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Every other board has their own /general/ and it might be better to post about little known hobbies here, rather than have a new thread that gets 2 replies.

How about horseback riding?


a horse can easily make you a cripple or kill you.


This, unfortunately. I wanted to try it, but I can't afford to risk ending up in a wheelchair, because it became afraid of a lizard or something. Bicycles for this Wiznog.


File: 1518919453030.jpg (49.35 KB, 600x480, 5:4, a4fbaf7ba7a585f9a4b987af56….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Growing up I was raised by a single father. We moved around constantly, through a variety of states in different portions of the country. It was a very chaotic upbringing. Anyways when I was 16 years old my dad broke up with his then girlfriend and couldn't afford the house anymore, and so he contacted a real estate agency in order to see about selling it. To make a long story short he ends up seducing the real estate agent, she divorces her current husband, and the two of us move on in with her. She was pretty damn wealthy and had a good number of horses.

Most of my experience with the animals was simply shoveling horse shit. Lots and lots of horse shit. Periodically I would ride the things though and it was pretty fun. Once I took my favorite horse through the swampland behind the house, and when trying to walk him through a little stream it turned out to be about 10 feet deep, so the two of us swam for a bit before coming out into a huge field we would gallop through. Felt like something out of Lord of the Rings.

They're fun animals, however the effort involved in keeping them isn't worth it in my opinion.

>feeding the horses some grain and shit

>one of the mares is in heat
>she has her butt towards me, and looks backwards over her shoulder at me
>lifts her tail
>starts winking at me


You must be confused.
This is Wizchan.org. Don't post such nonsense.


>car drives by
>horse kicks and kills you

>fly bites horse

>horse kicks and kills you

>pet a different horse

>horse 1 gets jealous and bites you so hard it destroys a nerve or an artery and kills you

>exist near a horse

>horse kills you

what a fun hobby


My bad brother, mildly intoxicated at the moment. I didn't do anything to the horse anyways. It was a fully platonic relationship.


I've been bit by a horse. Their jaws are designed for small grinding motions and have absolutely no power for biting. It definitely startled me, but didn't even break the skin or leave a bruise at all. They're prey animals man, much more prone to run away than ever actually fight or attack someone.


My great aunt was killed by a horse. They have very powerful legs, to the point where getting kicked can rearrange your torso.


>prey animals
romans had war horses go into battle with them and while officers were dismounted they would go after and kill people and stuff


"A horse can bite with as much as 300 pounds of pressure per square inch."
it didnt bite you so hard though so i guess all horses can't bite hard right? lol. if it wanted to it could have paralyzed your arm permanently with that bite.


So it was just play-biting, like dogs do.


Acquaintance of my mother had permanently fucked up her hand because the horse she lead on the harness got scared by something and yanked its head.


Horseback riding is pretty popular around where I am staying (for those that can afford it). While it ain't for me I do understand the appeal.


Ironically replies to horseriding were enough to merit its own thread


i dont have anywhere to ride a horse


i like when people have very obscure and niche hobbies that they are extremely passionate about, that justify all their suffering

are any of you like that?


Audiobooks for me. Some people are more impressed by it than say a hobby of video gaming. But as the old hobby-tier list said the true judge of hobbyness is active vs passive. In that sense audiobooks for me is not so different from just watchning cartoons, even if the academic niche topics is more impressive.

I started listening to cassette tapes back in 2007. I now have a collection of 250 books, I'm yet to finish. When I 1st started downloading audiobooks, I had to expand my horizons because there was a limited selection and I had to take anything I was the least bit interested in. While now there are many specialized niche academic books on all my fav topics.

My life is meaningless and without purpose and if I have any balls, I'll suicide within this year. Finishing these audiobooks serves no purpose and enriches me in no way, no more than finishing cartoon series does. And yet it is my existential quest to finish as many audiobooks as I can before I suicide. A task of Sisyphus as there is a new book that interests me out nearly everyday.


File: 1519145178110.png (303.85 KB, 722x768, 361:384, 49870528215338d1e869454345….png) ImgOps iqdb

Where does one acquire audiobooks? I do read religious works on a regular basis, however if I could find some of these texts in audio format that seems like it would be a highly efficient means of brainwashing myself in a passive, background manner.


