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Any wizards play yugioh?

I collect the cards, though I don't really play the game. I'm 26 and still live with my parents as a hikki, so my parents are trying to force me to get a hobby to get me out of the house so I"m thinking of playing the game at my local card shop


File: 1566180278003.jpg (11.44 KB, 207x243, 23:27, 5526a220d56fdcdf9ed4407597….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I played yugi from around 2004 up until 2013 US nationals where I had to part ways with the game. Around 2008 Konami began to panic because of the recession which caused them to go on a massive reprint spree permanently damaging the economic incentives of playing. I'll never forget when Konami decided to reprint a card that was previously three to five hundred dollars by putting it as a 100% bonus for when you bought a cluster of 5 packs. Within the span of a week literally every single person at my local shop had a deck built around Necroface and were running 3 of them and within a month the card was limited to 1 per deck.

A second mistake made around the same time was to start releasing sets with what I like to call "pre-built" elements in them removing any guess work when it comes to building decks out of new cards. There's nothing I find more boring than a TCG that builds decks for its players. Building cool and interesting decks that would totally shock the other player to the point where they wouldn't even mind losing to you in a tournament was by far my favorite thing to try and achieve. I would include a deck profile made about the best deck I ever put together but I'm afraid people would get mad about its inclusion.

Nowadays I mostly only touch the game when I either play Goat format (2007) or when there's an organized draft taking place locally. The TCG scene of any game will never be the same as it was in the past before everyone knew the price of every card instantly thanks to smartphones. Trading was one of the most enjoyable fascists of card games to me as a single good trade could cover the expenses of traveling to a venue or even just buy you lunch. The part of Yugioh I enjoyed the very most though was deck building which has all but been removed from the game thanks to Konami's overreliance on archetypes and the prevalence of youtubers who popularize builds from Japan before we even have certain cards here in the US.

I still enjoy a lot of the early Yugioh video games like the ones for the gameboy advance or playstation despite how easy they are after your first deck reaches unbeatable levels for the AI to handle. The anime is and always has been pretty lackluster but much like the Pokemon anime it's not like they exist for any other reason than to get children to buy things in which regard they are still working A-okay. Don't even get me started on Duel-Links and how totally asinine the game is.

But ya, all that to say I know Yugioh sales numbers are actually holding pretty well at the moment and I see a lot of people playing the game in its newest edition when I pass by my local shops. I have always tried to explain to lonely wizards that your local Comic book shop or gaming store is the best place on earth to just b yurself in terms of social dynamics. You can be a complete beta retard or an 11/10 chad god it doesn't matter, if you have cards you are going to have people to talk/play with. Card game communities are notoriously friendly and accepting of nearly anyone so long as that person shows genuine interest in the hobby.

Go ahead and tell me I'm encouraging rule breaking, it's your right to larp as an Asocial big brain that lives in the woods and hasn't spoken a word to another human in your entire life but be aware that not every person that uses this website is dishonest about their human needs like that. So long as OP or anyone else doesn't come back to this thread and regale us with stories of their outside adventures involving others its not against the rules or unwizardly to play children's card games with other adults. MTG is also another option when it comes to card games but it tends to be a lot more expensive to get into.


I used to be super into it, then stopped, then found out about devpro and ygo and got into playing online, but the last year or so I bearly play, don't keep up with the current meta, and haven't learned or built a new deck in ages.

I also don't really like pendulum and link heavy decks. Makes the game drag to a crawl, meanwhile I can pop a synchro combo in 30 seconds and have a full board set up and be done with my turn.


I had so many yugioh cards when I was a kid, I kept collecting them because I liked looking at the art, but I was too scared to talk with any other kids to play the game so I had hundreds of cards without even knowing how to play. I don't think it's worth it, if you are actually hikki then the social interaction required would be too much


Play online.
Though the game is a bit complicated now days.


Wizchan 2019


Used to be into it when I was a kid. Played Duel Links but gave it up since it was too much of a time sink. Sold off all the cards for $100 a while ago. No clue if any of them were any good, and frankly, I don't care. Someone who actually likes the game can pick through them.


This. There is so much fucking shit to keep track of in modern Yugioh that I feel it would be nearly impossible to play the game in person. Duels are so fast these days they tend to end in a few turns, cards have essay-long effects, and you often cycle through about 50 cards in one turn and set up multiple plays with cards in the graveyard or whatever. Plus, there are also the nuances of card wording and resolution order. Clients like Ygopro will handle that for you, and give you prompts for what effects are available. If you really wanted to play a TCG irl, I'm guessing MTG is probably better (this is just an assumption, though, I haven't ever played it seriously, but the cards seem to be much simpler). Either that, or play Yugioh with cards from an older format.


