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File: 1536722259697.jpg (747.84 KB, 1400x1400, 1:1, HH-62-cover-ep1-1400px.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Hello Wizzies, what podcasts do you recommend? i enjoy going trekking while listening to some relaxing podcasts to distract me.
I am currently listening to this one about the history of Japan and it's role in WW2


I like Joe Rogan's podcast. He just invites in guests and they talk for a couple of hours. He's done this over 1,100 times now, so there's more than enough content and enough guests to entertain even a really picky listener (like myself) for a while. While I don't care for a majority of the people he brings on, he interviews enough people I find interesting for me to check his podcasts every month or so.


I will try this again.
Maybe this time you won't delete.

What subjects are you actually interested in? Most of the podcast I listen to are kind out there.


Hey Wiz, anything that's low energy so I can relax to it, science - science fiction or history would be ideal.

I am not used to post from a tiny cellphone and I deleted the last one.


File: 1538257380858.jpg (55.25 KB, 500x500, 1:1, podcast.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Comfy philosophy and psychology discussions. I find it pretty funny.


I got into We're Alive, something something zombie story. It's a modern audio drama, finished, really good at keeping the zombies interesting and lots of interesting character dynamics.

Tumanbay is another audio drama, think game of thrones with voices only. I really liked it, nice to play video games to.

There's also Revisionist History by malcolm gladwell, he makes some interesting points about various topics. About as good as an article or so, but I found them interesting.


Been listening to videodrome lately. Okay b movie show with lots of episodes.


Joe Rogan


High quality podcast on ancient and medieval history.

Sam Harris interviews various scientists, scholars and philosophers.


ban this fool.


>Autism Science Foundation podcast

>BBC 4 In Our Time with Melvyn Bragg

Brings in academics to discuss wide range of topics, including history, science, and philosophy


Sword & Scale, fucked-up true crime stories: http://swordandscale.com/

Behind the Bastards: https://www.behindthebastards.com/

Citation Needed, think MST3K but with Wikipedia articles: http://citationpod.com/


I can only listen to Philosophize This ;_;


Links self-explanatory
strategy game podcast https://www.idlethumbs.net/3ma/

i've found even the best podcasts will occasionally have someone say something that annoys me, you just have to try ignore it and get through it back to the good opinions


Good show, but I really wish they mixed their audio a bit louder so I can listen at work.


One of the best around, its a shame only have a few episodes and its not really active.
You can check his channel too if you like linux.


Forgot to post the link with the full list of episodes, he also put in his website for mp3 download.



Been listening to occult confessions.
It is pretty entertaining if you can get past when their libtard personal opinion slip out.
Covers topics and history related to the occult in a way that is super casual friendly.


>Olivia has always been a long time lover and student of religion, the taboo, and the occult. She is a practicing Wiccan and Satanist with a love of anything horror, serial killers, Aleister Crowley, and cults in America. She is an actor, an SFX makeup artist, and a student at the University of Maryland.
what is it with "paranormal" and occult podcasts and weirdos like these


History - Dan Carlin, History on fire, Martyr Made, History of Japan

Language - Manga Sensei, Learn Japanese Pod

Other/Interesting - The Tim Ferris Show, Sam Herris, Myths and Legends


Lately a lot of true crime stuff.

[All on google play music for free]
>Cult podcast
Comedian and a true crime nerd casually talk about cults and get sidetracked ever few sentences. Not professional at all but I laugh pretty hard on occasion so I like it.


Professional production on the same topic. Problem is the earliest ep. are locked behind a pay wall, which is bullshit.

>Killer Jobs: serial killer podcast

About the jobs and day to day life of serial killers. Pretty cool.


It is a serialized podcast about a particular doctor who was crimally bad at his job, and the system that was in place that delay him from facing justice.

Decived: The Moo Years
Serialized podcast about the rise and fall of a crazy martial arts cult from the inside.
Was really well done, highly recommend.


Ugly fat succubi find niche subjects to insert themselves into because there's less competition by attractive succubi.


NPR puts out a lot of good stuff. This American Life, invisibilia, radio lab, wait wait don't tell me. The freakonomics podcast is also good. Seconding The Martyrmade podcast and history on fire. Revolutions by Duncan Hunter is less enjoyable than the rest but very informative and is good for getting an overview of recent history.


Is wait wait dont tell me still just shitty jokes about Trump? I used to listen to it but those jokes aren't funny any more, just some guy complaining about how butthurt trump made him.


Bump for recommendations


I used to listen to history podcasts a lot. History of Rome podcast and History of Byzantium podcast are excellent. The lesser bonapartes was a good podcast (only the episodes before the duo broke up). They covered random interesting historical topics with good depth in numerous mini-series. Also, the eastern border was a good podcast until the host ran out if ideas. That one is about Soviet history from the perspective of a Latvian.


Chapo Traphouse
Proles of the Round Table
Right Wing Dharma Squads
The Weeb Cast
the list could go on


what is cumtown even about, I could never bring myself to listen to it for more than two minutes, also what the fuck is it with that disgusting name?
will look into chapo, though I dislike the semi-ironic pseudo comedic tone, as if there wasn't more than enough of this shit on the internet nowadays



O&A for proto-zoomers.


