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I want to learn afrikaans but there's no websites or apps about it, can someone help me learning afrikaans?


Learn Dutch, Afrikaans is just a derivative


Perhaps OP is south African and thats why


I'm not south african
it's one of my favourite language, that's why I want to learn afrikaans


Just learn Dutch if not south african


it's probably better to learn dutch and then see if there are any resources to learn the quirks of afrikaans on the dutch side of the web



This plus check out refold.la, you can learn any language for free from watching shitloads of youtube.


I am south african
why the hell do you want to learn afrikaans


not op, but it's frequently listed as the #1 easiest language for english speakers to learn


it is easy,but useless outside of this shithole


again not op, but my reasoning was
-the more languages you know, the easier it is to learn more languages
-afrikaans is easy and would be a nice stepping stone to dutch and then to something else

in reality there was not much resources available online when i wanted to learn it and so i quickly gave up. but i still think my reasoning was sound, people do this with spanish and then branch into other languages for example


you might find afrikaans textbook pdfs or something
theres dozens to choose from locally but idk if they are available online


it's one of my favorite language, I also lile how it sounds


I just plunged right into Chinese. I figured it'd take more time to be earning "stepping stones"


yeah i was just speaking from like 2004-2005, back then there wasnt much. i remember rosetta stone being "the best" resource well until 2010s

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