>or play Yugioh with cards from an older format
Goat format is 2007


>cards have essay-long effects
My fucking eyes when they do this shit and make the text hyper small and abrivate everything so it will fit in the little box provided.

Like really, when you have to pull out the magnifying glass to tell what the hell a card does, the effect is to god damn long and they need to rewrite the card effect.


I'm more of a Magic the Gathering guy. Yugioh is too frustrating to play


I strongly dislike tcg that use shitty energy systems like Magic and Pokemon.


File: 1568953487017.jpg (7.86 KB, 100x125, 4:5, geisto.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

i loved the game as a kid, at least the romantic aspects of it. the meta, really is a kind of heartache.


I'm interested in TCG gameplay theory but I keep getting called a normie by hardcore fans because I have negative interest in finding people to play with



I did just donwloaded "YuGiOh Duel Links" at my phone.

It really overwhelms any other possible experience with real cards.


>duel links
just play ygo or devpro and go on forums and look up the current meta/ event topping deck lists and copy one if you're really new to it.


I spend all my teenage years playing yugioh and then switched to another game. That other game died recently and now I'm looking to get back into yugioh. I really want to visit all the european YCS next year but I'm a hikki NEET so that seems impossible.


i used to collect yugioh cards in grade school but never played the game. same with pokemon, it wasn't until 2 years ago i downloaded the online card game for pokemon that i even learned how it plays. i remember when i was young i realized "oh you have to play this game with other people". so that's why i never did it. collecting was still fun, but eventually i stopped.


No. But i watched the anime and owned a bunch of bootleg cards as a kid :^)


Any wizzies playing link evolution? I was extremely surprised by how fun and engaging the single player aspect of the game is. With the duellist challenges you don't run out of things to do as easily. And because it's AI the game isn't decided in 2 turns, and you can choose to play the story decks and save the decks later and use them after obtaining them.

My biggest quarrel is the unskippable interactions for special cards (Decode Talker etc.)


there's no link evolution, that shit is legacy of the duelist updated to have link summons, it should be a dlc but anyways who cares I pirated legacy of the duelist 3 years ago.


i loved it as a kid but i was na utistic shutin who lived in the country so i never had real duels with people

I played and emulated many of the GBA games a lot over the years, I remember playing a game called DMO on BYOND which was very fun


for any of you who want to play the game
there is project ignis now
it is the successor of the now defunct YGO PRO
it uses the same engine and gets updated every now and then with new cards

there are many different players, from competitive guys to jesters with fun decks
formats are TCG/OCG and there is also a goat format (2005) for the nostalgics of you


I haven't been keeping track of things so I actually haven't heard of this.

Might check it out if I feel the urge to play again. Though I am not sure I really want to learn a new deck.


I recently played the Power of Chaos series, as least the Yugi and Kaiba versions. Unlocked all the good cards after 2 weeks of grinding and had a pretty good Dark-type beatdown deck. Then I got tired of it and deleted everything.


oh i loved those
the problem is just at the beginning you are rather too weak against the AI and as you progress you get more and more good cards while the AI deck stays the same and eventually you just outcompete it with the sheer power of your cards and it gets boring

I liked the Kaiba game most but Joey had the most cards to choose from.
There is even a patch to unlock all cards by default.

ygopro was the best duel simulator program. it was lean, fast, fully automated and had no adware or other crap. But at some point the developers just abandonned the project and it was unusable for a year or 2.
There was also dueling network but that was not automated and also there was another one that was automated but the problem was that it was bullying you every time you start it up to donate for the dev team and you could not get rid of it. On top of it it was slow and unreliable.
But ignis is very good I can vouch for it. Lol when I remeber in 2008 Konami had a duel simulator and they wanted you to pay 10 cents for every duel you play and their program was shitty and here you have a community project that is better and is free to use on top of it ..

>Though I am not sure I really want to learn a new deck.

look, I understand you. The game has been totally fucked up. It has become so fast and you can easily set up an invincible board in turn 1.
Back in the day the game was slow. Mistakes were unforgiving and could cost you a duel it overall it was exciting and everyone could turn over a game at any time.
I still play 2005 goat format today and I refuse to get involved with the new archtypes. Konami really fucked up the game big time like the 2nd poster desribed. The game has just become too fast now. When synchros got introduced I finally quit it. A few years later I got into it again and then quit again after pendulums got introduced 2 years later. I felt like Synchros were okay, like fusions just not so complicated and XYZ was an interesting concept too but pendulums were just broken. Then they got those link or wtf it was I don't even know how those work.

