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File: 1643061553786.png (1.39 MB, 1066x784, 533:392, pep.png) ImgOps iqdb


Pipe tobacco is a hobby, right? There's the element of collecting pipes and trying various blends, which resembles wine tasting in how elaborately some people talk about them. Any wiz pipe smokers here? Any favourite blends you'd recommend? Show me your wizpipe(s) (no homo).

Here's my pipe and some tobacco I'm currently smoking. The one in the tin is Old Gowrie


I prefer hash over tobacco, but I’ve always wanted to get a nice pipe for it. Did you get yours at a smoke shop?


>Pipe tobacco is a hobby, right?
No you hipster. You already have a drug thread.
>resembles wine tasting in how elaborately some people talk about them.
If a bunch of pompous, pretentious snobs put time in to elaborating on the intricate deviations in performance among nail clipper designs, would that justify having a manicure thread on /hob/?


I bought it from a local pipe artisan store, but wooden tobacco pipes like this aren't really good for weed because of how much sticky resin tar it creates. You should get a glass pipe from a headshop.
Pipes aren't smoked mainly for the nicotine effects, so I think a thread separate from a drug thread is warranted. If you don't believe in tasting subtle flavours that's fine, but you can't really speak about it if you haven't even tried it. There's also a collecting part of it like I said.


Also, I doubt I could get any discussion going in the drug thread, because people who smoke pipes might not be into drugs, and probably generally aren't.


Tobacco is a light drug, like alcohol.


Yeah I figured tobacco being ashy is why it’s smoked in wood pipes. I wonder if I could make a pipe with a glass lining but a wooden case. I just love the way they look.


>I wonder if I could make a pipe with a glass lining but a wooden case.
Possible, yes but it would be complicated to produce with a limited market. So odds are such a pipe would be pretty expensive for a pipe.
Metal and stoneware/ceramic being more typical in hybrid pipes from what I have seen at stores and stands.


I meant to just make one for myself. The insert would be the hardest part, but the wood seems easy enough.


I love the taste of tobacco


What kinds of pipe tobacco blends do you like? Please don't say aromatics, haha. Can you suggest some high-nicotine blends?

I smoke cigars. I prefer strong ones with dark wrapper leaf.

A pipe is handy for cigar smoking though because if you get a poorly constructed cigar (or the wrapper leaf unfurls mid-smoke) you can just tear it open and smoke the tobacco in the pipe.


American Spirits, Peter Stokkebye


Been smoking a decade. Always loved me some holistic medicine. I have been puffing on some tourneys this morning. Wish they were parliaments. I have an oral fixation and the routine of going out and lighting up is an everyday part of my life.


Everything is vaping now; it sucks.


File: 1708101370216.jpg (53.58 KB, 800x800, 1:1, epipe-gandalf-dna-60-suppo….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Smoking is for outdoor people aka normies, vaping is for indoor people aka wizards.


drug shills will fucking die and SUFFER.
Imagine wanting to ruin the precious lining of the lungs, scarring many tissues, and slowing the production of bone cells so you suffer fractures, become fatigued, and overall a weak person.

Say not to drug wizards. You don't want to suffer more than you already do.


>Between 2020 and 2021, e-cigarette use rates rose at higher rates among lesbian, gay, and bisexual youth compared to heterosexual youth. Higher rates of trying e-cigarettes: Young people who identify as LGB reported that they had ever vaped at much higher rates than their heterosexual peers (52.1% vs 38.6%).

it's for faggots.


i don't like the idea of just puffing stuff and not inhaling, sounds lame

cigarettes were awesome, just breathing it in

vaping is lame but at least you breathe it in and i guess the random flavors are interesting


the only thing you breathe in through a vape is plastic
this shit hurts your lungs way harder than rice or hemp paper joints


>this shit hurts your lungs way harder than rice or hemp paper joints
Nevertheless hemp and rice still builds u in the lungs as a carbon layer. Same poison, different flavor.


do you really believe that's how vaping works?


Eating pure/added sugar is a drug that we don't need. But we still do it for pleasure.
Same for alcohol, no matter the amount it's bad for you in a way or another.


>what about sugar
>what about alcohol
>what about what about


what about life?
you'll die anyway
being a lonely wizard alone subtract as much life expectancy than cigarette, no matter how healthy you try to be.
If you want to live a long life then leave this website and go find a wife


Despite your failed normalfag fantasies, it's a myth that the married live longer, as a result of bad research that compares only the marital status of elderly people at the time of their death. Lifelong singles have been observed to be the group that lives the longest.


the group that lives the longest, dying of a natural death, if they die of a natural death? what about those people that would have lived a lot longer if contemporary society wasnt pushing no-fault divorce. people that if you looked at their health status as compared to the lifelong single, before the marriage breakup and at an advanced age, they would be a lot better health. the damage and fallout from divorce undoubtedly shaves off decades and skews things.

statistics can be used to tell almost any story, lifelong singles living longer isnt a convincing one. a lifelong single is such an outlier that they're likely to be much more extreme variations, some very healthy, some very unhealthy.

being a lifelong single, that's going to affect your mental health that's going to make you anxious, neurotic, humans weren't meant for this, we werent meant to be alone like this. people respond to this differently, no small amount of fear involved either, thinking how you will be all on your own in late life. so you might become more health anxious, focus more on these little things you can control.

i would really like to have seen a data set that was pre 1960's. my educated guess is way fewer single people, and those that are single not living nearly as long. there is something on the horizon it has been there a long time, since the 00's i've been calling 2027. we will see something big happen, and it will very much change this data again.

think world wars, great depression, the stress and turmoil of these times, post-modernist fumbling, didn't affect all that data too?

what is at the heart of this question is does being single vs being in a healthy relationship, damage your health and lower life expectancy, all other things being equal? the answer is an unequivocal yes


as a corollary to this, its not about how long you live its about your quality of life. to that end, having a nice hobby like pipe smoking from time to time makes a lot of sense.


just enjoy your hobby and dont mind them. if i had income id probably try pipe smoking out

sounds fun


I don't know how fun pipe smoking is but I think hand carving a pipe would be a fun whittling project.
Shame I don't live near the woods anymore. I hate buying lumber for casual stuff. I feel like if I pay for it then I must use it for something practical.
But I am getting off topic.

But anyway, anyone build their own pipe before?
Or otherwise diy some aspects of their smoking hobby?


> its not about how long you live its about your quality of life
exactly this is why you don't smoke at all especially not tobacco. It's as much a hobby as watching paint dry.


>I do drugs because I can't take life without pussy
that's pretty much this post


what i was only addressing the single vs married question. i dont even smoke or drink. it doesnt make sense what you said anyway because heaps of sexhavers smoke and do drugs, way more than wizards. they're doing it because they can't take life even with poon? what?


Your point implies that the anguish of not having a partner is diminished by your hobby. You arbitrarily set up romantic partnership as a form of ultimate wellbeing, that I can only conclude was derived from your own yearnings, to the point of you producing an "unequivocal" answer. It's unequivocal only in relation to your own mental state at best.


youre discussing something different that im not. its ok. its not easy to always be understood. i didnt do what you said either, you would do well to learn the difference between implication and inference. its as though you are projecting a bunch of stuff onto me its strange kind of but that's ok too. most people here are going to be a little messed up at least.

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