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I've made a habit of collecting words. I.e. familiarizing myself with their definitions and basic histories. It seems to be a beneficial practice. Because not only do I use these words to communicate to others, but I use them when communicating with myself in my thoughts.

Over the years I've preferred to use the Oxford online dictionary. But now Oxford has replaced their online dictionary with a nauseatingly pretentious, spyware laden webpage dripping with grandiose self aggrandizing verbiage about how great they are, and how much they want to help you (for a fee this time). The change in their presentation reminds me of Facebook when they rebranded themselves to weta.

I'm having to revert to a paper dictionary now. I don't think dictionary.com has the degree of precision that I appreciated from Oxford. Do any linguists have suggestions for my next primary resource for learning definitions?


Why, Wiktionary, of course. I use it all the time both as a dictionary for the languages I'm learning as well as to track etymologies in my known languages.
You may also like The endless knot ou jewtube.
Can't embed shorts: https://youtube.com/shorts/L3tltCMvj0I?feature=share


shorts are just regular videos presented in a shit interface made to destroy your brain like tiktok:


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power thesaurus:

I also like to look name etymology, so:


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actually etymology part:

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