It is just that Konami keeps inventing overpowered new shit just to sell for top dollars only to declare them illegal after half a year
>oooooops, that archtype is too strong
>wasn't intentional ;)
>it is banned now, buy our latest totally not overpowered archtype
I can remember it exactly when dino rabbit was a thing and before that it was tour guide from underground and later reborn tengu
However, what I like about Konami (contrary to the 2nd post here) is that they reprint the cards.
It is just a good feeling to know you don't have to spend 10$ on a card because in 2 years they will bring a reprint of it and it will be maybe 2$.

What I hate about Konami most is that they are cheap fucks. I cannot believe even today they have the same crappy card quality (sharp edges in corners, thin card material). Magic and even Pokemon cards can last for eternity. They are just so robust, it feels like they never get damaged and even a slightly played card (PKMN) often feels better then a nearmint card from ygo.
Here again it feels like they make the cards intentionally crappy to force you to constantly replace them from wear and tear.

basically what I do today is just collecting. I find cards with interesting artworks and put them in the trade binder. Other than that I keep my old decks intact and occasionally experiment with new decks on the duel simulator.
If I ever played again in a tournament, I would only play anti meta just to properly show my hatred for what ygo has become


I just wanna say I'm glad people like you still use this board.


You should see people's reactions when you open up a new duel with Necrovalley, Fossil Dyna and a set Solemn Judgment
Instant Ragequit
And whenever it happens I feel warm and fuzzy about it


File: 1597383646016.png (402.39 KB, 652x592, 163:148, 978312798123.png) ImgOps iqdb

Hey I've been using this type of deck for a while now. Any suggestions?


File: 1597454364939.jpg (37.31 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 1469747010493.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

my wizzah


try out Jowgen and Thunder King Raioh
you will not have pachy/jowgen on your start hand always but raioh is enough to buttmongle your opponent for a few turns and drive him crazy trying to get rid of it
maybe a ghost ogre or 2
CyDra and pankratops are a worthwhile consideration just to get over the occasional beatstick your opponent might drop. the other good thing is if your opponent plays machines, you can disrupt his entire field with 1 cyber dragon and get a 2000+ Atk chimeratech on field for free and then force him to blow up his traps for it.

the art of anti meta is about forcing your oppontent to waste his cards on stupid things


I would main necrovalley. It is just so good, it destroys your opponents grave completely and he has to waste his typhoon to get rid of it while your set traps stay safe. i combine it with gravekeepers commandant (can search for valley or it becomes a 2100 beater if no need to search) and with royal tribute.

the spell that makes you have 100 atk more than your opposing monster. I would only play 2 of them. that should be enough for most games. And mage power I would not play because you don't need it. there are not many high atk monsters to worry about but many spell/ traps/effects that can blow up your jowgen or fossil dyna
Once you boost your pachy or jowgen above 2000 atk you don't have to worry about beatsticks anymore


Macrocosmos is not that good at 1 copy. You are unlikely to draw it when you need it and the problem is if your opponent plays banishing deck with gren maju you are helping him to get stronger. the other problem is you sabotage your own effect veilers and ghost succubi

I would play 3 solemn judment, 2 solemn warning and 2 solemn strike. Strike cannot negate a normal summon and getting rid of beatsticks is important here.

For the side deck, I would play twin twister. Just in case you need to remove stall decks backrows and the like. If you play the aroma pot you can also combine denko sekka and the simorgh card with it for locking down your opponent completely

those 2 monster cards after fossil dyna, can you tell me what those are?
I am not familiar with those


In the mid 2000s, I remember this fan-made Yugioh PC freeware game, that was pretty cool, included all the cards, same rules, had AI


Thanks for the effort post, wiz
>the spell that makes you have 100 atk more than your opposing monster. I would only play 2 of them. that should be enough for most games. And mage power I would not play because you don't need it.
I agree that 9 equip spells to boost attack is too much. It's just that I hate losing my monsters if I don't draw inspector boarder
>those 2 monster cards after fossil dyna, can you tell me what those are?
barrier statue of the torrent and barrier statue of the stormwinds. Like dyna, they're special summoning floodgates, that's why I'm not using Jowgen.


I didn't know these cards yet thank you


I used to play a lot of YU-Gi-oH
in 2014 I stoped playing yu-gi-oh and started playing magic the gathering .
I found playing magic the gathering more enjoyable however I still colect the YU-Gi-oH cards I like





why don't your parents just allow you to stay home. at 26 you're too old to be making friends anyways.


