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Just watched a Shawn Keller interview last night, and I have to say, he's quite possibly one of the most wizardly animators alive today.
>60+ year old virgin
>A man that has no need for *o*en, only making cartoons
>He can pump out a completed professional 11 minute cartoon in under a month, something an entire studio takes 10 months to make
>Dude's been around the oldschool comic fetish/furfag communities before even usenet existed, got fucked over by furries he was kind enough to help out, but still forgives them, like a wizardly furry Jesus
The interview's still up on YouTube, and they're going to be doing another one today at 3:25pm EST. It'll be streamed here cytu(dot)be(slash)r(slash)mlp-con2


This guy sounds fucking rad. You got any links to animations he’s made?


>You got any links to animations he’s made
Here's his current YT


You do know there is already a thread for animation right.

I just can't see a thread as hyper specific as this gaining much traction is all.


File: 1623517964720.jpg (701.95 KB, 1770x2178, 295:363, Albrecht_durer-self-portra….Jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Man, furry art really sucks. No wonder he can crank out garbage quickly.


File: 1623518171218.jpeg (348.5 KB, 2048x1886, 1024:943, 01CB7A99-8932-4179-9BAD-C….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Yeah I’m huge into furry but his style really isn’t my cup of tea.


>his style really isn’t my cup of tea
Old-school style is just too wizardly for you I guess.


I like old school, but something about taking Disney style 1 for 1 just kinda irks me. Also he draws dudes and I just don’t go that way.


>something about taking Disney style 1 for 1 just kinda irks me
That's the charm in my opinion. It's a good reminder that at least half of the animators working on Disney films were drawing furry smut on the downlow in their spare time.


God what I would give for some official Maid Marian porn.


This guy was a professional Disney animator but i'm wondering where you're getting this 60+ year old virgin stuff from? yes i know this post was made a year ago.


It's baseless projection.



amiga 500 wiz

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