The Bible Experience, you can find on youtube, I enjoyed for acting out every word of the Bible like a radio drama.

I listened to this sermon series in 2010 when I was in the depths of a suicidal depression after dropping out of college. And I liked that these sermons covered the history of Reformation Europe rather than just telling old Bible stories



thank you


My hobby is take stray dogs from the street to my house and use then as guinea pig for some nice experiments. Some dogs I overfeed to death, other I induce diabetes and other illness to study it better. The last thing I did was some fetal poisoning to induce cancer on all puppies so I could have some useful data.

I was thinking about start doing it with humans since there are plenty of beggar out there that I could knockout, drag them inside my lab and them make few experiments.
I also would love have a baby to make his neurons stop dying during the process of learning walk.
When humans start learning walk millions of neurons die, millions. I would love see what happen if you not let those neurons die.

My hobby is Molecular Biology. I don't talk that to anyone because I could be arrested if they discover my lab. I'm looking forward start doing experiments with drug addicts, beggars and all types of disposable humans in 2020 or 2021 since I collect data enough with dogs.


Nice hobby Satan.


That's a long and fremd way of saying you watch Death Note and use /r9k


Edgy fiction bruh.
Gurochan regular perchance?


good. i hate normalfag dogs. they smell like shit, they're dangerous and their obedience is one of the most disgusting things i've seen. i've seen videos of people kicking a dog and the dog still jumps up and licks the man as if they're friends and comes running to his call.
even chickens with pin tip sized brains know when to run away from an aggressor. in my eyes, the chicken is more intelligent than the dog.

you're doing gods work killing those pieces of shits.

i'd never do it myself cause they're so unintelligent theyre not worth my time. it's like beating up furniture, what's the fun in that.


Dogs are intelligent, they're the animal version of a NEET, they don't care how bad their owners treat them, if they feed them and give them a home then they would be fine. Perhaps dogs infuriate you so much because they remind you of how you are or used to be.


speak for yourself. my mom is as fucked up as i am and she enjoys having me around so she can talk to me about her shitty reality tv shows. she has no other friends. if she started treating me like shit i'd move in with my grandma, not just put up with it.


She probably already treats you like shit but you think that is normal behaviour and what she does is the right thing to do. Don't forget that there a different kinds of abuse.


Civil War renacting?


File: 1531688770687.png (24.51 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, Axolotl_Order_by_Loglorn.png) ImgOps iqdb


How about glossopoeia, the art of language invention?


thats nice that you like shitty nigger dogs so much you have to invent fan fictions about posters instead of accepting some people can just dislike them


Seems like she wants your mana


Lock picking is a interesting way to past the time, and occasionally comes in handy.


Do you LARP?
If not proof it, how do you induce the diabetes?
I used to work in a lab working with mice.


My hobby is trying to save the world, or at least majorly improve it. Of course it's all just fantasy unless I somehow magically gained the ability to control myself, but I still like to think about what changes would be needed and how one could implement them. It's mostly philosophy and schemata building with an extremely broad focus. Eventually if I keep at it and become more firm in my convictions and I do manage to master myself, I could always implement one of my plans. One of them could only realistically be done in the next 10 years and I would have to start working very soon and it's the one with the greatest odds of success that I've been able to think of. I want to do it but I'm such a faggot. Please give me your mana wizzies.


File: 1545965267270.jpg (91.25 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, grundig.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Does anyone else like listening to the radio? AM, FM, Shortwave? I remember when I was a kid, I was amazed when I discovered that I could listen to AM stations from way far away at night. Then my dad got me a shortwave radio one year and that pretty well blew my mind. Pic related, I'm currently listening to Radio Romania on this model radio.


I love listening to my local classical station. Besides the usual eclectic music, there are sometimes live performances and discussion of various composers.


File: 1546305103556.jpg (13.98 KB, 477x268, 477:268, MV5BOTgxMGU1NmEtM2EzOS00Mm….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Have you ever considered that you are a disposable human. If you died nobody would notice.


