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Bicycles ~ good for getting around short distances easily.
Or when the power goes out..
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I know that they are very tedious, and I think that is part of the fun. They aren't super complex as far as small engines go. I enjoy working on cars, and despite never having my hands on small motors I wouldn't imagine it'd be super difficult for me to get into. They aren't geared for longevity which is another issue, but gearboxes are available. Would it all be worth it in the end? Might be a fun journey but ultimately I think it might just become a money pit as how most projects tend to turn out.

at this point I may as well just buy an older motorcycle to work on instead.


While it isn't my thing from the few gearheads I have known most speak highly of them as a entry point into learning the ins and outs of how to work on small engines. Parts and the like are pretty cheap and highly available as far as Motorsports prices, and most of it is less replacing things and more tuning and timing things. Whatever the hell that means, lol.

I think they probably are on the same level as working on lawnmowers and chainsaw engines, only more for fun then doing lame chores.
Seriously nothing killed the cool factor of chainsaws for me then having to actually use them for their intended purpose.

Anyway back on the topic of bikes, if you already have a interest in it and got a bike already then I say go for it.
Just don't spend too much on your first project. Get one of the better reviewed low cost kits to dip your toe and see if you like the hobby. Then if you find you do then go nuts with your next build.


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>gas motorized bicycles
Why not electric bicycles? Gas is going to the motorcycle route..


The fuck does the food have to do with anything?


I guess it's somewhat evocative of a bicycle wheel to him

is that quiche?


E-bikes can be fairly expensive and I just don't have an interest in them at all. I just want something mechanical to fiddle with.
Though I did just buy another road bike so that will really leave me with some time to think to see if I really want to get into something like that or just keep restoring old bikes to the best of my ability.


Do hubless wheel conversions.


This just looks like it makes the bike worse in every way possible


It does, it is just a cool looking engineer project rather than something that is meant to be practical.


I have a Unibike that's like 15 years old now.
I want to buy a good Mountain Bike for amateur use. Not into dangerous downhill and shit, but I want to drive long distances in all kinds of terrain. I want a good bike so I'm not hesitant to pay extra for something good. What would you wizzies reccomend?


For you to check review sites and use a search engine.

Maybe check youtube for reviews or something.
That is what I recommend.




File: 1629558136903.jpg (366.09 KB, 2000x1400, 10:7, 91220-35_rockhopper-expert….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>I want to drive long distances in all kinds of terrain

my recommendation would be to get an aluminum frame hardtail 29er with a suspension fork that can be locked. beware of 1x if you plan to ride on flats as well, if you can't find anything else anymore, try to look for bikes with frames that support front derailleur. or whatever, maybe for an average biker 1x is fine.


File: 1629576076421-0.jpg (5.4 MB, 4800x3200, 3:2, DSC_1420.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1629576076421-1.jpg (3.71 MB, 4800x3200, 3:2, DSC_1417.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

Anyone else working on anything?
Trying to fix up this '84 Trek 610, but my hoods are coming from overseas and I'm having some trouble finding the bar tape I want in stock as well. So it'll be almost a month before this thing is ready to go.
I also REALLY fucked up by using the wrong bearings in the hub, and the locknuts also came loose when I took it for a ride. I hate doing up locknuts on rear wheels. Same issue with that other wheel, rebuilt the hub but i didn't get everything tightened properly.
I finally spent money on real tires as well for the bike I ride the most often(84'Trek 460), Michelin power TT with some latex tubes. I've always cheaped out on tires and this was such an improvement, especially on a 23 pound bike.


My last bike was a 'big guy' bike but I still broke the rear wheel bearing and bent the seat post. Even if our stamina is alright, fat saps like me just can't into bicycles


>Discussion bad, promoted advertisements good
Eat dirt and also there is some ants in the dirt too


I've bought a second hand fixed gear, and i'm repairing some issues, i've changed the bike chain (was a bit rusty) and added a brake… It's my first fixie and i'm very curious to try it! I live in a territory which isn't exactly flat, but i think that it could be funny to try something different. Any Wiz whit some fixed gear around?


Never ridden a fixed gear, but I can't say I'm not interested in the appeal and how they ride. I've seen a few locally that look tempting as well. I've read that a brake is an absolute must. What bike is it exactly? Please report back on the riding experience, I'm interested.


