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Any users of clojure around here? Apparently, it requires the fewest lines of code to write programs of any general-purpose language and has performance on par with Java. It utilizes the JVM and thus is multiplatform in the same manner as Java. It sounds very good on paper.


reddit has a json request thing. pretty convenient once you know. i was wondering how the fuck you scrape reddit or any other modern dynamic webpage bullshit.

i made something to scrape reddit porn videos so i can upload them to bitporno as an experiment. i do a json request for each subreddit and regex the particular video ids, check if its been downloaded before, then if not download them and log it. i added 30 subreddits. they were found on a redditlist website or something that shows nsfw reddits. i just went through the top ones and ctrl-f 'redgif' to see if they use it or not. some reddits dont, others are flooded with it, pretty weird. i ended up with some 12gb of 600 videos downloaded

i was wondering whether deliberate and accurately named videos matter. ill do a crude ab test with 100 vids i personally name, and then 100 vids that i try to scrape a name or maybe generate something. probably the time saved by auto naming and sheer bulk of uploads will more than make up for the decrease in individual views. but i will see


it's some kind of lisp with awful error messages, you pretty much need to know java to make use of it


It's been over a decade since I last ran a jvm/java program.
Android notwithstanding, which is Dalvik and not JVM and I am not aware of a clojure->dalvik compiler.


Ended up going with Haskell instead. Decided I wanted to try a pure functional language instead. Clojure "cheats" by being multi-paradigm. Haskell certainly is different from anything else I have used. The lack of loops is jarring, but the compiler magically makes recursion work somehow. Fewer lines of code are needed compared to using an imperative language. It's well suited to something like Project Euler. Some problems can be solved with a single line. Very little or no time is spent debugging (so far). I will have to try making something serious and see how painful of an experience it is.


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Any web developing wizards and do you do it as hobby or professionally?

I would like to collaborate in some small projects but I still feel to incompetent to collaborate on big open source things.

I could help you with tasks in your projects.

I work LAMP stack and JS as well as some basic Python, but basically I work laravel APIs and frontend JS most of the time


look into tail call optimization for performant recursion (compiles into a normal loop)


Still debating whether or not to learn Haskell. The language most likely isn't going to land me a job ever (not that I could get one even if I did all the right things) nor am I convinced of its usefulness (if it were any good, home come nobody uses it?).

I've moved on to trying to create a utility to convert a directory of files into a .d64 (commodore 1541 drive) disk image. I'm certain tools already exist for this but I just want to see if I can do it. I'm trying out a c cross compiler for 6502-based systems and I want to see stdio.h file IO in action but I need a way to get text/binary files into a disk image. I will try to write my utility in C. I'm more and more drawn to languages with minimal syntax and small libraries that I could potentially memorize so I don't have to be googling answers or reading reference all the time. I don't think what I intend to write at any point in the near future would be complex enough to necessitate the use of something like C++.


Definitely don't bother.


Ended up using an existing d64 editor. I then spent several hours trying to figure out why my program wasn't loading a text file properly. Turns out, you have to edit the text in an editor designed specifically for C64 SEQ files. Using a standard editor in Windows causes byte-order information to be prepended to the file and zeros to be injected between letters and no amount of fiddling with vim or xxd seemed to remedy this.

The library code needed to do a simple fopen is almost 7K. Such is the cost of convenience.

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