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Im very new and very bad at painting minis but its alright, its a distraction. I dont think ill ever actually play with them because Im socially inept but it is what it is


I have a bunch of garage kits I’m waiting to paint Someday.


i tried several times in the past, but i kept needing to buy more and more stuff and i had to stop because it was a big money sink


same boat. One of the reasons I usually attack mini wargaming so aggressively. They look pretty good batch painted op, don't try to mirror GW professional artist standards


I've always wanted to dip my toes into painting my first bootleg garage kit but never did.


I wanted to paint mini figures but my hands are way too shaky to pull off such delicate work, it sucks


You just need to sync the shaking of your left and right hands so they always line up. A basic martial art.


Don't know if this applies since totally different skill set, but you can try to brace/rest your hand on a slight raised stable anchor point next to what you are working on.
It's what I learned to do when I took a lapidary class, and also what I do when shooting "long" with air guns.
Basically you are isolating more of your hands/arms from what is adding to the shake so you can focus on keeping your fingers steady.
It's also something that improves with practice.



Yeah I feel that 100% the minies are expensive and then with the new paints coming out I'm gonna have to fork over more cash.

But as I'm single, have no friends and rarely do anything outdoors I have some money that's dispensable



Recasters can be much cheaper but the quality can be dubious for sure



Yeah I know, I'm lljust very lazy and apathetic a lot of the times. It takes me a long time just to do one mini.

I remember the first mini I painted was a skink and that took me 6 hours to poorly paint.


every new hobby a guy picks up will go slowly at first


positive and based encouraging advice. thanks


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How do i get better at painting wizzies?


It really is I got into warhammer 40k at 11 the older kids around me had a bit more money even just paint cost so much it’s a hobby for middle class people

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