I have a nice old shortwave basestation. I used to live up on a hill and could get coast to coast chatter with a small automotive antenna. It's pretty cool to know that anyone can talk to anyone freely with just a small box and 12v of power. We could start a WCCB radio club. Fully untraceable anonymous chat, no bans - always online.

I'd like a detrunking police scanner, but coppers change bands and encryption too often to justify the price.


My latest hobby is sliver stacking.
I get a few pieces I just like the look of a month, but the most of my stack is generic bullion that act act as a capital asset. I have about 40 oz of silver currently and will probably have 100 oz by the end of the year.
So far only really collect rounds. Though about getting 10 oz bars but I found out that if I ever had to sell I would get under spot price for them unless I sold direct.


I am fond of hunting. I am newbie in hunting and I have never try deer hunting. I used only rabbit hunting. But in the future I want to try deer hunting. During my hunting experience I use binoculars. I think it is needed tool for freshmen in hunting. so i found review on https://opticzoo.com/best-binoculars-under-1000-reviews/


Shortwave blew my mind too when I was a kid, but unfortunately it seems my favorite station, Radio Australia, is no longer broadcasting.


I feel like BBQing could be a fun hobby. But seems like you need a lot of friends for it.

idk I could see BBQing with my family a few times a month, and then just storing up the leftovers as dinner for a week


It's alright I guess but I wouldn't make it a hobby like some dudes do. If you get a small grill I think you can probably grill thoughout the year or just grill solo. That said if you do it often the cost then to get a little high, and it starts to become bad for your health (notice how most "pit masters" look).
Still, if you already like cooking, grilling every once in awhile is kind of fun even if it is just for yourself.


painting, craft


I am fond of woodworking for a long period of time. I like to do different figures and shapes from wood. Special for it I bought chainsaw like here https://bestchainsawadviser.com/jonsered-chainsaw-reviews/


My hobby is theology, I'm currently reading the history of the catholic church after having spent too much time for my taste looking at buddhist texts


Those are the 2 main theologies I study, as they are the main historic volcel traditions.

I find the Church Fathers and dissecting of the trinity interesting with the influence of Neoplatonist philosophy.

Part of me romanticizes such a foreign age, where gangs of volcels would kill each other over things like Monophysitism


What do you think about gnosticism?


File: 1570393065812.png (265.89 KB, 665x840, 19:24, GettingIntoAquinas.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

What do you think of Classical Theist's YouTube channel?

Personally, I cannot comprehend anything he's talking about. I think it takes a while to get into Catholic theology. I asked the guy that runs the channel for help in getting into his material and he gave me a list of books. Maybe this will be interesting to you.



Catholic theology is pretty much Scholasticism + Aquinas + Aristotle as interpreted by Aquinas. Bertrand Russell talks about it in his History of Western Philosophy. The whole thing is basically a case of special pleading: we already know what's true by revelation, but we'll look for some rational arguments in case you're gullible enough to believe we're arguing in good faith.


Some of the early debates about the Trinity when this stuff was all still in flux was kinda interesting, a lot of neoplatonism 300-600 AD


Yes, I heard that Christianity as we know it was a fusion of Jewish culture and Western Philosophy. From my understanding, Western Philosophers had already arrived at the idea that there must have been a creator deity on their own, before the Bible was translated into Greek so it's not like the Catholics just made up those rational arguments for the sake of legitimising their own beliefs.

Also, surely the fact that the Saints were willing to be martyred for what they believed suggests that they were more likely to be misguided fools than people with a hidden agenda?


File: 1571353397622.jpeg (127.55 KB, 640x531, 640:531, 23AE3D1E-903E-405A-918E-6….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

What’s a good hobby that can potentially make money, doesn’t require a ton of reading, and isn’t hyper competitive?


Some sort of crafts shit. Basket-weaving or something on that level.


Furniture making and wood working in general.
That said you probably need a truck/van to move large things, materials, and tools.
Jewelry making is also a money maker and doesn't require the truck, but still requires tools and materials.
Custom audio equipment is also one. Stuff like pedals and hand made headphones.
You can also do fabric crafts or leatherwork.

What are you actually good at or interested in generally speaking?


