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File: 1632672233810.jpg (115.44 KB, 736x652, 184:163, schopie.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Reminder that if you eat animal products, you are the same as the unthinking, low-sentience, base, pleasure-seeking NPC normgroid masses and you deserve to die. Veganism is the wizard's diet of choice. All famous wizards were vegans/vegetarians for a reason.

There is no excuse not to go vegan. Now explain, why aren't you vegan?


Are you implying that Schopenhauer was a wizard by chance?


>Reminder that if you eat animal products, you are the same as the unthinking, low-sentience, base, pleasure-seeking NPC normgroid masses
Why though? I also sit on the chair. Normalfags sometimes sit on the chair too, so am a normalfag?
>and you deserve to die.
Some real compassion there, Schopenburger.

>All famous wizards were vegans/vegetarians for a reason.

They were normalfags who couldn't get pussy because they were vegans and therefor weak and dumb and not strong. They died virgins yeah but it was pure crabbage.

>Now explain, why aren't you vegan?

Because animal products are tasty, healthy for the body, useful, abundant, and easy to obtain with oftentimes minimal or positive environmental impact.

What Shoppinghour meant in your JPEG was that the people who are saints among men will also tend to follow suit in other aspects of life, i.e treating animals well and remaining pure. He didn't mean that by choosing not to eat animals makes you a god person by virtue. Even if OP isn't wearing sheepskin to his family BBQ, he's still a faggot and therefore a bad person.


>unthinking, low-sentience, base, pleasure-seeking
>you deserve to die
>Veganism is the wizard's diet of choice.
No true scotsman.
>All famous wizards were vegans/vegetarians for a reason.
I don't think the famous wizards (whomever the are) signed up to be in your personal famous wizards list on some internet thing.

Since most 'meat' I consume is made from mechanically deboned paste, vegan preachers' shaming guilt trips aimed at the first worlders miss me somewhat.


>the year is 2021
>people still reply to vegantranny


I'm not a vegan because i believe that getting rid of milk and dairy based protein would damage my health
As a vegetarian you really have:
1) beans-legumes
2) nuts
3) dairy
I dont think I could live on my budget with just beans and nuts

As for animal products being tasty that is just the wrong opinion. Indians can cook vegetarian food thats so tasty, none of them ever -think- about eating animals. Eating animals for pleasure also shows that a person has not thought at all about what he is eating


>Eating animals for pleasure also shows that a person has not thought at all about what he is eating
As in it should disturb me? Perhaps slightly but definitely not enough to even give the vegan cult a thought.
I often think about how dairy products like kefir or cottage cheese are disgusting as fuck, like it's combination of a liquid from the pulsating insides of an animal and literal bacteria shit. Tastes great in the end tho and is also good for digestion, so I don't care


For me this is all about conscience. You don't care that you eat animals, this doesn't weigh on your conscience. But I cared that I used to eat animals. That weighed heavily on my conscience and I became a vegetarian


In all honesty, I eat meat because I'm not the person who kills the animal. It's some farmer who has to deal with the responsibility of killing an animal, not me. I could never kill an innocent animal myself, so I eat meat because I don't actually have to engage with anything other than the end product of faceless meat on a plate.
So in that regard, if people stopped farming (or hunting) animals overnight, I would default to essentially being a vegetarian because I couldn't bring myself to kill an animal myself. It's a matter of convenience really, I don't feel bad unless I commit a direct action of hurting someone/something.


By purchasing the meat, you are condoning the practice of killing. You hire an agent to kill for you. You also stand to inherit the karma from it


I just eat what my mom cooks, if I dont eat it she'll get mad and I wont have food to eat


I do not care about the well-being of animals and I see no reason why I should.


I don't hire anything, I have no contact with the people doing the killing, nor would it change anything even if I did. Either way, I'm not committing the act of killing, so the blame lies squarely on someone else, as does the karma.


First off, why would I "inherit karma" for giving money to a farmer, if anything it should be the opposite, I am helping another human (aka someone of the same species as me), animals dont care about other species that arent them so why should I care? I can understand getting karma for supporting child slavery (in the form of buying stuff from Tesla or Apple) but not retarded animals dying.
secondly, you do understand "karma" only affects you after you die, not right now right? So if you're a rapist you'll be born as a rape victim, not as another animal. You vegans are irritating at times


File: 1632768442911.jpg (449.79 KB, 1280x853, 1280:853, 178934728934523.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

You have detailed exactly how you hire.
>I could never kill an innocent animal myself, so I eat meat because I don't actually have to engage with anything other than the end product of faceless meat on a plate.
You exchange your money for someone else to both kill and prepare meat for you.
You stand to inherit the karma by eating it.

There's a reason why we're under the ANIMAL kingdom.
Humanity evolved from primates…
>animals dont care about other species that arent them so why should I care?
All of the animals you eat are herbivores.
Have you heard the concept of "negative liberty"?
What do you deserve if you can't respect this principle to all beings you 'interact with' - or more aptly eat.
You're the one transgressing here, and it is paid in full by "karma".

