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Are any wizards interested in astrology? I've recently got into it and become very passionate about it. It's definetely true, and i've also started to developing my own theories that i'm hopefully going to refine with time.


>It's definetely true
How did you come to this conclusion?


No, because I’m a Pisces and astrology basically says I’m a neurotic schizo pussy loser, and I don’t need another thing telling me that.
Sometimes when I’m anxious about something I’ll do tarot, but I don’t believe in it and it’s generally a sign that I’m at a low point in life.


Basically, after learning what every position in the birth chart meant, i found it to be very accurate with me. i looked at the charts of my friends and family and they were also exetremely accurate and i realized that if any of them were swapped they wouldn't make sense at all. So, i asked my brother to put me to the test: i told him to give me three possible dates for 5 persons that i knew but i didn't know their birthdays, and i got 4 of them right and the one i was wrong i was seriously in doubt between two options and the other one was the right one.
I know it's not a lot for some people to convince them, but i was.

astrology is more than just the sun sign. also it could be an opportuinity to understand yourself and try to better yourself.


all the smart guys up to 1700 believed in it, it helped inspire astronomy

and at its core Hermeticism is true As Above, So Below, Newton proved it


I'm Aquarius. I like astrology and it really does help you understand more about yourself. But I don't maintain anymore than a passing interest in it these days. Bumping your thread in case others wanna contribute


I'm a Virgo which is appropriate for a wizard I guess


File: 1647641863107.jpg (242.81 KB, 1200x1000, 6:5, pluto return.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I used to be into the occult in general till i had a breakdown (long story). nowadays i just dabble in what is called mundane astrology. Its very hard to find an astrologer who doesnt have a liberal bias or isnt a roastie.


Same. Real irony in our sign being some hot bitch.


Very true, even though Theresa nothing less sexist and than astrology.


File: 1648380681733.jpg (163.83 KB, 1102x1102, 1:1, pluto in aqua.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

due to the great conjunction which happened in 2020 we have move out of earth element and into air element. This will get rocking when Pluto enters Aquarius in 2024. Pluto is about generations and Pluto in Aquarius will be the exact opposite of Pluto in leo, otherwise known as the boomers


aren't those 2 images the same thing? the inside and outside of the VR escape


It all went downhill when astrology stopped being a tool primarily for prediction/divination and became a tool for "knowing yourself" aka succibi going "omg that's totally me" to vague shit that could apply to a lot of people and pretending to be special and deep.
I'm not saying you can't use it to know about yourself, but it's literally information you can't act upon (under normal, non-magical circumstances). Natal astrology was for important people i.e. kings, before or right at their birth. Think about it, back then very few people would know their exact time of birth. What was assessed was their innate advantages and disadvantages, and the course of their life, and this was set in stone. Your fate was sealed the moment you were born. There is a reason why Gnostics and to a lesser extent the Hermeticists thought of the planets and fixed stars as malignant forces.


Vedic astrology is still rooted in the predictive side of things. A drawback to that is oversimplifying the energies. Theres no room for the spiritual floweryness when life is just where you'll live, career, spouse, health, etc. In western many readings read like stream of consciousness or channelings for whatever sounds good. That isn't all that bad its just everyone has to use discernment. You can't blame astrology for the immaturity some have when first getting into a thing. In my experience looking at my chart was the foundation of my self education on the signs. I used to look at only pisces videos, or only info about my particular aspects. In retrospect I see that as egotistical, but its only human nature to do so. Now I take an objective approach and see all signs as equal. But in general you're right to point out the superficial aspect its taken on as humanity ascends to 5d.


Astrology is internally inconsistent because of the precession of the equinoxes.


vedic astrology accounts for that, but western is still more accurate because the signs are not really determined by costellations but theyre just 12 segments of the eliptic of the sun.


I'm not sure if this is related, but I'm trying to 3D print a planisphere. I need a list of right ascension and declinations separated by constellation. I can SORT of find this, e.g., I can find ALL THE STARS IN THE CONSTELLATION ORION. But I can't find "the stars that make up the asterism known as Orion," or if I can it's just something like "Yeah, they're all at RA X and declination Y, good luck finding the specifics for each star :^)."