I’m looking for a good podcast to listen to while walking around at night. Any suggestions?


What kind of content are you looking for?
Just try out some of the stuff recommended in the thread or browse whatever app you are using such as google play, youtube, itunes, tunein, etc. for free ones in whatever topic you have a interest in.
Like I listen to 2 about cults, 3 about murder and serial killers, 2 about true crime, and 3 on political stuff regularly.
Used to listen to more stuff about history but they all ended abruptly so whatever.
There are ones done in the style of radio dramas, there are ones done informatively, there are interview styled shows, there are discussion and debate type shows, there are ones where a personality monologues about a topic each week, and on and on.

What do you like? If you don't know then just browse ether the apps or this thread until something strikes your interest enough to check it out.


Try Erotic Awakening or Sex Savvy
Very wizardly podcast for walking.

this is what happens when you don't give enough info to actually provide useful suggestions


Ok so while I haven't learnt anything I didn't already know that episode/monologue about gladio chapo trap house made was interesting in its own right.


File: 1579277157740.png (220.52 KB, 463x375, 463:375, look at the time.png) ImgOps iqdb

Does anyone else watch The Morning Constitutional?


i really really fucking hate the "cope" meme but it definitely applies to that guy


(both of them)


I usually prefer the edited shorter segments but lately I have been listening to the whole shows when they are posted.


I can't take anyone who uses an animated avatar seriously.


i prefer that to looking at their ugly mug.


I agree


Your loss then.
His monkeynomics series is pretty valuable information.


VROW, hosted by reviewbrah from the meme fast food reviews. I enjoy his calm personality and variety of topics, he's also very genuine in his thoughts and opinions, so it has none of ironic the zanny wacky memer bullshit we're used to see in podcasts without a set theme. I recommend it for the very calm and stress-free atmosphere it brings.



Isn't this thread about podcast so how they look doesn't matter to begin with?

I also get the feeling that is it was someone that showed their face you would complain about that too.

It isn't about looks and you have no real argument or valid criticism.


File: 1581654017082.jpg (166.34 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 1217990c85e9b080fcd9aacdfb….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I am risking a ban AGAIN but

>La Cotorrisa

>No manches


Unless it is your personal podcast or you are being paid to shill it I don't see why you would get banned for recommending some (Spanish?) Shock jock looking podcast.


Because I actually like it and I shouldn't ngl.


I'm a big fan of Your Favorite Band Sucks.

Pretty self explanatory but I enjoy telling people at work why their favorite "classic rock" band sucks, it's fairly comedic and quite "comfy"


Okay, I was interested in listening to them so I chose their podcast on The Beatles and it's shit because they don't talk about their music and when they do they only say 'their music sucks'. All they did was to focus on dumb facts and misconceptions people have about The Beatles, never on why their music is bad. These idiots are egomaniacs who want people's attention so they can prove they know more about history of music than the rest but they don't say anything about the actual music.
They're not even funny.


>Reggaeton wizard

Never thought I see the day, thoughts on Bad Bunny?


Their Beatles episode is probably my least favourite, they do make valid points regarding their "originality" and their propensity for stealing from other artists (they've been successfully sued three times)

If you want to know why their music is bad just listen to any band they've stolen from and see how it compares.


File: 1583279998768.jpg (259.76 KB, 1400x1400, 1:1, EconTalkCDcover1400.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


This is a very interesting episode which covers themes which are highly relevant to wizzies. I think you'll find this interesting and highly relevant to common discourse here.

This is one of my favourite podcasts FYI, although individual episodes can be hit-or-miss depending on the guest.

Of course, economics is one of my favourite fields of study but others may not feel the same way.


Please tell me you are being paid for making these posts.


lol I can see how you would get that impression but my desire to share this is authentic

inb4 HI RUSS!


Just summarise the 'highly-relevant' points for us here so we can read them


Unemployment rate rising. There is two proposed culprits. Is it the declining manufacturing sector? Or is it bideo games? Food for thought.


>Unemployment rate rising.
Not in the US or North America in general.


It's talking about workforce participation (different from the unemployment statistic) among young men


There is a thorough description of the podcast content on the linked webpage.


Any good recommendations for podcasts about anime? No politics or any of the other dumpster fire bullshit. Anime-related podcasts only.


All the podcast I can think of mostly talk about the whole of the animation industry (meaning a lot of talk about cartoons) and only a little bit about anime.

I mean I am sure there are anime only podcast but I haven't listened to any.


i can't really focus on audio only podcasts so the only 2 i'm watching are joe rogan and lex fridman
whenever i try to find other podcasts on youtube all i get are comedians talking about retarded shit


Only worthwhile recommendation in the whole thread.


File: 1588367644292.jpg (154.09 KB, 1280x894, 640:447, D14529B_a60be574-d3db-4478….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Red Scare makes me feel cozy to listen to they are often really dumb and talk about things that are disgusting or make me feel like a piece of subhuman garbage but their voices are really nice and comforting


I misread it as book instead of band. Now that'd be interesting.


