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Anyone here interested in researching serial killers? I find some of their backstories and psychiatric evaluations really interesting…


I do. What mainly interests me about serial killers are their psychological profiles:
- What kind of personalities did they have? How can I identify one?…how can I tell if I'm becoming one?
- What kind of backgrounds did they have? What are the commonalities there? What places/professions likely take on serial killers and so they thus end up living productive non-murderous lives?


Reminder that Charles Manson never killed anyone and was used as pawn.
Very sad. I suggest wizzies take a look at his letters and try to see his philosophy. He was not insane at all and just memed the media.

He lived his last years essentially as a wizard in solitary.


Charles Manson was a normalfaggot psychopath with a god complex
>He lived his last years essentially as a wizard

He married succubi and fucked hundreds of groupies while in prison. Very wizardly indeed.




He never killed anyone and even if he did they have no proof.


Dude, I read his auto-biography and know about him in great detail.
He was indeed insane, used others as pawns constantly, and was most certainly the ringleader in those monstrous murders.
Also he did directly shoot a drug dealer, who he thought he killed, but the dealer got help in time and survived.
Also nothing about his life was wizardly. He was obsessed with sex, to the point where it took up uncomfortably large and explicit parts of his book.

I agree with the other poster. You are a retard.


How was he "insane"? He was outside the box he had awareness that went beyond himself and others just can't get it.


My favorite is Peter Sutcliffe the Yorkshire Ripper. Voice of God told him to murder hookers

Dude Charlie Manson is definitely insane lol he is fucking crazy!


The Albert Fish letters will churn your stomach


I have noticed that a good amount of them have a mix of schizoid and anti-social personality disorders. But ASPD seems to be the main personality disorder that makes serial killers kill.


I remember listing to a podcast about him while at work and the host then started reading them after describing in graphic detail what Albert had done.
When my boss asked why I had a upset look on my face all I could say is I didn't want to talk about it and kept working.
Normally I am pretty desensitized, but him sending those letters to the family of the kids he had is way with was a special kind of fucked.


I think it is interesting when people can convince themselves what they are doing is for the best in their mind and do awful things.


Pretty sure the vast majority of serial killers are under no delusion that they are doing wrong. In fact many that get caught and actually admit their crimes seem to relish the evil of their actions. They know it's bad, know it's wrong, and enjoy it all the more because of it.


putting modern philosophy into action. I am aware most think they are doing wrong and this is why I think the reverse is interesting.


How does someone that fucked up get to the age of 65?

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