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here we mention and recommend the foss applications that we use in our android devices

My apps:

Aurora Store
APK Extractor
Ungoogled Chromium
Discreet Launcher
Simple Gallery Pro
Material Files
Download Navi


So you trust a bunch of pseudonymous programmer commies with your connections and files more than you trust the large company that's held accountable by the highest courts?


yes because they show you the source code
simple as


And do you understand any of it? Do you know where your data is going, and do you believe the receivers of that data to be less likely to use it for nefarious deeds than a reputable large company?


it's more about the spirit of it

tbh ive never even built things from source. most things require so much bullshit i feel gross setting it all up. id rather juat trust in their binaries

but i like knowing ppl can look through it and find bugs and suggest improvements or changes potentially

you know why bug bounties are a thing? because their software is closed off and they dont really have a good way to test it. so they need ppl to pry at it externally

not the guy you replied to


All software should be made available in source form by default. It can still be charged, licensed, copyrighted if they so fancy, but there is no reason for source code to be kept "secret".
Unless you have dishonest reasons, of course.


they literally tell you, in their license and eula, they are using your data for malicious self beneficial reasons. what makes them reputable exactly? they serve ads in software you even pay for, and are legally right to deny you software you paid for even if you decline. it isn't an issue of transparency, they are legally required to tell you what they are doing, and foss is obviously more transparent. so why do you still think you are getting a better experience?

op i use, and feel somewhat enthusiastic about;
lineageos - operating system
lukelauncher - very nice launcher
ghost commander - file manager
markor - note taking application
florisboard - soft keyboard application, supports colemak
kde connect - pairs your phone to your linux pc
osmand+ - the best foss maps software ive ever tried
netguard - firewall for your phone, doesn't need root and is easy to understand
silence - block third party numbers, telemarketers get fucked
vlc - my favorite music player on android


Blockinger is a Tetris clone and Anuto TD is a fun tower defense game


Simple Tools
Kiwi Browser (developer tools and uBlock Origin)
Pano Scrobbler
Pixel Dungeon
KDE Connect
Binary Eye
Key Mapper
Trail Sense

I am pretty sure these are all open source but I didnt double check any of them.


forgot osmand and vlc but kde connect is cross platform i use it to connect to windows machines as well


kde connect looks very interesting


It has some killer features. I like to use my phone as a track pad when I'm just reading so I can step a few feet away from the computer for my eyes

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