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File: 1665030015271.png (42.04 KB, 1872x836, 468:209, imagen_2022-10-05_23193645….png) ImgOps iqdb


Im trying to make an imageboard for fun, i got fired from my job and have money for some months so before trying searching a new one ill try to make an imageboard as an small project.
I have little knowledge about coding so idk how this will turn out.
I made a draft using this >https://replit.com/talk/learn/How-to-make-a-imageboard/56787#make-your-own-php-imageboard
but idk how to continue.
How should i continue?


fix the horrible blue styles is an obvious next step


a real time chat for each board using websockets
sage for double post


That sounds like fun! Some healthy competition could give this site a proper kick in the ass to do better.


>a real time chat for each board
>Making your imageboard a Discord would make it a much better Discord


discord sucks because its an impersonal, difficult to control platform owned by jews. this is a home brewed project. not the same. real time chat is not a problem.


i would post there


change the blue colour. also add a catalog.for boards, you should create a board called wizardd, made for wizards.


just do some basic colour scheme. that is eye-peeling so far. obviously users can just adjust the css, but a horrible default can be off-putting. maybe that is the point.


OP are you still here do you work on your peoject


he killed himself


everytime i try to make anything that deals with the web, i get confused about how to make the server. how to open a port and make a listening program and so on

whats some good stuff to read about that?


Now im trying to make a videogame lol, but emmm i think ill come back to this idk its emmm diffcult


well, what are you attempting to make?


a platform game with random youtube tutorials lol


post update anon




Y u wanna make ur own ib software
That's dumb
Reinventing the wheel


but better!


Writing your own rudimentary IB script is a commonplace exercise. It's when you put it up for other people to look at that it becomes folly.


how does one even install this? everytime i try I get errors and broken. Answer plz


any news?



i can only assume these two things going together means some sort of pedo shit going on


oh wait, I see it's a game, nevermind


>i can only assume these two things going together means some sort of pedo shit going on
What could this possibly mean?
It's an imageboard software running with PHP and Javascript. The "Install" is done through PHP once prerequisits are met and is done in order to create the appropriate databases and tie everything together without the operator needing to move things around or manually rename repeating assets when a new board is added.

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