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I want to read more comics/mangas where the main characters are outcasts/neets/autists with no social skills, which ones do you know?


Hellboy? He's not so much awkward as he is stoic and accepting of how he'll never fit in and find real love. not in the movies though


welcome to the nhk
steins gate (anime or vn better)
re zero
Hyouryuu Net Cafe (the mc is a normalfag but there are otaku loser characters in it)
Koroshiya (honestly a 10/10 mc is a bullied virgin who becomes a killing machine)
Ressentiment (mc is basically a wizard, he's never had a gf but basically wastes all his money on fucking prostitutes but ends up getting a vr waifu)
Ajin (mc is a typical loser who is only good at studying)
Dead Tube (mc is a loser virgin doesn't really care about that since he's a gore fetishist)
Holyland (hikkimori mc)
Mushoku tensei (mc is a virgin neet who gets reincarnated and is an actually good isekai)
Honestly most manga have pretty loserish main characters, you just have to look for seinen ones


Strongest Man Kurosawa
Onani Master Kurosawa, although the ending is a very normalfag
March Comes in Like a Lion
Koi Kaze (be warned it's about a brother-sister relationship with a large age gap but I found the protagonist very relatable)
Berserk to a large extent

also seconding recommendations for NHK and Ressentiment if you haven't read them, you need to.



Ongezellig if you don't mind dutch language.

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