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There is a biking thread and an international travel thread but no road trip thread. Has anyone here gone on a road trip? I know it's practically a rite of passage for most normalfaggots (at least in the US), but I would be interested in getting out and polishing my wizard wand in a different state.

I am planning on hitting the American Midwest and Southwest in Spring. I think intentional settlements like the Padanaram Settlement, New Harmony and East Wind Community would be neat to visit. I'd also like to camp in lesser frequented states like Kansas. Does anyone have any suggestions for either places to see, suggestions for planning etc?


for the past two years I save up a week of vacation from work to take a roadtrip between Christmas and new years, I live in florida and had never seen the snow so I drove up to maine, rented a cabin in a mountain town on a lakeshore. also did a bit of hiking at acadia national park It was so nice I decided to do it again the next year. This year I'm planning on going to check out southern kentucky and west virginia. I'm excited to visit the corvette museum since I own a C4. also some of the caverns there too.

Wish I could take longer roadtrips.


Man I wish.


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America is a great, vast, wonderful country with a surprising amount of cultural variation.

I would hit as many national and state forests as possible.

I really came to appreciate the common site illustrated in 'American Gothic'. Highways and McDonalds– it's really emblematic of something I feel apart of.

As a fellow subtropical dweller, the first two times I saw snow are still fond, clear memories. I like N GA and S TN, if you like S KY and WV.


My advice to you is to get a vehicle that is mechanically sound and not too old. Also buy towing insurance before you go, one that covers being out in remote areas in case you need a tow from the middle of nowhere. I wasted so much money on towing/vehicle maintenance. That is the only regret of my road trip.


to follow up on this post did end up doing that road trip to KY and WV I enjoyed driving and hiking the Appalachian mountains, I really liked KY and its landscapes, been thinking about relocating there. this year again I am planning on going to maine again for a week in winter and also checking out colorado or maybe arizona this year. currently back in florida working and saving up to afford hitting the road again.


JFC, we get it, the U.S. is awful. Move on with your life.


When the solar eclipse happened over the north US a few years ago, I drive up to Illinois from Texas as a completely spontaneous thing through the middle of the night, arriving an hour before it happened, watching it, and then driving home.
It was an absolutely terrible idea. It nearly bricked my car, and I had just started driving, so sharing the road with dozens of semi-trucks going 80-90mph through Arkansas at night wasn't smart. I would do it again, though. The memory is worth a lot more to me than that piece of shit car. If I had the money, I'd never be home.


Did a east coast road trip last fall by myself. Spent a lot of time just walking around small towns by myself, hiking, eat. Slept in my car to keep it cheap. Its nice to have the freedom to pretty much just go where ever you for a little while.


i love america and ive been to 42 states, not sure what part of my post lead you to that belief


probably the pic


What you see as America's positive he sees as America's negative.


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another follow up post and this time asking for suggestions this year, there was a motorcycle riding thread I was also in, the guy with the 650cc yamaha. was doing these road trips in a car, but this year i was able to get a good deal to trade my bike up to a 1600cc vulcan, big cruiser bike, so i think this time it will be a late summer early fall motorcycle trip instead of a winter trip still trying to decide where to ride if anyone has any suggestions i'm based out of florida.

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