Any idea for a good db I can look up?


File: 1679328914386.png (481.94 KB, 600x550, 12:11, 2e8ac62f7c4039a51416ece7da….png) ImgOps iqdb

>I'm not sure if this is related, but I'm trying to 3D print a planisphere. I need a list of right ascension and declinations separated by constellation.
>Any idea for a good db I can look up?
If you look for "star catalogue" you'll have more success, but a planisphere often includes objects from the messier catalogue as well. There should just be a csv file you can download and extract the data you want from, filtering by magnitude depending how detailed you want your planisphere to be. This page https://www.astronexus.com/hyg includes a link to hygdata_v3.csv which has ra, dec, mag, and con fields


Right, so this indicates the issue I'm having. Let me use this db you've shown to give an example. I pick out the first >9 magnitude star in the db, and I get:


For the RA and declination.

But the issue is what I want is "All the stars that make up the asterism Orion, so that way I can draw all the lines in the 3D print. I guess I could look up a list of star names in the Orion asterism, then go one by one to find each RA/declination, but I'm trying to save myself a little time.

Thanks for the response, though. Renko is life.

There was ONE time in my life where I was able to look up at the night sky and immediately tell some family what time it was. It impressed the fuck out of everyone, but I didn't tell them that it was basically an accident because it was a full Moon, where I was on the Earth, and the time I was at a time of year so that I didn't have to really worry about any angle corrections, which meant I could use the Boy Scout's outstretched-hand trick to determine what time it was.


File: 1679408183566.jpg (152.87 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, 8496ac1bc39cd6cedf799d3a68….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>But the issue is what I want is "All the stars that make up the asterism Orion, so that way I can draw all the lines in the 3D print. I guess I could look up a list of star names in the Orion asterism, then go one by one to find each RA/declination, but I'm trying to save myself a little time.
>Thanks for the response, though. Renko is life.
No problem, maybe you found something already but you could use this for the lines: https://github.com/Stellarium/stellarium-skycultures/blob/master/western/index.json (this is likely generated, but I couldn't find from where)

The "lines" array contains the hipparcos id for each star in an asterism, and hip is the second field of the hyg catalogue, so you could write a small program to extract the ra and dec using those arrays as an index. If you look at the triangulum lines array for example ([10670, 10064, 8796, 10670]) it describes a loop between 3 hip star identifiers. Good luck with your project wiz


File: 1679417617419.jpg (1.6 MB, 1944x2592, 3:4, IMG_20230321_105144.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I don't really beleef in astrology, but I just found this book and decided to give it a go, for a while I've been interested in the mechanics of it and this one seems to cover the basics with some detail.


Man, I wish I could predict the markets with this shit.
Has anyone read W.D Gann books?


astrology is interesting, but i do not mean the weird soul, crystal, spirit stuff

i mean literally calculating the arrangements of the planets in accordance with the position and time on earth, it's neat being able to do this and come up with a chart

everyone beyond this stage is mostly nonsense however. trying to interpret why something is true for one person versus another. it's ultimately nonsense, but astrologers refuse to accept this and so everything has a hundred different meanings and interpretations

the initial calculation is mathematical and scientific, everything beyond that is worthless, although it can be entertaining and the subjective systems themselves interesting in a way


Get the human design app from the play store. You shall see that this science is more than mere speculations based on archetypes and planet positions.


I think everyone should study their own birthchart, its a great source of information and wisdom. You can find the roots of 90% of your problems by studying it and every little detail about your own psyche.

But be careful, astrology is just tendencies (VERY strong tendencies), astrology is no joke. If you study it too much, it may cause some paranoia. Do not allow it to cause paranoia on yourself. Remember that you still in control of your own life and destiny, but the price is eternal vigilance.

Both the people say astrology is very real and people say its bullshit are correct. Its real but you also are free to become conscious and change the patterns that the stars impose on you.


the people who*


The only problem I had with Astrology is how people (mostly succubi) use it. One time some bitch wants me to get out of the room because she said I’m a Libra thus it’ll ruin the “energy channel” she’s creating if I’m nearby. Fuckin idiot


People aren't kidding when they call it 'racism for succubi'

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