Absolutely! the bike frame is a "bianchi" in aluminum (the seller/assembler said that) the other pieces are custom! I was a bit skeptical initially, but for the price (150€) i think it was a good investment, if you have other questions let me know! I'll reply asap


Is it the trademark celeste green? Sounds interesting at least. Maybe post a photo of it sometime.


Nothing major.
Just normal maintenance on my commuter/hybrid bike.
Got a full toolset delivered so I don't need to go to the bike shop for much of anything anymore. Which is good since they are backed up to high heaven with a waiting list on all parts and services over a month long.

Just need to give my bike a good cleaning, change the chain, and give the cables a check over to make sure they aren't rusting or frayed.
I have been putting off changing the chain because it takes me days to get the derailer tuned to feel just right when I mess with it. It's the one thing I will miss about my local bike shop. They can get it feeling perfect in minutes and usually get it just right the first try. That is when they weren't so backed up and still took walk ins.

Still, it's just something that I have to practice and will eventually get better at. So no use avoiding it. Besides if I keep putting off changing the chain then I will wear out the rear cassette and have to replace it, which I don't want to do yet.


Oh, that reminds me, do any of you guys use a workstand when doing bike repairs and maintenance?
Just curious because they seem like overkill if you are not regularly doing rather involved bike tinkering, but some in this thread do that so they may have a more informed opinion on them.


Finally got my hubs perfect, they spin like a dream. Tensioned all of the cables on the 610 and it shifts very nicely, but toe cages are absolutely miserable to try and get your feet into. I installed the axle for the other wheel backwards, but pulling it apart and flipping it around wasn't such a big deal. My only issue with that wheel now is the cassette, it doesn't exactly fit properly and I think I need to shim it since there is a little bit of space behind it.
I think it depends if you have the space and the money for one. If you plan to continually maintain your vehicle they are so nice to have. Working on a bike upside down sitting on the floor or when it's leaning against something really does suck.


>toe cages
Those things scare the hell out of me. If you fall over for any reason in an accident your legs are locked in place instead of being able to throw a foot onto the ground to stop your fall in the critical split second. Great way to injure yourself.


File: 1629781233570.jpg (1.96 MB, 2400x1600, 3:2, DSC_1448.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

I finally adjusted my brakes properly, but I still need to true my wheels a bit because there is a very slight rub. Just waiting on my spoke wrench to come in the mail. I always tend to fuck up wrapping my bars as well, but whatever. I've done it better than I normally do.
Really hard to take a good photo in my cluttered room.


i'd like to buy a bike to do some long distance biking (from germany to spain) so ideally its gotta be pretty sturdy since i'll probably spend the night camping



File: 1629834804250.jpg (1.95 MB, 2400x1600, 3:2, DSC_1473.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

Fixed my shitty wrap job and retarded cable lengths.


Nice. If you don't build it yourself at least deconstruct and then rebuild it once it arrives. Knowing how to assemble and repair your bike could save you a lot of grief, especially in foreign lands where service might not be available.


Nice work there. You got skills.


File: 1630432960584-0.jpg (1.28 MB, 2400x1600, 3:2, DSC_1566.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1630432960584-1.jpg (1.88 MB, 2400x1600, 3:2, DSC_1648.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1630432960584-2.jpg (2.02 MB, 2400x1600, 3:2, DSC_1654.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

This is starting to feel like a blog. I finished up the 610. Thing rides flawlessly, or, as flawlessly Shimano 600 allows it to.
Got a new(used) cassette for my 92 trek 1400 as well. Feels much better.
28-23-21-18-15-13-11t to a 21-19-17-15-14-13-12
And I got a new shitheap to rebuild! 87 Centurion Accordo RS. Someone really fucked up by choosing mismatched wheels with a cassette that is totally inappropriate for the bike. Apart from being disgustingly filthy, it's not in bad shape. Might have to go to the local co-op to see if I can find some matching clinchers that will accept a freewheel.

Do you use a cycling computer at all? I recently got a Wahoo roam for cheap and it's great. If you want to track even more facets of your ride then I really do recommend. It's very nice to have a HUD of everything that's going on, or having a real time gps in case you are in any sort of unfamiliar area. I have a terrible sense of direction so it's a pretty big benefit to me. Cadence sensors aren't expensive, but I can't justify a power meter.


Anyone here use aero bars before.

Thinking of buying some clip on ones to try them out for my long usually windy commutes.


Ordered them, they will probably be here in october (aliexpress).
I guess I will do a review of if areo bars are good or not for commuting then.


