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Well, I've been on urge to drink for a few weeks now. Tonight's poison is standard beer and "dry sake". The last is not that enjoyable personally but I don't have many options right now. What are you drinking or planning to drink?


Just had a protein shake and some water. That's about it for me tonight


Some red wine and beers.



hard seltzers are really good but they dont have enough flavor. you know those flavor squirter things, i believe called MiO? that would probably turn a hard seltzer into something delicious



im planning to drink more 1L 0.80 cent energy drink to destroy my kidney


Try warming the sake or drink straight from the bottle.
I found that poured sake has strong alcohol taste, and from the bottle it's quite mild.
Don't know how that works.


cheap shitty vodka


ayinger when it's available, guinness otherwise


>I found that poured sake has strong alcohol taste, and from the bottle it's quite mild.
Because it is the aroma of alcohol that makes it appear stronger.
>cheap shitty vodka
As good as the expensive vodka you just need to know how to drink it and you will get the cheap stuff after all it is all made from the same stuff with different water added and even the real distilled vodka is just not worth paying extra for.
Anyone who pays extra for vodka instead of buying colored spirits is an idiot.


Gin and juice tonight but mostly this >>58218


Mostly just beer because spirits are too expensive where I live. Wine is also as economical as beer but I don't like that.
If it didn't cost more than twice as much to get drunk from vodka, I'd buy that all the time.


I drink domestic cheap shit, like natural ice and budweiser just like you, but I really like Hams but I never buy that it's too far away to the store to buy it. My go to is Natty Daddy malt liquor. Occasionally I enjoy a bottle of wine at about the $10 price point. Chardonnay is my favorite, wet chardonnay is really good. I do enjoy a good drunken sloppy afternoon… but I got these social workers that come over and you can't be drunk when they're here hardly. They start to ask questions and insist that the 'medicine isn't working properly'. I suspect that's just my third world shithole though, cheers with bud as well


there's an import store here in USA called AJ's Fine Foods.
they sell a Polish Porter beer called Zywiec for $3. it has 9% alc content and tastes like coffee.

two of them will get me as drunk as possible.

but, it's rare i do this because these very dark beers are much harder on your body and it made me develop gout.

i'll usually do bud light 30 pack if i'm not ready for the hard dark stuff, as bud light is much easier to process and never flares my gout.


Been drinking lots and compulsively again. Depression drinks. I find solace in the catharsis of ritual drinking; though it slowly and insipidly destroys my body… of the depressed nervous system I possess I derive happiness with the poison. I find the world is willing to allow a routine of it all, the buy, the poison taking hold, the stupor… a sort of secret folk culture surrounds that dictates me to the act I find so soothing. It eases me forward to alcoholism. I'm acutely cognizant of each wanted feeling it brings on with each imbibe… I wither, happier for it in a kind of easy peril. I want either more drinks or a way out.


I bear the brunt of the delirium this morning. I'm one step from drunk driving. Two tips from puking uncontrollably at night after a daydrinking session. Just one beer yesterday, today drying out. Only a bit longer on this withdrawal but I sense that my alcoholism is brewing to full swing again. I'm not sure whether to hooray or break down and bawl. I'll be at a half gal a day again soon. Then rehab if I can't control myself. At least I'm not on benzo pills. I saw this intervention that made me scared to be a pill addict. Look how hard he shakes. That is going to give him brain damage. I am one conflicted guy about this potent little drug that you buy from the store and really never want benzos to be given without a prescription. His agony is undue in the discourse of being a doctor.


I'm so drunk and sad right now


I can't drink alcohol without feeling terrible afterwards so I rarely do it. I guess I lucked out because it seems like a terrible drug to be addicted to.


there is nothing good about alcohol guys. Carcinogen, neurotoxin, damage at any dosage, alleged health benefits not even replicated in followup study. Anyways when I do drink I take pilsner usually. They are inventing nonalcoholic GABA wine to simulate tipsy behavior without the damages anyways, can't wait for it to show up in regular liquor stores so I can drop this normie socialization crap completely


Ended up drinking during easter after spending the last two months clean, now I can't think of anything besides drinking and how I don't have money to drink due to my last NEET streak, might have to get a job again, shit.


Prevents heart/cardiovascular disease.

>muh invention in 2 more weeks

Okay weirdo


Irish whiskey baby. Making my way through my parents alcohol store:)


London gin


The White Rum within the Refridgo-mini has adopted the subtle earthen aroma of the rotten spinach accompanying the Captain in that cold, black box. Davy Jones' locker would invite better the ravings of esteemed tasters.


How the fuck is drinking a hobby?


Warriors and tradesmen have historically been rewarded with alcohol so it has its place on a mens' forum. As for it being a hobby, there are many types of alcohol, with thousands of ways to prepare and mix, from different lands and brands new and old. There is much to study about the history and future of alcohol. Endrunkeness puts a man in an alternate state of mind and distorted perception of body, so the experiences felt while under the influence allow for some unique points of view to be had and shared.

I enjoyed a beers yesterday and it made me fart hard on my computer chair.


Flavored malt liquor. Maybe strawberry, watermelon, pineapple, or mango-flavored.


been buying and drinking every bourbon brand I can get my hands on for a couple of years now, I'm at the point I'm drinking an entire 750 ml bottle a day. luckily I've worked from home so all the money that went to gas for commuting is going to bourbon, four roses small batch is my favorite stuff. prices been going up lately.


been drinking about 2-3 handles of bourbon a week for about 2 years now. i've tried a lot of bourbons from the cheap 15-40 dollar mark. I kinda settled on benchmark so far, better than most 20-30 dollar bourbons for under 20 dollars. id recommend for a cheap underrated bourbon. used to really like four roses but the alcoholic normfags caught onto that and raised the prices like crazy. pardon my spelling friends as ive also been drinking tonight
was about to post this and saw a kindred spirit, not quite up to a handle a day i can kill it in 2 days. also working from home.


I found curry lentils on my nightwalk at the trainstation. After I crush and ferment it in baking yeast and honey it will taste beery next month but my moms attic could smell footgarmenty


It's not. Poisoning yourself will never count as a hobby but by looking at the OP you can tell he is brazilian. Just check that sake bottle and read the portuguese.

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