaviour, enough to destroy their ego and make them reconsider their behaviour. In essence make them feel uncomrmftable


A strong reminder of why I never want to work


This attitude is why you get bullied.


>crab offers you drink
'sorry lad I don't drink' or 'that's alright man' while shaking your head
>spidey sense tells you they will 'socialize'
you say 'I'm gone man' and politely decline. don't stall because we are mental wrecks when cornered by crabs.

I would wait for one of them to take a bathroom break while the succubi were checking their phones (ignoring you) and make my getaway. if they make eye contact just do a jedi wave or say see ya

stick strictly to yourself and lie that you'll miss your bus and that you have quite a trip ahead of you. basically be that bunny from alice in wonderland, can't stay for long.

>succubi laughing/eating lunch alone

it do be like that wizbro, take your phone if it's allowed and keep to yourself. I got teary eyed once and the succubi were probably thinking "lol what a pussy" so be it that's that. the crabs said what they were suppose to, so now you split


i'm too weak and dead inside to do a nything other than work and come home and rot.. can anyone relate? i don't have the energy to even go out anywhere i'm too weak.


File: 1633804840761.pdf (182.3 KB, Mucusless Healing with Hig….pdf)

>work and rot

Yeah, but I do not work anymore. It's all about your brain and lymphatic system. The more you postpone your treatments, the older you become in less time


>Can meditation or another spiritual practice help me thicken my skin and shrug off bullying? If not, what else can help?
Gym/martial arts. You're probably out of shape and low on test. If you look more intomidating people will be careful when talking to you. Also stop being so "nice". Some harshness is necessary to establish yourself in a group and set boundaries.


Never reveal your power level to normie coworkers, they always pretend to be your friends when they don't know you to get as much info out of you as possible and then use it against you. Never trust them, always lie about everything.



I plan on working at the Post Office soon, but judging by their system of newbs being at the bottom of the barrel, doing all the hard work, and co-workers watching over the newcomers, I'm sure there's probably a lot of bullying going on. Any jobwiz here that's had experience with the Post Office?


File: 1634153439162.jpg (123.5 KB, 901x1107, 901:1107, fun allowed.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

> and a succubus will point me out to her friend and both will start giggling. When that happens, I just smile at them as best as I can and go somewhere else.

Are you an Asian OP? I'm a Japanese/white hapa. And that's pretty much what happens to me. I wasn't allowed to sit at lunch tables, I was never invited to activities outside of school or work. I get ignored in conversations. I even overheard a conversation from one of my bitch succubus co-workers. "He is NOT coming to our parties!"

If you make it clear to your co-workers that you are just there to work, make money, and go home. They will probably leave you alone. Try to find some enjoyment with the customers. The normies may tolerate you, but they probably won't love you.


File: 1634331733339.jpg (8.97 KB, 375x375, 1:1, 1623635515640.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Why…? Just why…?
Why… The… Fuck… You… Accepted… TO FUCKING GO!



I knew a lot of people like you growing up. Superiority complex that clashes with the fact they're just as far ahead in life as the retards. You weren't doing me any favors by hanging out with me, it was really the other way around.


I've never been invited to an event like that outside of work. At my last job I found out everyone was going to bars over the weekend together, even the old middle aged guys.

Honestly I think they did that to you solely to bully you from the get go.


Damn, wiz. I’m sorry that happened to you and even more so that your effort blew up in your face like that.

the most recent and last time I tried to befriend coworkers, it was immediately sniffed out that i’m a wizard—despite my great efforts at feigning being somewhat chad. At some point during the night, I went up to the bar to order another round when one of my coworkers followed me. he aggressively and awkwardly cornered me, and bluntly asked me when was the last time I had a girlfriend. I think it was the way he was so matter of fact in that he knew I never had one and was hopeless on my own. when I stuttered like an autistic retard, he immediately went into big bro mode and tried “hooking” me up with every hole in sight. suffice to say I haven’t even texted any of them since.


you fucked up by setting yourself up to look like a loser by buying into the idea that being a virgin is meant to be a loser by faking chad status.

maybe against the rules to discuss trying to be social but dame a lot of wiz cannot handle being alone and if they can change their lifestyle to what suits them better so be it.


you right. I fucked up too thinking I could connect and be friends with normies. I even wasted a couple bucks on clothes kek. I at least know better today and hopefully serve as a warning to apprentices.


No friend you did not fuck up by having the experience. Don't go tainting the future with the past or anything with judgements.

Good for you that you actually gave it a go and you may have felt being social normalfag is just not for you but at least you gave it a go.
There is nothing to gain for me being social but hell why shouldn't others in the world at least try it to find out for themselves.


I can understand the stupid teenagers who bully, though any other group of people who engage in it are utter scumbags. Every day during my lunch break I'll have one of the HR or checkout staff members talking non stop about workplace drama. "She acts different around me so I told her, IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM SAY SOMETHING" … How can middle class, otherwise seemingly respectable people behave like this?


>middle class



Op, you fucked up. Never reveal your true face to normies. Leave that job ASAP, find a new workplace and this time just wear a mask of normietude. Obviously avoid social media of any kind or else your reputation as weirdo will follow you.
Or if you want to fuck with them just pretend to be gay or trans, like go to work wearing a wig and telling people that from that moment on you'll be known as <female version of your name>. They'll shit their pants because now you can destroy their careers just by complaining about discrimination to HR. Basically outnormie them.


One of the worst parts of autism is how long it takes to realize the HR/cancel stuff is all bullshit and yet another example of normgroids always meaning the opposite of what they say. You’d be more likely to get fired than anything.


