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I've been interested more and more about the power of daydreaming. I think that if my daydreaming ability was extremely advanced, that it would activate an entirely new level of self-actualization for myself.

To this end, I've been looking for ways to enhance my ability to daydream, and have recently gotten interested in writing fiction (which there's already a thread here about it >>59403 ), tulpas (plenty of threads about that stuff), and in solo roleplaying. I don't see anything about solo roleplaying games, though, so I thought I'd make a thread about it.

I've tried solo roleplaying before in very naive attempts, but you run across the obvious pitfall: the temptation to metagame your character against knowledge that should only be privy to the GM or other characters is just too much. Quickly, it becomes unrealistic. I'm just getting started in this space, so I don't know a whole lot, but some of the systems (oracle systems like Mythic GM, for example) and techniques (solo episode journaling) that have been developed are a lot more advanced and appealing than I thought they'd be.

If anyone knows about any good solo RP systems or thoughts about it, please share.


solo roleplaying? reminds me of the devices that ancient writers would use to create stories. i don't know what they were called and i spent a while googling but can't find them. but imagine something like a wheel that you spin to select thigns like characters, jobs, time and place, qualities, and so on. actually curious what they were called now that i've forgotten


Never tried solo roleplaying but if you're interested I can vouch for some solo board games that are rpg like, same for a couple of wargames
However you would need to spend money or be willing to use tabletop simulator


File: 1687595901717.jpg (65.91 KB, 645x545, 129:109, Screenshot 2023-06-24 0138….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Mythic GME v2 is out now, so grab that.

Ironsworn system is free. Use that too. Starforged is the sci-fi version but you'll have to pay or pirate.

See attached, my solo RPG systems folder.

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