Just DO IT or DON'T




i used to remember playing yugioh in original series. but my local community was overrun by ghetto thug spawn. lots of theft and drama. then a local popular playing spot on friday nights was run by an aggresive thug wannabe filipino family. I think one of the co owners gave my address away to some bastard so he can cause drama and come to my house. Fuck so cal yugioh community. Is it still this ghetto?


Hey i know this is reall random but did konami/UDE nerf the value of the original LOB: Exodia? I feel i fucked up by never selling mine


wasnt mai valentine suicidal in the season before last??? also LOL @ the renaming for the characters. Joey is really jonouchi and not even an eye talian. Literally tricking kids into thinking the characters are white


Antoine Griezmann, a french professional footballer who plays as a forward for France NT became a yugioh ambassador this month. His favorite card is the same as mine: Time wizard. He watches the anime, and collects the cards too, and from the video he's watched the Battle City arc.


yes yugioh is awesome, better than the pokemon card game which is fun as well. i play duel links, but i follow the tcg as well.


File: 1642486710567.jpg (735.8 KB, 699x1500, 233:500, Dmrp20-km3 km4 km5.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I got one for you guys, anyone play duel masters?


I am not really a fan of games that rely on energy/mana systems.
I actually unironically enjoyed the dub of the show though.


File: 1648642040513-0.jpg (447.31 KB, 1030x740, 103:74, 1648641616038.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1648642040513-1.gif (1.86 MB, 228x170, 114:85, 1648459885620.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I've waited 2 fucking weeks and even got banned from 4chan for 1 fucking card!! And worst of all it is a fucking card promoting apolusa jesus fucking xhrist on the cross


I played almost 20 years ago as a kid. We barely even knew how the rules worked.
I don't think I'm ever going to play again but I'd like to start collecting. It's a nightmare though, there are so many products and reprints it makes completionism a chore.


This game is my curse, I've played it for the past 20 years. I miss the synchro, xyz, and pendulum eras the most. I haven't been keeping up with the modern game as much but I recently got the itch to play a TCG. The only other game with an automated system that lets you play bots is Magic. And Xmage is a pain in the ass to get working. If it wasn't for EDOPro, I'd have given up on card games


I like to play the GB, GBC and GBA series. It used different rules, it was simpler and more fun than what ygo looks like now, imo.


A lot of yugioh players have moved onto Digimon now. It's been doing really well but Bandai have power crept the game to an insane degree and everyone's waiting on a ban list in a month as the new format is OTKs you have to stop based on pure luck of the top 5 cards of your deck.


anyone wants to talk about yugioh again?


I used to play some ygopro many years ago. Back then I had jumped from anime stuff to syncs and I felt lost.

I don't know where to start now. I liked YGOPRO back then because it was automated and cheating or misinterpreting stuff was almost impossible.

Any advice on where to start right now? Is YGOPRO is still widely used? Back when I played duelnetwork was more prevalent, but YGOPRO always had players online. You could still instantly jump into a match at any time.


now everyone use edopro/ is on edopro. you should try to play kshatri-la. that's a easy deck to understand and is tier 1. also I'm learning to play blackwing


but you can also try the almodt toer 0 deck which is tears ishizu look up videos on yt


I remember Yugioh. All the schoolyard kids would gather outside by the picnic tables and D-d-d-duel for half an hour in gradeschool. One guy had internet ordered in all parts of exodia the forbidden one and was like the final boss of the lunchyard. One time I landed three blue-eyes whit dragons (HOLY SHIT YOU HAVE THAT???) and I was practically a celebrity


the fusion card or three copies of blue eyes?


Yugioh was my life for almost 20 years. I recently had to start selling cards from my collection to survive and quit playing the game. It really was painful getting rid of my playset of DDS Dark Magicians.


I wish Konami didn't slaughter Lightsworns every time I could make them decent. Snow, Chaos Ruler, and Curious are all gone. I went from being able to end on 4 material apollousa, savage dragon with 4 counters, Baronne De Flur, and maybe number 38. But now I can only do Baronne pass. It's not fucking fair


Man, just download "Duel Links" at the Play Store and stop spending real money into fragile pieces of cardboard. Also, the automatization and cheat prevention of the game system makes it all much better. And you can build your ideal deck sooner thanks to reprisals, replays and vagabond battles with professional decks.


Too bad he got dropped, nibba.


way too hard


I want to make a black wing deck, can some wizard help me?