Datahoarding is my hobby, I stopped for a while but I have recently started collecting ebooks.


File: 1572015806890.png (101.46 KB, 520x390, 4:3, wizbird.png) ImgOps iqdb

Anyone into birdwatching?


File: 1572021204896.png (65.38 KB, 270x270, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

i'm actually going to second this >>50399

i used to build A-frame signboards and sold them online, shit like pic related. it started with me looking on other websites and noticing they were overpriced. it's basically some thin sections of wood, with dato cuts along their length, a small piece of board slid into those grooves, and you glue it up. put top hinge on, then side hinges, then put rubber feet on. you could make like a dozen of these in a day and because they are flat they don't take up space. the actual chalkboard part is just a spraypaint coating on cheap hardboard. just add in options for the finish coating and people will end up buying it


Will it bow?


>Seems like she wants your mana

What does it mean when a mother requires mana from her son?


File: 1585770883155.jpeg (184.57 KB, 534x536, 267:268, FFCA23CC-4301-4D24-9A9C-E….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I used to design abstract board games until I realized it was the least rewarding creative discipline of all because you could wait for years only to find someone has broken your game with some sort of strategic axiom, making it objectively bad. Moreover, you can’t learn much to ameliorate these problems in future designs, not only because the theory of designing turn-based games is an inchoate field of study (if even that) but because the principles you can apply are few and of limited effect. The problem with this discipline is that a game designer is necessarily competing against all the prospective players of his game but the game is highly asymmetric (the designer gets to design something one time but the players get to redesign their strategy continuously into perpetuity). Even if the designer can respond by “patching” or updating his game (meaning he found a small tweak to make to the same fundamental game), he cannot force the players to play the updated version in the way a vidya developer can. The only time I got drunk due to depression was guzzling my dad’s gin after a player of one of my more promising ideas proved that it was purely tactical, not strategic (ie every best possible move would be some kind of localized response to the previous one).

So these days I tend to regard any impulse to want to design games regard such impulse as an addiction or bad habit to be spurned. Many times I find myself thinking of game mechanics or a general day dream about a sort of kind of play I would find interesting and I just put it out of mind because I know I’ll probably get burnt again. I have an autistic love for graphical relationships so it is hard for me to not get sucked in again. I have found more and more that I’ve been able to sublimate my passion for such things into musical composition and theory. At least music has these sort of mathematical relationship and is also an art that can be judged, though not entirely, on a subjective basis. Furthermore there is more a composer can do to alter an existing piece of music than what a designer can do to improve a game. Right now I’m working on something I’m calling the Chord Board which shows a sort of grid-based piano roll map you can follow to get between any two tertian chords with single steps of minimal chromatic movement in the voice leading.


Kinda, I volunteer as a trapper for the Department of Conservation and I always keep an eye out for birds while I'm in the bush. I see a lot of native Wood Pigeons and Tui mainly. I'm hoping one day they'll let me go up into the ranges and see the Kiwis, I've seen many dead ones because I help out with hunting dog aversion training but somehow I don't think a headless half frozen bird has the same effect as a living, breathing symbol of my nation.


you can always use your ideas to program a simple graphics computer game. Yeah people will try to game it, but usually people who get really in to it will come up with conventions that would limit those power abuses and allow for much balanced game player. You can use probability theory to balance game play, but in the end you can't figure out how really balanced a game is till you played it a bunch of times.


If people would offer there bodies to cannibals why not find people to offer their bodies for science? I'm sure you would get better results from someone willing to get these things done to them. It definitely would be hard to find someone willing to give a baby for that. It would definitely be really cool though.


Does anyone collects and trades unofficial concert recordings? (I mean "bootlegs" but they are not actually, ROIO - recording of independent origin are their actual name) Unofficial I mean it was recorded by audience member, taped from tv, radio, webcast.
I mostly have nu metal stuff that I traded, downloaded them.
I don't post list, etc since I don't want to dox myself.


im thinking of getting into autographs


Any ones in particular?
What kind are you thinking of collecting? Sports heroes, celebrities, artist, authors, something else?