People, especially young men, are working less and taking more leisure time. Mr data whisperer thinks this is not because the labor market is weak, it is just that they are being supported financially by their parents and video games are more fun than working because overall men's happiness levels have been increasing. The guy interviewing him spends a few minutes jerking off about how hard he works then calls it "deeply depressing" that people are working less.


>overall men's happiness levels have been increasing
I am not listening to this libertarian propaganda, did they really say that? How do you even know such a thing? Couldn’t you interpret it the other way ie they are playing games because they are unhappy?


I listened to a few more of these and I fucking hate the host. He is so ridiculously biased towards the rich and the system that enables them to own everything because he's rich himself. He doesn't even try to hide it, he literally said that it's a good thing that wealth is self sustaining and there's a ruling political class that is just born into it because the wealthy rigged the game for them. He is a disgusting champion of the current order and uses disingenuous and spurious arguments to defend it. Some of the guests are good and some of the discussion is interesting though.


>Couldn’t you interpret it the other way ie they are playing games because they are unhappy?

That's exactly what the conversation is about…


I just remembered an old podcast I found years ago and found it's still running.



>The Professional Weirdo Podcast with M dot Strange

If you know who M dot Strange is then you probably know what you are in for.
If you don't you still might enjoy him as he is a loner eccentric artist who does rather large projects mostly on his own, including creating 3 full feature length animated films, wrote books, made music, and is currently making games.

He also is surprisingly positive with a fuck everyone else and just do it kind of outlook when it comes to creative projects.



fash the nation


It's 2020. The whole 'alt-right' thing is dead. Internet White nationalism has declined dramatically since Charlottesville made it too real for the underage /pol/ larpers.


except it hasn't. We are probably on the cusp on another big surge given the riots hence the banwave to preempt it actually. AR organizations were snipped and their platforms are underground but the membership never declined. Anyways, FtN is still the top ranked podcast in this sphere even if allsup has a long way to go if he wants to match Jazzhand's shoes


i miss Halberstram.


File: 1594070459187.jpg (96.78 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, EbDJKgUWAAUAOe7.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I don't care much for her politics, but I liked this travelogue Greta did.
>Climate activist Greta Thunberg urges world leaders to do more. ”Doing our best is no longer good enough. We must now do the seemingly impossible,” Thunberg says in the Swedish Radio show “Summer on P1” where she takes us along her trip to the front lines of the climate crisis.



It was pretty insightful the first time I listened to it and now I'm going through it again. Basically a cognitive science perspective on the so-called meaning crisis and various philosophical approaches throughout history.



war nerd radio, the hosts are pretty likeable even though i don't agree with everything they say. they're left wingers but of the fairly reasonable type.


File: 1597999456673.gif (950.02 KB, 200x153, 200:153, aboom.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Aufhebunga is basically the podcast that left politics has been crying out for. 1. it's not america focused. They do episodes that have in depth focus on the political scene of various countries. Recently did some on Serbia, Singapore, Lebanon and the UK for example. So in that sense you get a broad education. 2. it's a marxist leaning podcast not a radlib one.



Has anyone else noticed that a disproportionate about of podcast seem to come from California and be by far leftist?

Anyway, I like most things produced by Parcast Network
Unlike a lot of shit their stuff is actually properly scripted and really well produced. It is professional and they keep their personal politics out of the subject they are covering.

My favorites are their true crime stuff and their show Cults.


Sean Carroll mindscape - theoretical physicist who interviews whoever he finds interesting so it's a mix of biologists, physicists, social scientists, and random people.

Lex Fridman - AI researcher from MIT who seems to interview all kinds of famous thinkers.


Thanks for the links Mr.phone user.

But really though they are interesting.


So much of their shit is behind a paywall. Unless there is a way to listen to it for free?


>is a marxist
>puts most of their stuff behind a paywall


Been listening to a show called minds of madness.
It is really good if you are interested in true crime type stuff.


A podcast on… assassinations of famous people throughout history.


When Marxists talk about redistributing wealth, it's as long as it's not THEIR wealth


File: 1605044176940.png (192.67 KB, 2076x2908, 519:727, kindpng_6431372.png) ImgOps iqdb

I really like dead rabbit radio. It's about crime, paranormal stuff, conspiracy theories and stuff like that. Jason, the host, seems like a pretty decent guy and he doesn't talk about politics at all, something that is a rarity among podcasters. Sometimes he's pretty silly but I enjoy it nonetheless. The only thing I don't like is that the episodes are pretty short, around 30 mins, so when you catch up you have only half an hour a week of podcast. There's still over 300 episodes so you have a lot to watch.


Do they have a script or something like it or is it off the cuff babbling about a topic they googled or skimmed a book on?

I am burned out on low quality unscripted shows.


It's a single guy, he does have a script but he often talks about random off-topic stuff, but doesn't deviate from the subject that much.


A lot of that is networking where they have access to the people running the networks and search engines so they get promoted up it.

He reads /x/ on 4chan. You can often catch him in a thread and find an episode soon after.

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