Thoughts on clipless pedals? I have some on mine and recently finished about 1000km with them, but I'm wondering if they're really any good in terms of pedalling efficiency. I ride mostly flat roads.

My problem is that they make riding through the city (albeit not my usual environment) a real pain. I also just prefer the feeling and freedom of flat pedals. But is the efficiency boost worth if for someone who is doing 100km+ rides?


My thoughts are they are great for roadies/distance riders and mountain bikers but not great for commuting or urban areas where stuff like shoe choice flexibility, and having to put your foot down a lot makes it a burden.

Hell yeah the efficiency boost is worth it for such long rides, especial if speed and power output are in any way important. Which unless you are doing those distances in the context of touring, is probably the case.

Personally I ride flats because I commute a lot, and when I ride for fun I like wearing normal shoes so I can hop off my bike and go adventure or do stuff without a shoe change. Generally I don't really ride more then 40 or so miles in a day, and I am not anywhere close to roadie fast.


In general? I have some garbage ones that I like, they make long rides more comfortable to me. But they do interfere a bit with visibility, usually when I use them I'm not looking directly forward because I don't find it too comfortable, I just glance up occasionally.
I don't think they'd be ideal for commuting if your commute is something like a busy motorway, doesn't hurt to try them though. They definitely make you faster, though.


Thankfully they build a seperated bike path that goes most of the way like a couple years ago so I only have to deal with cars for a 1/3 or the ride, even then still having a bike lane, if you can call a strip of paint with nothing to stop some cager from slamming into you a bike lane.


They're overpriced and break very easily but I do wish, as a neet, that I still had one (now that I have plantar fasciitis from walking all over (even though no longer obese)).

Also cops bully you if you ride at night without lights on and even if you're on the sidewalk is illegal so if they want they can hassle you over that too, being on it to begin with. I'm not getting hit by cars and having normalfaggots launch missiles into my back and whatever else so fuck that. During the day you get nuked by the sun in contrast.

I've never broken a chain before, my issue was always the inner tubes (of which cars do NOT have as it is literally designed to break).

I wish bicycles were made with three wheels always, to move slower, and designed more like a penny farthing so as to not even have a chain. If not that then gears and no chain. They could build these to last if they wanted. If slow enough you could make the wheel solid steel and just go five miles per hour the entire time with no rubber and then coat the ground with rubber instead, but no, course not.

Anyway if not for normalfaggots honking and the price I'd want a penny farthing so I can ride with a long coat to keep my ass safe from benches and also the chain thing. They come off and then you get disgustingly middle eastern influenced oil all over your hands even if I've never broke one. Why not use olive oil? Why are the tires black also and cured with crude motor oil? I want my tires bleach white and to have no inner tubes. But fuck me.


You got issues dude.
Why did you even post this?


Welcome to wizardchan?
>Also cops bully you if you ride at night without lights on and even if you're on the sidewalk is illegal so if they want they can hassle you over that too, being on it to begin with.
I can sympathize with this.


Got them in, installed them, and did a 6 mile test ride with them.
My verdict is that aero bars in general are great and I love them but the once I got in particular are cheap shit that I jerryrig the hell out of to even get them to stay put and on the bike. Guess that is what I get for ordering the cheapest set I could find on aliexpress.
Might hit up the local bike shop to see what they have on offer, or order some that aren't cheap Chinese shit. Until then I will use sealant tape and get some thread lock so that everything stops coming loose ever couple miles.
Also scratched the fuck out of my handle bars. I don't care that much but it is just a little extra insult to add on the pile.
The new pedals I ordered are pretty good though. So far no complaints.


Omafiets bicycles


Couldn't disagree more.
Grandma bikes suck for anything but short trips around town in very flat, slow or segregated traffic, and little wind.
They are heavy, have shit gearing, ugly, and uncomfortable.
There are few bikes I like less


I also agree. If you want a "different" kind of biking experience i suggest to try a fixie, in flat areas they are the best imho.


grandma bike worked fine for my 3 month japan trip

it just made me stronger since it was so heavy and hard to go uphill


Fixies and single gears are pretty fun in their own way. Especially if you like to swap components out a lot.
Never have I tried more handle bar types then the time I had a single gear for a year.
My time with a fixed gear was a little scary, but that's because there were hills and the guy I got it from didn't have breaks on the thing. Installed some later but that first month was stressful.
Also wore though tires really fast because doing skids and slides is addictive.


do you wear helmets?



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I grow my own.


Drop & Roll

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