Up to you both to see the folly or continue to eat shredded intestines as a 'hotdog' dotted with corn-syrup ketchup
You are what you eat - don't turn into cattle!

> It is just as foolish to complain that people are selfish and treacherous as it is to complain that the magnetic field does not increase unless the electric field has a curl. Both are laws of nature.

> - John von Neumann


i love animals and animals have always been nicer to me than people.
that's why i'm vegan.

i think you arent permitted to say "I like animals" unless you don't eat them.


>All of the animals you eat are herbivores.
Pigs. Fish.


Chicken, turkey.
Both are omnivores that eat insects as well as grains and the like.


If you ever took care of or saw these animals in person, you wouldn't call them omnivores after your first google search.
Pigs have a propensity to eat anything, yes - given why people are called pigs - but in the wild pigs usually eat crops.
As for fish and the like, I mean, if you aspire to eat your young or to inflict pain on others, then go ahead. You are what you eat. Fish don't have great lives, why aspire to be like them?

Most people primarily eat chicken and beef, and yet both of those don't really eat animals.
Chicken that eat insects are going to be prone to parasites. Would you want such parasites too if you eat them, their eggs?
There is a "karmic" force around eating other animals. It is within your interest to not (at least regularly) participate, unless you like having parasites or absorbing negative things


duck and chicken eggs seem fine even though they eat tons of insects


Yes, normalfags deserve to die on the basis of being "unthinking, low-sentience, base, and pleasure-seeking", yet I'm supposed to care about beings that are all of those things in a even greater degree.
Moralizers are a cancer. You try to frame the issue as being one of rationality: your arbitrary feel-good moral standards is "rational" and people that don't adhere to it are necessarily irrational. "Ugh, have you even thought about the suffering that took to make that burger?" Yes, I have quite a bit. I have settled in my mind that I don't really care. I appreciate *some* species of animals as they can be extremely interesting but I also hate some to the point I would kill them all had they not have some important ecological function. I appreciate nature, which is a machine of animal suffering almost by design. The degree to which I care about the suffering of individual animals is proportional to how much I like the species or the animal itself. This is really no different from how much I'd care about the suffering of people.


i am a plant based eater simply because it's cheaper(contrary to what meat eaters tell you)

you can get a pound of rice for a dollar. you can get a pound of beans for a dollar. you can get a pound of lentils for around a dollar. a pound of meat is like around 5 dollars


i only eat pancakes and im vegetarian


They already killed it prior to me spending money, they do it for an industry, not an individual. In addition, only the person who commits the action is to blame. "Responsibility through a proxy" straight up doesn't exist.


Dude, I have the neighbors chickens on my property nearly every morning as they peck away and eat insects.
If you were to compare the health of a free range chicken to one from factory farming the free range one would be much healthy and happier with far higher quality eggs.

As for wild pigs, those mother fuckers will fucking kill you then eat your corpse.
They are monsters to be avoided or slain. And yeah, they will not hesitate to eat meat in the wild if given the opportunity. Including human meat.


This is the correct attitude


>if you aspire to eat your young
My non-existent young.
>or to inflict pain on others
Depends on the situation.
>or absorbing negative things
>why aspire to be like them?
>There is a "karmic"
These are non-concepts to me.

You're way too preachy and self righteous to be pushing the eastern narrative, isn't that harmony with nature stuff supposed to come from within?


Let me know when beyond meat is cheaper than the cheapest meat/seafood


when i consumed nothing but watermelonjuice for 21 days and never felt so good in my life i knew animal products were wrong. the human body can barely digest it but it is not designed to digest it. meat and milk is are just shortcuts to suffering while contributing to slavery.


>the human body can barely digest it but it is not designed to digest it.
Couldn't be more wrong.

And yes the vid is supported by studies which are linked in the description.


Do what you want. There's a reason I put "karmic" in quotes.
I gave information, because I find this topic interesting. That is all.
No need to be so defensive.
For the record, if it was to my benefit to eat animals, I would, although it's hard to imagine such a world
If you are what you eat, imagine letting the abused animal cells integrate into your being - you could only wonder if it comes with the abuse, suffering, pains, screams, fear too…


>For the record, if it was to my benefit to eat animals, I would
I used to say this when I first quit meat, but now typing it out and reading it makes me disgusted. It just doesn't feel right. I guess I'll have to explore why later - but again, my original proposition isn't of morality, it is of self-interest.
Hence the quotes


I don’t wonder. It’s broken down on a molecular level. There is no possible way to transmit emotion from a cow’s rib to my brain by eating.

Be vegan all you want, I’m sure it really is healthier for you and cheaper. But I won’t buy this woowoo magic shit.


>hurr durr it's ok to consume plants because it causes no suffering
except you can't prove that and plants actually DO seem to have distress responses. you can't continue to live without passing along the suffering to something else period. stop huffing your own farts pretending you're better than everyone, which is the real normalfaggot mindset.