File: 1675166793275-0.png (436.49 KB, 407x593, 407:593, 1670838598_cyac-jp013.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1675166793275-1.png (301.96 KB, 300x434, 150:217, 300px-ManadomeMeek-CYAC-JP….png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1675166793275-2.png (147.99 KB, 407x593, 407:593, 661c0-1670841031_.png) ImgOps iqdb

anyone who got a crush on this archetype, I can't wait for more support. anyone who's lile me and can't wait to get the kashitra ball. also for the visas lore, there's this bule monster on some cards on the manadome archetype and I wonder if its the new monster lore (wind one?) what do you think, thank you for being enthuisastic


please someone to talk with me about yugioh


I played the DS yu-gi-oh games but I could only really win by cheesing life drain abilities like Solar Flare Dragon. Bread and butter was that, UFO Turtle, Flameveil, Backfire, and Dark Room of Nightmares.


I also played yugioh but it was on gameboy emulator on mobile, I was pretty good and got a good fusion deck but it doesnt work nymore and I don't find the game anymore, do you know what could it be?



I play low power formats on edopro and sometimes duelingbook. It's a bit hard to find games for not already popular formats so I used to just host goat format a lot and play muka muka and the kickman and a necrofear emissary of darkness deck and lots of other casual decks I could make.
But the disadvantages of that format are the wide spread of powerlevels of some cards. And the cardpool of decent cards is small which restricts the number of viable decks, especially since you have to be able to deal with the usual strong cards people run.
I used to trying hosting other historical ones before like metal raiders and other ones that had made up restrictions like 1 copy of each card but no extra deck and other ones.
For the past while, I've been playing with all the GX and earlier cards allowed and making decks in that. Like a coelacanth deck and a five headed dragon deck with dragon's mirror and a brain crusher insect deck.
it is fun.
I made a cardpool file for it on edopro with just a custom banlist to stop the more powerful cards like dark armed dragon and some annoying cards. It's not perfect.
Was thinking of either updating the cardpool file of that to become a 5D's format or maybe adding in modern cards that fit the GX powerlevel. I was also thinking of just making a completely new custom format just for casual duels if I want to play something different sometimes, it would be on duelingbook, and have all original cards but that would take a lot of work with all the drawing and thinking up effects and I yugioh is draining my time from other more important things, but if I find the will, I'll probably do it. But just end up playing by myself since its hard to find people to play with for that sort of non-advanced format stuff. I will probably just stick with playing with all the GX cards until I get bored of making decks and try something else which is what happened after me playing goat format on and off for about 2 years. A lot of the times during those two years I played advanced format casual matches but it always just kills my interest of the game after doing that and I ended up taking breaks only to come back again and play slow formats. I also like draft formats and cube formats, they're fun. edopro has a option for sealed and draft for battlepacks, but ygoprodeck has that pack opener which is fun. And that new cube yoke they got is even better. I played that a few times it was fun. Maybe if I make those custom cards I was talking about I could make a cube for it. Or a cube for low powered gx or 5ds or weak modern cards. Tried making a pack before for draft duels but it gets stale after a while since there's not much cards in a set. Or at least I don't know how to increase how much you can add to a set on ygoprodeck. I have played other people's before, that was fun.


The pre-built thing I definitely agree with, that's a big problem with yugioh for me. It's just a boring thing to have in a game, it doesn't encourage creative decks. Especially when those pre built decks are most of the time stronger than non pre-built decks.


what do you think of the new banlist?


I like the old singleplayer YGO video games. Specifically the ones before they started releasing very elaborate and obvious deck archetypes. Even the ones with weird rules are better than the new multiplayer ones. Do they have any sort of online YGO game that stops at whatever the last set was before the superhero crap (or whenever it started getting really cancerous)?

Veering slightly off-topic, but they had a somewhat interesting YGO game for GameCube called Falsebound Kingdom that is a mix of RTS and a sort of Dragon Quest Monsters-type of game. Enjoyed it, but unsure of how it aged.


File: 1711385788700.jpg (71.28 KB, 407x593, 407:593, new-gimmick-puppet-cards-r….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

now that the new wave of support for gimmick puppet is ok to OTK/FTK, what will konami allow next?


File: 1715546035051.jpg (419.7 KB, 704x1106, 352:553, 817748358.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

There is a mod for Master Duel that makes the text easier to read and adds keywords.


Yes. I main traptrix.


they should expend the extra deck slots yo 20


Any tips on how to start a collection for a total beginner?


Did anyone have ghetto shitbags in their yugioh community?

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