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we make a manga together!
lets go
first of all we need the artfag, so we need someone that can draw like japanese
sexondly we must work on the scenrio then produce it
Lets go!


File: 1668636063701.jpg (113.59 KB, 850x600, 17:12, sample-d7276f4fbf3adcaec7f….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

mister neetbux and his abyusive indoor yukkuri farm. Lines write themselves and schizoids are RIVITED. Greatest story never told, easy


ok here's the scenario:
unemployed retard with no friends who doesn't go outside ever for any reason, spends all of his time on the computer going to wizchan, crab sites and crab discord servers, and /pol/. There, he pretends to be a wise sage guru who has it all figured out. Even though he's on the computer 16 hours a day, he pretends he is too good for Wal-Mart and makes up stories about hunting and eating raw meat, he's too good for video games, pretends he never masturbated as an adult, gives career advice despite being unemployed, makes up stories about walking and meditating outdoors, pretends to be Christian even though hes too busy shilling online to read the Bible and has never been to church.


don't forget the part where he's actually a mentally ill drug addict who spends most of his time imagining suicide


maybe start smaller?
wizzies could pull off a single page webcomic
stonetoss but wizardly

do we have to pay you for the rights to your autobiography?


mister neetbux unirnically a great tittle


4-koma wizlife does sound like a good idea.


We already tried this. Do you not remember the dakimakura incident?


aren't the majority of manga one man projects most of the time.

Even when there is a team there is one creative lead who does the majority of the work and takes the majority of the resopnablitiy, they just have help.

With comics there are teams but the labor is split based on roles/skills.
So you have the writer, the editor, the penciler, the inker, the colorist, letterer, etc. Though that tends to be for when the artist or writer doesn't own the property themselves. Like having a team to work on spiderman and batman so that a 24 page full color comic is produced every week.

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