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As the several traveling threads prove, there are plenty of wizards who are curious about the world. Here, we talk about our traveling wishes and interests in a more abstract and general sense. What countries have you visited? What were your experiences? What countries are you curious about visiting and why? Any particular place you'd avoid like the plague? It doesn't matter if your traveling ideas are realistic or not, just share what interests you.

I was personally always more intrested in the more obscure and mysterious places that you never see on TV, and how people live there. Some islands in the middle of nowhere, certain African countries with an unremarkable present but a cool history, the mountain villages of Tibet, stuff like that. I've travelled around Europe a bit and was shocked how big a difference in culture there is between countries so close by, in the countless details of culture, food, architecture, people's temperament, and so on. I'm hoping to save up enough for a trip to Asia and/or Africa. There's a lot to experience out there.
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I myself am quite fond of the country of North America.


how was turkey and which type of bike/equipment did you use?
i havent been to many places. i have transfered through the us and canada. i had the time to shitpost on chans from there so i guess it counts


which states did you visit?


>civilization by Africans
Made me LOL


The real way to stay safe is to be around whites or east asians. Non-whites in countries that like the USA won't refrain from robbing you because you're American.


SEA seems to have a lot of interesting cultures. Hate tropical climates though.


You could try going in the winter.


The winter means nothing towards the equator. Even southernmost mainland Japan is almost tropical all year round.


Vacationing in white or east asian countries is too expensive.


Forgot this thread existed. Posted my version of pic related somewhere here but I'll transcript to words.

Live in south america, hate it. Went to USA once, enjoyed it but nothing that amazing.

I would love to visit Japan, Korea and Europe in general.

Don't ever come to Brazil, be wise.


File: 1626664708515.png (55.85 KB, 1357x628, 1357:628, mouten.png) ImgOps iqdb

I want to see mountains, wizzie, mountains!!!


"I want to see mountains"
>Colors whole world red even though cool mountains are located in Asia, Africa and South America.
Also there are a lot of cool mountains in Europe, not just in France and Germany.
(You even ignored Switzerland ffs!)


File: 1626683322074.png (57.2 KB, 1357x628, 1357:628, mymap.png) ImgOps iqdb

Indifferent countries: I don't have enough info about them or there are not many places there to visit.


File: 1626774117694.png (56.53 KB, 1357x628, 1357:628, 1571074386183.png) ImgOps iqdb

I want to visit most of the world. I hope I'll be able to afford it in the future.
I visited most of these places with family but the last few years I've travelled a bit alone.


There's probably some more that I'd like to visit. Yesterday I looked at pictures of Chile and Peru and those places looked nice too. Maybe more of Africa too. I was close to going to Cap Verde once, I might go there eventually.


What was your experience in Egypt like wizzie?


That was when I was 8 so I don't remember it very well. I remember it was warm and sunny so I swam in the pool and ocean a lot. I also laid by the pool playing my Gameboy until my back got fried.


you've been to venezuela? thats super cool. how was it where dd you go? what bout thailand?


What is literally the appeal of traveling unless you're a social butterfly or with a friend group? Paying lots of money to see some architecture?
I don't buy it.


Travel with other people sucks.
Travel on your own is one of the most freeing feelings ever.
As for the appeal, novelty/stimulation and being somewhere where no one knows you is good enough for me.
I love going to far off museums and historical notable locations.
Natural locations like parks, trails, and mountains are really nice to visit too. Personally not a fan of water based locations but tons of people love traveling to those too.

Really there are tons of reasons a wizard could like travel.


Seems mostly like something that would set you up for lots of unpleasant interctions. Whatever novelty appeal will be negated.


It has been nearly 15 years since I visited Venezuela so I don't remember all of it but it was nice. Then I was still a teenager and went with parents.
I think the first place was called Puerto Colombia, close to Choroni and it was apparently a tourist destination for Venezuelans. It was a huge beach and a tiny but nice town, some small hotels and a bunch of restaurants and the town had nice buildings even though everything looked poor.
I bought very cheap empanadas with fish, fried food banana and such.
We also went to a place which I think was Los Llanos, far out in the middle of nowhere and a handful of buildings where huge beetles flew inside. There we drove around in the savannah (it looked a bit like african savannas but I'm not sure what to call it) and fished piranhas to grill with a small piece of meat tied to the end of a rope.
We also went to Merida which was up in the mountains so the climate wasn't as warm, the weather was like Swedish summer all year.
People were terrible at English so I learnt a bunch of Spanish words but I don't remember much now.
There was a restaurant that had a menu item that looked good but they had a shortage of chicken so I couldn't get it, then when I went there other days I asked "hay pollo ahora?" to see if they had chicken that day.