File: 1588301414841.png (17.31 MB, 5312x2988, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Bugs and spiders utterly fascinate me. I go outside looking for them, sometimes let them crawl on my arms, and photograph them. This is the first bug of the year: the painted woodlouse.

I saw a big red centipede earlier, but I couldn't take a picture because there were normies around and I was afraid of judgment.


I'm making music. I don't know anything about musical theory, song structure and related stuff, but I guess it is enough to produce something between harsh noise, experimental, field recordings and noisegrind, for which I use some distortion pedals, a cheap keyboard and a very old e-guitar.

I would say right now that it feels very satisfying for myself, when I created a new release.


File: 1599217947940.mp4 (108.3 KB, 800x800, 1:1, NXT.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

I wanna dance to it


Musicwiz here. Made this track today. Good luck with dancing to it.



Low skill low effort intentionally unpleasant irritating non-music is satisfactory to you?


File: 1600529196990.jpg (277.47 KB, 800x670, 80:67, 800px-Flammarion.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Recently I had some money to spend, so I bought a beginner/small telescope to "stargaze" with. It's quite interesting to do, albeit I could see someone bore of it.

So far, I managed to see some of our planets and some sparkling stars with it. I also used it to to check out the nearby mountains and the city. It's quite a sight to see with one's own eyes (albeit very small) planets like Jupiter or Saturn. There's just something that I like about being outside alone in relative dark, and getting this hobby proved to also give that tendency a kind of boost.


File: 1600530453144-0.jpg (2.73 MB, 3008x4016, 188:251, IMG_20200919_174442.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1600530453144-1.jpg (2.82 MB, 3008x4016, 188:251, IMG_20200919_174458.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1600530453144-2.jpg (2.54 MB, 3008x4016, 188:251, IMG_20200919_174326.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I put gyroscopes in things


Horseback riding is fun, but owning and taking care of a horse is a lot of work. I don't have the means or motivation to own any myself, but I occasionally ride my relatives' horses.
In my experience, horses can act very much like dogs.

I don't know if there's enough interest to make a thread, but I'm really into coffee. I have a FreshRoast SR700 and roast my own beans. Recently, I bought 5 lbs from a few different origins and I'm currently going through the Burundi (country in Africa) bag with a custom roast profile that I spent about a week tweaking. The one downside of the result is that it seems to be too light for my old Vario grinder to get down to espresso fineness. I don't really mind because I really enjoy the V60 cup it makes, though.


i ve reliazed i dont find graphic design, programing, writing or any other hooby appealing they just seem pointless but when i find something that is not right in the world i need to express my feelings… maybe because i was a spoiled child that would take every unfairness in life to his mama


File: 1623923775383.jpg (3.62 MB, 4608x2176, 36:17, IMG_20210609_212804.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I ride horses. It's fun, the horses are nice and I get out in nature a lot.


Glass Armonica


He looks like a warhorse or destrier with that livery. The landscape is very idyllic too.

Wish I could live in a place like that.


File: 1626168682259.jpg (2.65 MB, 4608x2176, 36:17, IMG_20210704_213621.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Now it's just to protect from bugs
This pic is from when I hit a bug sitting on a horse


jesus what kind of bugs can cause that at horse riding speed impacts


Wait is that his blood? I thought he just smashed a really big mosquito full of horse blood.


Yeah it was sitting on the horse and I killed it.
It looked a bit similar to a fly but many times bigger and with stripes.




Yeah maybe


Started growing flowers to press. There is certain flowers that you can mix in drinks to help with flues' and other stuff so for myself that is something i am indulging in


I would really like to get into listening to the radio, but I lack any sort of equipment to do so. I messed around with radiogarden for a bit but it's really just not the same. Really, I'd like a nice analog tuner but they are fairly expensive, I'm not sure what would be a good re-entry apart from just buying a small portable radio from the thrift store, which just may end up in disappointment.