My point is chickens and pigs are indeed omnivores when left to their own devices. Chickens love eating bugs, and pigs will eat meat even in the wild when given the opportunity.

It isn't about being defensive or defending lifestyle choice, it is about correcting misinformation because I care about truth and apparently know more about these animals then you do.


I just had some lamb over rice it was fucking delicious.



A stress response isn't the same thing, that's probably just the name confusing you. The only understood source of pain is a nervous system linked to a neural network, plants lack this. It's definitely a vague field for now though.
I do agree that if the end goal is to avoid suffering that instantaneous death is the easiest and most obvious solution. I can only hope science will soon accidentally stumble upon a path that makes suicide a lot easier than it is now, maybe disable or repress the death aversion somehow.
It's also not really about being better (ideally, people are always going to be stupid), it's about subtly guiding nature into a direction that is not as incredibly miserable as this on a proper time scale. It is factual that a world not as heavily tailored towards suffering as this would be a better one to get stuck in. It is the rotten direction of the past that is to blame for our current misfortune after all.


assume plants feel pain.
now remember that animals in farms eat 40000x the plants that human beings do.
if you want to save more fictional plants with a nervous system, then stop eating animals.


File: 1632870818491.mp4 (1.18 MB, 426x240, 71:40, wim hof wuuu.mp4) ImgOps iqdb




I'm weak and unhealthy enough as it is even while eating meat, I don't need a difficult to follow diet that makes you weaker. Stop trying to attach moral superiority to being a wizard.


What I'm saying is being a vegan from a moral standpoint is bullshit. Eat shit for all I care, but don't pretend like eating plants makes you benevolent. Starve to death if you really want to be a moral authority, otherwise shut the fuck up and stuff your dumb face with more salad.


File: 1632964794609.png (527.74 KB, 500x500, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

lol nice exposing yourself as a sociopath.
this is the real sentiment of anyone who claims that plants feel pain, they actually just don't care about any lifeforms whatsoever.


I'm the sociopath? I'm not the fucking faggot making empty moral judgments justifying the consumption of some kinds of life so I can pretend to be such a good person over people consuming other kinds. It's not my fault all life is genocide, and vegan faggots can do as little about it as anyone else can so I have no obligation to take your shallow ego-stroking seriously.


there's several hundred millions of vegans and even more vegetarians in the world right now.
it's getting to be so big in america and britain that "farmers" (lmao imagine calling torturing and sexually abusing animals "farming") and lobbyists are freaking the fuck out and having think tank meetings discussing how to undermine meat and dairy alternatives as we speak.
it's not pointless and it's getting some good done.
this gay battle is still ongoing. they're mostly attempting to attack the vocabulary used since they have no ground to stand on in other areas.


That does absolutely nothing to attack the bottom line of reality. I don't give a shit about human politics. I'm not making a fucking defense for your big meat industry boogeyman. I just think it's shallow for vegans to argue from a moral standpoint when the end result is the same, that other living things are going to have to suffer if anybody is to continue living. Choosing to stuff your gullet with something different isn't brave nor is it making a huge personal sacrifice. There is nothing morally compelling to veganism because it doesn't attack the bottom line. The only way to escape endless grinder is to opt out of it and die. It's not sociopathic to point that out. Again, I didn't design life to be this way. If you expect me to take any blame for eating animals (eating has already made me feel guilty for years regardless of what is being consumed), you should stop deluding yourself that consuming plants is more upstanding. Plants very clearly don't want to die the same as animals and drawing arbitrary lines on what constitutes negative reactions or preservation responses can't change that.


I can really recommend John Rose's and Dr. Robert Morse's work concerning nutrition. This old man looks healthier than your average zoomer.


aw mane i am on mostly fruit since 2018 thanks to dr morse. wish i had found it sooner. next year i finally can afford the 12 week herbal tinctures kit and for the time i will go 100% fruit, daily exercise, daily breath training, daily meditation.


What's that one diet that only allows one to eat fruit that has naturally detached from the plant?


>Plants very clearly don't want to die the same as animals and drawing arbitrary lines on what constitutes negative reactions or preservation responses can't change that.
You're right
There really is no morality here.
I just eat plants because it makes me feel a whole lot better than eating animals, that's all.
I've only recently contemplated slaughterhouses and such, I am pretty stupid or unaware.
Been trying to distance myself from the guilt of eating animals so much that I didn't bother to think about plants in-depth.
More accurately, I thought of plants as having a different sort of consciousness or experience, which is why I didn't feel as bothered.
Like it doesn't have -isms or ego, the seeds and yield and everything is 'it' or something like that. This is all conjecture though, so yeah, I see your point, it's well taken.


Pretty much this. I can't afford to be a picky eater when I don't pay any bills.


As someone who will never have sex or kids I don't really see the point of going the extra mile of making the world a better place for future generations, I fully accept the environmental impacts of mass animal agriculture.


You're getting close to the platonic ideal of human diet with the watermelon juice. Next time, try doing a HFCS cleanse, buy one of the industrial use containers and dilute it with water.

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