File: 1635188578410.jpg (76.42 KB, 866x637, 866:637, blade runner.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Damn, nobody has never invited me anywhere.

I wonder if it is because despite being a loner I am also very intimidating. They know they wouldn't be able to humiliate me and won't fall for their retarded tricks, so they don't bother and just leave me alone


Maybe its better to be too creepy to be bothered to be toyed with


>One of the worst parts of autism is how long it takes to realize the HR/cancel stuff is all bullshit and yet another example of normgroids always meaning the opposite of what they say
What do you mean?


Didn't say creepy, I am physically very strong and have a sort of imposing aura wherever I go.

Wizards should work to become more confident and to give less of a shit about what others think, their lives would improve for the better


Man, fuck those guys. As a victim of bullying myself I feel for you, OP.
The game you're working on sounds really interesting. I've dabbled with RPG maker myself so I'm always interested in new creations.

Don't let them get to you, homie. Keep your head high and one day you'll be laughing at those pricks. I hope the game development goes well, and maybe one day I'll find myself playing it. ;)


Bullying is the reason why I became neet in the first place, having autism makes me an easy target and I don't know I'm doing it.


Your mistake was talking about and being enthusastic about something literally no one else cares about in public.
On some level you're even aware of your own mistake.
>At first, it seemed to me that they were really interested
You mentioned something novel, some personal trivia or tidbit. You should have quickly moved on to things other people could relate to.
>After that, they asked me a series of really condescending,
Here, you got too passionate and were talking in depth about something personal and niche. Social protocols dictate that they can't tell you to shut the fuck up and change the subject, so they tried to "gas you out" of the conversation by making you run out of things to talk about. But sperg that you are, you couldn't be gassed out so the tone shifted into amusing themselves with the blatant faux pas.

Basically, don't ever talk about your social retard interests other than a passing mention. This is another instance of someone being bullied because they are socially retarded and the bullying is a subconscious attempt to fix the behavior.


lmao stop trying to gaslight him. nobody forced them to bully him.


Sure, but bullying is normal primate dynamics so what else could OP have expected?
If he didn't think normalfags wouldn't bully wizkids for the slightest deviancy he hasn't been paying attention


gas them
fuck normieniggers


You nailed it, it's normal for them. They're just primitive beasts.


one thing to take into consideration here is that they were drunk and it sounds like they're young.

But having said that some of this behavior sounds extremely cruel, like this:
> my eyes grew teary and I started blinking them and stuttering. This drew a big laugh from the succubi.

I would be weary of these people if I were you anon. Don't assume that these people are normal, not only will it poison your view of normal people, but you'll be letting your guard down around them and people like them. Expect better from people then this.

Document every single bullying behavior that happens at work with dates, times, places, and what was said and/or done. In a neutral, calm, objective manner. Then take your documentation to HR. Only three incidents are enough to establish a pattern.

If after that they still find a way to deliberately make you suffer, then leave. Get another job.


workplace bullies are like sharks. They don't stop and it gets worse over time. You have to do something. Document document document and take it to HR. HR is there to cover the company's ass from a law suit, don't go to them without documentation because they probably won't care or do anything about it without it.

At least you're not dealing with the outright aggressive and hostile bully. And if these people are normal, then let me tell you, thats much better then being targeted by a crazy, unstable bully, that type of workplace bully is delusional and truly sick. Don't assume that they are normal though - some of that behaviour at the bar sounds predatory and creepy.

I noticed that you don't seem to have given into anger, hatred or aggression which is good. And a credit to your character. But bare in mind, this behaviour will wear on you over time, and you could start experiencing feelings of anger and aggression, which is definitely a sign of worsening effect of the mistreatment on your health and wellbeing. When you go to HR with your documentation make sure you mention that a hostile work environment is being created. Try and put that in writing, in a well written letter. If you can afford it get a lawyer if not, seek free legal advise on this issue.

Do not treat this as acceptable behavior to be expected and put up with. Stand up for yourself and take care of yourself. These people are social predators


> I lay awake at night thinking about them.
you are experiencing sleep disturbances as a result of the harassment you are experiencing at work, make sure you include that in what you give to / tell HR. There are probably, hopefully going to be serious consequences for these coworkers if you go to HR and play your cards right. Do your research, youtube is a goldmine


say the YES meme (and imagine the bearded guy in your head) and you can insult them too if you want


File: 1636072324346.png (1.14 MB, 1022x1432, 511:716, image6-1.png) ImgOps iqdb

Yes, i made a fantasy game with a cool MC, HOW COULD YOU TELL????


Epic broscience. If you stop touching your peepee and don't look at icky pictures with stupid grills, a space wizard will turn you into the epic meme man with a beard and a huge chin and a fearsome warrior aura. No, seriously. Your chakras are going to be off the charts bruuuuuhh. You want some cure-all trump horse paste with that?


HR is for normal people, not you. Social hierachy above all else, wiz. High school never ended, time to wake up boyo.


HR isn't for any people at all. It was conceived in America to shield American corporations from classic American bullshit lawsuits, typically over "discrimination." HR was a tool specifically constructed to checkmate the frivolous American justice system and its natural place is only within the USA niche. It doesn't belong anywhere else but it infected the rest of the world anyway. The results are catastrophic. It was a perfect tool for insidious feminine-brained weasels to upset established hierarchies and inject themselves into power without ever having to pass through the traditional paths of advancement that helped to keep the worst of the worst from getting power and shitting everything up for everyone. HR is not for people, it's for treacherous bloodsuckers.

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