Does stationary deserve it's own thread? Lately I have decided I would like to go broke buying many different pens and inks after just starting out with a few. I bought a couple of Pilot Kakuno's in F and EF, which are certainly a better experience than the Pilot precise pens that I have been using for years. After, I ended up buying a converter and decided that experience is quite a bit more engaging than just replacing cartridges. Along with that order I did purchase an EF Kaweco Sport in iridescent pearl with a gold clip. Certainly a stellar looking pen, but the body material did leave a little to be desired. Regardless, it's very comfortable and smooth, save for the round grip rather than the triangular style that I prefer, but I'm still very pleased with it. After writing with a Kakuno for a little bit, I may have come to find the scratchyness of the EF tip quite endearing, it's sort of like a positive feedback mechanism.
I'm considering buying a Twsbi ECO-T with an EF nib now, but the jade color seems to not be available anymore, sadly. That particular color is available with the cylindrical grip, but I'm not sure if I want to get it. The mint blue is still available with a triangular grip, while the color is still nice, it doesn't really have the same appeal as the jade. Certainly it seems a little silly disregarding something as simple as a pen just for its aesthetic properties, but if I am buying a premium product, then I would like it to be appealing in all aspects.
Of course there would be more to stationary than just pens and writing utensils, but that is just what is on my mind at this very moment.


I smoke Cigars.
Is that even a hobby? I just consoom. Hardly a hobby but maybe worth a post in this thread I guess.
I started to smoke when I was 19. My father was a travelling company man (ala Jack from Fightclub) and I curiously asked for few cigars. It was just a curiosity I never smoked cigarettes before nor I tried any other drugs but somehow cigars stick with me. I smoked maybe 5-10 of them every year. There were years where I smoked 50 and years when I smoked none. I also started to read few books, tasted a variety of different brands and so forth. I think after 14 years I can say I developed a taste.
I absolutely detest the people who smoke cigars however. This goes beyond regular self hating or hating normies. The magazines about cigars have this retarded boomer alpha male thingie, similar to boomers riding Harley Davidson thinking they are hot shit. I never understood this association of masculinity with cigars, it is just another way of smoking tobacco. Nevermind the irony of putting a round phallic thing in your mouth is somehow "masculine".
I don't smoke pipes but they are far more chill and far less self conscious about this. You don't see a book about tobacco pipes citing Persian poetry for no reason.


never trust a horse
they will always take you for a ride


File: 1672118598888.png (234.83 KB, 500x396, 125:99, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

I'm getting into electronics now. It's sad that I'm such a brainlet and have problems grasping electrodynamics.
I bought some tools like a soldering iron, a screwdriver set etc.
Today I tried fixing a old keyboard, but It didn't work. Hope being able to fix my own stuff soon.
I'm actually doing it so I can be qualified to be a mere computer technician in a few years. Wanna be able to troubleshoot pcs and maybe get the CompTIA A+ certification.

How is your experiments going, wiz? It has been over 4 years since this post.


you can get in sudoku games with custom rules.


don't get cheap solder. Get 60/40 alloy, not 10/90. Get some flux too to prevent oxidation during solder. Only resort to high heat when necessary. I lot of shit will make you think you need high heat when it is just better solder and flux that you need, or your soldering iron is shit now from oxidation..


Don't forget a fume extractor or at least a fan to blow away the smoke. I did some soldering once and my head hurt and I could smell the smoke on me for days. Also obviously wash hands after soldering since the solder contains lead.


one time i was trying to upgrade my niece's pc for her, being a good wizuncle

but i scraped off a fucking tiny component lol with the screwdriver accidentally

i managed to solder it back on but wow for an unemployed wiz that was fucking risky im done messing with other people's shit if i cant afford to replace it if i break it


>but wow for an unemployed wiz that was fucking risky im done messing with other people's shit if i cant afford to replace it if i break it
too late, now you are the computer guy who fix everything… FOR FREE!


I like finding small, obscure forums and sites like it. Here's a cool one I came across recently: https://forum.marianabay.com


I edit Wikipedia articles.


>he does it for free


I'm too dumb for subtle vandalism.


File: 1700707670301.jpg (307.6 KB, 1080x1731, 360:577, Screenshot_20231122-214631….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Then you must routinely contribute a little to a ruse of your own over time. A little yang in your yin.


This hobby sounds pretty cool. The fact you're able to get people to test and break your game at all is also pretty cool. Glad you've been able to somewhat move on to a more rewarding hobby, though.

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