Out of all tropical destinations, flights to Thailand are cheapest and easiest.
I've been there with family and alone and will probably go again. The best thing about Thailand is the ocean and the food. I like beaches for swimming in pleasant water, in Sweden it's very cold except for maybe a couple of weeks per year, even in the summer it's cold unless there's a heatwave.
I've snorkeled a lot, went scuba diving in coral reefs with colorful fish, went on boat trips to small islands and that kind of thing.
In Thailand they also have tourist towns next to beaches which seems to be rare in the lesser known alternatives to Thailand. It's easy to have hotel, beach and plenty of restaurants within walking distance.
The food is delicious, cheap and there's very many different dishes. Last time I had an apartment to stay a few months and I was over 100 kg when I came home.


Most people have common courtesy and don't go out of their way to be dicks.
Plus my mindset and viewpoint doesn't dwell on the rare bad intractions. Which are no more likely then at home anyway, only with the additional tool of being able to walk away back into the unknown nobodies to cut most conflict short before they even leave a lasting impression.


All interactions are bad though.


Then there is nature.


Maybe if you are the problem.


Just got a job in Thailand. It’s an interesting place. I want to train some Muay Thai. The people here seem polite to me. It is a bit too warm for my liking but literally everywhere has air conditioning so it is fine.


Are you getting a good salary?


A decent salary, all things considered. Almost 95000 Baht per month.


You still need to make your way there. I got nature where I live already should I want to be in it.
Fuck off.


That would be pretty nice even in the West.
How is rent there? I had a 30 sqm apartment in a pretty nice place with pool and such for 9000 baht in Phuket, is Bangkok more expensive than that?


Bangkok is more expensive yes. However the current Covid situation means that it is essentially a renters market. I pay 16k Baht a month for a fully furnished apartment near the BTS sky train.


but you know, the red painted contries are full of le ugly non white people and that makes feel sad the major part of the autistic people who visits this place


where have you been in thailand?
i'd like to go around in the south and walk alone would that be doable? what about egypt?


so is fr*nce. btw the part he put in blue barely has mountains (apart from the vosges)


would it be possible to go from bangkok to phuket aone by train or by foot? i have almost never traveled but i like hiking. what about egypt where did you go? was it nice?




File: 1629257729939.jpeg (235.32 KB, 800x1035, 160:207, 223A0EF2-29F9-4A39-AC37-5….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

There was a time in the 60s and 70s when Kabul, Afghanistan was a top destination for hippie tourists and a definitive part of the Hippie trail. (Pic is of Hippie tourists in the 70s before the Russians invaded and really fucked stuff up).

It will be interesting to see where the Taliban take the country/capital. I get the strong impression from documentaries that in parts of rural Afghanistan people have no idea what is going on and basically live a life of medieval style subsistence agriculture and pastoralism; the Taliban have the support of Pashtun tribal elders so they effectively run these rural areas by proxy. The former Afghan President was merely the mayor of Kabul according to some US army commanders.


> before the Russians invaded and really fucked stuff up
Their government was already mostly pro Soviet.


After the 1973 coup and then the 1978 Saur revolution yes. However, most rural Afghans did not think highly of communism and were/still are devout Muslims.

When I say Russia really fucked the place up I mean that the constant war in the 80s there seriously retarded the development of the country and really messed them up.


why almost everyone here hates mexico?


It's got the worst of both worlds. Either:
- You want to travel and don't care about any perceived dangers in doing so/think those dangers are overblown/bullshit. But, you realize that you can only go to so many places. So, you want to go somewhere "exotic." Mexico isn't really "exotic" to a lot of people. At least, many people lump all of Latin America as kind of "the same." So, they'd rather go to Peru up in a remote part of the Andes than see some desert in Mexico.
- You get paranoid about every little thing, and all you hear about Mexico are drug warlords and crime. So, you avoid it.


Personally the tourist areas are aggressively tacky and the non-touristy areas aren't really worth the trip.

I am sure it's a fine country to live but it just isn't that good to visit for the average wizard adventurer.


I think it's very long and difficult. Like maybe taking weeks, it's very warm and a large part of it would probably be pretty far from places to get help or buy food/water. And you can't expect to find drinkable water outside so would have to rely on buying and carrying it.


So itd be better to do it by train.


Wow you have visited many countries. How were spain, greece and romania ? Where did you go ? Would you recommend it ?


do you really wanna vacation someplace known for kidnapping gringos for ransom


File: 1634410620723.png (170.18 KB, 1277x581, 1277:581, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

I really only care about going to Japan nowadays, but there are a few other places that it would be cool to see, but that I doubt I will ever visit. Japan mostly so I can practice my Japanese and just see stuff that I've read about or seen in anime in person.


how was Ireland? did you see any cool rocks there?


I’m going to Germany Belgium and the Netherlands in a couple months. I like history and culture. So I want to see the museums and art and architecture and shit. Do you have any recommendations?

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